10 ClickMagick Alternatives For Better Tracking And Marketing (Free & Paid)

ClickMagick is one of my favorite software when it comes to tracking links of my paid advertising campaigns and affiliate marketing campaigns.

The tool provides you a hell lot of features and work flexibility that you can utilize to grow your online business.

But I have seen some people asking for some affordable and valuable ClickMagick alternatives lately. So, for that reason, I’ve come up with this listicle about the best ClickMagick alternatives you can check out for better marketing, advertising, and tracking.

And some of the software here are free and some are paid. I have also requested the companies for extended trials and discounts that you can take advantage of.

Hence, let’s jump right into our listicle and find out some great alternatives to ClickMagick.

Best ClickMagick Alternatives

  1. Voluum
  2. BeMob
  3. ClickMeter
  4. LinkTrackr
  5. Improvely
  6. AdsBridge
  7. Linkly
  8. Thrive Tracker
  9. LinkTrack
  10. Click.org

1. Voluum

Voluum: ClickMagick competitor

The first tool we have got on our list of ClickMagick alternatives is Voluum. Voluum is a top-rated ad tracking and affiliate link tracking software used by thousands and thousands of people in the world of internet marketing.

The platform is already integrated with over 40 traffic sources such as Google Ads, Facebook, Outbrain, Propeller Ads, etc.

Marketers and individuals can easily track, optimize, and automate their campaigns using Voluum. You can track everything in one place for easy workflow and better usability.

They offer features such as auto optimizing your advertising campaigns, integration with the major traffic sources, their Traffic Distribution AI automatically send more traffic to top-performing landing pages, you also get access to an anti-fraud kit, users can access a unique affiliate marketing dashboard, set up custom conversion tracking, do direct linking, have access to real-time statistics & insights, and there are a dozen different things I can just keep on writing about.

Voluum Pricing Plans

Voluum PlanVoluum Pricing
Discover Plan$69 a month
Profit Plan$128 a month
Grow Plan$426 a month
Agency Plan$999 a month

Pros Of Voluum

  • The affiliate tracker has a lot of useful features
  • Integrated with major traffic sources
  • Cheaper than ClickMagick
  • They also provide free traffic as a bonus
  • A lot of free webinars and guides for affiliates/marketers

Cons Of Voluum

  • Customer support takes a little bit longer to respond
  • Users will have to spend a significant amount of time learning the software

Official Website: https://voluum.com

2. BeMob

BeMob: ClicMagick alternative

The second tool we have got is BeMob. BeMob is a powerful tracking software for affiliate marketers who are struggling to gather some important data having a hard time optimizing their affiliate campaigns to get more sales.

But not just for affiliate marketers alone. Every media buyer/advertiser can use BeMob for better tracking and analytics.

With BeMob, users can track their campaigns, manage the traffic data, analyze reports, optimize campaigns’ performances, and collaborate with your team as well as affiliates for taking the growth to the next level.

Some of the features BeMod offers are – seamless redirects, fraud protection, automatic optimization of campaigns, API-integrated traffic sources, multichannel notifications, cookieless tracking, multi funnel tracking, etc.

Whether you are a beginner advertiser/affiliate marketer, an experienced/professional individual, or an agency, you can use the power of BeMob for the better.

BeMob Pricing Plans

BeMob PlanBeMob Pricing
Free Plan$0 a month
Professional Plan$49 a month
Business Plan$249 a month
Enterprise Plan$499 a month

Pros Of BeMob

  • Software is very easy to use
  • Offers cookieless tracking
  • A versatile tool all kinds of businesses can use
  • Multi-language UI and support
  • Offers a free plan people can take advantage of

Cons Of BeMob

  • Only email support is available
  • Beginners will have to figure stuff out
  • A little bit (not too much) poor user interface

Official Website: https://bemob.com

3. ClickMeter


ClickMeter is another popular ClickMagick alternative that a lot of people talk about in the industry. With ClickMagick, you can create a tracking link in seconds, use it in your advertisements, and get real-time reports.

They are used by over 100,000 small and big businesses all across to globe for better advertising and affiliate tracking.

Whether you are a publisher, an affiliate marketer, an advertiser, or an agency, they provide necessary features for all sizes of business entities.

There are tens and tens of features offered by the tool such as first click redirects, countdown links, location, and language targeting, view and click tracking, trend reports, conversion comparison data reports, private and public share, integration with major platforms, multiple API keys, etc.

If you are looking for a strong and versatile ClickMagick alternative, ClickMeter is the software you should go after.

ClickMeter Pricing Plans

ClickMeter PlanClickMeter Pricing
Medium Plan$29 a month
Large Plan$99 a month
X-Large Plan$349 a month

Pros Of ClickMeter

  • Very simple and fast tool
  • Extremely easy to use and no fluff
  • Affordable for beginner affiliate marketers/advertisers
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee

Cons Of ClickMeter

  • Only email support is available
  • Setup takes a little longe
  • Compatibility issues have been reported by users with browsers

Official Website: https://clickmeter.com

4. LinkTrackr

Link Tracker: alternative to ClickMagick

The next ClickMagick alternative we have is LinkTrackr. LinkTrackr is a very powerful software or tool that can make your marketing and tracking way easier.

First of all, LinkTrackr is a trusted software that has been around in the space for over a decade and has over 12000 users tracking and cloaking their affiliate links by utilizing the power of technology it offers.

With LinkTrackr, you can cloak your affiliate links, shorten your links, work with major affiliate marketing networks out there, redirect users based on locations, work with Google Analytics, insert retargeting codes in cloaked affiliate links, perform split testing, and achieve high ROI (Return On Investment).

You can use your own domain name and easily optimize your campaigns for the better. They have also shared a lot of different videos, guides, and blog posts that you can read to learn more about the tool.

What I really like about the tool is that they offer four (4) different pricing plans and the pricing starts at only seventeen dollars a month.

Link Trackr Pricing Plans

Link Trackr PlanLink Trackr Pricing
Basic Plan$17 a month
Pro Plan$27 a month
Hyper Plan$47 a month
Extreme Plan$77 a month

Pros On Link Trackr

  • Simple and fast user interface (UI)
  • Very affordable compared to other tools
  • A lot of positive reviews
  • A trusted software to use
  • Offers all the features you need as an affiliate marketer
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • A lot of tutorials available for new users

Cons Of Link Trackr

  • Only email support available and it is quite slow
  • You might get confused in the beginning but will get used to it soon

Official Website: https://www.linktrackr.com

5. Improvely


Improvely once again is a conversion tracking and click fraud monitoring tool affiliate marketers and advertisers use for better performance of their campaigns by saving extra ad spend.

You can use Improvely with Google Ads, Facebook ads, Bing ads, Taboola, Twitter ads, and AdRoll.

Improvely is used by over 7000 marketing professionals to optimize their ad campaigns well and get a high return on investment.

Users can start a free trial of Improvely and test the platform out without having to pay a single dime. I really like companies that offer free trials because it shows they believe in the products or services they sell.

As an affiliate, you can track the commission sources, protect your keyword lists, cloak your links, integrate with tens of affiliate marketing networks as well as programs, and access real-time statistics.

If you want to lower the customer acquisition costs, test new landing pages, analyze user behavior, and have full control over your business, you should definitely check out Improvely.

Improvely Pricing Plans

Improvely PlanImprovely Pricing
Freelancer Plan$29 a month
Startup Plan$79 a month
Small Agency Plan$149 a month
Large Agency Plan$299+ a month

Pros Of Improvely

  • A trusted tool used by thousands of marketers
  • Affordable compared to other similar tools
  • Offers a 14-day free trial to users
  • Unlimited campaigns can be tracked

Cons Of Improvely

  • Access denied in some countries
  • UI and UX could have been a little stronger

Official Website: https://www.improvely.com

6. AdsBridge

AdBridge: alternative to ClickMagick

This ClickMagick alternative was used by me and my team back in the day. Well, I didn’t switch to ClickMagick because it was not good enough, but because I started promoting ClickMagick and it turned out to be the ‘ClickFunnels’ in the tracking industry for me.

Anyways, AdsBridge is another affiliate tracking software that marketers can use to take their marketing campaigns to the next level. And not just marketers, but everyone who is involved in advertising, publishing, and marketing.

Users can track their campaigns, analyze the data, manage, optimize, and monetize the campaigns using AdsBridge for more profits.

They have been in the industry for over four years and operate in over 160 countries. Also, they have over 100 integrated affiliate networks.

From split testing, conversion tracking, building landing pages, PPC tracking, pixel tracking, and fraud guarding to ad tracking and link rotating, you can do everything using AdsBridge.

They also offer four different pricing plans that start from twenty-nine dollars a month and go all the way up to three hundred and seventy-nine dollars a month on the high end.

AdsBridge Pricing Plans

AdsBridge PlanAdsBridge Pricing
Starter Plan$29 a month
Professional Plan$89 a month
Advanced Agency Plan$199 a month
Business Agency Plan$379 a month

Pros Of AdsBridge

  • Easy to use software that people can use
  • Offers a 14-day free trial
  • Provides live chat support

Cons Of AdsBridge

  • The mobile version could have been better
  • The team should work on speed issues

Official Website: https://www.adsbridge.com

7. Linkly

Linkly tracking software

The next tool we have is Linkly. Linkly is a fantastic tracking tool and affordable solution for all kinds of marketers who are looking to track their links to prevent click fraud and optimize their campaigns well.

It is absolutely free to be used and the paid plan starts at only twenty-nine dollars a month. You get features like customizable social media previews, link shortening, link redirects, visual click tracking reports, geo-targeting, link rotating, team collaboration, and integration with major platforms in the internet marketing world.

You can learn more about how Linkly works by visiting their official website. They also offer a forever-free plan that you can take advantage of.

Linkly Pricing Plans

Linkly PlanLinkly Pricing
Basic PlanFree forever
Plus Plan$29 a month
Business Plan$79-3999 a month

Pros Of Linkly

  • Offers a forever free plan
  • Trusted tool and URL shortener used by thousands
  • A 14-day free trial on paid plans
  • Live chat support provided
  • Email support provided as well
  • Offers features at affordable rates

Cons Of Linkly

  • The website’s user interface holds me back
  • No other cons other than this

Official Website: https://www.linklyhq.com

8. Thrive Tracker

clickmagick alternatives: Thrive Tracker

Thrive Tracker is a premier AI tracker that marketers use to boost their campaigns’ performances. They offer features such as AI optimization, bot filter (click fraud in other words), fast redirects, auto-scaling, LP pixel, funnel support, and multi-user access.

They offer a completely free fourteen-day free trial so that affiliate marketers, advertisers, publishers, and online marketers can test their tool.

Their pricing plans differ according to the number of clicks and you can visit their official website to find out more information regarding their pricing plans.

Pros Of Thrive Tracker

  • Very fast and efficient tool
  • Offers world-class support
  • A lot of features are provided at affordable rates

Cons Of Thrive Tracker

  • The website’s design is not ideal (too fancy)
  • The tool can be a bit difficult to learn

Official Website: https://thrivetracker.com

9. LinkTrack

LinkTrack.info: clickmagick alternatives

LinkTrack is another tracking software that offers link tracking solutions to all businesses and marketers. You as a user will get a detailed breakdown of clicks and other related data to get the most out of your ad budget or promotional campaigns.

They offer four different plans. One is completely free for life and the paid plans start at nine dollars and ninety-five cents a month. You can visit their pricing details page to learn more.

Pros Of LinkTrack

  • Provides detailed information with understandable graphics/data points
  • Is very affordable than others
  • Offers a forever free plan to users

Cons Of LinkTrack

  • Very basic tool designed only for link tracking (no extra features)
  • The support team is hard to contact
  • Website usability is not very much on point

Official Website: https://linktrack.info

10. Click.org

Click.org: clickmagick alternatives

The final tool we have got on our list of ClickMagick alternatives is Click.org. Link Trust is another top-rated affiliate software that does everything for you when it comes to tracking data.

Click.org is a tool that offers a ton of features to online marketers such as real-time reporting, intelligent split testing, targeting traffic, advanced link rotation, link shortening, retargeting, custom branded domains to build trust, bulk upload links, multiple redirect types, ROI calculation, easy campaign duplication, integration with third-party platforms, and a dozen other features.

I really like the tool’s user interface. It’s not too fancy and not too boring at the same time. You should definitely give it a shot if you are in search of a powerful tracking software other than ClickMagick.

Click.org Pricing Plans

Click.org PlanClick.org Pricing
Basic Plan$9 a month
Plus Plan$29 a month
Pro Plan$49 a month
Extreme Plan$99 a month

Pros Of Click.org

  • Offers all the major features at affordable prices
  • Very easy to use for beginners
  • Great speed! I loved how fast it worked
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee
  • You can use Click.org even on WordPress websites

Cons Of Click.org

  • It is difficult to contact the customer support team as you will have to fill a form on the ‘contact us’ page
  • Users have reported some compatibility issues

Official Website: https://click.org

In Conclusion

We all know ClickMagick is the best tool out there when it comes to tracking links and optimizing our affiliate marketing and other marketing campaigns, but we can’t deny the fact that it’s a bit costly.

And if that’s the issue, you can check out the aforementioned ClickMagick alternatives that are not only affordable but provide a lot of helpful features as well.

I hope you found this listicle helpful and informative. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section below for me to answer them.

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