High Ticket Affiliate Marketing: How To Start (& Make $$ Easily)

The world of affiliate marketing is way bigger than you might think it is and a lot of beginners, as well as experts, get lost in it easily.

Well, that was some creative introduction right there, but what I actually meant is that in spite of being a multi-billion-dollar industry, affiliate marketing doesn’t provide as much to a lot of marketers.

The reason for this isn’t that there’s less potential or opportunities in the field, it’s just that people don’t focus on high ticket affiliate marketing!

Yes, that’s right! If you are new to high ticket affiliate marketing, you have landed on the right blog.

In this guide, you will learn about high ticket affiliate marketing, its fundamentals, some advanced strategies, best programs, the process, and a lot of other cool things that you will find nowhere else.

But before we begin, I want to share the income that I generate promoting high ticket offers. The revenue isn’t too much but it’s just a little proof that I do what I preach:

(And I spent $0.00 on paid traffic)

As you can see, promoting high ticket affiliate offers is extremely beneficial and powerful that the vast majority of affiliate marketers don’t take advantage of.

With that said, let’s get right into the information, questions, answers, strategies, and resources real quick because we have got so much to cover!

What Is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

High ticket affiliate marketing is an affiliate marketing strategy where marketers focus on promoting expensive or costlier products to maximize their earnings per customer.

When a visitor clicks an affiliate link and becomes a customer, high ticket affiliate marketing brings in more revenue because of the high product/service price, which leads to high commissions (earnings).

If you haven’t yet understood what is meant by the term, well, it’s a practice where you promote high ticket offers (products or services that cost a lot of money) to make big commissions because products or services that cost more will pay more to affiliate partners.

Just for an example, if you promote a product worth $10000 and even if the commission rate is 10%, only one sale will earn you $1000 in commission!

Pretty exciting, isn’t it? If you work with companies like Amazon and all, think about how little they pay to their associates! Sometimes you send hundreds and hundreds of customers to generate a thousand bucks.

This is not the case with high ticket affiliate marketing. All you have to do is make a couple of sales and you will generate way more money than you would make with the conventional methods.

I hope you clearly understood what high ticket affiliate marketing is and why it’s great for everyone who wants to earn online. Now, let’s address some more important questions.

How Does High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Work?

Now that you know the basic things, let’s move forward and understand how exactly high ticket affiliate marketing works and why are so many people turned on about this!

Well, in the regular affiliate marketing business model, you would partner with a company or a vendor to promote all kinds of products.

But, what happens in high ticket affiliate marketing is that you only partner with companies that sell products over $250 and follow the value ladder.

If you are not aware of the value ladder, it’s a ladder that is directly proportional to the price of the products. For example, you can’t make someone buy a $5000 product right away but what you can do is:

Give a free eBook >Sell a $49 product >Provide a valuable webinar >Sell a $5000 product

This is the core functioning part of high ticket affiliate marketing. A lot of people think promoting a $1000 product to earn a 50% commission on the front end is how high ticket affiliate marketing works but that’s completely wrong!

This business model is all about making huge amounts of money on the backend.

The main parts of this marketing type are as follows:

  • An exciting offer (generally a freebie)
  • A well optimized sales funnel
  • A value packed product
  • And a quality traffic source

Just think about how much money the vendor makes on the backend from the sales you generate for tiny little commissions!

Hence, to be able to get into promoting high ticket offers, you should be smart enough to understand that the real money is made on the backend, passively!

Here’s a little graphic I’ve created for you to understand everything properly:

This is how everything functions when you promote products to make larger commissions. I hope I have been able to explain the model as simply as possible.

Is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Legit?

High ticket affiliate marketing is completely legitimate. It’s not a scam or some ‘get rich quick scheme’. It’s just a part of affiliate marketing where affiliates go about promoting expensive products (high ticket products) to earn more money.

If you see someone claiming high ticket affiliate marketing as not legit, be sure to do your research. It’s just a business model that people like to follow and implement.

Is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing A Pyramid Scheme?

I know there’s no sense to answer these questions because you already know what HTAM actually means and how it works if you have read this article so far.

But still, I’m going to answer the question here. High ticket affiliate marketing isn’t a pyramid scheme.

A pyramid scheme focuses on taking money from people’s pockets and on the contrary, high ticket affiliate marketing focuses on providing value for the money that a customer spends.

There are a lot of MLM and network marketing companies that might make you feel like they are affiliate marketing companies but that’s far from the truth! MLM and affiliate marketing are completely different businesses.

How To Start High Ticket Affiliate Marketing?

Now that we have come this far and understood the fundamentals, let’s finally address the main question and see what could be done to commence the journey.

To start high ticket affiliate marketing, you need to take the following steps:

  • Find a reputable and reliable company or vendor to partner with
  • Create a proven sales funnel
  • Work on your traffic sources
  • Work on optimizing your resources for conversions

You see, that’s not very complicated, right? Actually, it’s not complicated at all! Let me explain the steps in detail now.

1. Find The ‘Perfect’ Vendor To Partner With

No matter how good of a marketer you are, if you don’t consider partnering with a trusted vendor or company, things will never take off.

Someone once said that trust is a very expensive thing, cheap people can’t afford it. And you know what? That’s completely right!

It’s crucial that you do your research about the company you are going to promote the products of and collect feedback from the company’s customers.

Even if you make a good number of sales on a ‘bad product,’ your heart won’t be satisfied and people won’t get any kind of help at all.

Never forget that affiliate marketing or any other business out there is about helping people and solving their problems.

Hence, you have got to be very cautious when selecting a product or vendor. Sometimes it does happen that companies don’t pay their affiliates when the time comes for the payout!

Yes, that’s right! One of my friends promoted a web hosting company where he earned over $7,000 but sadly, he never got paid.

Hence, make sure you connect with some of the existing affiliates of the company and learn more about what kind of experience they are having so far.

Now, last but not least – be sure to check what’s the payment schedule of the vendor. Sometimes it happens that you will get paid 90 days after you have made the sale, which is just pathetic!

If you are not yet sure which company to work with, I’ve shared some of the best high ticket affiliate programs you can join to earn huge commissions. You can also visit the post by clicking the widget below.

2. Create A Proven Sales Funnel

The next step you need to take is to set up a proven sales funnel.

Great…but what exactly does a ‘proven sales funnel’ mean?

Well, what I’m trying to say is that you will have to build or create a sales funnel that is proven to convert.

Okay…but what does that kind of sales funnel is made up of?

As far as I have understood and implemented this business, a good sales funnel has the following specialties:

  • A well-designed email opt-in page
  • A freebie or an exciting low-priced offer
  • Exceptional value (in the form of content/service)
  • Sales pages offering high ticket products

1. The Perfect Email Opt-in Page

The very first important thing that comes into play here is the email opt-in page. You will find a lot of people calling it the lead generation page as well (it’s one and the same thing).

It’s very important because you have got to collect people’s email addresses/contact information to be able to continue selling them or convince them to buy the products you want them to.

I’ve seen a lot of affiliate marketing sales funnels throughout my career but the most impressive landing page that has appealed to me is the one you can see below.

high ticket lead generation page example

This is a landing page created and tested by an eight-figure marketer called David Sharpe (my mentor).

It’s simple yet very powerful. I myself see huge conversion rates when I advertise or market his products.

Well, this doesn’t mean everybody needs to create the same kind of lead generation page. It’s just an inspiration as well as an example that you can consider to make your high ticket affiliate marketing journey much smoother.

2. Something Free or A Fabulous Offer

The next thing you need to be able to promote high ticket products effectively and easily is either a freebie (could be anything related to your product that you offer to people for free) or a value-packed low-priced offer that can excite people.

If you are thinking of a freebie, here is a list of freebies that work best when you have to pitch a high-end product:

  • A Free Ebook
  • A Free Webinar
  • A Free Mini Course
  • A Free Guide
  • A Free Digital Download
  • A Free Video
  • Etc.

Coming to the second thing, which is – an exciting offer, here’s a perfect example of that:

high ticket low-priced offer example

As you can see, this person is providing a whole lot of resources (in other words – value) at a low price of $1.99 that the prospect is going to do nothing but get excited to purchase the product!

That’s the second step everyone needs to take to be able to start making high ticket marketing work for them.

3. An Upfront Product That Delivers On The Promise

Now that you have put together an exceptional offer to make people fill in their credit card information, you are going to make sure that whatever product or freebie you move people to delivers what is being promised in the very first place.

Well, this is going to make sense for some readers and won’t make any sense for the rest ones because sometimes the ‘value’ is not in affiliates’ control.

Don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for. What I mean by this is that if you are directly redirecting people to the vendor’s offer, you will have to make sure that the product is something people will love.

If you think it’s just some crappy or outdated product that is purely designed to push people to an expensive upsell, you should never promote that kind of crap.

Remember what I said in the beginning? You are here to make this internet and this world a better place instead of pushing useless products.

And with that said, you also have to keep this in mind that people are getting smarter with time. If they find there’s no upfront value at all, they will cancel the product right away.

4. Sales Pages Offering High Ticket Offers (Actually, Commissions!)

If you are reading this article till now, you must be thinking how stupid of a person I am, right?

Well, to be honest, I am kinda stupid but definitely not as stupid as you are thinking of me (Ah, that’s a joke)!

It’s for sure that if you are into high ticket affiliate marketing, the products are going to be high ticket…but what you need to know is that product should be ACTUALLY a high ticket one.

Huh? What exactly do I mean by this?

Well, in simple words, you have got to make sure that the product is over $1000 and offers a minimum of 40% commission.

Also, make sure there are multiple high ticket products in the sales process so that you can generate as much income as possible from one customer.

Here’s an example of a vendor selling multiple high ticket products to help affiliates earn generous and consistent commissions:

multiple high ticket products

This is how to complete the first few steps and start high ticket affiliate marketing properly. Now, let’s move forward.

3. Work On Various Sources To Drive Traffic

Now that you have everything set up, you will have to drive traffic to your pages or sales funnel.

There are tons and tons of ways to drive traffic but here are my top favorite ones:

  • Start a related blog
  • Paid Advertising
  • YouTube Marketing

These are the three best methods to get people to see your pages and products. No worries…I’m going to explain each step right here.

1. Promoting High Priced Products via Blogging

The first traffic method which works best when it comes to promoting high ticket physical and digital products is blogging.

Yes, that’s absolutely correct! Wanna know something cool? Even you yourself are reading this guide on a blog.

Just think about it…there are billions of people all around the world who read blogs. If you can target a good amount of them and make them see your products, you for sure can do really well with the numbers.

Okay…but how do you get started?

Well, here are the things you need to do to start a blog for promoting high ticket items:

  • Pick a niche
  • Get a domain name and hosting
  • Design your website or blog
  • Do keyword research and create content (write blog posts)
  • Wait for the posts to rank and drive traffic
  • Monetize the traffic and earn $$$

Yes, it’s as simple as that. What I really love about blogging is that it’s passive. You put in the work once and the rewards are reaped for years and years.

I have written this giant guide teaching you how to start a blog if you are interested in commencing your blogging journey.

You can also check out the video down below to learn more about this traffic method and business.

So, that’s one way of making money via high ticket affiliate marketing and blogging. Let’s discuss the other ways in detail.

2. Paid Advertising To Get High Ticket Sales

When it comes to paid advertising, these are my favorite ways of running promotional campaigns:

  • Microsoft Advertising
  • Google Advertising
  • Facebook Advertising

Method 1: Microsoft Advertising

Here, we are going to use Microsoft for SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to make high ticket sales.

Let’s say I’m promoting an expensive health-related product named ProteinOPoint (just an example), here are the steps I will do:

Step 1: Create a Microsoft Advertising account to run ads on Bing.

You can do that by visiting this link. Just fill out the information required and you will be redirected to the ads dashboard.

Step 2: Create a Search Ad Campaign.

Now that you have a live Microsoft ads account, you are going to want to create your first ad campaign by heading over to campaigns > create campaign.

Microsoft advertising to get high ticket affiliate sales

Once you click on the ‘create campaign’ button, you will have to choose your campaign objective.

Well, indirectly, you will have to tell Bing what is it that you want from the ads. Do you want website clicks, sales, or something else?

Since we are going to have a long sales process, we will go with Website Clicks.

bing ads objective for high ticket affiliate marketing with paid ads

Now, you will have to name your ad campaign, set a daily budget (I would recommend a minimum of $20 per day), and move ahead.


When you scroll down to the bottom, you will see a section where you can choose locations that you can target that meet the product’s demographic.

Most of the time, you should target the top tier countries such as:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Germany

To choose or select locations, just do a quick search for the country you are looking for in the provided search bar and the results will pop up automatically as shown below.

locations for targeting high ticket customers

Once you have chosen the locations, it’s time to set up an Ad Group. Here, you will have to enter the URL of your website or landing page, name the group, and add the keywords you want to target.

keywords for bing ads

If you don’t know what keywords mean, they are certain search phrases that people type in Google to find relevant information.

For instance, if you are selling a health-related product, you will target health-related keywords such as:

  • How to gain muscles fast
  • Best protein shake for beginners
  • Etc.

And then, the last step you will need to take is to create an engaging advertisement. It’s fairly easy to create an ad.

All you have got to do is write a headline, write a description, and add the URL of your page as I have done below:

setting up ad group and ad for high ticket sales

Now, you will have to leave everything as it is and continue saving the campaign until it’s gone under review. Once your campaign is eligible, it will start delivering.

Give Microsoft at least 7-10 days to optimize your ads and as time will pass, you will see some serious growth for sure. That’s one paid advertising method to market high-end products…let’s learn about the second one now.

Method 2: Google Ads and High Ticket Sales

Google Ads is a fantastic strategy to get traffic and generate high ticket sales. The method is pretty much the same as Bing ads, with just a very few differences.

I watched tons and tons of videos on YouTube and this is the video that I believe is really going to be useful for you:

This guy has shared everything very simply and easygoing. You will learn everything that you need to know from the video itself.

Method 3: Facebook Advertising

The final traffic method here is Facebook Ads. Facebook is a gigantic social media site with billions of users!

Ads on FB can be really profitable if you have a decent testing budget. A lot of beginners get excited about Facebook Ads and end up losing a whole lot of capital.

You have to be very careful with what you do on Facebook because one simple mistake can ruin the entire campaign.

But hey, don’t worry! I have shared everything you need to know about Facebook and Facebook ads for affiliate marketing in this guide, be sure to check that out for the better.

3. YouTube Marketing (Organic)

The last, and probably the most effective traffic source you can build to generate high ticket commissions is nothing other than YouTube marketing.

Just think about how many people consume video content nowadays. Everybody watches YouTube videos.

If you can build a strong YouTube channel around your niche and create valuable content on a consistent basis, people will start trusting you, and that trust will eventually turn into big commissions.

You can see below that some of the smartest marketers out there on the planet are on YouTube. And they are on YouTube because YouTube is extremely powerful.

Neil patel and Jim Harmer using YT for high ticket affiliate marketing

Hence, if you want to generate commissions on a consistent basis, YouTube is the best solution for you. It’s easy, straightforward, and effective.

Is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Effective For Beginners?

Well, there are a lot of people and so-called ‘marketing gurus’ who tell you that high ticket promotions might not be the best option for beginners but I would say that’s just absurd.

If you have read this post thoroughly, you know that high ticket promotions are. combination of both affordable and expensive products.

Promoting a thousand-dollar product straight away is never a great marketing strategy no matter how much of an expert you are.

Hence, you can definitely work on your skills, learn a whole lot of stuff, and achieve success as a complete beginner. No business model only limits itself to ‘experts’.

And as far as I have understood this world of online marketing or internet marketing, there are no experts. You sometimes win and sometimes lose. It’s part of the process.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Vs. Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing

High ticket affiliate marketing involves the promotion of expensive products (generally over $250) for big commissions whereas low ticket affiliate marketing involves the promotion of inexpensive products (below $250).

That’s the basic difference between the two practices. Here is a table to help you understand the difference deeply:

High Ticket Affiliate MarketingLow Ticket Affiliate Marketing
Products cost over $250 (in general)Products cost under $250
Affiliates have a high earning potentialAffiliates have a low earning potential
Low sales bring more incomeA lot more sales are required
It requires a lot more trust and engagementAffiliates can make sales straight away
The process is much smoother as you target a rich audienceThe process can be a little bit complicated because the audience can be variable

What Are The Best High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Courses?

There are a number of courses that teach high ticket affiliate marketing the best ones are as follows:

Legendary Marketer and Wealthy Affiliate are the courses that I personally learned from and I have seen Brian Brewer teaching online business skills a lot of times so I know he has got some serious knowledge about the business.

And yes, I know Wealthy Affiliate is a blogging course but once you learn blogging, you will never face the ‘traffic’ problem ever again. That’s the reason I have mentioned WA here.

What Are The Pros?

HTAM is the coolest model I have ever seen where you can literally earn thousands and thousands of dollars in commissions by referring just one customer.Here are some pros that you need to know about:

  • Affiliates will have high profitability rate
  • Maximum results for the same amount of work
  • A creative business that helps people build skills
  • Straightforward business to help people
  • Improves content marketing skills of an individual
  • Business personalities have to create an audience first, which will generate revenue for the rest of their lives

What Are The Cons?

  • A very lucrative business that can sometimes make people lost capital
  • A lot of bad products solely designed to take people’s money away
  • A big budget is required for paid advertising
  • Trust is a must or else people won’t buy products like they do in low ticket promotional campaigns

Tips To Succed At High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Now that you have learned all the important stuff, it’s time for me to give you some tips and here we go:

  • No matter who you learn from, always try to add a little bit of your strategy. This will make your understanding much more deeper.
  • Never step back from spending money on testing things because that’s how you will figure out the difference between the good and the best.
  • Keep optimizing your pages and funnels for more conversions. In simple language, focus on conversion rate optimisions (CRO).
  • Leverrage The Rule Of 7. What this means is that show up to your customs a minimum of 7 times before you sell them a product.

In Conclusion

So, this was my small, simple, and sweet guide about high ticket promotions. It’s the business model of growth.

If you want to see some serious growth, you have got to do what everyone else is scared to do. A little bit of work, a little bit of investment, a little bit of strategy, and a little bit of patience will brighten your life with lights.

I hope you found the post helpful. In case there are any questions or suggestions popping up inside your head, use the comments section to throw them to me.

Leave a comment.