We’ve been providing affiliate marketing (for companies) and content marketing services for years now. Well, we’re pretty sure you’ve already done your research before landing on this page. So, let’s find out who’s behind the agency and the portals.

About Shivansh, CEO

Hey, so my name is Shivansh. Well, if you want to know the full name (which you surely don’t…but still I’d like to tell you that shamelessly), It’s Shivansh Bhanwariya. I’ve been doing blogging, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, and a whole lot of other cool stuff like authoring a business book, running e-commerce and dropshipping stores, and building niche websites that bring in decent revenue every single month on autopilot for over 5 years now. Isn’t that pretty cool, huh? If you ask me, it is quite cool.

Over the past two years or so, I’ve been able to take our portfolio of sites from a couple thousand visitors each month to millions of visitors every single month purely with the help of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

I don’t really like to appreciate myself a lot but I have been featured in some of top brands on the web and I’m so grateful that you are taking some time out of your busy schedule and learning about me or my company.

This marketing portal that you’re currently at; we’ve been transitioning the blog into a huge affiliate marketing directory. And guess what? We’ve already worked with huge companies…and actually helped them increase the number of affiliates + revenue.

Meet Bhanaram

Well, you see this not so handsome man right here? He’s my pops. He believes in providing upfront value on the table because that’s all that matters. He supervises this blog and its content. He’s a very successful affiliate marketer as well – that’s right – a diamond-ranked affiliate for companies like Legendary Marketer.

Bhana Ram: Marketing Director

A Team That Cares...

Anirudh Gitai.- SB Digital Writer/Affiliate Marketing Coordinator
Anirudh, Author/Affiliate Marketing Enthusiast
Tristan, Backend Code
Pria - Experienced Writer/Affiliate Industry Nerd
Astha, Content Coordinator, Marketing Writer
Dhruv Saini, Marketing Coordinator
Simran - Shivansh's Affiliate Team
Simran, Co-author at SB Digital, Ultimate Researcher
Aditi Sharma - Affiliate Marketing Writer
Aditi, Content Coordinator, Regular Contributor

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