Editorial Process Of Shivansh Bhanwariya Digital

Shivansh Bhanwariya Digital is an affiliate program directory and a marketing blog that covers all things related to online business.

Spearheaded by Shivansh Bhanwariya, an affiliate marketing & internet marketing expert with considerable experience.

We are a team of copywriters, bloggers, advertisers, SEO nerds, affiliate marketers, and educators.

As marketing professionals, we feel alarmed by the level of misinformation, half-knowledge, and other harmful behaviors that are so common in the online world today.

In order to create a positive impact through our work, we hold ourselves accountable to the following standards in all our work.

We Choose Affiliate Programs Based On:

  1. Timing
  2. Value Proposition
  3. Accessibility
  4. The Company’s Market Positioning
  5. Conversion-ability
  6. Quality of Products & Services

We Ensure That Every Article Is:

  1. Transparent
  2. Valuable
  3. Easy To Understand
  4. Up To Date
  5. Accurate

We Help Readers:

  1. Look At The Bigger Picture
  2. Understand Their Unique Needs
  3. Execute Informed Decisions

Here’s a little more about each step we take:

I. We Choose Affiliate Programs Based On:

Affiliate marketing has a lot of advantages for up-and-coming entrepreneurs and business people. It is one of the simplest ways to monetize online, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Many similar websites online seem to choose the programs for their articles without any real rhyme or reason. When people have so many things competing to grab their attention, it’s not enough to throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks!

That’s why it’s important to take a more strategic approach. This is what we look for when curating our lists for prospecting affiliate marketers:

1. Timing: 

Ironically, the most important aspect of an affiliate program is also the most overlooked. How long an affiliate program has been active is a big factor that affects its viability. We always aim for newer and underrated programs.

2. Value Proposition: 

The features of an affiliate program include much more than its commission structure, although it is one of the big ones. 

The mode of attribution, referral window, average order value, conversion rate, promotional materials, and affiliate support are some of the others.

A fifty percent commission rate doesn’t mean much if the average order value is ten dollars and the cookie duration is 18 hours. 😒

We consider it all when searching for the best programs. The more equipped a company’s program is, the more welcoming they are toward its affiliates!

3. Accessibility:

Not all programs are made the same. Depending on the niche and company, publishers might require a little or a ton of training before they can start earning money.

It’s easy to sell swimming suits for commissions, but selling high-ticket products or debt settlement services requires a lot more know-how.

We always look for companies that are committed to giving outstanding support to their affiliates that account for all skill levels.

They should have an onboarding procedure for training, an affiliate account manager, and/or active affiliate support. 

4. The Company’s Market Positioning:

How does the company rack up against the competition? What is it that makes them different? Who are their ideal customers? What value do they provide through their work?

The answers to these questions will help you know which company is for you and which isn’t, and you can find these answers in all our articles.

Bonus points are given to companies that have been accredited and recognized by third-party companies like Better Business Bureau and review websites.

5. Conversion-ability:

Why should you carry the entire burden of making the sale? In the best affiliate marketing partnerships, you bring the traffic, and they make the sales. Looks matter, period. 

If a website has a kick-ass sales funnel and an awesome conversion methodology, you can bet that they’re getting featured on one of our lists! Real recognize real, you see. 😎

6. Quality of Products & Services:

Of course, the end-all for our selection has to be the actual quality of the products and services that are being promoted. The best ones always sell themselves, you just have to spread the word.

It’s not always as simple as cutting weeds, though. There is a value for money aspect to consider, and the fact that every person has different needs. Our articles are made to have something for everyone.

II. We Ensure That Every Article Is:

Affiliate listicles are the mainstay of this website since we specialize in affiliate marketing. But we like to write about all kinds of other topics like E-commerce, content marketing, and much more.

These are the general guidelines that all our words, newsletters, and articles adhere to:

1. Transparent:

How can we help each other if we are not even on the same page? All our articles explain the context in which we are giving advice or sharing information so all visitors can make the best decisions for themselves.

We might be expert affiliate marketers, but even the best advice can be harmful if applied without a practical understanding. 

2. Valuable:

All the articles and topics covered on this site are written after extensive and comprehensive research. That’s because research is the twenty percent of the process that gives eighty percent of the results. 📈

As such, we focus on topics that are either not covered properly already, or we create something that’s better than what you can find already. 

Above all else, the content is made to provide value to online readers. That’s why we write things that people are searching for and interested in.

3. Easy To Understand:

Everyone is smart in their own way and shouldn’t have to prove it to anyone else. Every single sentence on this website is crafted as simply and clearly as possible. 

That way, more people can be empowered to earn money online with all the cool ways we write about.

4. Up To Date:

All the content that you find here is constantly being updated and checked for relevancy. Quality over quantity is something that’s lacking in the online world. Our team is very active and loves to stay on top of things.

We enjoy it because it gives the perfectionists among us an excuse to keep refining the things that have already been posted.

5. Accurate:

Only verifiable and trustworthy sources are used as a reference to create every piece of content you can find here. Our writers are trained to get information from the source and work with publicly recognized real-life examples. 🎯

The team also cross-checks all the content, and every single thing is reviewed by Shivansh himself before it is posted and set free into the world.

This way, every sentence on the site is checked at least three times before you feast your eyes on it.

Regarding the statistics and numbers we put out – all the numbers are from real-world sources.

Either that’s the public data from the companies we mention, or, we collect statistics and market trend data from trustworthy sources like Statista, Wikipedia, Yahoo Finance, etc.

III. We Help Readers:

Here’s the bottom line: We want you to succeed! No matter who it may be, we aim to give value to each person who visits any of our pages. We make sure this happens by helping our readers:

1. Look At The Bigger Picture:

It’s easy to answer a question directly in three lines, Google does it automatically for you. But when you search for a query on any topic about the online world on SB Digital, you can expect to go above and beyond.

Our research is guided by understanding the context of a question or topic and being aware of the intention behind a search.

The articles on our website will tell you everything you need to know about the subject.

2. Understand Their Unique Needs:

We might be experts at digital marketing, but the only person who understands the unique requirements of your situation is you. 

Our articles will tell you everything you need to consider before you start executing on your journey to success.

Rather than just giving you the best strategies, we give you the reasoning behind them all. This gives you a framework that shows you how to think rather than what to think. Education is far more empowering than a conversion.

3. Execute On Informed Decisions:

All the theoretical knowledge in the world can’t change somebody’s situation until they take the initiative to act upon it. That’s why we always aim to give practical and actionable advice that readers can make use of.

An amateur can grow through mistakes and experience, but even a professional education is wasted on someone who’s paralyzed by self-doubt.

We want to see you succeed and always prioritize functional action over idle learning. Whether it’s through a guide, a response post, or a list of affiliate programs, make use of the opportunities on this website and enjoy the benefits! 🏆

Meet The Team Of Content Reviewers


Shivansh Bhanwariya

(Founder & CEO – Final Reviews)

Anirudh Gitai.- SB Digital Writer/Affiliate Marketing Coordinator

Anirudh Gitai

(Senior Writer/Editor/Affiliate Program Selection Expert)

Pria Sharma

(Senior Writer/Editor – First Stage Reviews)