Quora Marketing [2024]: A Practical Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re very much desperate to build a brand and utilizing every social channel out there but not Quora, I advise you to visit a doctor first as there is something wrong with you.

Quora: a question-and-answer site which has been popular for a decent period now, and is continuously scaling its user base all day, every day.

It just scares the shit out of me as I’ve made a blunder mistake of ignoring such an extraordinary gift of the internet.

Not sure what I mean?

I just pulled up a screenshot of Google Trends to show you the growth that it has demonstrated over the past couple of years till the present point.

Performance of Quora over the last five years.

You can see the trends yourself.

The graph is continuously going up for years.

I haven’t seen a graph like this, at least for a Q&A website or company.

It’s a kind of revolutionary company for sure. Though they call themselves a social media platform, my brain doesn’t support that notion at all [It doesn’t matter, by the way].

From its user-base of 80 Million at the end of December 2015, they had grown to more than 300 Million in 2021.

Quora is becoming the best sources of advertising nowadays. Also, it has grown its user-base to 300 Million users.

That’s massive, anyway!

This brings me and you to ponder about utilizing it for the growth of our businesses.

In this step-by-step guide, I’ll be covering everything about Quora marketing from the bottom to the top.

Let’s begin our journey right away.

The first thing you have to do is have a Quora account [You can sign up by email, Google, or Facebook…it’s up to you].

Boom! You have a brand new account now!

Once you’re in it, there are the following things you have to do.

Build Your Quora Profile

The first thing to start with Quora is create a professional profile.

Building a professional Quora profile is the key to get a positive response.

You have to manage your name on the platform first. Then there is your headline, which reflects what industry you are in or what do you expertise in. And also, you can add an honest description so that it can emotionally connect people with you.

And yea, don’t forget to add your profile photo that seems very promising [It could be a simple head-shot too!].

Shivansh Bhanwariya's Quora profile indicating name, description, and tagline.

Once you have these things done, it’s time to add your public information or credentials and highlights, such as your job title and education.

Credentials and highlights on Quora.

Just click on the edit button and fill out the credentials, as shown below.

Edit credentials and highlights.

It’ll increase the reputation and relevancy of your profile.

Another thing is to add the topics you know about.

Topics you know about on Quora.

You can add the topics you really know about by clicking the pointed option.

Adding topics to your profile.

There’re a ton of topics already present on there. If you still don’t find yours, you can create it when suggestions are displayed while browsing the topics.

Creating topics.

That’s all you can have done with your Quora profile to stand out. By the way, don’t hesitate to mention links to your official websites and social media channels in the description of your profile.

Follow Spaces and Topics

Now, there is a requirement to follow spaces and topics so that you can get relevant questions and answers/content ideas within your industry.

But before that, let me clarify what do spaces and topics mean in general.

Topics in Quora are certain subject matters that you follow and get notified about the content. On the other hand, Spaces are shared communities on common interests [Just like groups].

So, to follow topics and spaces, you’ll just need to search for a topic or space in the search box at the top, navigate your way, and click follow.

Following topics on Quora. An example.

Once you have every basic thing set up in the lane, it’s time to play the game.

Submitting Answers And Questions

It is the most important part of the conversation. You can submit answers to a ton of questions related to your industry and help people out so that they can get aware about your brand or business. This has to be very specific and strategic, which we’ll discuss a bit later. Before that, let’s learn how to submit answers and questions.

Initially, submitting answers…

To be able to submit answers to questions, you have to click on the ‘Answer‘ button at the top.

Submitting answers to questions.

It’ll show up a lot of questions according to the topics you’ve mentioned in your profile during the start and claimed that you know about them.

All you need to do is stop by the questions that attract you the most or are relevant to your industry/knowledge and then jump to answer them by clicking the same designed ‘Answer’ button.

Suggested question by Quora based on the topics you selected.

It’s not that complicated.

The next one is to submit questions to ask. I advise you to do it as it’s a great way to engage with the Quora community.

For adding questions, you can choose two ways.

No 1.) Follow questions

If you simply want to know the answers, just click the ‘Follow’ option under a question.

How to follow Quora questions.

Great, you get notified when an answer is provided by someone to the question if you do it.

No. 2) Add Questions

Adding questions is an easy-peasy work.

Just click on the ‘Add Question” button, write your question, and that is it.

How to ask questions.

This is how you can ask questions and answer other people’s questions.

I’m wondering you’re getting impatient about the methods of Quora marketing now.

How To Practice Quora Marketing

You know that providing value is the infrastructure of marketing or promotion.

Here too, you’ll have to give more than you take in return. Your intent is something that plays a significant role when it comes to results.

Does that make sense?

For sure, it does.

Let’s discuss how to make it up.

Promoting Your Business Via Answering

Again, there are two ways of promotion that you can leverage with answering people’s questions.

The first method is to simply answer (very thoroughly) a random question that you like and include relevant links that point to your website.

Adding links to your answers and promoting your brand and business.

But you know what?

There is a problem with it. You are never sure whether the question is going to be popular in the future or not.

You’re not even sure that people will read your answer.

What should you do then?

Simple answer: Leverage the second technique of giving answers that I’m going to teach you.

Here’s how it goes…

Go to the search box and type a general question related to your industry and hit enter.

Searching questions in the search bar.

When you do that, a default page will appear in front of you ,showing both questions and answers.

You don’t have to do anything with it. All you have to do is click on ‘Questions‘ in the left, and it’ll show you all the questions based on the keyword phrase you searched.

Sorting results to see the most followed questions.

Look and scroll through the results.

After doing so, take notice of the questions that are getting the most follows [shown above] and consider them for your question bank.

It is because if the questions are being followed by a lot of people over the course, there is a strong possibility that the topics or concerns are pieces of evergreen content. Hence, it’s going to be popular and seen by people for a long time.

Now what I want you to do is write the best and most descriptive answer that you could be writing for those questions.

Include graphics, case studies, your links and links to other websites, and images to it.

Heck, if you’ve already written a blog post about that, go ahead and paste the whole post in your answer [Myth- Google or Quora don’t penalize for duplicate content].

Quora and Google don't penalize for duplicate content.

When you go so much above and beyond and handle the best possible answer to the users, you’re going to build a strong trust.

And, when you keep on doing this over and over, you’ll build a brand or business with the most loyal and specific traffic/audience that you’ll get from Quora.

That’s how you create that environment and build a great source of the traffic to your content [Not only blogs but videos and podcasts as well].

Promotion By Asking Questions

I said above that you can engage with people by asking questions. There is a bonus…you can get traffic to your site by asking questions too!


Let me break down everything clearly [There is nothing much by the way].

Whenever you add a question to Quora, it has an option to link to a source for a better context. You can simply insert your link there, but it should be relevant.

You don’t have to be a spammer, okay?

Want an example?

Here it is…

Adding link to your post while asking questions for better context.

No wait, it only works once you build that rapport!

Nobody is going to care about your questions if you don’t bother to care about theirs.

And for doing so, you’ll have to answer more and more questions.

Bonus: You can also participate in spaces and share links or write blog posts on there. It gives a better push while starting.

Posting links and content in spaces.

So far so good!

Advertising On Quora

I don’t know whether you know about this or not ,but Quora has a powerful advertising platform for businesses.

You must have noticed ads on Quora in different forms.

I could be text ad, image ad, or promotion of an answer.

Advertising on Quora.

This is how ads look like on Quora if you might have noticed.

Image ads on Quora for marketing.
Text-based ads to do marketing.

Quora advertising is really powerful in terms of targeting. I seriously mean it.

Just to show you fabulous proof, here is a screenshot of the targeting options you get when you launch your campaign.

Targeting capability of Quora.

That’s very effective. It sometimes makes me think about Facebook Ads.

I advise you to get started with Quora Ads today. Down below is a guide you can read to understand working in a better way by Stephanie Mialki from Instapaage.

That’s how you can jump right in and kick start.

Before it ends…

There are some mistakes you need to avoid.

Mistakes To Avoid On Quora

Number 1: Promoting yourself too much.

Quora is there to share thoughts and knowledge. Of course, you can use it for marketing, but the ratio between what you share and promotion should be considerable [Either balanced or more information and less promotion].

Number 2: Posting irrelevant things for views.

The view counter in there can be ludicrous. This means that sometimes you get interested in getting more and more views. But think of it this way, you get a ton of views not because your content is the best, it’s simply because the question is getting popular. Don’t make that mistake.

Number 3: Copying and pasting the same answer to different questions.

I know that the same question is asked in different ways again and again. If you’ve already replied to that question, don’t copy and paste it. There is no rule for it, but still, it can harm your reputation.

Number 4: Using affiliate links.

Quora has strict rules with affiliate links. If you include an affiliate link there, your answers will be deleted by Quora moderation in no time. So, if you still want to promote some products, you can make it up indirectly.

How indirectly?

You may write a small article on LinkedIn with links in it or have a landing page that contains your affiliate link, and then you can link it out in the answer. This way, you won’t get banned.


That’s pretty much of it.

I think it’s time to sum up.

How To Use Quora As A Marketer

You’ll need to start with your profile. Make it real, professional, and describe your expertise.

The next step is to follow topics and spaces for getting alerts.

When done that, write the best possible answers you could be doing, and within those, add links to your landing pages, posts, videos, or podcasts.

Ask questions and add links whenever it’s relevant by being creative.

Write posts on Quora and share links in various spaces within your pool.

Leverage Quora Advertising for fast, effective, and better results.


Quora is a great platform that can drive you thousands and thousands of free visitors and customers.

Due to its appreciative policies, it is going to be on the screen for a long time. You will also have to play a long-term game with it for it has strict regulations.

You should definitely use it for your business, personal brand or company.

After all, with presidents like Barack Obama taking their time out and replying to people on here, there is nothing much left.

The ball is now in your zone…

Are You Using Quora For Your Business? How Long Have You Been Doing This? Do You Find Any Good Results? Let me know in the comments below…

[FAQs] Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quora?

Quora is a Q&A site where people ask and answer questions and share knowledge with each other.

How many active users are there on Quora?

On an estimation, currently, there are more than 300 Million users on Quora.

Is Quora profitable for businesses?

Of course, it is very profitable if used wisely. All you need to do is provide as much value and information as you can and play the long-term game.

How strong is Quora advertising?

Quora gives huge demographics and databases to target. Advertising here can be somewhat expensive compared to other channels but is still a great source to look for.

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