Twitter Affiliate Marketing: How To Start (& Make $$$ Easily)

Twitter is counted among the top social media sites where millions and millions of ‘professional’ people share thoughts, news, and interests.

If you have been into affiliate marketing and haven’t utilized the power of Twitter yet, you are potentially missing out on a lot of money.

Yes, that’s true! As of now, there are over 206 million monetizable active users on Twitter that you can promote your links to and generate revenue.

Some of the smartest marketers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Neil Patel, Brian Dean, and Pat Flynn are using Twitter for growth. I believe you should too!

With that said, in this guide, I’m going to teach you everything you need to know about Twitter affiliate marketing to help you learn how to make more money on Twitter as an affiliate marketer.

But before I go about sharing that, I’ll first address a few common questions that people search about affiliate marketing on Twitter. Let’s do it!

What Is Twitter Affiliate Marketing?

Twitter affiliate marketing is a practice where affiliate marketers or individuals promote various kinds of products and services on Twitter to generate sales and earn commissions.

Now, if you don’t know what promoting affiliate offers means…it’s a business model where you partner with a company or vendor to promote their products or services and whenever you make a sale, you get paid commissions for the same.

The reason why Twitter is popular for affiliate marketing is that the audience is very active. Also, it’s easier to find various interest groups on the platform to find potential customers.

I’ll cover how to do affiliate marketing on Twitter deeply in the post later but for now, let’s stick with some more vital questions.

Can You Use Twitter For Affiliate Marketing?

Well, this is another popular question that I see people asking all the time. Here’s your answer:

Yes, you can use Twitter for affiliate marketing. It is allowed to post affiliate links on Twitter as long as you are providing some kind of value.

Marketers need to make sure that they don’t fill in the platform with affiliate links. Spamming affiliate links is strictly banned on Twitter.

Also, smart marketers or individuals never throw links and hope for sales to come in. You are going to want to be extremely strategic and build trust before you push affiliate offers on Twitter.

And not just Twitter, you have to provide value first before you sell something regardless of that platform or social media site you use.

How To Start Twitter Affiliate Marketing

As I already said, trust and affiliate marketing go hand in hand, if you want to start using Twitter for the purpose of promoting affiliate links, you will have to take a value-based approach.

Here are the steps involved if anyone wants to start Twitter affiliate marketing:

  • Choose A Product Relevant To Twitter Users
  • Start A Brand New Twitter Account
  • Look For Targeted Groups/Conversations
  • Engage With The Users & Create Value
  • Create A Landing Page For Better Results
  • Start Recommending Affiliate Products
  • Follow Up Interested Individuals via Email

1. Choose A Relevant Affiliate Product For Twitter

People on different social media sites behave differently. If someone’s using Facebook, they might be in a light mood and interested in watching entertaining videos or chatting with friends.

On the other hand, if someone is on LinkedIn or Twitter, they might be interested in business-related stuff as both of these platforms appeal to B2B audiences.

Hence, you have to pick a product that will mingle with the nature of Twitter. You can’t go about promoting dating or weight loss offers on Twitter for sure, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram would work better for those.

Hence, you will have to find products or services that fit with business-minded people (in most cases). For example, an email marketing subscription or a landing page builder.

2. Start A New Twitter Account

The next step that you have got to take in order to get results on Twitter is to start a brand new relevant Twitter account.

When you go about doing this, you have two options:

  • Start a professional account with your name
  • Start a product-focused account

I always recommend you start an official account as a person instead of creating an account without showing your face to anyone because people will want to engage with you if that’s done.

Here’s an example of an unstrategic Twitter account that people start, post a few links like spammers, and then never log back in:

Unideal twitter account for affiliate

On the other side of the table, here’s an example of a professional account that provides value, engages people, builds trust and following, and generate affiliate sales:

That’s the difference. Hence, you will have to create a brand new account showing you as an experienced guy in whatever niche you work in.

Be sure to add a professional photo, biography, some valuable content, and follow some industry leaders.

3. Find Your Targeted Audience

Now that you have a solid Twitter profile ready and a product or service to promote for generating affiliate revenue, you will have to find people who would want to buy the same.

There are a lot of ways you can find those people out. Some of the top methods to find targeted users are as follows:

  • Finding People via Hashtags
  • Connecting With Engaged Users
  • Interacting With Followers Of Influencers

Finding People via Hashtags

Finding your potential buyers via hashtags on Twitter is pretty easy. All you have got to do is search for a particular hashtag in the search bar and a lot of ‘interested’ people will start popping up in front of you as shown below:

Yes, it’s literally that simple. You don’t have to do anything special to be able to get to the people who you think would be engrossed in purchasing your affiliate offers.

Connecting With Engaged Users

The second way you can attract masses on Twitter is by browsing the top posts on a particular topic or hashtag, and then spot people who have engaged with the posts.

This is really effective because now you already know that the people who have engaged with those posts have an interest in the topic.

Pretty cool, right? It’s always that easy to find a targeted audience on social networks like Twitter if you know how to get things right.

Interacting With Influencers’ Followers

The last way you can search for your ‘potential customers’ on Twitter is by checking out top profiles related to your industry or niche, looking at their followers, and initiating connections with them.

This is how you can get to meet new people or groups in your niche on Twitter and move further with your sales process.

4. Engage Consistently & Create Value

Now that you have figured out what your audience likes, wants, and does, you will have to create value and turn those connections into an active community.

Tweet informational and helpful content, share with them, ask them questions, answer their questions, and help them get better every single day.

As you do this regularly, people will start to trust you and follow your advice. They will want to consume content from you and start seeing you as an expert.

You can use tools like Sprout Social, Buffer, CoSchedule, Hootsuite, and BuzzSumo for better performance.

5. Create A Landing Page

More than half of the task is done now. You have an offer to promote as an affiliate marketer, you have got an audience that you can promote the offer to, now all you have to do is promote the products strategically.

Okay…but what do I mean by promoting the products ‘strategically’?

Well, you can straight away link affiliate products or services in your Tweets or messages but that won’t look natural or good at all.

Also, people won’t buy the products or services you recommend within the first go. Hence, you will want to make sure that you create an optimized landing page to capture people’s email addresses.

Even if you don’t want to collect people’s emails or contact details, a landing page is highly recommended because the harder you make it for people to purchase the products, the higher the conversion rate is.

That’s quite funny but that’s really true! Marketers like Neil Patel and Brian Dean use this technique for the better and you should too!

6. Start Promoting Products & Services

After creating the landing page, you can start recommending your affiliate products or services but make sure that you don’t turn into an aggressive salesperson.

The best strategy to promote affiliate links on Twitter is to follow what I call ‘5 and 1 method.’

This method involves providing value five times and then selling once. This way, you won’t irritate people and start getting sales consistently without actually selling.

7. Follow Up With Emails If Possible

Not everyone who will click on your links will proceed and buy. It might happen that their internet connection got lost, they went to have food, someone might have called them, or anything else.

If you follow up with those people over and over again, you will definitely see a noticeable improvement in the conversion rates.

Well, that’s how you use Twitter for promoting affiliate links. All it depends on is how well you engage with people and what kind of content/products you share.

Can You Use Twitter For Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, you can definitely use Twitter for Amazon affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers are free to post relevant Amazon affiliate links through tweets to recommend stuff.

Not just Twitter but most of the social media networks allow Amazon affiliate links. Once again, nothing is forbidden if you try to provide value.

5 Best Twitter Affiliate Programs

Twitter is always focused on B2B-related stuff and general B2C-related things. If you ask me what are the best Twitter affiliate programs, here’s my list:

1. Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost is a popular web hosting company that helps people start new websites, landing pages, and blogs to generate income and build a presence on the internet.

You earn a $65 commission (on average) every time you make a sale through your affiliate link. As a lot of people are interested in starting an online business, this affiliate program would perfectly fit Twitter’s audience.

Affiliate Signup Page:

Commission Rates: $65 per sale

Cookie Duration: 90 days

2. AWeber Affiliate Program

The second program we have got on our list of Twitter affiliate programs is AWeber’s partner program. It’s an email marketing software that people on Twitter will surely be interested in.

This program pays a thirty percent commission per sale and has a very long cookie duration of one whole year.

I have written a full article on AWeber’s affiliate marketing program. Make sure you check that out for learning more.

Affiliate Signup Page:

Commission Rates: 30% recurring

Cookie Duration: 365 days

3. Amazon Associates Program

Amazon is a company every businessperson and consumer is familiar with. Everybody shops on Amazon no matter whether they hang out on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or somewhere else.

Amazon always has high conversion rates if you know how to promote products when to promote, and what to promote to a particular group of people.

The commission rate is up to 10% and you can definitely earn a good chunk of money promoting Amazon products on Twitter.

Affiliate Signup Page:

Commission Rates: Up to 10%

Cookie Duration: 24 hours

4. Grammarly Affiliate Program

A lot of people face minor spelling and grammatical issues while writing online, especially, business people!

Grammarly is an extraordinary software that allows bloggers, entrepreneurs, online marketers, and all internet users to write flawlessly without making not-so-impressive errors.

The commission is listed below. They also pay a 20 cents commission for every qualified lead. I think Tweeps will love using Grammarly for growth. Join the program by clicking below.

Affiliate Signup Page:

Commission Rates: $20 per sale

Cookie Duration: 90 days

5. Canva Affiliate Program

The last Twitter affiliate program is Canva. We all know how important designing is when it comes to running a business or presenting something.

Some great person once said “a good design is a good brand.’ Everyone loves things that look good.

Canva is a tool that helps people unleash their creativity by creating appealing and captivating designs to impress customers, audiences, and stand out from the crowd.

Their affiliate program pays anywhere from fifteen and eight percent commission per action. Check out their program by clicking below.

Affiliate Signup Page:

Commission Rates: 15-80% commission

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Pros Of Twitter Affiliate Marketing

  • Only professional people use Twitter
  • Very easy to find potential customers to get affiliate sales
  • Easy to use social media network
  • Allows all kinds of affiliates links
  • Little to no restrictions if compared to social media sites like Facebook

Cons Of Twitter Affiliate Marketing

  • Just like most of the social media sites, your tweets get lost in the ocean in just a matter of hours (or sometimes minutes)
  • Still not a lot of volume when it comes to SMM
  • People don’t click a lot on the affiliate links
  • So many spammer out there that put you in a position of building STRONG reputation before selling stuff

In Conclusion

There are positives and negatives about every platform and every business model out there on the planet.

Affiliate marketing on Twitter is a really creative way to earn money but it’s not very sustainable compared to platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, or YouTube.

Many affiliate marketers and bloggers are using Twitter to get traffic and customers but that’s not ‘a lot!’ You will have to focus on other income sources as well.

This was my guide on Twitter affiliate marketing. I hope you found it useful and practical. In case you have got any questions or recommendations, feel free to share them using the comments section.

[FAQs] Frequently Asked Questions

Is Twitter good for affiliate marketing?

Yes, Twitter is a good place to start affiliate marketing but it doesn’t fall under the list of platforms that can generate you ‘real passive income.’

What are some of the best Twitter affiliate programs?

People on Twitter will mostly love business-related stuff but some great companies that fit Tweeps are Amazon, ClickFunnels, AWeber, Grammarly, and Canva.

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