A Winning Content Marketing Strategy For Businesses In 2024

Well, 2024 has come, and it’s no surprise that a lot of stuff is going to change this year in the industry of digital marketing, which many businesses won’t like. But you know what? You have to get through the changes and adapt if you want a long-term, sustainable business.

The best thing any business can do to get better is – chase the attention. Yes, that’s right! Attention is the key. You have to take your time doing the research where the attention of your targeted audience is.

Do they like reading short blog posts or long ones?

Do they prefer infographics or plain text?

Will they consider sticking to a well-designed piece of content or the traditional one?

Are they listening more to podcasts then just reading blogs?

Are they spending more time on social media sites? If yes, what are those platforms?

Do they love watching amazing videos and images?

And more (if anything is left) …

Basically, the point that I want to make here is the attention and user experience. Instead of throwing traditional and mean content, you have to focus more on the convenience of the content consumers.

A lot of dummies out there are trying to hook people, mislead them by making false claims, and Implementing non-sustainable tactics to get customers. People are getting to know things every single day. They are getting exposed to these scams every now and then, which makes it harder for you to appeal to them and convince them to buy your products or services.

But, there’s a solution to this; you need to reverse-engineer your content marketing strategy. And the ideology with which you do it is by keeping the end consumer first and providing uncomfortably large value that will make it possible for you to turn those unknown people (cold audience) to rising fans.

Specifically, what I’m saying is – you will have to build a brand. And, providing free value = branding.

Well, you must be thinking – why the heck I should build a brand, right?

Hmm…Good question.

It’s because people can copy your designs, your strategies, your content types, sales pages, funnels, marketing material, and more. But the one thing that they can’t copy is your brand.

There’s seriously very much competition down the road. And, if you don’t win the trust of the people, you won’t do well in the upcoming times.

That’s the reason.

With that being said, let’s move on to our content marketing strategy that will kill it in 2024 and beyond.

Let’s dive right in!

1. Laser Focus on Video Production

Including videos in your content marketing strategy is a must.

Video is still growing really fast in 2024. If you’re not producing video content in the form of educational, informational pieces, tutorials, free webinars, and vlogs for your business to grow fast and at scale, you, my friend, are making a humongous mistake.

Whether you are a gym owner, a restaurant owner, a marketing agency, an educational institution, an automobile company, a finance company, or even an affiliate marketing company, creating video content that engages people, shares information, educates them, and brings massive value, will be a factor in both of your present and future success.

YouTube – the giant video platform is adding hundreds of millions of people every year and scaling up. Facebook and LinkedIn are doubling down on video content as well. What does that symbolize? Video content is exploding, and it will continue to happen over the years – always.

Why? Because people can connect with your business as a person, to know that you are legit and different from others. Yea, sure, video reach is going to go down, but that only means it is getting popular.

If you optimize your videos according to various platforms and networks and produce more native content, you are going to do really great. Okay, but why did I mention ‘native content’ on here?

It’s because of the intent of the people. If a person is on Instagram, they must be there to have fun and consume the content of their favorite influencers. If the same person is on Facebook, they must be connecting with their friends and loved ones.

If they were to be on LinkedIn, they would have a business mindset. On YouTube, they must there to have a good time, get entertained, and learn something. Basically, the point is that people’s behavior on each platform is very different, and if you put out the same piece of video on every network or platform, it’s not going to work that well.

You have to find people’s interest and then shoot your content accordingly. This will take a lot of work and practice, but trust me; you will have a favorable advantage over the others in your industry.

This will skyrocket your success. In fact, a bit of similar advice comes from Convince and convert.

2. Voice is Exploding

Yes, that’s correct. Voice is also coming up and growing incredibly fast. The number of podcasts has increased to 700,000 by 2020 and is only going up. When I got to know this stat first, I was thinking, what unique quality does voice have that is making it grow? And the reason I was presented was again – convenience. Voice is more comfortable and natural to consume.

Whether you are driving a car, taking your dog out for a walk, or just wandering around, you just pull out your ear pods and listen to your favorite podcasts, and consume some useful content.

Well, for a better explanation of why you should double down on podcasting, here’s a comprehensive video from Gary himself that gives all the handy context needed.

He’s even mentioned that we are just a decade away when people are going to make their financial decisions via voice devices. Voice is winning everywhere. According to Quoracreative, roughly 50% of the total searches held on Google are voice searches.

3. Leverage User Friendly and Well-Designed Blogs

Leverage well-designed and user friendly blogs for better marketing results.

You see, these people saying that blogging/written content doesn’t work well now. But that’s not true. Blogging still kills it. In fact, according to Hubspot, 51% of the marketers still prioritize blogging as their content marketing strategy.

So, not considering blogging can be a huge mistake. You think people don’t read blogs now. But that’s not true – only the way they do it has changed.

Well, how’s the way changed?

Let me illustrate – Earlier people had no other option than visiting site to site for finding their desired information. But now, there’s video and voice in the competition. If you want people to stick with your company longer, you need to incorporate both video, voice, and exceptional designing in your posts.

You already know that Backlinko blog, right? Or not exaggerating, even the blog you are reading right now. It’s not as impressive the Brian’s, but as I love to publish more content, I don’t go for the custom coding, for it takes a long time. Still, with simple tweaks in the designs, I get a way better response from my readers.

Some great marketers said that your design is the silent ambassador of your brand. It requires courage and work, which the majority of the people don’t like to do. If you do that, you are going to see better results over time. You’ll see that your rankings, traffic, and conversions, everything will touch the sky. The reason behind this is quality. When you provide qualitative things, you’ll get the same in return.

Utilizing this will drastically improve your sales campaigns. Also, you can include case studies and stats for the industry and the audience to recognize you.

Bonus tip – leveraging visual content (infographics and images) will also improvise and cherish your results for visual searches are also increasing. Pinterest – the most potent visual content platform has over 300 million monthly active users sitting on it. You could be the next brand on there.

4. Focus on New and Other Platforms

You all know the days of 2007 when Facebook came out, and people didn’t try it. Now, it’s TikTok and LinkedIn that are coming out with massive organic reach. Besides Google, there’s Bing and Yahoo that offer great results.

You have got to mention all these platforms and networks for the better. You have to taste different things out. Luckily, some of them could be tastier than the existing ones. Even if they are not, you’ll be able to learn a different consumer behavior that can help you stand out with an appealing and creative approach.

5. Final Advice

Good content marketing model involves lots of free value in it.

I’m not going to stretch it like rubber and will come right in the middle. If you want to succeed with your content marketing in 2024, focus more on providing free, informative, valuable, different, engaging, and native content to people as that will differentiate you from the current industry leaders, and help you lead to success.

Also, you need to adjust to the changing environments and happily accept the visual era of video and images, and voice. Disrupt the industry by discovering your own ways and getting crazy results. That’s it.

Thanks For Reading This Post. If You Have Any Content Marketing Questions, Problems, Or Suggestions, Please Share Below In The Comments. Thanks Again.

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