How To Successfully Start A Blog To Make Big Money In 2024

Blogging is an industry that people have talked, and talk about a lot.

Everyone while getting started with the online world, firstly meets the word ‘blog’ and then other things around.

But it’s been a while now. In fact, it’s been a long time.

Now, it seems like blogging isn’t worth it.

But you know what? That’s not true.

People Still Read Blogs. Only The Way They Read Has Changed…

By the way, it’s said by the top marketers that audio, video, and written content will play forever.

According to Hubspot, 53% of marketers prioritize blogging when it comes to content marketing.

How to successfully start a blog: 53% of marketers say blogging is their top content marketing priority.

And so we see happening.


But how do you start a blog?

Just from that, I’ll start and teach you how to successfully start a blog that’ll rank and make you a nice amount of money every single month, to change your life.

Unlike other people out there, I’m going to be showing you real case studies to make you believe that blogging still kills it.

But to be realistic…there’s a problem at present.

There are somewhere close to a billion blogs on the internet. So is it really possible for you to make your way across?

The answer is yes. But before you get excited, let me add ‘only with the right strategies’ as well.

Hey, don’t you worry…I’ll keep my promise on. In this post, everything from top to bottom will be covered to help you begin with a brand new blog, rank it on the first page of Google and Bing, and finally monetize it smartly to generate money.

We’re starting right now.

Let’s dive right in. I’ll start with the very basic things.

Um, before we start, I’ll show you a proof.

How To Successfully Start A Blog And Earn $30K+ A Month

I have a LinkedIn friend named Rayn. He has quit his 9 to 5 shabby job and now earns great + scalable money just from his one blog. You can see the income report right below.

How to successfully start a blog: How Ryan earned over $30K in one month with blogging and how you can too.

In August, he generated around $30,814.19 from that one single blog. Which is kinda amazing.

For some of you, $30K may not be a good amount. But let’s be realistic. As said before, there are over a billion websites on the internet. You won’t be making millions straight away just from one blog. So, from that perspective, making $30,000 is considerable.

By the way, you can check out Rayn’s income breakdown right below.

How to successfully start a blog: Ryan's income report from blogging.

This is actually awesome. Isn’t it?

And more importantly, this is awesome not only because Rayn made that money…it’s because you can also make those figures or maybe even more.

You definitely don’t want to miss this opportunity out because the industry is getting competitive astonishingly fast.

Be an early bird and take advantage now.

Please wait…Is making more money the only advantage am I talking about?

Well, the answer is a big NO. You get to meet some other pros as well.

Benefits Of Starting A Blog

There are several different benefits to starting a blog. And I will tell you a funny thing, the majority of the companies and marketers use blogging to massively benefit their businesses. Let’s talk about each of them in a detailed way.

Get Your Voice Out To The World

One of the best reasons to start a blog is to share your knowledge and experiences with the entire world. The internet is so big and so does the globe. There are billions of people living on Earth. Don’t you think quite a few million if not hundreds of millions, would be holding the same interests as you do?

For sure, the answers are positive. There are a lot of people who like the same things that you do.

Then why not talk to them?

Why not share stuff with them?

Why not be their friends?

Why not tell them your story?

Or, why not guide them if it’s readily possible?

You must be thinking that there’re a lot of people like you then why would somebody hear you…right?

Fortunately, that’s not true. And the reason I give behind this is not so complicated. Your thoughts may not be unique, but your style is. Your clothes may not be unique, but you have a vibrant personality that can attract people. Your ideas may not be unique, but the experiences that you’ve had in the yore are completely unique.

The opportunities are endless and you’re the one who makes things happen.

Just to give you an instance…If you’re interested in writing about ‘clothes for rats’, and you think it’s silly…what I’ll show below will shock you!

How to successfully start a blog: searching for 'clothes for rats'.

When you search that exact phrase on Google, you find that over 20 million people are interested in that particular topic or thing…And these numbers are going to increase forever as every single second is adding 7 new internet users.

Cool! If there are twenty million people who like your topic, you should definitely write to (for) them.

But whoever that doesn’t like rats, don’t get me wrong. The story goes the same way for everything.

So, a blog is the best way to tell your story besides making money online.

If you want to learn about getting your message out to the world or telling your story, you surely want to check out Russell Brunson’s free book called Expert Secrets. This book has helped me a lot and it’ll assist you as well.

Building A Personal Brand

Building a personal brand is the smartest thing you could be doing in this attention revolution. This is the greatest era to ever be alive and build a personal brand that’ll bring you profit for the rest of your life in the online world.

And starting a blog is one of the smartest ways to do it (if you really like blogging). You see people like Neil Patel, Randish Fishkin, and Shane Baker. They’ll have built impressive personal brands…and shockingly, all of them have started with blogging. The best part is that they still practice it and also, are likely to do it for a very long period of time.

Have you ever thought why?

And the answer brings me back to the same point which is: blogging is still profitable and will be.

So, you can grow your reputation and valuation with blogging by building a personal brand.

Taking Your Existing Business To The Next Level

Already have a business?

Starting a beautiful blog can grow that and take you to the peak of it.

You’ll not even have to spend a dime on paid advertising for bringing in more customers, leads, or traffic…when you leverage blogging.

On the other hand, it’ll consolidate the rapport of your business and build trust with your customers because you provide them with free information upfront and then drive them to sales.

This will speed-up and increase conversions.

These are some great things you get with starting a blog. Now let’s begin with the process.

1. Come Up With Ideas

How to successfully start a blog: First step is to come up with ideas.

Ideas change this busy world and make it smoother. If you want to start a blog, you need to come up with ideas.

You don’t need to write about spaceships (actually, you can), just take out anything that’s hitting your head up.

Don’t hesitate about it ’cause this world is so big and you can sell any idea here. The only thing you need to leverage is creativity and then everything becomes pretty simple.

Also, no one can convey your notion in the same exact way as you can. So, just pick your favorite one. The one you’re deeply in love with in the long run.

But keep it in mind that your idea should point to and specify only one direction.

Don’t get confused. It doesn’t have to be unique at all.

After all, it’s a blog…not an invention.

2. Do Your Niche Research

How to start a blog: You'll need to do your niche research for the right outcomes.

It’s appreciative that you’ve picked something that you like a lot and you’re passionate about. But you need to pick something less competitive as well.

That’s how you grow…

Let’s say I love to write about plants. But from a marketing perspective ‘plants’ is a really broad topic. Hence, there’s a ton of competition out there. So, I should not write about ‘plants’ straight away.

On the other side, if I write about ‘medicines from plants’, ‘medical plants’, or ‘plants medicine’, that’s a much better option.


You don’t want to pick something very broad and you don’t want to pick something very narrow at the same time.

What I mean by ‘very narrow’ is something that is not known by many people.

An example of this could be a product: like a mango candy, a specific company’s bike (oops!), a particular company’s musical instrument, or anything else.

The conclusion we come to from this is:

Pick a low competitive niche.

But how do you do that?

No worries. I’ll show you how.

Let’s take the same example I talked about above.

The first step you’ll need to take is head over to a free tool called Ubersuggest and type in your keyword [for example travel, food, plants, shoes, red watches, musical instruments, cameras, etc.]

How to start a successful blog: Niche research.
The previous example.

It’ll show you all the details about that keyword. Now, as you can see that the topic ‘plants‘ is too competitive and broad, you should go for something moderate.

Let me try the term ‘medicine from plants’ in there.

How do I start a blog? First select the best topic to jump in the blogging industry.

There you go!

You can see that the topic has a nice demand and also, it’s not as competitive as the past one.

Considering writing about this topic can surely drive some results without much work required to put in.

You can make your list, try each keyword at a time, and look at the results, filter them, and then finally choose the best one.

That’s how you do niche research. But before you pick something easy, ask yourself whether you want to write about it or not. If you enjoy writing about the thing you’ve chosen, it’s the most beautiful thing. But if you don’t really feel good and you don’t know much about what to write…you should take one more step in your research and figure out something that you like.

Let’s carry on to further necessary steps and measures to take.

Once done with the primary work, it’s time to name your blog and get a web hosting.

3. Name The Blog And Get A Web Hosting

How to successfully start a blog: Select a name for your blog and get a nice web hosting.

Here’s another answer to your question: how do you start a blog.

We’re all excited when we name something, right?

Whether it’s a baby, a pet, or just anything. Giving a name is the most fun and exciting part ever.

You should be happy as well for selecting an inspiring name for your great blog.

It’s funny to say…but at the moment, I’m getting more excited than you to know what name have you decided for yours.

But don’t waste a lot of time deciding the right name. Just pick something that you like exceptionally fast because there are other important steps you need to take after it.

Instead of overthinking, just pick one and move on. You check if your name is available on the internet by using the tool below;

So, to get started with the real work, initially, you’ll need to go to an amazing web hosting company called Bluehost. It is the best and most affordable hosting company in the world [Starting at just $2.95 a month].

Web hosting is important because, without hosting, your blog can’t be live on the web. And you need a strong company for that. Bluehost is the best option.

Once you’re on the website, you’ll see a page as shown below.

How to successfully start a blog: Choose Bluehost as a web hosting.

Click on the green ‘Get Started’ button on there and it’ll take you to a new page where different plans will have been presented just like shown in the screenshot downside.

How to successfully start a blog: Plans by Bluehost.

You’ll Need To Choose Your Plan

Now on the page of Bluehost plans, there’ll be four of them. The Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro.

You need to choose a plan that’s going to work best for you. If you just want the basic one, you can. It’s really good. But if you ask me to recommend, then I’d undoubtedly speak out for the ‘Choice Plus’.

With the ‘Choice Plus’ plan, you get Domain Privacy + Protection feature which will help you safeguard your information on the internet and also the Site Backup feature that is critical when you mess everything up with your site. Which is really great.

But as a blog, you can pick anything that fits you and it’ll be smoothly fine.

After clicking on the plan, you’ll be moved to a page where it’s going to ask your blog’s domain name.

How to start a blog: Bluehost domain validation.

You know that there’s a requirement of a domain name in this step. Pick the one that you have thought of and proceed.

But what I think is you’re not ready to choose a nifty domain name this second, you should do this step further.

So, when you’ll be on the page, you’ll see a pop-up to ask if you want to skip this step or not. Click the green button saying ‘Choose Free Domain Later’, and the tensions will fly away in the air.

How to successfully start a blog: Choose the free domain later.

Again, before we accomplish the next step, I need to give you some friendly suggestions on picking your domain name.

1. Try to keep your domain name under 16 characters [It’ll help you out].

2. If your favorite one is already taken, try to add a word or two after or before it.

3. Choose a .com instead of others ’cause people are familiar with that. Hence, they’re likely to remember you.

4. Never use numbers and hyphens. Never name it something like this:

5. Use your own name if you want to build a personal brand.

6. Make the name appealing and easy to remember. You already know this is a busy world.

7. If a .com is not available and you want the same exact name, the most recommended extension is .net. Go for it if needed.

So, with this thing of having a domain being done or skipped, the next step will be to fill out your account information.

Create an account with to successfully start a blog.
The green bar on the top is showing because I have picked a domain name. If you have skipped the step, don’t worry…it’ll not show up like this.

When it comes to filling out the account information, you actually have two options. One, you can fill that manually. Two, connect with Google and autofill the required entries.

Important* – While writing your email address, fill in your best email address because that’s where your account-related data will be sent.

Choose The Right Hosting Package:

The next thing to do is choosing the best hosting package that suits you. Note that Bluehost only offers options to pay one, two, or three years upfront. They don’t offer monthly recurring payments to keep their promise on the top. It’s because most companies that charge you on a monthly basis, comparably charge you more money.

There’ll be various plans in front of you as shown below…

Bluehost payment plans for web hosting of your blog/site.

Both of us can already see the best value package above but it’s all up to you.

But if you ask me, I’ll recommend the ’36 Month Plan’ because it’s a bit long term and also, it is comparatively affordable.

So, just pick one that you want to pick and let’s move on.

Okay, when you scroll down a bit, there’re some package extras on there.

Package Extras By Bluehost.

As I selected the basic plan, I should uncheck all the boxes but not the Domain Privacy + Protection.

This feature is super pivotal for your security and protection. Although, there’s not any specific requirement taking one advance step can always help in a hard time.


So, I’d recommend checking the box and giving it a happy ‘yes’.

On the other side, if you’ve chosen the ‘Choice Plus Plan’, you’ll need to uncheck all of the others because Domain Privacy + Protection will be free for you.

Un-check all the other boxes in the choice plus plan.

Great, with those things lined up, it’s time to complete another task by entering your Payment Information and then getting ready to start a brand new blog.

Just fill out your information, check the acknowledgment box, and click submit to change your life by covering the first step of starting a new blog just as shown below.

How to successfully start a blog: Pay to Bluehost for hosting.

With this being done, you’ll need to create a password and then boom, you’re in.


It’s time to tell everybody that you’ve got the best web hosting and have a small celebration.

If you were consuming the information and haven’t already got started with Bluehost, get started by clicking the button below.

Now, let’s do the other important steps for the success of your blog. Don’t sit, let’s get the work done and then enjoy.

4. Install A Blogging-Software – WordPress

How to successfully start a blog: Start a WordPress blog.

This is where all of your questions like how do I start a blog or how to successfully start a blog will be answered.

After all of the stuff, you need to install WordPress to start with your blog.

Hey, you know what?

Bluehost itself will do it automatically for you. When you complete the password part and login to your account. Simultaneously, WordPress will be installed for you.

You’ll just need to pick a beautiful WordPress theme that attracts you from the library.

Pick a WordPress theme in Bluehost.

To pick one, simply click on whichever you like and use it. Or, if you want to skip this step as well, just click on the skip button right below after scrolling down.

When you do that, a page as shown below will appear in front of you.

Click on build to get started with your WordPress blog.

Just hit the ‘Start Building’ button with a WordPress icon and you’ll be redirected to an already installed brand new WordPress dashboard.

How to successfully start a blog: WordPress dashboard.

The WordPress dashboard might seem a bit complex to you in the first go but it’s easy if you use it frequently.

Right now, your site or more specifically blog is not visible to people. In order to launch your site, you need to hit that option on the top saying ‘Coming Soon Active’.

Coming Soon Active option by Bluehost.

When you click that, a new page will appear where you’ll just need to click ‘Launch‘.

[Actually, you should do this only after you complete the designing of your blog.]

Bluehost Coming Soon Active option in WordPress.

Now, let me introduce the WordPress dashboard to you so you won’t get confused.

In your dashboard, there are several different things.

How to successfully start a blog: WordPress dashboard explained.

Posts feature: The posts feature on the panel will be used to add new posts and see old blog posts and manage the tags.

Media: It is a place where all of your photos and videos are stored.

Links: Add and manage links there.

Pages: Add pages, and manage them.

Comments: You can guess what it is…It allows you to manage your comments.

Plugins: Add new plugins from there.

Appearance: You can pick themes, customize your website, optimize your menus, check your headers, edit CSS, and install Plugins.

Tools: Get your marketing tools here.

Settings: Allows you to do settings for your website.

So, if you haven’t picked a theme, just click on themes, choose from the library and start customizing it.

How to start a blog: Pick a theme firstly.

What I’d suggest is that pick a simple theme if you’re starting a personal blog to generate the revenue and fan base.

Why pick something fancy and waste your time designing it?

Pick something simple and sweet, name it, optimize it, launch it, and start writing blog posts ’cause that’s what you ultimately want to do.

Now, if you don’t like any of the themes, consider buying a premium theme from the sources provided below…

  1. ThemeForest
  2. ThemeFuse
  3. Creative Market

The basic vital things have been covered. It’s time to explain the next four other things left:

A) Optimizing Your Site and Pages For SEO.

B) Writing Your First Blog Post

C) Promoting Your Blog.

D) Monetizing The Successful Blog.

Let’s commence right away.

4. Optimize Your Site For SEO

Optimizing your blog or website for SEO. How to successfully start a blog?

It’s not just like you build a blog and magically you’ll start ranking on the top of Google’s, Bing’s or Yahoo’s first page. You’ve gotta work that out.

The response to your question ‘how to successfully start a blog’ is here…you’ve gotta put in the work to rank well.

It’s not that hard to rank. Just a bit.

So, what exactly you want to do for ranking on the top?

My answer to this is you to Optimize Your Blog/Website For What’s Called As Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

SEO is a process or science of getting FREE traffic from search engines to your blog or website by doing some best helpful practices.

In simple terms, it’s a way to get free readers for your blog.

That’s what you want, right?

Sure, let’s make it work for your blog as well.

In the WordPress dashboard, click on the plugins in the menu first of all.

Go to add plugins.

Then on the search bar, type in ‘Yoast’.

Install the Yoast SEO plugin for better results.

You’ll see the Yoast SEO plugin appeared on the top. It’s a free SEO plugin that you’ll need to rank your blog and make a profit. Just click install and activate button to start.

After activation, you’ll see the ‘SEO’ option added to your menu on the left. Point to that.

Getting started with the Yoast SEO Plugin.

When you click the general option on there, there’ll be Yoast’s wizard waiting for you in the SEO settings.

When you start, there’ll be some questions that need to be answered. Once done that, Yoast will automatically set the things up and notify if there are any problems with your site’s SEO.

Yoast SEO's wizard.

When done with this, go to webmaster tools and connect Google Search Console and Bing Webmasters to Yoast.

Manage your SEO with Yoast.

Webmaster tools are the tools provided by search engines that track your site’s rankings, detect site problems, and tells how to fix them.

If you don’t want Bing, that’s okay in the beginning. You can start with Google only.

I assume you’re a newbie and you don’t know a thing about Search Console right now. No worries, here’s a guide from Yoast that illustrates it all.

To set up Search Console with your website, read this another guide from Yoast explaining it step-by-step.

As a bonus, an amazing video fro Ahrefs as well.

Also, setting the webmasters up with Yoast is explained already by them in the video below.

Check that out too.

When you do all this stuff, there’s nothing much left to it with Yoast. There’s no need for the premium version anyways if you’re thinking about it.

Free works just as fine.

The second plugin you want to add is WP-Optimize.

How to successfully start a blog: install WP-Optimize.

All the search engines are focusing on site speed a lot because people are getting impatient as the time is passing and comfort is increasing.

This makes you and I work on our website’s or blog’s load speed. In fact, better load speeds drive more revenue.

It seems hard and technical, right?

But fortunately, WP-Optimize has made it even easier than the easiest. You just select what you want to get rid of (for example post revisions, trashed comments and posts, unapproved comments, cache, etc.) and it’ll do for you as shown below in the screenshot.

How to successfully start a blog: WP-Optimize features.
Select and click run optimization.

It’ll help in your SEO drastically.

Pro Tip: If you can afford paid plugins, then consider installing WordPress recommended Jetpack Plugin which will manage your 70-80% SEO automatically.

Let’s turn our feet to writing your very first amazing blog post.

I’m really excited.

5. Write Your First Blog Post And Kickstart Your Blog

How to start a blog: Write your blog post.

You’d be really amused by this thing to happen. It’s super easy with WordPress to write or technically add new blog posts.

Just head over to the dashboard again and click on the Posts option and then the Add New button.

Click on posts and then add new.

Just after doing that, you’ll see the post editor in front of you. WordPress has made it super easy for you to write your posts with the new Gutenberg editor.

Pro Tip: Consider adding the Grammarly extension to your browser for checking your grammar and spellings.

THe Gutenberg post editor in WordPress.

The new post editor is fantastically intuitive. Let me introduce all the great features of it.

On the top, there will be a bold big content area used to title your post.

WordPress editor introduction.

There itself, you can also change your permalinks. Now, if you don’t know what permalinks…they’re the permanent links of URLs of your post or page.

By default, WordPress has really weird URLs for your content which is not really beneficial for SEO and of course, for your users as well.

So, they could be changed clicking the ‘change permalinks’ option as shown below.

Changing permalinks in WordPress.

What I recommend is selecting the post name instead of any other. This will work out great.

It’s time to go back to our editor back.

Below the title, there’s a paragraph block. You can start writing with that. Just click on it and type your thoughts.

Writing amazing content with the Gutenberg editor.

Now, if you were to insert an image, embed a YouTube video, embed a blog post, add a quote, add a spacer, add audio, or anything else…Move your cursor to the space between the two lines, click the plus button, and add any block that you want from the options shown up.

How to successfully start a blog: Adding blocks to content.

You can do a lot of formatting with the Gutenberg editor. Well, you must be pondering how…right?

Unless I’m with you, it’s a no-brainer for you. Here’s a short video that explains the editor from the start to end.

This tutorial will teach everything you need to know to write your first blog post successfully.

Once you’re done with writing your earliest masterpiece, it’s time to do a fraction more to the blog’s SEO.

You’ve already installed the Yoast plugin. So, if you look down, there’ll a Yoast section on the bottom.

Managing Snippet Preview.

Yoast has some amazing features which will help your blog not only rank but also with the appearance of your blog post title, slug and meta description on the SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages.

It’ll show how your content is going to look both on mobile and desktop on search engines.

And the best part is you can customize the display according to your wishes and subjective.

To do so, just click the Edit Snippet button and you’re there to take action.

Yoast SEO snippet editor.

You can also check your blog post’s SEO in there by adding your focused keyphrase.

Focus keyphrase is the keyword that you want to rank for. For example, I want to rank for the term ‘how to successfully start a blog’.

Yoast will tell you all the problems, improvements that need to be made, and more importantly, how to fix the problems.

SEO checkup by Yoast SEO.

That’s all is required to publish your first blog post.

To make that happen, simply look at the top area of the post editor. You’ll see a publish button.

Just hit the button on there.

But if you don’t want to publish the post now, you can schedule it as well.

Scheduling a post with WordPress.

Congrats on writing your blog. Keep writing!

That was the first method to start and publish your blog. It was for beginners who want to start a successful blog at the minimum price possible using Bluehost and

But if you have some investment capabilities, then you should directly start with

How to successfully start a blog with is powering over 33% of the websites on the internet. To start a powerful and ready-to-go blog, you want to go with it.

When you start a blog with, you’ll not need to go for Bluehost or any other hosting company. Nor do you’ll have to design your blog from scratch.

You can ask the team to assist you and they’ll do their best to make you happy.

Also, all the SEO tasks will be managed by You won’t need to worry.

24*7 and 7-day customer support will be provided.

You can also request sessions. Each of 30 minutes for help.

A gift of $100 to spend on Google Ads is given away.

It’s built for growth and user experience.

You can analyze your site’s analytics within WordPress.

Your site will be mobile-friendly already.

Unlimited storage for your media files and a lot of other cool features to help you start.

How to successfully start a blog with features.

But, all these things are available only in the business plan which I personally use.

I would not recommend at all to buy’s other plans except the business or e-commerce. That’s why I talked about the best alternative…Bluehost.

In the United States, the price is $25/month. If you’re based in other countries, prices may vary.

All you have to do is first create an account, customize your blog a tad and start writing just like you did in The rest of it is done for you on the other hand.

You're just required to write amazing blog posts in All of the other work is managed for you.

If you haven’t already started, begin your journey with by clicking the button below.

Whoa, it’s all made.

Once you write your first couple of blog posts, there will be a need to promote the blog.

Let’s switch to the promotion.

But before we talk about that, I have a quick pro tip for you…

Keep writing posts on your blog consistently if you really want that six-figure income. The more you write, the more you reach, and the more money you make.

I hope you understood.

Excellent, moving on!

6. Promoting Your Blog And Get Traffic

Promoting your blog.

You can’t just sit after writing content. Sure content is king, but promotion is also required.

How would have you come to know about the new Macbook if Apple wouldn’t have promoted it?

In the field of blogging, promotion simply refers to getting traffic. So, how do you get traffic and that too evergreen for your blog?

Every problem has solutions. It has too.

Well, I won’t explain it to you. My mentor Neil will illustrate it.

I expect you mastered the traffic techniques.

That’s how you smartly get readers for your blog.

On YouTube or even Google, people are just talking about SEO for Google. But I’ve written a guide to Bing SEO that can help you drive thousands of visitors per month to your blog and help you become better.

You can check out that right below.

7. Monetizing Your Blog

How to monetize your blog.

There are tons of different ways to monetize a blog. Monetizing it and generating bing money is, of course, our ultimate goal.

One most common thing that comes inside people’s minds when it comes to making money online is making money via displaying advertisements on the site.

But hey, you know what?

Times have changed.

Though you should (as a beginner) place ads on your blog to make money you can’t really stuff a lot of them as they may hurt your site’s user experience in many different ways.

Never run tons and tons of ads to make money on your blog. Also, you don’t really generate any impacting revenue running ads. So, here, I’ll give you some best ways to Make Really Big Money from your blog by making visitors happy.

1. Monetize Your Blog With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your blog. You don’t need hundreds of thousands of visitors for making five figures a month with affiliate marketing.

It’s a type of marketing where you promote other people’s product and every time a sale is made, you end up making a commission for that.

If you come across my blog, you can find that I recommend other people’s/companies’ products with special links known as affiliate links.

To monetize your blog, simply participate in a company’s affiliate program, get started, and start referring to earn profits. Biggest companies in the world like Apple, Amazon, and Uber have affiliate programs open waiting for you to join.

You just need to join and start making money.

I’ve already written a big guide to affiliate marketing for you. Just click the widget below to read.

2. Sell ebooks

Selling ebooks is a really profitable way to earn amazing money in this digital world.

Just develop an ebook that’s relevant to your blog and then start selling it on Amazon or any other platform.

This will dramatically increase your blog’s revenue and not only that…but it’ll also increase your reputation as an author.

And you know, being an author has several pros.

Read more about selling ebooks on your blog here.

3. Sell Digital Courses

Selling online courses is a very popular way to make money on the internet. You can create any course you want by arranging videos step-by-step, group them together, and create a full video course to sell.

As I said when started…you can sell anything in this world.

People are making thousands and thousands of dollars selling online digital courses.

Then why are you behind?

Read more about online courses here.

Well, when are you creating a course for your blog?

At last, here’s a video from Neil again teaching how to monetize your blog without hurting the user experience.


So far in this guide, we’ve talked about how to successfully start a blog that’s going to do well in 2024 and beyond and make you great money.

Let’s take a recap of what actually we’ve learned.

How To Successfully Start A Blog?

Time needed: 20 minutes

20 minutes of execution steps for starting a brand new blog.

  1. Come Up With Ideas

    For starting a blog, you need to have an idea about what you’re going to write. You need to choose the best one that’s going to work for you.
    Coming up with ideas.

  2. Do Your Research

    It’s good that you’ve picked a topic that you’re passionate about but it’s really important to know if other people are also interested in that. And if they are…is your topic too competitive or not For starting a blog, do your niche research.

  3. Name Your Blog And Get A Web Hosting

    Then you need to give a name to your blog and get a web hosting that’s reputed in the industry. I recommend Bluehost.Get a web-hosting.

  4. Optimize Your Site For SEO

    SEO is important for your site. You’ll need to install the Yoast SEO plugin and the WP-Optimize plugin for search engines to love your site already.

  5. Write Your First Blog Post

    You’ll need to write your first blog post then. It should be amazing and people should love reading it.Write you first blog post.

  6. Promote Your Blog

    It’s important for you to tell people about your blog to get traffic. You can promote your blog in various ways that the video explained.Promote your blog.

  7. Finally, Monetize Your Blog

    To monetize your blog, there are various methods you can make it happen. One is affiliate marketing, another is selling ebooks, and courses, sponsorships, ads, etc.Monetize your blog.

If you follow each step taught in this guide, starting a blog and then making it successful is easy for everyone.

Sure, it’s not going to happen overnight…but if you really like writing about your topic, you’ll reach the top before anyone else.

This is my thorough answer to the question: how to successfully start a blog.

This is how to successfully start a blog.

If you’re facing any problem with starting your blog, feel free and ask me in the comments and I promise that I’ll personally help you out with each and every problem. I believe you learned and executed the information present in the guide.

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    • Hey Dennis! Please don’t take it that seriously. As long as you create the best content for users, you don’t have to care about SEO more than what is explained in the post. Please reach out to me on Twitter or Instagram so that I can clear your doubts.
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  1. I didn’t think you are going to reply to that stupid question but you did. This means you care. Now I’ll read it.

  2. Thank you so much, but I have a question about wordpress theme? I started a blog on bluehost but I stack to design my blog because I don’t know which theme I can purchase to have a professional looking website. Could you advice about payd themes? I heard free themes are not good if you want to monetize. Thanks!

    • Hey Galina, you could do a decent job at monetization with free themes as well but I would recommend you use a paid theme as you won’t find any botheration regarding changing things around over and over again. I think Astra and GeneratePress Premium are amazon ones! You can also check out Income School’s theme as well!


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