John Crestani Review: Is John Crestani A Scam? (All Details You Need To Know)

So you just got to know about this weird looking internet marketing and found out some of his courses. Yeah, I’m talking about John Crestani!

The guy comes across as pretty aggressive on all of his marketing channels and teaches people how to generate an income online.

But what is the reality? Is John Crestani a genuine guy or just another ‘guru’ who doesn’t know what he is talking about?

This review unravels every detail concerning the man behind the Super Affiliate System (SAS), John Crestani. Crestani is a well-established internet marketer. The affiliate marker reins from Los Angeles.

Notably, he is infamous for selling contentious products as well as services on online platforms through affiliate marketing. He also pushes his own products that are criticized by a lot of haters.

For those of you who don’t know, affiliate marketing involves selling products of different companies or personalities and earning a commission as a result.

A book by Tim Ferriss, “4-Hour Workweek“, changed his life for the better. After reading it, this digital nomad broke the norm for the 9-5 jobs that have a lot of pressure from corporate employers.

Crestani decided to venture into an online business that could earn him income passively when all the systems are set and running. Remember, in this error of information, it not nut-cracking to become an online business owner.

As a digital entrepreneur, John started humbly and grew up the ranks into a successful digital marketer. Eventually, he became a sensation when he featured in Forbes at the age of 26. At the time, he was earning $500k in a month from his internet marketing job.

Besides, he boasts of having created a premium course to train masses on how to sell products and services online. Aside, the course also delivers knowledge on how to gain money through affiliate marketing and freelancing.

According to Crestani, as an affiliate marketer, your only job is to sell the product better than the merchant(s) can sell. And I completely agree with that.

However, there has been an emergence of success stories from the SAS and criticism in equal measure. Therefore, as you read this review, you will have to understand every bit that you wish to discover about John Crestani and the SAS system.

Before you find out more information about John Crestani, I want to let you know what I am not an affiliate of John’s products by any means. It’s a one hundred percent non-bias review.

Who is John Crestani?

Who is John Crestani

Well, John Crestani is a popular internet marketing guru/specialist who is followed by a lot of people all across the world.

After quitting his corporate job, it took him a few years to establish an empire in digital affiliate marketing.

Noteworthy, he is not only an affiliate marketer himself but a couch to all aspiring digital marketers and teaches them how they can earn commissions from selling products of other people/companies across the board.

Besides, he is the founder of an online marketing system (a value-packed course here) referred to as Super Affiliate System that he uses to coach his students.

On top of that, he uses the SAS system in his affiliate marketing business as well (to promote it with the help of a team or network of sub-affiliates and earn commissions).

Reportedly, the turning point of John came after he read a business book by Tim Ferriss, “4- Hour Workweek”, which criticizes the known norm of corporate working hours 9 to 5 and instead, gives directions on how you can venture into online business for achieving the freedom you want.

Importantly, the book illustrates how you can cease trading time to make money. It discusses how you can build a business that can operate fully on its own after you have built them and earn your cash passively.

However, with Ferriss’s tips and self-hustle, he created a competitive affiliate marketing network. Surprisingly, the marketing network currently generates about $250000- $500000 in a month. With his huge earnings, he can travel the world over on-demand scales.

Nonetheless, the successes of John Crestani did come overnight. It took him years and handwork with false experimentation until he could achieve a profitable business.

Is John Crestani A Scam?

According to my personal experience and reliable online sources, Crestani is a genuine entrepreneur. Besides, John’s attributes include wanting to assist people to earn their cash seamlessly.

On top of that, his online affiliate marketing course is useful and trusted by the masses.

The guy has vast knowledge about the Crestani brand is imperative. You can access all information by accessing comments all around the web.

These comments include appreciation/support and criticism from individuals who have learned from his affiliate marketing course.

These graduates are very resourceful because they have worked with John, unlike those who comment just in the air without even analyzing what John does.

Besides, Crestani, upon realizing that traditional marketing strategies were not the best strategies to make money selling his services or products, he opted to utilize his experience at an eBay marketing agency.

Although some of his marketing techniques might seem fraudulent, his tactics are useful if you take the time to understand them. He is a great marketer and he knows what he does.

With the knowledge as a marketer in a marketing firm, he gained experience in affiliate marketing and the pay-per-click model of advertising (PPC advertising). Most importantly, affiliate marketing assists John to pay other online sites like Google, Facebook, and Bing to feature product ads while making money into his pocket.

Inconsolably, John promises no spectral secret to increasing web traffic to become an affiliate seller with paid ads. Rather, he emphasizes mastering how affiliate marketing works. Also, he insists that once you understand the entire process, you should experiment with it till you get the desired results.

So, to sum it all, is John Crestani a scam? No, he is more of a master online marketer who understands affiliate marketing and knows how to run million-dollar advertising campaigns to earn money. He is also an expert in selling digital products that are priced high. People spot him as a scammer because he is a little bit aggressive with his marketing strategies.

Ever since, Crestani has done huge marketing on YouTube and Facebook and reached an audience all across the world…people started referring to him as a scammer. Reportedly, affiliate marketers like Tai Lopez also faced scam claims.

But the guy has made enormous earnings through YouTube ads, Google search ads, and YouTube ads. However, he still made strides from his super presentations on YouTube about Amazon Sales Blueprint and Real Estate Flipping Program.

Therefore, having massive exposure and success may, unfortunately, gets one labeled as a scam, but when you are genuine, nothing can stop you from succeeding.

John Crestani Net Worth

John Crestani Net Worth

John is not a charlatan, and he makes money from online affiliate marketing. Notably, when working at the Los Angeles agency, he was able to help the agency to realize an extra $110000 in terms of revenue.

But that was then, you may ask, but what is he worth now? Crestani, on his own, makes $250-$500k every month. Besides, the most successful year, his company made $3000000 (well 2.9 million dollars to be exact).

Initially, Crestani solely earned through internet marketing. However, due to his years of experience and expertise in online business, he has diverted his skills and energy to YouTuhe.

As a YouTuber, he gives resourceful information about his experience in the industry but still earns from merchants who advertise through his YouTube channel since he has a huge following.

John Crestani On Forbes- Real or Fake?

Is John Crestani Real Or Fake On Forbes

[have watched John on YouTube, and you would have probably have watched him also. John is a popular affiliate internet marketer. As an entrepreneur, his online business successes have seen him climb ranks, and he has featured in publications like business insider and Forbes.

Forbes published his story due to his successes, having moved from humble starting to reaches. His job as an affiliate internet marketer and how he illustrates to his students how he reaches the 250- 500k USD a month mark.

Forbes and Business Insider to publications speak volume. Essentially for a reputable magazine like Forbes to publish your story, they must have done some homework.

The Forbes magazine researches the history of Crestani, how he began and whether the revenues he earns are legit. The publication gives every detail on John Crestani.

According to Forbes, at only 22 years he was hired by a marketing agency in Los Angeles recruited Crestani. It’s here he familiarised himself and subsequently ran 20 merchant accounts. Noteworthy, he was crafting compelling adverts and had effective bidding techniques.

Equal, John grew at paid adverts and grew clients business 40 times. Due to his efficiency in marketing, his boss could make upwards of $100K every month. Soon later, the boss was unable to appreciate the value of John to the agency.

Instead of rewarding John with a pay rise, he asks him to keep working. These things didn’t sit well with this digital marketer, and he was eventually sent packing.

Nonetheless, since Crestani had good networks and had clients keep him afloat. He used them to pursue his dream. Thus, this man is not fake; instead, he is a real master of affiliate marketing, and nothing can bring him down.

John Crestani Course Review

Super Affiliate System

Back in the day, John used to sell a course called Internet JetSet…but now, he has combined all the small products and created a new course called the Super Affiliate System (SAs).

This program has all the information essential to help affiliate marketing enthusiasts pursue marketing or selling or marketing with ease. It offers a 60-day money-back guarantee in case you are dissatisfied with SAS.

That means you can ask for a refund by mailing the address provided in the product package. SAS intends to offer an affiliate marketing model that helps many people earn high by promoting affiliate offers to the masses. It guides one to demystify the need to understand information about internet marketing.

What Do You Learn In John Crestani’s Course?

This course is organized in the form of modules that are delivered through lessons. The lessons are organized in a manner that you get step-by-step knowledge and help you learn skills on how to become a super affiliate. The following are the lessons taught;

Online Traffic Generation

In order to draw crowds to your product, you need to understand how to generate organic traffic on your site. Organic traffic plays an important role when it comes to scaling your business.

Organic traffic is free traffic for what you don’t have to spend a dime to get customers. This is such a profitable skill to master if you want to achieve consistent results without having to spend any money to drive visitors.

John has a lot of helpful content regarding this that you can learn and apply that to your online business for better traffic.

Introduction To JetSet

This session majorly entails introducing the entire course. Also, Crestani tries to instill the expected mindset in you to absorb the information. As I already told you, the Internet JetSet was a course John used to sell individually in the past…It was a beginner-focused course.

Hence, you get to meet the course once again in the Super Affiliate System. In this course, John is going to teach you the basics, what type of thinking you need to develop for becoming an online entrepreneur, and a lot of helpful stuff.

Selecting A Niche

Niche selection is extremely important if you want to be a successful online business owner. You can pick a YMYL niche with a lot of competition and end up with no results even after putting in a lot of work.

Hence, you have to pick a niche that is neither very competitive and you have enough data to decide that there is a decent number of people interested in that.

Crestani will guide you on choosing something that you have passion for and understand, and something that is profitable if you choose to market it.

Search Engine Optimization

This session’s objective is to give you essential tips to SEO foundations that are a must-have as an online affiliate marketer. SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization.

What this means is that you create and optimize content for search engines to rank your content at the top and reward you with a lot of free traffic. John will walk you through each step of the way and teach you everything you need to know about SEO.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube earns Crestani a huge portion of his affiliate marketing income. In this area, he is an expert per se. Advisably, | would insist that you take great concern in any information taught detailing this section.

John himself drives millions of views every year from YouTube. Currently, he has close to 500k subscribers on YouTube and the numbers will only go up.

John Crestani Super Affiliate System review

Not just YouTube SEO, but you will also learn how to profitably run advertisements on YouTube to earn money either as an affiliate or a product creator/seller.

Basics Of The Web

Notably, in this section, you acquire training on how to establish a website using WordPress. Besides, you will learn how to write a copy or a pitch that sells. It is true that the world of the internet is empty without websites.

And having a website can really help you in many ways as a marketer such as driving visitors for free, selling products through product pages, some branding benefits, and a lot of other things.

Product Launches

You get a guide on how to conduct pre-launch, effectively utilize your traffic to increase sales, and come up with a great product launch.

Products launches are great because you have an opportunity to gather an audience that has or develops interest around your products and when the product goes live, you get thousands of sales initially, which makes the products even more popular to drive consistent sales.

Some of my blogger friends have earn over $500000 in a single day, doing product launches the right way…and John will teach you all of that in the course.

Authoritative Review sites

One of the secrets in affiliate marketing is using authority sites to generate organic traffic and affiliate product sales. Crestani will unmask every detail on that.

Review websites are great because they open the doors of new opportunities for you to promote products via blogging and make sales on a regular basis with just a small amount of work upfront.

Email Marketing

In this lesson, you will get training on applying tools such as AWeber, Market Hero, and GetResponse to effectively conduct email marketing. Importantly, it’s imperative to establish a firm foundation creating a list and growing your target audience.

Email marketing is one of most profitable ways you can advertise or promote your products. Stats say that every dollar you spend on email marketing brings back $44 in return.

John himself is quite aggressive and strategic about email marketing. You probably know this if you have ever subscribed to his emails. Even I get a lot of his emails. He will teach you the same but I would advise you not to be extremely aggressive for people start to lose interest in your personal brand/brand if you do that

PPC Advertising

In this section, John teaches you how to run paid advertisement campaigns to promote affiliate products and generate revenue quickly, profitably, and strategically.

He advertises on major platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Bing, Google, and Quora himself and he is going to reveal all of his strategies there in the course.

What I love about the course is that you will also get access to John’s Lookalike audience that you can use to get sales quickly without spending a lot of money. Some people have made over a thousand dollars after spending two hundred dollars on their first day itself.

Forum Marketing

This is a small yet important section in the course. You will learn how to drive traffic with the help of forums like Quora, Warrior Form, and other related ones by answering people’s questions and actually helping them.

But this, not all you get. There are a lot of other courses, webinars, guides, and most importantly, there’s a community of online entrepreneurs to give you the confidence that is required for becoming an internet entrepreneur.

Overall, you will have to spend a lot of time learning because the course is really in-depth. It can take up to six weeks (yes, 6 weeks) before you can complete the lessons.

Is Super Affiliate System A Scam?

John Crestani’s 5A5 course is a real and helpful course. It has been referred to many as a course that aspiring affiliate marketer needs to study in order to make money online.

Having made affiliate income selling on YouTube, Facebook, Google, and other paid ads sites, getting this course from a successful man in affiliate marketing like John is the best initiative to take.

Remember having a lead through any front doors is inadequate. Therefore, of have to offer either a product or a service. And what this course entails. The course has excellent tutorials that explicitly show you how to get it done.

The information is expounded and visually represented for you to not make any blunder. Thus the course equips you with these tactics.

Additionally, from success stories of students who graduate from SAS course, it evident that the course is legit. Equally important, the quality and attention to every detail are paramount in this training program. John has endeavored to establish a unique system.

The program is easy for newbies and veteran users to understand. Furthermore, the neighborhood that accompanies the system continuously reveals positive results.

Besides people, it’s reported that the masses are making money courtesy of the lessons offered through the SAS course. 50, these revelations from affiliate marketers mentored by John are a clear indication that you should not be worried if you are interested in discovering this online business.

Should You Take John Crestani Course?

Should you buy the Super Affiliate System by John Crestani?

There are no restrictions as to who can take the SAS course. Therefore, it would be wrong if we say that the SAS course is for a certain group of people that said, in light of the information taught in the course, veteran internet affiliate marketers and newbies will be comfortable with what is offered.

The course sheds light on the importance of doing paid ads which can lead some to losses. Otherwise, if you rely on free traffic online sites, this may be troublesome to your business.

Nonetheless, Crestani will coach you on what easily operates in a comprehensive manner. Again the course takes care of those afraid of making mistakes and is not aware of what to do in case a mistake happens.

Thus it would be best if you discovered it with a trusted name like John that paid advertisements are never complicated if the right strategies are applied.

If Not John’s, Should You Take Other Courses?

I have learned from a lot of people including John. What I have come down to is that you don’t really need any kind of course if you don’t want.

On the other hand, if you think you should take a course to guide you each step of the way and contribute to your success, definitely go for it. Everyone works and thinks differently. Course can surely help you not make the mistakes people make and save you a lot of money. After all, time is money.

Pros of John Crestani’s Course

  • The course offers useful skills and knowledge for people who aspire to venture into affiliate internet marketing.
  • The content of the course is comprehensive and well organized for easy understanding with practical illustrations.
  • You enrol the course with an empty slate, but upon completion, you leave with vast knowledge on affiliate marketing and with everything you would want to discover about this online business.
  • The course offers affiliate marketing lessons and skills to generate traffic, launching, and web establishment.
  • After the course, you can become a trusted affiliate marketer courtesy of having trained from a reputable super affiliate marketing system.

Cons Of John Crestani’s Course

  • Most of John’s content is old-fashioned, and even if he updates his content periodically, it’s doubted whether it can stand the test of time.
  • The fact that Crestani covers a wide spectrum of areas, as seen above, it’s claimed that his delivery majorly doesn’t discuss a subject matter shallowly. For instance, the subject of how to launch a blog on affiliate marketing would take about 50 hours. Crestani would want to teach it in one module, which is unrealistic.
  • John also wants his graduates to work under him, which means he is expanding his empire at the expense of the success of his students.

In Conclusion

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative online business model. The testimonies of success stories of brands/entities like that of John Crestani are worth listening to. But first, you need to be a master like the art like Crestani did while in Los Angeles working for the marketing agency.

People call John a scammer and they call every other entrepreneur who has built an online business the same whether it be Neil Patel, Gary Vaynerchuk, or John Crestani.

If you want to learn, you should definitely try John’s products. If not products, you can check out his website as well as YouTube channel where he has shared a lot of free information.

I believe that everything will fall into the right place if you put in the work and energy that an online business requires upfront.

I hope you found this John Crestani review or Super Affiliate System review helpful. If you have anything to share, please feel free to write your thoughts or experiences in the comments section down below.

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