15 Painful Affiliate Marketing Mistakes You Might Be Making

Affiliate marketing is one of the best industries online to make money and have that financial freedom.

Hundreds of thousands or maybe millions of people are making a significant impact on their lives with it.

But there a problem. There’s naivete that’s it’s a matter of minutes and you’ll start making money with no investment.

Frankly, that’s not how it works and that’s not true for the majority of the people.

So, today, I’ll be talking about the most painful affiliate marketing mistakes that newbies make when entering into the field and just starting out.

Also, I’ll be telling you how those mistakes could be fixed.

And we’re starting right now.

Let’s dive right in…

1. Affiliate Marketing Isn’t A Get Rich Overnight Thing

Sure, people make tens of millions of dollars. But you can’t compare yourself with them. If you’re thinking of it to be a get-rich overnight scheme…you’re done for.

Affiliate marketing mistakes: You won't make millions in a night.

What I mean by this is that you won’t make millions within a couple of days of starting. It’s going to require implementable strategies, investment (either time or money) and work ethic.

And to learn all these things, it can (actually it will) take some time.

Practicing this business model is not a golden ticket that will make you millions with just by sharing affiliate links.

Also, it’s not that easy.

But, if you put in the work and be patient, you’re going to have it all.

Well, this is a kind of general advice…but I kept it on first because it is the most common mistake I’ve come across with newcomers.

2. You’re Doing It Without A Website

Doing affiliate marketing without a website is the biggest affiliate marketing mistakes you can ever do.

See, I’m not saying that you can’t make it up without a website, but it’ll not be sustainable and scalable for sure.

People won’t buy if you don’t have a website because that’s a sign of authority and trust. You’ve gotta have a website for sure.

It doesn’t have to be the best one. Even a simple blog will boost your income and consistency.

If you work on your website, create content, and promote it the right way, you’re likely to kill it.

But how do you build an affiliate marketing website?

I’ve got a solution for you already…

There’s no rocket science in this, just head over to Bluehost: the best website company in my opinion…and follow the process shown below in the video.

3. You’re Behind The Wrong Niche

Affiliate marketing mistakes: Don't pick a dead niche.

Niche plays a fabulously significant role in your sales.

Affiliate marketing is all about working on ‘already proven stuff’. You have to promote the products that are already doing well.

With that being said, you’ll come to know about the best-selling products only when you find the best-selling niche.

Picking a niche can boost your growth but picking a wrong niche can tank your growth at the same time.

This is one the most common affiliate marketing mistakes made by people and then they’re like: ‘I’ve tried everything but it’s not working‘.

So, if you want to save yourself from that feeling and push your bank balance up, you want to select the highest performing niche.

But how do you go about it?

I talk about this a lot…Just go to Google Trends and type in a bunch of niches on there randomly.

Select the ‘topic’ in the suggestions when you type in the word instead of ‘search term’ as shown below.

Affiliate Marketing Research Via Google Trends.

When you click on the topic, you’ll be taken to a new page with analytics.

On there, you’ll have to do some customizing in order to get the desired results.

Here’s how…

  1. Set the location as ‘worldwide’.
  2. Click on the compare button and enter four other topics you think you want to promote.
  3. Select ‘Google Shopping’ instead of ‘Web Search’.

When done, look at the graphs and data below.

Google Trends will tell you the most popular ones being shopped as shown below…

The best niches to save yourself from affiliate marketing mistakes.

I don’t need to tell you about the results, you can see the report above and easily find out which is a winning niche.

That’s it! There you have it.

4. Promoting Products You Don’t Believe In

Don't promote the products you don't believe in.

I’ve seen a lot of people failing with affiliate marketing because of promoting products that they don’t believe in.

If you promote or sell something you don’t believe in, you won’t do better.

Now you must be thinking about this to be silly, right?

Well, this is actually not.

So, to explain this, I’ll need to give you an example.

Let’s say you’re promoting a fitness product just because of high commission…but how will you be able to let the world know about that when you have no knowledge?

How will you write a blog post about it when you know nothing? How will you post quality comments or social media posts?

People require value. They buy because of the value…and value always provides a solution to their problem.


Only promote the products that you deeply believe in.

Shivansh Bhanwariya

By the way, when I was just scrolling through Google, I found this nice article that you should read about promoting something that you believe in.

5. You’re Just Doing It For The Money

Affiliate marketing mistakes: don't only do it for money.

Affiliate marketing is taken at the very wrong side when people are just starting with it. There are two forms of affiliate marketing:

  1. Sustainable
  2. Temporary

It’s a hard truth to say the everyone coming new just wants to make a quick buck and it is the biggest reason for the failures.

You can just be there and say “hey, buy this” or “hey, this is great, you should buy this” or anything like that. People don’t give you money because you want to make money. They give you money when you have a giving intent without any expectations.

That’s how you grow with affiliate marketing the right way and that’s how you get big.

So, what you’ll have to do is insert an antidote to your money-hungry mind and then start making some real, big, and valuable money.

6. You’re Not Doing SEO

You need to focus on SEO as well while doing affiliate marketing.

SEO or search engine optimization is a very significant part of the game.

When you have a website and have everything set up but if the content is not loved by search engines, it’s not gonna get results because people won’t see that.

SEO is the best free source to get traffic but it requires hard work and patience.

And if you as an affiliate marketer are not implementing it, it’s time to wake up and make it up.

You must be thinking of this as a piece of useless advice, but I promise you this…this is the most successful and sustainable marketing channel out there you need to earn passive income via affiliate marketing.

7. You’re Not Leveraging Videos

Affiliate marketing mistakes: You're not leveraging videos.

Back in the day, it was easy to drive people’s attention by giving them lucrative offers and then make them buy something. I think you also would have faced that creepy shit yourself.

Fortunately, that doesn’t work anymore and we should be happy about it.

What works now and will work are videos.

So, if you’re not creating video content for increasing your sales, you should do that or this can lose a lot of time and money.

People watch videos more than anything according to the statistics.

A desperate affiliate marketer will never leave this opportunity behind.

My question to you is, can you afford to lose $10K each month? If yes, no problem. If no, give a chance to video.

8. Aren’t You Doing A Podcast?

Are you doing podcasting for affiliate marketing.

What type of content is going to get popular in the next couple of years according to you?

If you don’t know…It’s audio.

So, if you haven’t started a podcast yet, it’s time to start. But don’t get me wrong. You won’t be able to monetize that right now…but for sure, you can have Call To Actions (CTAs) for people to click your affiliate link and sign up or buy.

This can take some time to show results in the beginning but trust me, you’ll love it a lot when the podcasts will be as common as written articles as of now.

A smart marketer should not commit such big affiliate marketing mistakes.

I know you won’t.


By the way, if you’re about to start a podcast now, take a quick look at our recommended kit.

9. Are You Overselling?

Overselling is one of the most overrated affiliate marketing mistakes.

It’s not about letting people know about the product or service over and over and over again. It’s all about using the CTAs at the right spots that click the user’s head that makes the users click on the link, go the product/service page and perform actions.

If you’re using the affiliate links frequently to force people to buy, they’ll not convert ’cause they’re smarter than you.

So, the simple solution to this problem is to stop overselling and trying to use it at the perfect and targeted areas that attract clicks.

Got it?

10. Wrong Affiliate Program

Choosing the right affiliate program.
Never choose a bad affiliate program.

No matter how good you are as an affiliate marketer but if you’re partnering with greedy companies, you’re making a huge mistake, my friend.

If you’ve made some sales for a company or vendor, look at the percentage of commissions they’re offering you.

Check whether they’re meeting your expectations or not. If they aren’t, you’re promoting the wrong company.

Switch the program and find a one that cares about affiliates and pays high commissions.

You don’t need to worry about this at all as I’ve already prepared a list of the best programs already.

Pick the one that suits you and make it up.

11. Not Collecting Emails

Email marketing is necessary for a business's growth.

Do you know over 2.9 billion people see their inbox every month in 2019?

Do you know that every dollar you spend on email marketing, you get an ROI of thirty-two dollars?

Do you know that email marketing is the most profitable and trusted in digital marketing?

Some of these lines can be new and amazing for you but it’s the truth.

Emails are the backbones for a business to grow in the online industry. People trust emails and they still love to read them and use for various tasks.

So, you need to collect emails as your best asset if you’re not doing that.

It’ll bring massive growth to your income and help you build a nice rapport over time.

Never commit the mistake of not collecting emails.

12. What About Automated Setup?

Do you have an automated business?

Are you expecting to earn money while you sleep?

There’s nothing wrong about that ’cause it’s possible and a lot of people do it.

But you know what?

It doesn’t happen in the air…

You need to have an automated system for making it possible. So, whenever someone gives her/his email address, you can have a seven day or even more auto-responder, apply the rule of seven and influence people to convert.

But how could that be achieved?

Well, the best tool to make it possible is GetResponse. It’ll do everything for you.

13. Publishing Less Content

Have you heard people ever saying that content is king?

Well, if you have…that’s true for sure.

People are like they publish one piece of content and want to reach everybody. Not only that, they want everyone to buy.

You know that’s impractical and impossible.

If you want to reach everybody, you need to create content for everybody. Don’t worry about the quality in the beginning because you get to quality by doing quantity.

So, don’t sit and dwell like others. You need to create a ton content if you really want to see the graph going massively up.

Content is the key.

14. Not Promoting High-Ticket Products

Why aren't you promoting high-ticket products to make more money?

Don’t focus on the number of sales you make. Focus on the amount of money you’re earning.

If you make a hundred sales and make two thousand bucks, that’s okay…but what if you make ten sales and make four thousand dollars promoting high-ticket products?

That can be truly impacting yet people don’t do this just for some quick pennies.

The majority of the starters make this mistake. I’m not declaring to go for a thousand-dollar product every time, but most of your focus should be on it.

People are like your audience may not have deep pockets but that’s not true. Like there are people interested to buy expensive products too.

If you’re missing out on this, make sure you once try.

15. Not Doing Paid Advertisement?

Not doing paid media is counted under affiliate marketing mistakes according to me. You should practice paid media for sure.

There are many affiliate marketing mistakes people make but not doing paid advertisements is the greatest mistake.

Believe it or not, but all the marketers out there who make big money consistently utilize paid ads.

And best of all, they are really profitable as you target each and every portion that you need.

You can regret a lot if you don’t leverage advertising on some of the big channels like Facebook, Google, Bing, Twitter, and more.

I know some of the people have no money to invest but the reality is that you can’t just sit and hope for things to happen.

If you don’t have, use OPM to test it out and if it works out…good for you.

But in a nutshell, you should advertise to drive sales.

I’ve got some guides for you to learn paid ads of the most profitable platforms: Facebook, Google, and YouTube.

These are the fifteen affiliate marketing mistakes you need to avoid for fast growth.

If you’re struggling with the right tools for your marketing, feel free to check our recommended marketing tools here.

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