How To Increase Website Traffic: Top 15 Proven Ways In 2023

Getting traffic to a website or blog has always been a concern. It looks really difficult and thousands of people either don’t start a website or leave the work in between because of the stress of not seeing that spike in the website’s traffic no matter what they do.

But the reality is – it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

Getting traffic to your site requires smart work and what we call ‘strategies‘.

You can’t just sit like a lump and hope for Google or Bing or Yahoo to give you rewards by ranking your sites and sending massive chunks of traffic.

On the other hand, Facebook or Twitter won’t make your post go viral and drive a ton of free traffic.

So, how to actually drive traffic then? Like how?

Stay calm…In this guide, I’ll cover the top 15 ways that marketers use to grow their traffic exponentially and more importantly, how you can do that too.

But before we get started with the amazing ways and strategies…I have three things to tell you real quick.

If you’re not aware yet, I just released a new definitive step-by-step guide on how to start a blog that’ll do well in 2021 and make you big money each and every single month.

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The second thing I want to tell (actually ask) is closely related to this post. It’s the biggest mistake people make while starting a new content website/niche website.

Here’s what I mean and want to ask: Are You Creating Content That Is Really Structured To Get The Traffic?

This may hurt your feelings but I’ve gotta say this.

The top reason why people struggle with traffic is that they don’t write content which even deserves a little traffic.

Let me not just give a statement and skip this part. Here’s a better explanation.

For example, you’re writing a blog post about ‘cat food’ or something. It’s not like you just stuff 300-700 words in there, put in some images that you don’t care of, add some of your promotional affiliate marketing stuff and expect a ton of traffic coming in and converting.

It’s not a type of content that deserves any traffic.

So, what should be done to fix this?

According to Brian Dean, the founder of BacklinkoYou have to create content designed for traffic.

Typically, your content should be long enough. This is because long-form of content is stronger to drive traffic. Not only from search engines, but from all the other sources as well.

Orbit Media found that 50% of bloggers who write lengthy content claim to see strong content marketing results.

Also, long for of content generates more backlinks overtime: a stat again from the Backlinko blog.

Long form of content generates more traffic overtime.

So, for getting better results, you’ve gotta write long-form of content. But it doesn’t mean that you want to go and just fill out the page with a ton of words. It should be super relevant and informative for the reader to read.

If it won’t be so, you won’t see results.

Thus, before you apply all these techniques to your portal or blog, make sure to check whether the content fits the condition illustrated above or not.

Now, the third thing is again very pivotal. It’s about understanding what do you need traffic for?

Is it for popularity?

For sales?

For commissions via affiliate marketing?



Or anything else?

You need to clarify why do you need traffic before switching on how to increase website traffic.

I know your time is valuable than mine and I do respect that. But just want to give you a swift elaboration of my words.

Before ‘How’, Ask Yourself Why Do You Need The Traffic.

Clear out your traffic objective. Why do you want the traffic? Is it for sales, leads, or something else?

See everyone has different goals, ambitions, and plans.

Figure out what’s yours.

You can’t be like “Oh, I’m going to increase my traffic and rank well.” (And then have no idea what to do.)

Most probably, you need sales (whether for affiliate or your products), and the other is leads.

That’s what people need [talking about the majority].

So, if you’re aiming for sales and leads…it’s better for you to have 1000 converting visitors than to have 100,000 non-converting ones.

And that so far makes sense, right?

With that being said, you need to be clear with this question in the initialization itself to avoid any kind of procrastination.

Well, no worries, this guide is going to all about getting quality converting traffic.

Without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

1. Chase The Long Tail Keywords

How to increase website traffic: Target Long Tail Keywords And You'll Rank Well.

Everyone’s talking about ranking for too competitive terms that have no search intent at all.

A lot of long-tail keywords are left in the pool of donkeys which you can use smartly to gradually build your search traffic.

Long-tail keywords tend to have low competition and high search intent.

Ah, you might get 2,000 visits per month instead of 10,000 but that’s not a matter of concern at all.

A piece of good news is that all those visitors who will ultimately land on your site will be interest-driven.

In other words, they’ll be likely to convert into customers or leads.

Well, why is that?

Let me explain this with the help of an example…

Let’s say you want to rank for a keyword ‘blog‘ which has 30,000 search volume per month (it’s not real though, just some random numbers in the air).

If you even do a ton of great things and rank for the term. From a business or marketing perspective, you can’t say this to be a profit-targeted keyword.

You should again ask: why?

Here’s a thing. If someone searches the word ‘blog’ on a search engine like Google or Bing, there’s no clear intention behind it.

The person might just be searching to know the meaning of the word blog, or only wanted to read a blog. No clear intention is noticeable in the case.

So, if you even rank for this keyword…It’s not going to be that much profitable for you, and also, it’ll be difficultly difficult for you to rank for it as well.

But on the flipside, a long tail keyword like ‘how can I start a successful blog’ or ‘how do you start a blog and make money’ would be a better option disregarding of the 1000 search volume it has a month.

Can I explain?

Oh, yes. I can…

Think about it this way – if someone searches for the question ‘how can I start a successful blog’, he or she might be interested in starting a blog.

And if you rank for this question and have a great guide with your offers or affiliate links, there are more than many chances that the particular person will convert.

And there you fit your objective of wanting the traffic. You get some real sales to make money instead of those lucrative numbers of visitors.

And you know what?

You’ll have two other benefits of targeting long-tail keyword:

One: Your traffic will go up slowly as you’ll produce more informative content.

Two: An extra chunk of traffic will be rewarded to you because long-tail keywords targeted articles get more social shares instead of not so engrossing ones targeting dull head terms.

This makes me switch to the next proven technique…

2. Use Social Media Actively And Strategically

Increase your website traffic with social media.

Now I’m going to be talking about how to increase website traffic with social media.

Social media is a HUGE industry right now.

Or you can say it’s a planet of its own. There’re over 3.499 billion active users of social media at the moment.

Don’t you think your potential customers or readers would be there too?

Of course, it’s a yes!

Then why not bring them to visit your site and read your content, right?

But the way of doing this is missing. Don’t panic, I’m still here with you to provide a solution.

So, what’s a marketer’s strategy for social media?

My answer is:

  1. An amazing design
  2. Creation and promotion of curating content

Let me start with the first thing. The design.

See, I have a saying…

A Good Design Is A Good Brand.

So, if you have a good design, you have a high probability of getting more traffic.

To cover this, let us come back to a well-known SEO expert that I already mentioned: Brain Dean.

Do you have an idea of how he gets a ton of social shares and Twitter traffic?

It’s because he leverages the power of designs.

Just think about it…Who the heck doesn’t like beautiful things? People love beauty. So, if you beautifully present the information…social traffic and shares go up.

Here’s my little experiment to prove that it works.

One same day, I tweeted two times. One with a design…and another without a design. When I checked the stats the next day. I was confident about my design strategy.

You can see the quick results below after I shared those tweets.

How to increase website traffic: A Twitter experiment for noticing traffic change.

Thus, having an attractive design which requires just a little bit of work, can give you extra traffic.

Just think about it…only a few minutes of investment and then you get the anxious people coming in.

Not only this will bring you more humans, but it’ll also increase your overall reputation and engagement on the social web.

I recommend you trying this and am pretty sure that it’s going to work really well.

This doesn’t only work on Twitter, you can use it over other sites like LinkedIn and Facebook as well.

By the way, if you’re struggling with which social media platform to pick for your business, I’d suggest reading the social media guide shown below where all top social sites have been explained from different business perspectives.

Now, the second method is a bit advanced.

This one is based on curating content.

If you don’t know the meaning of content curation, here is what our dearest friend Wikipedia says:

Content curation is the process of gathering information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest, usually intending to add value.

– Wikipedia

In more than simple words, what is meant by this is – we need to create content that is already liked by people a lot and is proven to bring in the desired results.

And this is quite natural that if you produce the content that people already like, you’ll see the spike in the stats.

Here’s the simple process of doing that:-

Firstly, head over to a content marketing tool – Social Animal [A competitor tool to BuzzSumo].

This tool tells you what type of content people like and share on major social platforms based on the keywords you enter in the search bar.

So, when you log in to Social Animal and enter a keyword of the industry you’re in. Let’s say – ‘weight loss’.

It’ll show you every piece of content which has been popular on social media sites and will show you the number of shares or percentage of engagement the particular article/podcast/video is getting.

See the example below.

How to increase website traffic: Researching content via Social Animal.

When you come across some of these articles, you want to create the same type of content as well.

It’s natural that if a type of content is already working, and you also contribute a nice one in that category, it’s going to work well for you as well.

After you create similar content, I want you to go back to Social Animal and again type the same keyword in the search box and apply the same filters if you applied.

It’ll flaunt the same report.

This time you have to take one step further and do some marketing out there.

Look at the article or video based on which you created your content. You’ll see some options on the left side of share counts.

There’s going to be a ‘view shares’ option…

Analyzing people who shared the articles.

Just click on that.

A really cool thing will happen now. It’ll tell you everyone who shared that one article as shown below.

Finding people on Twitter via Social Animal who shared the content.

Now, when you publish your content, what I want you to do is hit them each up saying that they shared XYZ article and you’ve created a similar one but with a ton of other information and ask them to share yours as well.

When you do that, some of them will share for sure and some won’t. But that doesn’t matter.

Ultimately you’ll notice that the majority of people will be likely to share your article or video or podcast.

This will drastically improve your overall engagement, and your post may even go viral with a little bit of smart work.

So, what will you get from this?


That’s how social media can be used to get that spike. Try my methods and I’m more than confident that they’ll work.

This makes me think about the third proven way.

3. Leverage Push Notifications

How to increase website traffic: Push notifications can be used to increase website traffic.

Push notifications are a great way for people to subscribe to your site with a button of a click. They don’t have to give their email address, name, or any other kind of information.

We use push notifications for our other blogs so as to bring our readers back every time I release a new blog post.

On the SB Digital blog, I don’t use push notifications ’cause of some technical problems. I hope my team will solve them out shortly.

But, if you’re not utilizing push notifications, there’s something wrong with you.

Right below are some statistics that represent that push notifications are exploding.

Push notifications statistics. Top push notifications stats to look out in 2020 and beyond.

If you don’t know how exactly a push notification looks like, you can judge the graphic right below.

This is how push notifications looks like.
That’s how it looks across Android and IOS devices.

You should be using push notifications for your site. The best part is that there are free tools available for this.

The best recommended free tool is One Signal. It’s really handy and versatile. You can have up to 30,000 free subscribers on the free plan.

Or you may also use Google’s official tool called Google Firebase as a solution to your push notifications problem.

But what I believe is you should use One Signal over others because it doesn’t limit any usage.

Bonus: If you already use push notifications and struggling with the response, check this amazing article that teaches you the perfect time to send push notifications.

Great, let’s move on to our other one.

4. Collect Emails/Start A Newsletter [More Here]

How to increase website traffic: collect emails to keep visitors coming back.

Believe it or not, collecting emails is still the best way to gain traffic.

In the world of chatbots and messengers, you might think that email marketing is dead…but that’s not the case at all.

A study shows that email marketing is still the most efficient marketing channel which outperforms social media, SEO, and content marketing.

Practicing email marketing will benefit you a lot both from a traffic perspective as well as from a business standpoint.

Before I tell you how to properly implement this, let’s take a quick look at some statistics.

Email marketing statistics to look out. Top email stats.

Now that you know how profitable email marketing is, it’s time to learn how to collect emails on your website.

1. Free Giveaways

People love the word free and you can take advantage of this. You can have a free guide, cheatsheet, or video to give and ask people for their name and email address in return.

This will help you build your email list fast.

2. Quizzes

The second method to collect emails is by using quizzes. Marketers like Neil Patel use this tactic to collect emails. Neil once said that quizzes increased his website lead capture by 500%.

You can just have a small quiz run on and have emails being collected automatically that also include some of your potential customers.

The most recommended tool to make actionable quizzes is Interact. I found this tool a few months ago until I was using some else costing me over $99 a month.

This is also paid one but Interact starts at $17/month only.

So, why not try it, right?

3. Start A Newsletter

Starting a newsletter has always been a popular way to collect emails of people who are genuinely interested in your blog content/website content.

All you have to do is simply have a section in your website wherein people can put in their email address and subscribe to your newsletter.

Once, they’re subscribed, you can email them all whenever you release a new post.

Or, whenever you want to promote a product…either of your own or an affiliate product.

I would firstly say of tools like Mailchimp but now not at all.

Why, because it has a lot of limitations and also it is comparatively costly.

The best tool for managing all of the tasks with your email marketing from the giveaways part to the newsletter and automated system is GetResponse. It’s an all in one tool. What I love the most is they also have a free 90-day email marketing course that you can enroll in and learn how to grow your email list/business/website traffic step-by-step.


So, collecting emails and then sending out email blasts can amazingly increase your website traffic.

Internal linking is a great way to increase your website traffic.

It’s not all about how many sites are linking back to you, it’s also about how many relevant internal links you have on a particular page.

If you don’t know what internal links are, you can see the definition right below.

Internal links – When the same domain links out another page of the same domain, the link is known as internal or inbound links.

Example: Let’s say I’m writing a guide named ‘how to increase website traffic’ and section comes where I have to write about ‘bounce rate’…Now, if I’ve already written an article about that, I can simply put that link for a better user experience.

So, you’ve gotta insert some internal links in your content where it’s relevant. This will not only help you with your SEO, but it’ll play a huge role in driving traffic to your other pages/posts to reduce your bounce rate and increase overall rankings.

Here’s a how-to and why guide from Yoast about internal links. Make sure you check that out.

Just head over to your website and look for internal linking opportunities and insert them right away to benefit yourself today from every positive lookout.

6. The Upside Down Guest Posting

This tactic comes from Brian Dean whom I already mentioned. So, what is this upside-down guest posting?

Well, traditional guest posting meant writing a perfect post for someone else and then including your site’s link at the bottom of the page in the bio section which is barely seen by someone.

But the times have changed. Now you can include links at the top or in the middle of the guest post’s content.

This will not only provide you backlinks but also give more eyeballs to the content on your site.

You can read the full guide on the Backlinko blog.

7. Publish Old Articles On LinkedIn

Publish content on LinkedIn for better results.

LinkedIn is no longer used as a tool to find jobs or find people to hire. It has become a big content platform now.

It’s not only the world’s largest professional social network…but it’s also the best professional content platform.

The organic reach on here is massive. If you are nobody and post on LinkedIn for the first time, it reminds me of Facebook’s organic reach in 2008 and 2009.

The reason why LinkedIn has such reach is that they have more active users using it every month but less content to fill in space.

As a business/website owner, you should publish old articles on there with the help of their publishing platform and include your site’s links wherever it’s relevant for the users to navigate.

Doing this on a consistent basis will boost your site’s traffic dramatically.

8. Invite Other Bloggers To Guest Post On Your Website

Invite other people to post on your site.

We all discuss guest blogging, but no one’s talked about inviting other people to guest blog on your website.

You must be thinking that you’re nobody…so why would people write on your website, right?

But that’s a completely negative attitude, my friend.

In this word of 7 billion people, some just love to share information.

When you post an invitation on LinkedIn/Twitter for writing a guest post for you, you’ll see how many people will be engrossed in contributing.

What will happen next is when someone will write an article, they’re much more likely to share that with their followers or known people.

This will play a pivotal role in pushing your visitors’ rock up for sure.

Try it today.

9. Answer People On Quora

For every ten queries I search on Google, Quora comes in my way and I have no other option but switching to it for answers to my asked questions.

Quora currently has over 300 million monthly active users. That’s huge!

What you can do to promote your site there is answer people’s question in the best way possible and then include some of your links as resources.

I promise you that it’s going to skyrocket your traffic.

I’ve already written a step-by-step Quora marketing guide previously. You can check out for more information about this topic.

10. Advertise The Content

How to increase website traffic: advertise your content as much as possible if you can.

Giving fast (very fast) and targeted traffic has always been the job of advertising.

Leveraging Facebook ads, Google ads, display advertising, and more are the most commonly used ways to gain traffic to a website.

All you have to do is just head over to each of their advertising platforms, and then run ads.

Running digital ads are comparatively cheap and provide drastic results.

If you’re interested in running ads for your content, check out the guides mentioned below:


[What’s PPC?] The Ultimate Marketing Guide By SB Digital [That’s Us!]

[Facebook Ads] A Guide On How To Advertise On Facebook

11. Upload Your Articles On Medium

Medium is another productive platform surrounded by keen readers that you can take advantage of.

As being serious about your traffic strategy, consider picking Medium too.

Medium has a ton of users coming every month in for consuming content. Check out the stats of organic search traffic right below…

Medium's organic monthly traffic in millions.

You don’t have to write the full new article again for this. Just copy the URL of your post and import the story on your account.

When you do this, break your content into small pieces and link them back to your site whenever it’s relevant.

Gradually what you’ll see is a lot of people will find you and follow the content.

12. Start A Podcast

Start a podcast in 2020 to gain more targeted traffic.

The world is going to be of voice, no matter what you think of it to be.

We’re just a decade or two away when people are going to take their financial decisions by Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant.

If you haven’t already started a podcast…it’s time to wake up.

Google is now indexing podcasts too…along with text-based and video content.

About 50% of the searches are going to be voice searches: according to a study. This boldly explains why you need to take part in the voice revolution which will ultimately assist you out in your website traffic and revenue.

13. Be A Guest At Other People’s Podcasts

It’s not only about starting your own podcast…Whenever you have spare time, go to other people’s podcasts as a guest, answer questions, ask questions, provide valuable information and finally promote your website in the end.

By the way, you can promote or speak about the website/blog while introducing yourself also.

Right below are some examples:

While Introducing: Hey, guys! Shivansh here, from Really pumped to be on the podcast……

In The End: Well, thanks for having me on the podcast. Just enjoyed it a lot and hope I provided some valuable content. If you’re struggling with your marketing, don’t forget to check out and we’ll definitely help you out.

This will help to increase your traffic by much higher means.

14. More Videos and Infographics

Using more and more video content and leveraging infographics can drive you a lot of loyal traffic. The single most powerful video content attracts eyes via different channels like YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn, Instagram.

People love something in the visual format.

Videos are super powerful and tend to get 1,200% more shares than text and images-based content combined.

So, if you embed videos in your content marketing model, it’s going to work much better.

Same with infographics! They get 300% more shares than normal/plain text-based content.

There you have it. This makes a proper sense of producing more visual content.

Don’t miss it out...

15. It’s Not Enough! Post More Content

How to increase website traffic: put out more content on the table.

If you’re reading this article, you’re not probably a brand who already has millions of monthly visitors.

I’ve been following Gary Vaynerchuk for a long time…And the thing that I obviously learned is ‘more content’.

The most common problem is people write one article and try to reach everybody.

Uh…hmm! That’s not how it works.

Keep in mind that if you want to reach everybody, you’ve gotta put out content for everybody.

And that makes complete sense.

Just think about it…why people are going to come to you if you don’t have any content.

By content, what I mean is you should have at least 30 well and good posts on your website with the spirit of helping people find what they’re looking for.

Like that’s how you win that game of traffic and the game of sales. That’s how you get shit done out of the way.

So, keep posting user-friendly and SEO friendly content, use proper marketing strategies mentioned in the guide, have patience, and you’re going to see results for sure.

These are the top proven ways used by marketers that answer the most commonly asked question ‘how to increase website traffic’ pretty clearly.

That’s all for now…and I’ll see you soon in the next one.

‘How to increase website traffic’ has been answered successfully. 🙂

Did You Like This Post? What Do You Think I’m Missing In The List? If You Have Any Questions Or Suggestions, Let Me Know In The Comments Right Away And I’ll Respond All Of Them.

How to increase website traffic answered successfully.

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  1. Hey, Shivansh! I was wondering if you have heard about a tool system called OCTOSUITE before?

    It looks like a great program to help people bring Tsunami of organic and free traffic, I was just looking for some opinions before I use it.
    By the way, I love the content you have been posting lately!

    • Hello, Omran! I really appreciate your feedback. I just sat down on the couch and researched for half an hour. Just watched a couple of YouTube videos and read some reviews on Google. The reviews were honest and not unitary as there were no affiliate links [You know what I mean, right?]. Overall, the tool seems nice to give a try but there are several different loopholes I’ve found:

      1. The software is not very smooth to use [It can be confusing].
      2. It only works on PC and not on MAC.
      3. There’s no trial to prove that it actually works and brings in the results [Most amazing tools do have a trail].
      4. There are pushed upsells [Which seems like they care about dollars more than their customers].
      5. While using the tool, sometimes it can be a frustrating experience. Well, why is that?

      Here’s why: You may face some problems with your images for Facebook. As FB keeps on changing their algorithms, either you’ll have to post without images (not good), or you’ll first need to manually add the images to your fan pages and then use Octosuite to share it to your intended groups. You may not like that too [Even after doing it manually, sometimes it doesn’t share that content].

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