If you’re really serious about your growth, you should be using the right things.

Here are our most recommended YouTube kit that you should be using to make professional, engaging, and quality videos.

Right below are the following things you need to get started:

Best Affordable Camera

The first thing that comes in mind with shooting your videos is a great quality and also an affordable camera.

For that, you should definitely check out The Canon EOS Rebel DSLR T6 Camera.

So, why did we recommend The Canon EOS Rebel?

1. It’s not very costly and is also the best camera in the price range.

2. 5-star customer reviews.

3. Reputed company product.

4. Available at Amazon.

5. You get The Ultimate Canon Bundle, Memory Card, Shoulder Bag, SanDisk SDXC 64 GB, Lens, and Cleaning Cloth just for $499.95.

Strong Tripod

With a camera, you’ll also require a tripod that will help you shoot properly.

According to our experience, you should be using GEEKOTO 77″ Tripod

Why did we select the GEEKOTO 77″ for you?

1. Light-weighted and flexible.

2. Cheap to buy and long-lasting.

3. 19″ compatible storage size and can be easily carried anywhere with a bag.

Crystal Clear Microphone

Now that you have a professional camera and a strong tripod, your ‘watch’ problem is solved successfully. But what about the ‘voice’ problem?

Your audio quality matters a lot because it’s the only thing that engages people after the visual part.

For that, you should be using MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

So, why did we pick this up for you?

1. Multipurpose condenser microphone.

2. Balanced bass response with high-end clarity.

3. Comparatively affordable.

4. Great patented design.

5. Low noise FET preamp.

A Versatile Video Editing Software

The final part is to edit your videos like a pro. Well, how do you do that?

One simple answer is using Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate: The Video Editing Software

What do you get with Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate?

1. A very versatile tool to use and take advantage of.

2. Available at Amazon for both digital download and disc.

3. Over 2000 video effects and filters.

4. Cheaper than Adobe Premiere Pro.

This is our YouTube Kit that we suggest you use for growing your channel and unleash your creativity.

Also, for your convenience, we’ve made a kit that you can visit clicking here to check the required products.

We’ll see you at the top.

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