Five content formats that work really well on LinkedIn and can boost you overall reach plus branding.

5 Popular Content Formats That Kill It On LinkedIn In 2020

LinkedIn is no longer a tool used to find jobs and hire people for organizations. Over the past few years, it has shown a significantly impacting growth in the world of social media.

It’s now a very vast and effective content platform for the B2B industry with organic reach at scale.

With over 660 million monthly active users, this marketing channel is touching the sky and attracting millions of new users every single month.

If your business is in the B2B sector, creating content for LinkedIn can genuinely help you get more leads, build relationships, acquire potential customers, and grow your network fast.

In this post, we want to share the top 5 content formats that work really well on LinkedIn to bring awareness to your business by getting more engagement, referrals, and massive organic reach.

Have a look at them below.

1. Optimized Videos

Videos have been doing a great job on LinkedIn over the past two years. LinkedIn is pushing video content as high as possible as people’s behavior to consume content has totally changed. You, as a business, should be posting optimized videos for getting more eyeballs to your brand.

But you need to keep in mind that only optimized video format shows the expected results.

Here’s what is meant by this:

 A. Videos Between 30 Seconds And 5 Minutes

On other social channels, long videos tend to perform better, but that’s not the case with LinkedIn. With the content-type being so popular, people get distracted pretty easily and switch if it’s longer than 5 minutes. Also, an extensive study shows that people stop watching videos if they are longer than 60 seconds. Hence, you will have to be more specific about the length before publishing.

 B. Industry Insight Videos, Interviews, And Tutorials 

People on LinkedIn are anxious to consume valuable content and learn various informative plus applicable things. Posting short industry insight videos, engaging interviews (don’t necessarily have to be with influencers), and how-to pieces intended to teach people get way more reach and engagement.

 C. Raw Instead Of Edited

With a lot of edits, your videos represent the traditionalistic company culture of Silicon Valley. It should be as raw as possible with a minimum of editings like having a professional background, weird sound effects, and transitions. With implementing this, you will find more people are going to engage with your content, and it will perform even better than you might think. After all, keeping it simple yet valuable always grabs attention.

 D. Videos With CTAs And Questions 

As LinkedIn prioritizes comments as the most influencing form of engagement, you need to have more high-quality comments on your posts for them to go viral. For this, including a call to action or question in the ending part of the video can boost the engagement that can help you trend on the feed page. 

Fundamentals of starting a business by Shivansh Bhanwariya

2. Text-Only Short Generic Posts 

Posts with images and graphics designed to teach something haven’t been noticed to get more reach on LinkedIn when you don’t have a bigger following already. You want to make it super original and native for getting noteworthy outcomes. The reason is that all the users on the site there are highly qualified and knowledgeable to understand which content is useful and which one is not. Your posts don’t have to be fancy to get the most engagement and views. The more uncomplicated, structured, straightforward, and estimable your posts are, the better.

Also, they don’t have to be long chunks of paragraphs. Something more concise and more comfortable to read will perform more satisfying than long ones. 

Why? It’s because shorter content is more manageable to consume, and also, it leads to a small discussion that inspires people to share their views back. In other words, you get more comments or likes.

3. Engrossing Slideshows

If you haven’t utilized documents in your posts, you should be using those for sure. This is a new way to communicate with people and get your message out. From a marketing standpoint, people engage more with document slideshows on LinkedIn. Big brands and influencers are taking advantage of this format enormously.

With not having the time to create videos specifically for LinkedIn, uploading documents that explain something step-by-step, share tips, or even bestow some different experiences/perspectives can make your way across to the top.

Here’s an example to understand:

4. Perfect Articles 

One of the best ways to connect with LinkedIn’s audience is by providing uncomfortably driven value with writing articles through the LinkedIn publishing platform where you are free to write even as a nobody. 

But again, there are some things to be taken care of while producing and publishing your informative and promotional LinkedIn articles.

 A. Title Length Of 40-49 Characters

recent study that analyzed 3,000 LinkedIn articles shows that articles with titles between 40-49 characters get the most number of views overall. What this proves is you have to make your titles shorter and compelling for increasing the click-through rate. This will help you get more users for free.

 B. Long Articles

Unlike regular posts, the articles you produce should be long enough for the audience to enjoy as they drive more traffic with the help of shares and referrals than short interest-based articles. The ideal length of an article to stand out is about 1900-2000 words.

 C. Articles With Images

You have previously been aware that text-only content does wonders on LinkedIn. That’s not the case with articles. The more relevant images you have, the better you’re going to be off. Ideally, you should be using at least eight images in your articles.

 D. How-to And List Articles

Writing how-to and list articles can give you extra views. It’s because these types of articles are directly associated with people’s general life queries and problems. People keep on looking for solutions and tips. And that’s what how-to and list articles are all about.

5. Case Studies With Links

LinkedIn’s userbase is a fan of case studies. When you post case studies in your posts with an excellent looking graphic, it’s going to get more and more reach overtime. The reason being is that people react to case studies almost instantly. And when it happens, the LinkedIn algorithm takes notice, and you get to meet a broader targeted new public.

Therefore, leveraging case studies as your posts can bring in new users for you as a business or an individual, and also, increase your all-inclusive reputation in the industry for sharing something dissimilar.

Here’s a bonus graphic to share five fun facts about LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is considered one of the top content marketing platforms around the world. Here are 5 fun facts or stats about LinkedIn to notice.


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