18 Twitter Statistics Every Person Must Know In 2022 [Infographic]

Twitter plays a very important role when it comes to social media for businesses.

Every marketer and business should be up and running on Twitter for the opportunities that it provides to small/big businesses.

Before I come to the ’18 twitter statistics’, let me give you a quick explanation about the platform from Gary Vaynerchuk’s point of view.

He says that whenever a new business asks him tips on social media, his first answer is Twitter.

It’s always been unique because it acts more so as a true social network more than a content promotion platform. One of the best reasons for you to come on Twitter is because it allows you to create a happy and deep relationship with your customers.

Whether you’re a brand or nobody, you can directly connect with the customer and solve their problems. Also, people on there are fantastically curious + interested in business. But even if you’re in the B2C industry, it’s going to work for you pretty efficiently.

Gary gives his full credit for being successful to Twitter and says that it’s the only platform that you can leverage to build a personal brand/regular brand at scale.

What that being said, I want to share an engaging infographic to show some amazing Twitter statistics that you need to know to understand the popularity and use of Twitter in a better way.

Let’s watch out the statistics right away.

Let's start our topic of stats right away and watch what Twitter is all about.
18 Twitter Statistics To Know In 2021. Twitter's statistics are really face-melting.
An infographic created by SB Digital.

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These are the ones I was talking about. Thanks for checking this out. If you have any questions or suggestions about something, please feel free to ask and share.

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