31 Best Courses For Affiliate Marketing (Learn & Earn!)

I have been in the online world for a long time.

I grew up playing games on the internet rather than watching TV. Yet, I have only gotten into it professionally over the past two years. 

That’s why I can sympathize with the natural confusion that can shut a person’s brain down when they hear all the lingo related to online marketing. Keywords, niche website, domain rating, authority, conversions….

It can all seem overwhelming, and people start to wonder, “Is it really worth knowing? Will all this be useful? How do I know who I should listen to?”

Let me tell you one thing very simply; Affiliate marketing is still a great way to make money online.

By making content or building niche sites, gaining a following, and ranking on Google, you can ensure long-term attention to your work.

By recommending the products and services of other companies and earning commissions on your sales, you are able to earn money by helping people find the things they need, usually with some extra support from you.

While before anyone could successfully make a website and earn a full-time living, it takes a lot more than just showing up nowadays. There is a lot of effort and investment that goes into building a monetizable following.

Yet, while it is a lot of work, you can help a lot of people and enjoy the satisfaction of building your own thing on your terms, with all the benefits that come with it.

I have learned a  lot from other experts who are crushing it out there, and to help you along your journey, here is a comprehensive list of all the very best courses that teach you the A to Z of this business model.

Best Courses To Learn Affiliate Marketing

  1. Legendary Marketer
  2. 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing by Patt Flynn
  3. Affiliate Marketing in 1 Day (Udemy)
  4. Affiliate Academy by Voluum
  5. Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing
  6. YouTube Affiliate Mastery (Udemy)
  7. $1000/Month Affiliate System
  8. Affilorama
  9. The Authority Site System by Authority Hacker
  10. The Affiliate Lab by Matt Diggity
  11. Blog Growth Engine by Adam Enfroy
  12. Project24 by Income School
  13. Passive Income Geek
  14. Fat Stacks Bundle
  15. Affiliate Marketing Superstars
  16. Savage Affiliates
  17. Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard
  18. Digital Worth Academy
  19. Pageviews to Profit
  20. Blog Biz Launch 
  21. Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Course by Joshua George
  22. Affiliate Marketing Mastery by Stephan James
  23. RapidLevelUp by Kenneth Fong
  24. Affiliate Marketing Boss
  25. Blogging Fastlane
  26. Perfecting Blogging
  27. Solo Build It
  28. Scale Your Travel Blog
  29. Affiliate Escape Plan
  30. Super Affiliate System
  31. Internet Marketing Gold

1. Legendary Marketer

Starting off strong with my personal recommendation, we have David Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer website. It has seven different courses specializing in different kinds of online businesses.

I really love their 15-day online business builder challenge, which only costs $7 and promises a ton of value. It’s really cool because it actually asks you to do an online business alongside the course.

Just invest $7 in the course and have some capital for operational expenses, and in just over two weeks, you will have an online business to show for it. That’s so cool! You gotta love a course that emphasizes execution.

  • Quick Summary: A High-ticket course with tons of positive testimonials.
  • Pros: Gives you a widely applicable blueprint for affiliate marketing while teaching you how to find the best opportunities.
  • Cons: A bit on the pricier side. Operational expenses are not covered in the course price.
  • Conclusion: My personal recommendation is to learn affiliate marketing from A to Z.

Company Page: https://legendarymarketer.com

Course Link: Click Here

Course Price: Starts at $7 (and then upsells)

2. 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing by Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn has been an entrepreneur working with an online business for more than a decade. He believes that building a business is about serving other people and then building a team and creating systems to take it further.

His course on affiliate marketing can give you a great overview of all the different aspects of an affiliate marketing business. He has also laid out many cool strategies and tools for you to make use of.

His students praise his big-picture approach to marketing and the actionable exercises and focused modules that are included in the course itself. Pat’s 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing is practical, authentic, and transparent. 

  • Quick Summary: A great introduction that can help you get started and reach an intermediate level of expertise. 
  • Pros: A solid foundation for ambitious business owners.
  • Cons: Not as comprehensive as others for the price.
  • Conclusion: Go for this one if you are a self-taught affiliate marketer looking to up their game.

Company Page: https://patflynn.com/

Course Link: Click Here

Course Price: $499

3. Affiliate Marketing in 1 Day (Udemy)

This course is made by Alex Grenadinik and is one of the few Udemy courses on this list. Alex has written ten books on digital marketing and business, so he has quite some experience with teaching.

Udemy as a platform can be great for alternative education and getting you started with something you do not specialize in. This particular course has been taken by over 19,000 students already, with some pretty good feedback.

The course is also extremely action-oriented and focuses on major affiliate networks, channels for affiliate marketing, and SEO. It covers the nitty-gritty of each channel, with details like: best WordPress plug-ins and highlighted affiliate programs.

You can find this one at a discount for as little as $19.99, which is a pretty crazy value for money.

  • Quick Summary: A no-nonsense program by an experienced instructor that cares for his students. 
  • Pros: Awesome value for money with low investments and expenses.
  • Cons: A bit too much information for beginners with no experience. No personal coaching or community. (but a self-paced course)
  • Conclusion: Find it at a discount and get started immediately if you are in a hurry.

Company Page: https://www.udemy.com/

Course Link: Click Here

Course Price: $109.99

4. Affiliate Academy by Voluum

Voluum is an ad tracker made for media optimizing ad campaigns and advertising management. Their course on affiliate marketing is a free way for them to get more leads and conversions.

Nevertheless, it can be a great way for beginners to get to know all the basic of this online stream of income from a company that specializes in online advertisements. It is free to sign up for this one.

Their course also includes tests and a certification, which means you will have something to show for your efforts.

I like how their course focuses on the function of ads in affiliate marketing, and you can learn a lot from how they do things.

  • Quick Summary: A free course for beginners with a focus on advertisements and automation.
  • Pros: A well-structured step-by-step approach that’s good for beginners.
  • Cons: No feedback, student testimonies, or community to speak of. Learning in a bubble.
  • Conclusion: A good option for people with no money to use as an investment, although you might find more unbiased content on YouTube.

Company Page: https://voluum.com/

Course Link: https://voluum.com/academy/

Course Price: Free

5. Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing

This course will teach you all about affiliate marketing through blogging, a proven way that has worked for countless people to succeed at this work.

It’s made by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, who has built her own successful blog.

Michelle’s blog, Making Sense of Cents, has allowed her to sell her house and travel the world with her family, and she’s keen on teaching others how to do the same. She has shared her decade-long experience in this course.

The course includes various resources that you can personalize to get more organized with your writing process. You can also find tons of insider tips and tricks that have bought success to the course creators. 

There are also a lot of positive testimonials from past students, which is always reassuring. Overall, a perfect course for stay-at-home moms who want to bring in an income by writing.

  • Quick Summary: A stream-lined course that focuses on blogging.
  • Pros: Awesome tips from a long-time and successful blogger. A 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Cons: Without any dates on the modules, I’m afraid the course might be a bit outdated.
  • Conclusion: An ideal course for stay-at-home moms who want to earn an additional income by blogging.

Company Page: https://makingsenseofaffiliatemarketing.com/

Course Link: Click Here

Course Price: $197

6. YouTube Affiliate Mastery (Udemy)

Our second Udemy course is on the list for affiliate marketing on YouTube. YouTube is a tremendous platform where organic growth is within reach for anyone who makes good content.

That’s why this is a good course to consider.

Adding YouTube to your marketing strategy can give you unbelievable results and even increase your ranking when combined with your own blog or website.

Bryan Guerra is the creator of this course and has been YouTubing for over five years.

The course covers everything from choosing the right affiliate program and client management to generating content ideas and creating professional thumbnails.

This one can also be bought for just $19.99 at a regular discount on Udemy. The course has also been updated regularly and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Quick Summary: A YouTube affiliate marketing course by Bryan Guerra
  • Pros: A Focus on YouTube for affiliate marketing
  • Cons: A lack of data to prove the course’s value
  • Conclusion: Not the best course but worth considering for YouTubers who lack income.

Company Page: https://www.udemy.com/

Course Link: Click Here

Course Price: $94.99

7. $1000/Month Affiliate System

A thousand dollars a month is a dream income for most people when it comes to online side hustles. But for affiliate marketers, it is a really good and achievable goal to aim for. Harsh Agarwal started this one.

The course contains seven modules that cover all the basics any beginner needs to know about and a total of twenty-five lessons. It is also connected with a Facebook group, which can be super beneficial for the learning process.

By buying this course, you also get access to other courses that cover how to make a blog, video guides of WordPress, step-by-step webhosting, google adsense, and SEO. 

All in all, it seems to me like you can get some good value for your money with this one, as it comes with a free 30-day trial of SEMrush and SocialPilot. 

  • Quick Summary: A decent course with a valuable offering.
  • Pros: Very simple modules that are easy to understand.
  • Cons: Limited student testimonials with less information.
  • Conclusion: Not the best course we have seen at this price tag, but one of the most accessible and easy to understand.

Company Page: https://pro.shoutmeloud.com/

Course Link: Click Here

Course Price: $249

8. Affilorama

Affilorama was started in 2008 by Mark Ling and Simon Slade. The former already had eight years of industry experience as an affiliate manager and has gotten even better since then.

Mark has taken the time to create a series of lessons to train anyone about the basics of affiliate marketing that can be accessed for free on the website. The company itself trains affiliates professionally.

  • Quick Summary: Another free course offered by an affiliate training company.
  • Pros: A ton of free online resources for would-be affiliate marketers, also known as publishers.
  • Cons: Standard knowledge with no community support.
  • Conclusion: A great list of free resources to add to your repertoire.

Company Page: https://www.affilorama.com/

Course Link: https://www.affilorama.com/lessons

Course Price: Free

9. The Authority Site System 3.0 by Authority Hacker

Authority Hacker lives by its name and teacher other people how to do it too. They are one of the biggest powerhouses in affiliate marketing, and their articles rank #1 on most topics related to affiliate marketing. 

We consider them our biggest competitors, but even I can’t deny that their The Authority Site System (TASS) is by far the most recommended course out there, with the largest number of verifiable student testimonials.

The course might be on the pricier side, but there’s so much you can do with a high-ranking website. You get over 197 videos, templates, a checklist, tools, community access, support, and lifetime access to all updates!

Safe to say that it’s clear why this course is so popular. On top of all that, if you think this is not worth your while, you can even get all your money back within 30 days of your initial purchase.

  • Quick Summary: The most popular and trusted affiliate marketing course out there.
  • Pros: A ton of valuable info, tools, and support from industry leaders. 
  • Cons: Might be a bit too much for beginners in terms of time and money investment.
  • Conclusion: If you have some money to invest in your new online project, learn to crush it within months using this course. If not, take your time with another one.

Company Page: https://www.authorityhacker.com/

Course Link: https://www.authorityhacker.com/system/

Course Price: $1499 one-time / $1980 over six months

10. The Affiliate Lab by Matt Diggity

Matt Diggity is one of the most respected SEO experts out there. The man’s entire income comes from SEO, and when it comes to affiliate marketing, that is very important because of blogging.

Matt also has his own backlinking service, which is also very important to SEO. After taking a look at his course, The Affiliate Lab, I can confirm that it is also an amazing opportunity for you to learn from the best.

I love how specific and no-nonsense the testimonies are, sharing real figures and success stories with names. The course structure is also transparent, and offerings are quite generous. 

While the price pretty much matches the value, it can still be a little expensive for many people. But the amount of tools, references, and pure experience that this one shares more than makes up for it. 

  • Quick Summary: An in-depth and comprehensive set of tools, lessons, and a massive community built by an SEO legend.
  • Pros: A whole blueprint for an online business model that you can apply in various ways.
  • Cons: Since there are all kinds of things included, a few things won’t be relevant for some people.
  • Conclusion: One of the best value-for-money courses, in my opinion.

Company Page: https://diggitymarketing.com/

Course Link: https://affiliatelab.im/

Course Price: $997 one-time / $1194 over two months

11. Blog Growth Engine by Adam Enfroy

I got to know Adam Enfroy from his YouTube channel, which is pretty popular with over 150k subscribers, and I think he gives some really solid advice. 

I started paying attention to him when I realized he had made a million dollars within two years of starting his website. That is really rare in digital marketing and in business in general. 

In his course, he will cover keyword research that will actually make you money and rank on Google, content strategy, in-depth affiliate marketing mastery, using AI tools, building authority, and much more.

While the original price is rather exuberant, his discount price is less than the most expensive ones on this list, and Adam’s own track record is way better than most. Check out his YouTube channel to judge for yourself!

  • Quick Summary: The course teaches you how to make more than 20k/month from an online website, regardless of how long it may take.
  • Pros: Practical advice with some really unique tips inspired by Adam’s own experience.
  • Cons: Quite pricey considering it’s still relatively new.
  • Conclusion: Great for those who are deeply committed to investing in a blog.

Company Page: https://www.adamenfroy.com/

Course Link: https://bloggrowthengine.com/

Course Price: $1497 (discount price)

12. Project24 by Income School

Income School is one of my own personal favorites of all the blogging world influencers.

They are a group of professional bloggers that are happy to teach their best practices and share all their collective experiences with everyone.

I learned so much about blogging through their YouTube channel. My favorite thing about them is how transparently they have shared all their own success stories with their community. 

Their course is done in batches to ensure that every single person is part of the community and gets their entire money’s worth. It’s called Project24 because it takes about 24 months to see any real results from such a project.

They teach some extremely useful and affordable techniques that so many of their students have already used to create wealth for themselves and their loved ones.

  • Quick Summary: An awesome twenty-four-month-long blogging journey that harnesses the tried and tested power of affiliate marketing through niche websites.
  • Pros: An awesome and transparent community with real results
  • Cons: Will be more suited for beginners as some advanced strategies are not covered the way they are in other courses.
  • Conclusion: Great course for people willing to take on a lot of work and gain experience.

Company Page: https://incomeschool.com/

Course Link: https://incomeschool.com/project24

Course Price: $449 for one year, then $249 per year

13. Passive Income Geek

This course focuses on creating an online business that can earn you a passive income, just as the name suggests. Creator Morten Storgaard’s obsessive focus on hands-off websites that earn shines through here quite brightly.

Who doesn’t want passive income? To sit back and watch the money come in that’s the ultimate dream life! The teacher has put all thirteen years of his professional experience and his e-commerce exposure before that into this course.

It covers how to find lucrative niches, create awesome content, all the SEO you need to succeed, and so much more. The best part is how affordable the course is and their 100% money-back guarantee.

  • Quick Summary: Morten Storgaard’s blogging course to build passive sources of income using affiliate marketing.
  • Pros: A good amount of value for just less than four hundred bucks
  • Cons: A yearly subscription for community access
  • Conclusion: A great course for those on a budget.

Company Page: https://passiveincomegeek.com/

Course Link: https://passiveincomegeek.com/

Course Price: $399 for the first year, $199 per year after that

14. Fat Stacks Bundle

The name of this course’s creator is Jon Dykstra, and he takes a very different approach to teaching affiliate marketing.

There is a thing called reverse psychology, where you insinuate one thing and divert attention to another.

In the super competitive online environment, every new person needs a gimmick or something that really sets them apart from their competition. You can see just through this list how competitive affiliate marketing courses are.

That’s why Jon applies an ingenious trick on his sales page. Since people are already expecting a get-rich-quick scheme when they find an online course, he tells people that it’ll take hard work. 

Since so many people are also selling affiliate marketing, he emphasizes the fact that he focuses on ad revenue instead. In reality, you can earn less from ad revenue, and the course teaches a combination of the two. 

  • Quick Summary: The course covers how to use psychology in order to increase your online sales.
  • Pros: Some novel ideas that are not taught anywhere else.
  • Cons: Some students might find these tactics distasteful, even though they are proven to be effective.
  • Conclusion: Learn some out-of-the-box and clever tricks with this one.

Company Page: https://fatstacksblog.com/

Course Link: https://fatstacksblog.com/jon-dykstra-niche-site-course/

Course Price: $497

15. Affiliate Marketing Superstars

Leanne is not your typical marketing guru, as you have already seen many on this list. She used to be a full-time doctor, now turned half-time, and her blog honestly isn’t very big or impressive.

Yet, she still manages to earn over $13,000 per month with a 50:50 ratio of selling digital products and affiliate marketing. Her course teaches normal people just like you to do the same.

I talk about the creator in each program because when it comes to online courses, you are often investing in the person who is making them. A course is only as good as the person who made it, and Leanne really knows her stuff.

  • Quick Summary: A low-effort, hands-off, smart, and strategic approach to affiliate marketing for busy people.
  • Pros: Really cool ways to target underutilized opportunities for affiliate marketing, like on Pinterest.
  • Cons: Might not appeal to everyone who has an idea of the blog they want to make already.
  • Conclusion: A unique course with some interesting tools and templates that make use of Pinterest and social media.

Company Page: https://www.passiveincomesuperstars.com/

Course Link: Click Here

Course Price: $397

16. Savage Affiliates

A lot of the courses out there are just a lot of recorded videos and digital assets that you gain access to by paying the fees. This type, of course, can be beneficial for some people, but it is definitely lucrative for the course creator.

That’s why we see a lot of courses like these here as well. The problem is that even though these are more structured than free YouTube videos, they aren’t all that better in other ways. It’s hard to update such a course, after all.

Savage Affiliates is different in that easy since you get over-the-shoulder training and support from the folks who made it. The community is also very active, and you get to reap the benefits of being a part of it by joining.

  • Quick Summary: A personalized course with a focus on individual training and consultation with an active community.
  • Pros: Very affordable and reasonable prices.
  • Cons: Limited student testimonials.
  • Conclusion: This course makes up for the lack of a personalized approach found in the other ones on this list.

Company Page: https://savageaffiliates.com/

Course Link: https://savageaffiliates.com/#pricetable

Course Price: $197 Standard, $297 Super

17. Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard

Most of the courses I’ve seen today focused on blogging and content creation as a means of doing affiliate marketing. This is a tried and tested way to do it but is very time-intensive.

Blogging can create passive income for you eventually, but you have to work very hard for a few years without many returns. That’s why many people focus on working smarter and as well as harder to improve their chances.

Commission Hero is made by the world’s #1 ClickBank Affiliate, Robby Blanchard. In his course, he teaches you how to leverage Facebook for affiliate marketing to make insane profits for lesser hassle. 

  • Quick Summary: Focused on running Facebook ads for affiliate marketing in a profitable way.
  • Pros: A different strategy that requires less time and labor.
  • Cons: Tends to be limited to certain verticals.
  • Conclusion: This one requires little to no time or experience to start earning rewards. 

Company Page: https://www.commissionhero.com/home

Course Link: Click Here

Course Price: $997 one-time, or $1491 over three months

18. Digital Worth Academy

Digital Worth Academy was created by Andrew Hansen and Sara Young. The course covers an extensive system for blogging, with advanced keyword research strategies that are guaranteed to help you succeed.

One great thing about this one is how structured their method is. It tells you the ideal way to approach blogging for affiliate marketing by building your site’s authority and white hat practices.

They will teach you the best ways to get good quality backlinks and help you do everything with a focus on monetization. The course also comes with its own Commission Wizard software to help give you an edge.

  • Quick Summary: A well-structured affiliate marketing course by Andrew Hansen and Sarah Young.
  • Pros: Comes with its own set of software tools to make things easier.
  • Cons: Might be a bit outdated.
  • Conclusion: One of the better courses, but far from the best.

Company Page: https://digitalworth.com/academy/

Course Link: https://digitalworth.com/academy/

Course Price: $997

19. Pageviews to Profit

To be completely frank, this is a far cry from the best course we have seen on this list, and even the Udemy courses worth twenty bucks would be more reliable than this. 

It’s made by a company called Financial Wolves, which sounds nice, and clearly, their own website has some degree of success. Unfortunately, the creator of the website, Prab, remains mostly an enigma.

The website itself looks good enough, but it’s not enough to toot your own horn. With a lack of any student testimonials and any form of feedback or community, it’s hard to justify a purchase for this one.

If you are going to have a list of over thirty courses, there are bound to be some duds, after all. Well, at least it doesn’t cost nearly as much as some of the other risky options featured here.

  • Quick Summary: A faceless course made by a side-hustle blog.
  • Pros: The price is lower than the rest, and has ways to reduce your operational expenses.
  • Cons: Untrustworthy and basic in its offering.
  • Conclusion: I cannot recommend this one in good faith.

Company Page: https://financialwolves.com/

Course Link: https://financialwolves.com/online-blogging-course-pvs/

Course Price: $197

20. Launch Your Blog Biz

Create and Go is a blogging company that I can get behind. They are also in the business of teaching blogging, like many others on this list, but while others will focus on you and how you can make money, these guys are different.

What really sets them apart is their service mindset. The creators of this course value other people, and everything they do is to help them out. When a business’s main aim is to provide value, it has a better chance to succeed.

Even the course structure reflects this philosophy. They teach you how to set up your website and create valuable content before focusing on monetization.

You can always monetize your content with affiliate marketing, often with just a few clicks in less than a day, but it is much harder to gain an audience. That’s why I think you should consider this one.

  • Quick Summary: Create and Go’s flagship course for affiliate marketing.
  • Pros: A focus on content creation and a decent community.
  • Cons: Not the best for experienced veterans.
  • Conclusion: Another great budget option that gives a lot of value with a return policy.

Company Page: https://createandgo.com/

Course Link: https://createandgocourses.com/p/launch-your-blog-biz

Course Price: $297 one time, or two payments of $157

21. Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Course (Udemy)

This one is easily one of the most trustworthy affiliate marketing courses on Udemy, and it’s made by Joshua George. Joshua has made a detailed collection of modules for all things related to affiliate marketing.

While some people might have their qualms against Udemy courses, I think this one is pretty great based on the course content that’s shared. The reason you might invest in to better courses would be to make things easier for yourself.

But if you don’t have the funds to invest, there’s nothing wrong with taking a course like this one, which covers all the theory of affiliate marketing before you get started. You can get this one at a discount for as little as twelve bucks.

  • Quick Summary: A full-on affiliate marketing course by Joshua George.
  • Pros: Very affordable with complete information on the subject.
  • Cons: While many people have learned, not many have shared their success stories.
  • Conclusion: One of the best affiliate marketing courses on Udemy.

Company Page: https://www.udemy.com/

Course Link: Click Here

Course Price: $89.99

22. Affiliate Marketing Mastery by Stefan James

This one is made by Stefan James, who has over 1.8 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and can be considered somewhat of an influencer. As you can see from his website, he likes to be associated with other influencers.

The course has a recommendation from Dan Lok and pictures of him with the legendary Tony Robbins. But don’t go by his fame, what does his course actually offer you? Well, turns out it’s not anything more than what we have seen already.

He gives a few different business models like Amazon Associates and running Facebook Ads with Clickbank, and having seen over twenty courses already, this one seems quite generic at this point.

You can join the Facebook group, which seems quite active, but it doesn’t have a ton of successful testimonials. It’s more about sharing the small wins. All in all, a pretty generic course for his own fans.

  • Quick Summary: A generic course for a higher price than Matt Diggity’s made by an influencer for his own audience.
  • Pros: If you are a fan of Stefan, you can actually make money by applying the basics he has covered.
  • Cons: Less value for money compared to other courses with more expert advice.
  • Conclusion: Not the best course for the price.

Company Page: https://stefanjames.com/

Course Link: https://www.affiliatemarketingmastery.co/eg-masterclass-c

Course Price: $997

23. RapidLevelUp by Kenneth Fong

Kenneth Fong could be considered a small-time creator by any account. He has only been making YouTube videos on his main channel for two years in the money-making niche. 

His course also focuses on using YouTube for affiliate marketing. It’s important to note that while not everyone is comfortable or has the required skills to make videos successfully, these skills can be learned and developed.

A YouTube channel is proven to be useful for bloggers as well, and it can be a great addition to your marketing strategy. The course itself looks like it’s worth the price, and Kenneth seems to be rather trustworthy as well.

  • Quick Summary: Another YouTube-focused affiliate marketing course.
  • Pros: Some interesting mechanics like gamification make the course more engaging and easier to stick with.
  • Cons: Not suited for everyone as YouTube is less accessible than blogging.
  • Conclusion: A great and trustworthy course for YouTubers.

Company Page: https://rapidlevelup.com/

Course Link: Click Here

Course Price: $199

24. Affiliate Marketing Boss

Chad Bartlett is the creator of this one, and the man has over 100k subscribers on YouTube. Why is it relevant if the creators have a YouTube channel and/or an online presence?

Well, it’s actually the best thing because you can go check them out for free and make a very useful judgment about their character, skills, and knowledge. This can tell you easily how much you can trust them.

Adam Enfroy has one, so does Income School, and so do all the other greats. One look at Chas’s channel tells me that he is in the trenches on the frontline of the digital marketing world every single day.

His course page also accurately communicates the biggest challenges for each stream of online income that insiders are well aware of. Although this course is listed near the bottom of the list, I trust this one more than the last ten courses combined.

  • Quick Summary: An honest and transparent course with no BS and expert advice. Advanced strategies like flipping and creating digital products.
  • Pros: Get a full view of the entire online landscape to understand how and when to leverage affiliate marketing.
  • Cons: Not the best course for beginners, as it can be a bit overwhelming.
  • Conclusion: Easily one of the best courses on this list overall for this price point.

Company Page: https://chadbtraining.com/

Course Link: https://chadbtraining.com/bootcamp

Course Price: $997 one-time, or $597 twice over two months

25. Blogging Fastlane

Tom and Anna are totally self-taught experts who started off as travel bloggers. They used to work in the corporate world but found that not only did it suck a lot, they weren’t even a lot of money.

After struggling and failing to get their blog off the ground, they eventually doubled down and learned SEO, affiliate marketing, email, and all the ins and outs of the digital marketing world. 

Shortly after that, they started to earn thousands of dollars every month. Their story not only portrays the powerful potential of affiliate marketing but also the level of tenacity and expertise the two have displayed over the years.

Their 8-week course has a really nice structure where they teach you basic theory and mindset over a month and help you set up a foundation with some really novel ideas that can be useful in the long run.

Then the second month gets into all the details and strategies to help you excel. The community is also deeply-connected and engaged with some promising testimonials by students. 

  • Quick Summary: A healthy community built by a humble couple of bloggers is what you are getting along with this course.
  • Pros: A lot of awesome personal development strategies that can actually give you a massive edge.
  • Cons: Navigation between the modules can be a little difficult
  • Conclusion: I love how they’ve implemented some cool business ideas like Blue Ocean and achieving a flow state as a part of their course. These allow students to actually excel rather than vaguely saying they have to work hard.

Company Page: https://www.bloggingfastlane.com/

Course Link: Click Here

Course Price: $697

26. Perfecting Blogging

Sophia Lee is the creator of this blogging course, and her own blog looks really well-made. She writes in the fashion, lifestyle, home decor, and design niche, which is why the aesthetics of her blog are immaculate.

Having seen the course structure and everything she has covered, it’s clear that she does have some unique tips to offer based on her own rich experience as a lifestyle blogger. 

It’s also obvious that she has earned her rank among professional bloggers by working through the crucible of online blogging. 

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t take advice from someone with no visible experience, and Sophia more than checks off that requirement. It also helps that her course is affordable and comes with a return policy.

  • Quick Summary: A blogging affiliate marketing course offered by a veteran lifestyle blogger named Sophia Lee.
  • Pros: Some cool insider tips and Sophia’s own recommendations.
  • Cons: Not an advanced course for every type of affiliate marketer. You won’t gain complete mastery over the subject with this, but you can learn all the things about blogging.
  • Conclusion: Ideal for people looking to write for women and related niches.

Company Page: https://bysophialee.com/blogging/

Course Link: https://bysophialee.teachable.com/p/perfecting-blogging

Course Price: $169

27. Solo Build It

This one is specifically targeted toward the elderly. It is a course that’s kept as simple as possible in terms of language and can only be described as an accessible guide to making your own website that can earn you money.

It follows a monthly payment model where you get full access to the entire content for about thirty-five bucks per month or limited access to WordPress guides for just twenty bucks each month. They also offer yearly plans.

The course itself is structured as an in-depth technical guide for people who are not tech-savvy enough to figure it all out by themselves. 

It follows and CTPM model, which stands for Content, Traffic, Pre-sell, and Monetisation. This is the recommended order for a new website or business to start making money online. 

Notice how monetization comes at the end. That’s the affiliate marketing part, but this is actually a good way to make affiliate marketing work in the long run.

  • Quick Summary: A realistic guide to affiliate marketing through niche websites with all the technical details.
  • Pros: A hand-holding approach for those who are not tech-savvy.
  • Cons: Definitely not for experienced people who already implement SEO practices in their online content.
  • Conclusion: Essentially a very accessible way to learn how to build your own website with active support from the course creators at a very affordable price.

Company Page: https://solobuildit.com/

Course Link: https://solobuildit.com/order.html

Course Price: $34.99-$19.99 per month, or $329.99-$169.99 per year

28. Scale Your Travel Blog

We have seen courses that focus on YouTube affiliate marketing. We have seen ones that specialize in ClickBank. While most of them focused on blogging or building a niche website, others gave an overview of affiliate marketing.

This one is also made by a power couple who loves to travel named Mike and Laura. And their course is probably the most specific one since it’s catering to aspiring travel bloggers in particular.

What shocked me about this one was not the high prices but the insane level of support by the people who have taken it. It seems like this couple is hell-bent on giving real personalized training to each and every one.

That’s why their course is also not available to everyone and has an open waiting list. Think of this one as personalized coaching from experts in travel blogging rather than just an online course.

  • Quick Summary: A pricey but sensible personal coaching service for aspiring travel bloggers.
  • Pros: A totally none-on-one experience combined with theory and resources.
  • Cons: A bit pricey with some expenses beyond the course purchase.
  • Conclusion: For affluent people who want to travel the world and earn through an online blog.

Company Page: https://mikeandlauratravel.com/

Course Link: https://mikeandlauratravel.com/scale-your-travel-blog/

Course Price: $2497 one-time, or sic monthly payments of $427

29. Affiliate Escape Plan

Perhaps you are aware of some of the other channels of affiliate marketing besides blogging. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are some of them that courses have already covered on this list.

But what about TikTok, the one with the biggest potential for growth? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered since Brian Brewer’s course focuses on exactly that. The truth is that most of these things are very difficult.

The older a business model is, the more competition you will find, and it is very hard to break through as a ClickBank marketer, blogger, or Amazon associate. 

TikTok is fairly new by comparison, and you can actually make a ton of money here in a relatively shorter amount of time. Brian is all about capitalizing on these opportunities, and this is what you will learn through this course.

  • Quick Summary: An affiliate marketing course by Brian Brewer that’s all about leveraging TikTok and social media.
  • Pros: A unique angle on the affiliate marketing business with an active Facebook community and regular updates.
  • Cons: Zero to no student success stories and no refund policy. Pretty dicey for such an expensive course.
  • Conclusion: While people swear by Brian’s work and this course, I am not quite convinced, considering the price tag. You are free to judge for yourself.

Company Page: https://www.brianbrewer.com/home32548632

Course Link: https://www.affiliateescapeplan.com/optin1605118106886

Course Price: $997 or $1490 over ten months

30. Super Affiliate System

While some of the courses here have stood out for varying reasons, this one stands out because of something else entirely. Almost every course has said that it requires a lot of hard work and perseverance.

Well, Super Affiliate Pro System says that you just need to pay them the course fees, and they will do everything for you. The course comes with a ton of templates that include copies and systems for various digital marketing channels.

The idea is pretty simple, you buy the course, go through the materials, explore the affiliate marketing opportunities that they have listed, and copy and paste the materials to run ads or create posts.

They say that their students start making money within just 24 hours of joining. Now that’s kind of crazy, it sounds like a money-making machine, doesn’t it? If it doesn’t work out, you can just get a refund within 30 days.

  • Quick Summary: A template-based course where you can just copy-paste the content and run campaigns that literally start making you money off the bat.
  • Pros: No need to think or use your brain.
  • Cons: A little risky to depend solely on the course creators.
  • Conclusion: Very appealing for people who want to make money quickly, with a money-back return policy.

Company Page: https://superaffiliatesystem.com/

Course Link: https://imjetset.com/sas-special

Course Price: $997

31. Internet Marketing Gold

This website is actually a subscription service that gives you access to a wide range of SEO courses that can make you an excellent affiliate marketer. The founder of this platform is Kyle Roof. 

If you have made it to the end of the list without finding a course that’s right for you, maybe you just like browning courses as a hobby. If that’s the case, you will love this website!

You can find at least a couple dozen SEO courses in one palace here, so browse your heart out and gain access to all of them for the price of less than a hundred bucks per month.

Courses cover TikTok, cloud stacking, UX, Link building, IOS, ChatGPT, and more. The platform even has a course from Matt Diggity and other recognizable influencers.

  • Quick Summary: A Netflix-like subscription service for SEO-related online courses.
  • Pros: A lot of different options for nero-divergent people and experts hungry for specialized knowledge.
  • Cons: Definitely not good for beginners who need to rack up experience before they learn more knowledge.
  • Conclusion: A pretty great platform with a reasonable price tag.

Company Page: https://internetmarketing.gold/

Course Link: https://internetmarketing.gold/seo-courses/

Course Price: $97 per month or $970 per year

In Conclusion

Education and knowledge are very important elements to an affiliate marketer’s success. In fact, all online businesses need to keep learning and evolving to stay relevant and up-to-date.

You can’t expect to succeed without keeping up with the ever-evolving online world, and it’s good to rely on people that teach these things professionally. 

What’s important is to recognize who is legitimate and separate the wheat from the chaff. Keep an eye out for people that are transparent and talk about the actual technical details and specifics of what they are teaching.

Also, make sure to look for people who have proven track records that showcase that they are who they claim to be.

If a blogger is earning more from their blogging course than their own blog, maybe they are not the person for the job.

Watch out for fake gurus who tell you a story and talk about motivational values instead of the actual nitty-gritty of the online marketing world. 

I recommend Authority Hacker’s course for experts who want to scale their online business, Income School for beginners to find their bearings, and Legendary Marketer at #1 as the best overall course for most people.

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