How To Make Money With Clickbank [2024]: A Complete Guide

How to make money with Clickbank: The Definitive Guide:-

Clickbank is one of the most well-known platforms on the internet to make money online with affiliate marketing.

This online platform has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions of people by helping them generate real passive income, including me.

But it can be difficult and challenging to get results for you as a beginner.

I myself have struggled for a year and didn’t get to see any sales in my account. It was a really tough and stressful time, but after I created the perfect model for myself, I’ve never looked back.

Every day in the morning, the first thing I do is check the earnings of my previous day in Clickbank central.

My ClickBank results! Making money using ClickBank

If you want to change your life, and live a fulfilling one instead of a shabby or boring one, this guide is purely for you.

But before we start on how to make money with Clickbank, I want to warn you that if you’re not willing to put in the hard work and make some investment, this guide might not be right for you.

If you want to see fast and real results, you have to put in the work and take some (only a little amount) money out of your pocket.

With that being said, let’s jump right into the pool of making money with Clickbank through proven strategies.

We’re starting right now!

First Things First – What Is Clickbank?

Make money with ClickBank!!!

Before we go about making money, if you’re a beginner, it is important to tell you what Clickbank actually is.

It is an online platform that lets you promote other people’s products as an affiliate to earn commissions and also sell your products as a vendor to attract members to promote your products for more sales.

As this guide is all about affiliates, I will be sharing how you can get started seriously, and earn commissions (or make sales) within a short period of time with different methods.

There is nothing complicated to know anything about Clickbank. It has millions of affiliates and vendors promoting their businesses already.

It’s trusted, reputed, and extremely popular for selling both physical and digital products.

Also, it’s completely free to join both as an affiliate and vendor.

Strategies To Make Money With Clickbank

There are a ton of strategies you can leverage to see that first commission sitting in your account. Seriously, when you see that first commission, everything becomes more natural to do.

You must have heard to people on YouTube or in articles that they generate sales by commenting on people’s posts, spamming on Instagram, and whatnot. WAIT! The truth is – that doesn’t happen in any case. If you want to promote your products and get some serious sales, you need to leverage the right tactics or strategies.

So, I will be covering the top legit and scalable ways you could ever leverage to get started and see sales shortly.

Coming to the promotion, there are mainly two ways of doing it.

1. Free or Organic Promotion – this type of promotion involves creation of content in the form of videos, images, audio episodes, and articles.

2. Paid Promotion – this promotion method includes advertising your products through various advertisement models, like – Pay Per Click and Search Engine Marketing.

Firstly, I’ll start with Organic Promotion Strategies. The main types of content formats you can have in this are – a website or blog, YouTube videos, pins of Pinterest, and podcasting.

Let’s learn each of them step-by-step…

1. Promoting Clickbank Products Through A Website

If you are one of those, who don’t like to get in front of a camera to record videos or speak for recording a podcast, starting a website and then writing informative content for your readers to encourage them to buy your Clickbank products can be the most effective and sustainable strategy of all times.

So, how do you start a website (or a blog) at minimum cost?

The easiest way to make it possible is by building a website with WordPress. is the most used and powerful platform that allows you to create a website in minutes without any prior technical knowledge. Over 35% of the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress.

To get started with the process, firstly, you’ll need to choose a plan that suits and appeals to you the most. I recommend you choose the premium plan to minimize your work and unleash more versatility.

Once you chose the plan, then you are going to select what do you need the website for – like a personal website, a blog, a business website, or an online store.

Once you do that, you’ll be asked for the topic of the website – you are free to choose any of the topics like – health & fitness, online marketing, designing, photography, etc.

But while choosing your topic, consider thinking about the Clickbank products you will want to promote through your content and website.

The main objective of this process is that the system will automatically decide an excellent and responsive theme for you.

The next step to be taken is – selecting a name for your business, which will appear on the top of your website – never mind; this could be changed anytime in the future.

After that, you’ll need to select a domain name or URL for your online presence.

Just type in and see if it’s available. If not, try selecting another one.

Great, once you’re all set up with your domain, the next step will be to purchase your subscription plan.

To do so, click on Upgrade and make your required payment.

Mini congratulations! Now, you’ll have your website up and running. You can customize the looks according to you with a simple drag and drop editor.

The second thing that comes with the process is writing amazing content and worrying about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

If you don’t know anything about SEO, it is a practice or science of producing structured content that search engines like Google and Bing can crawl and send you a ton of organic traffic.

But I want to tell you something really cool…!

If your site is made with, 70-85 percent of your SEO is already managed by the WordPress team.

To rank high in the search results, you’ll just need to write amazing content that has the potential to drive sales and educate people thoroughly at the same time.

Well, what do I exactly mean by ‘amazing content’?

According to me, content designed for driving sales or conversions is known as ‘amazing content.’

That’s okay, but is there any procedure for writing sales-driven content?

Fortunately, there is.

To write content for conversions, you’ll need to take the following steps:

  1. Do keyword research
  2. Come up with long-tail keywords that ask questions
  3. Integrate those keywords within your articles
  4. Include your Clickbank affiliate links

Don’t worry. It’s nothing complicated if you’re thinking of it to be so.

Let’s begin with the keyword research;

Keyword research is a process of finding low-competitive terms that you can rank for on search engines like Google and Bing, which are the primary sources of your traffic.

Initially, you are going to want to head over to a free keyword research tool – Ubersuggest.

Once you’re on the dashboard, type in a term related to your industry (for example, health, lose fat, make money online, learn music, etc.), and hit enter.

When you do that, it’ll tell you various metrics in the report.

Now, in the report, what you have to look at is the SEO difficulty score – which should be less than 30, and the CPC (Cost Per Click) – which should be at least $2 or more.

Low SEO difficulty score means that you’ll be able to rank for the term easily, and high CPC means that topic is worth writing as it drives conversions [because people (advertisers) are spending their money for the term already].

Continuing with the process, you want to scroll down a bit to the ‘keyword ideas‘ area in the report, and analyze all the suggested and related keywords.

Here, find all the keywords that have low SEO difficulty score, that ask a question, have a decent search volume (at least 500) and have a high CPC.

Make a table of 10 such (relevant and related) keywords to integrate within your article for writing optimized content.

From then, write informative content on the topics and include the best Clickbank products that actually turn visitors into customers.

Well, how’s that possible?

It’s easy. Just head over to Clickbank’s Affiliate Marketplace, and type in your keyword in the search bar.

Next, select Gravity from the drop-down options list that allows you to sort the products.

From the list of products, choose any product relevant to your topic, and I’m sure that it’s going to convert really well.

Just include the affiliate links in your content, publish it, submit your article URLs to Google through search console, share your content on social media, keep producing new content regularly, and within 4-5 weeks, you will start getting the desired results.

This will generate sustainable and scalable passive cash flow over time as you will write more informative articles.

That’s the secret of making passive income through a website.

2. Promotion Through YouTube Videos

Recording YouTube videos, educating people, and then driving them to buy Clickbank products has been a very popular method.

There’s nothing complex involved in this procedure.

You can simply take your phone out of the pocket, talk your truth, and then encourage people to try a Clickbank product that you’re an affiliate for.

It’s up to you. Whether you want to create educational content or just review different products.

You can make passive income from both content types.

I have a friend who earns over $8,000 per month passively, even with less than 200 subscribers.

Just for an example, here’s a review video I’ve found that includes Clickbank hoplinks;

You can also start making YouTube videos and then promote Clickbank products.

The best part is – you don’t necessarily have to be in front of the camera if you don’t wish to. Some animations, pictures, and your voice alone have the power to generate tons of sales.

Here’s a bonus video for you that explains everything down the road step-by-step.

If you want to start YouTube seriously, here’s a recommended YouTube kit you might want to check out.

3. Making Sales Through Voice

Utilizing voice as a marketing channel is one of the most beneficial things you could ever do in the whole life, to generate a passive income opportunity online.

Hmm…why’s that?

It’s because we’re just a decade away when people are going to make their financial decisions through Apple Siri and Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home.

Audio content is growing enormously. If you don’t take advantage of it right now, it’s going to be hard in the future.

Hence, you can record podcast episodes on the topics you like and then mention affiliate links in the description for people to buy.

There is not a whole bunch of things involved in it. Just record, publish, include affiliate links, and see your revenue going up.

But slow down grasshopper, it is going to take some time before you see some results (aka conversions).

If you want to start a podcast today, click here to check out the perfect podcasting kit for you to kickstart.

By the way, here are some ideas for you to record podcasts that will convert;

  1. Do a product review
  2. Educate people about something
  3. Share tips
  4. Share your own experience
  5. Have a guest who’s been benefited from the product
  6. Interview the product creator

That is going to work really well.

4. Pins On Pinterest

Pinterest is a rising popular platform with hundreds of millions of people sitting on it and consuming visual content every single day.

You can first create an account, fill out your profile information, create boards, and then finally create quality pins that link to the products you are an affiliate for.


You won’t find it worthy with the Clickbank URLs (hoplinks), as Pinterest may have some quality issues with the link. So, you’ll first have to write an article or record a video and then link that piece of content in your pins.

You are going to want to create at least 20-30 pins a day and keep doing them for some good results.

These are my working methods you can leverage for free.

Now, let’s switch to paid methods.

Paid Promotion Of Clickbank Products

Paid advertising is one of the fastest ways to grow your sales and revenue when done the right way.

You already know the major advertising platforms out there on the internet, right?

The leading platforms are Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter (that genuinely bring in some results).

Whichever one you choose, you can’t directly advertise the affiliate products as your ads won’t get approved with affiliate links.

So, in order to be efficient and effective, you’re first going to want to create a landing page, (ideally with an educational video & an opt-in email form), and then promote your link.

To build landing pages, you can use an amazing tool – AWeber Landing Pages for this. The tool allows you to create stunning landing pages and also lets you build your email list.

1. Using Facebook Ads

Now, IF YOU’RE SERIOUS about making money fast, here’s a video from my mentor that explains how to advertise Clickbank products using Facebook Ads (his strategies work forever).

2. Using Google Ads (Adwords)

Here’s another video tutorial that explains Google advertising.

3. Using YouTube Pre Roll Ads

Another video tutorial for advertising your products on YouTube.

Everything works fantastic if you follow the right advertising strategies.

With advertising, you can get results as soon as tonight.

WHAT I WOULD STILL RECOMMEND YOU IS YOU SHOULD TRY ONE THING AT A TIME. From my experience, Facebook Ads work super well to drive the most amount of sales (aka conversions).

Also, don’t forget to check out the free webinar to boost your income and skills for succeeding in 2024 and changing your life.

If You Enjoyed This Guide And Learned Something New, Please Let Me Know In The Comments Below. Also, If You Have Any Questions Or Problems, Feel Free To Ask, And I’ll Respond As Quickly As Possible.

[FAQs] Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Clickbank?

ClickBank is an online platform that allows you to promote products as an affiliate or drive affiliates to your products as a vendor and make money off of it.

Is Clickbank legit?

Yes, Clickbank is a hundred percent legit as it has received awards from the U.S. president, and it has also been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, The New York Times, Entrepreneur, Foundr, and all other major magazines.

Can You Really Make Money With Clickbank?

The answer is yes. You can make money with Clickbank. I myself generate five figures passively every single month. If you wish to do more work, you can even generate over six figures.

Will Clickbank survive in 2024?

For sure, it’s going to survive. The reason being is that it allows you to sell digital products. Digital products will get popular in the future.

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    So, if your the affiliate or vendor that’s associated with a specific purchase, your affiliate link will be used to promote other products instead of them just taking the credit for those sales like other networks do.

    Also, you can earn money by referring new affiliates and/or vendors to their network. I don’t think any of their competitors offer an option like that. Just another way to make money with them 🙂

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