Chewy Affiliate Program Review: Can You Make $3000 A Month?

The Chewy affiliate program is talked about a lot when it comes to the top pet affiliate programs. You will find people mentioning this affiliate program on various blogs and YouTube channels.

I myself have talked about it in some of my previous posts as well. If you have a pet website, blog, or YouTube channel, you definitely want to monetize it the right way and you just got to know about Chewy’s affiliate program, right?

Well, in this post, I’m going to share with you some important information regarding the program that both beginners and experts need to know.

I will help you decide whether you should partner with Chewy or find some other pet company that you can be an affiliate for.

So, without stretching this introduction like a train, let’s find out some important and analytical information in this Chewy affiliate program review.

What Is Chewy – A Short Explanation official website: Hompage

If you’re reading this post you probably already know about Chewy but for those of you who don’t know anything about the company, I’ll just cover everything in a quick explanation to give you an idea of what I am going to talk about.

So, Chewy is an American retailer of pet products. They sell pet food and thousands of other related products pet owners buy for their pets. They have been in the pet products business since 2011.

Chewy is extremely popular in the United States and they generate hundreds of millions of dollars selling pet products every single year.

As of now, the company is based in Dania Beach, Florida. People purchase a lot of pet-related stuff from their online store.

What Is The Chewy Affiliate Program?

Affiliate program: Chewy for pets

Now that we have talked about what Chewy does as a company, let’s learn about what you are here for – the Chewy affiliate program.

The Chewy affiliate program is a partner program the company runs through which people can join their business as an associate/affiliate and promote the products as well as other things they sell.

Publishers or interested individuals can join the program to promote Chewy products to their audience and earn compensation for doing so.

Wait, but how exactly? Well, you will be given what’s called an affiliate link. Affiliates are provided with a unique affiliate link and whenever someone clicks the affiliate link and makes a purchase on, the commission goes to the individual whose unique ID the link contained.

Yep, that’s why you see people promoting Chewy as affiliates in every corner on the internet channels. You can promote products from over 2000 brands as a Chewy partner.

Chewy Affiliate Program: Details

Chewy affiliates' page

Chewy’s partner program is quite popular in the space and they provide a lot of things necessary for affiliates to promote their company well.

The program is managed on two affiliate platforms – CJ Affiliate and Partnerize. Affiliates can join the program on both platforms.

Chewy pays a fifteen-dollar commission on new customers. The cookie length of the program is fifteen days and affiliates have access to the product feed data as well.

Before getting deeper into the facts, experiences, and information, let me quickly highlight the main points straight away:

Official Website:

Affiliate Signup Page (Official Website): Click here to visit

Affiliate Signup Page (Partnerize): Signup at Partnerize

Affiliate Signup Page (CJ Affiliate): Signup at CJ Affiliate

Commission Rates: $15 commission for every NEW customer

Cookie Duration: 15 days

3 Month EPC: $67.29

Payment Threshold: $50

Affiliate Network/Platform: Parnerize/CJ Affiliate

Promotional Material: Promotional material is offered

Affiliate Support: Email support

As you can see, Chewy makes it incredibly easy for affiliates to join their program. They also offer promotional material such as banners, text links, unique IDs, some videos, guides, and other resources.

Affiliates will get to see decent conversion rates with quality traffic. You can also signup for their newsletter where tips and tricks of promotion are shared.

Other than this, partners will have access to product feed and a dedicated affiliate support team that they can contact for any kind of help or simply ask any questions.

How To Join The Chewy Affiliate Program?

First of all, it’s is completely free to signup as a Chewy affiliate. You don’t have to pay anything upfront or even on the backend to become a partner as some other affiliate programs require.

Secondly, there are two ways you can be a Chewy affiliate. One is through CJ Affiliate and the second is via Partnerize.

Joining Chewy As An Affiliate Via CJ Affiliate

The first step that you gotta take to register as a Chewy affiliate via CJ Affiliate is, visit the official Chewy website and head over to their affiliate page. You can also do that by clicking here.

This page will look something like what is shown below:

Chewy affiliate page

Now, click on the button where it says ‘Apply to CJ Affiliate’ and you will be taken to the signup page on CJ Affiliate as shown below:

Cj Affiliate and Chewy

If you are already a member of CJ Affiliate, you don’t have to register again but in case you are not, fill out your important details and first be a member of the affiliate network.

Once you are logged in, go to the advertisers area and have a search for Chewy. The program will pop up in front of you like this…

Chewy affiliate program on CJ Affiliate

The next step you have got to take is to click on the ‘Apply to Program’ button and follow the further process to send your application to be approved. After the approval, you can start promoting the links for generating income.

Joining Chewy As An Affiliate Via Partnerize

In order to join the Chewy affiliate program via Partnerize, you will first have to visit the affiliate signup page and click on ‘Apply to Parnerize’. If that seems complicated, you can click this link to visit the Partnerize signup page.

Signup for the Chewy affiliate program via Partnerize

On the signup page, they will ask you for the the following information;

  • Your email address
  • Username
  • Password
  • Country
  • Complete address
  • Zip code
  • Phone number
  • Vertical
  • Website

Once you fill out these entries, you will be taken to the dashboard where you can head over to ‘campaigns’ and request to promote Chewy.

Apply as Chewy affiliate on Patnerize

After the request is considered, you can start promoting products as a partner. That’s the overall process of joining.

Who Can Join The Program?

Although there are no serious requirements to join the program but still, you should have a decent traffic source/audience to apply as an affiliate.

You can join the program from anywhere around the world. It’s free and it’s easy but you have got to have a blog, strong social media account(s), YouTube channel, or any other type of fan following.

I think that actually makes sense as well. If you don’t have an audience yet, there’s no point in joining unless you are doing PPC (advertising) campaigns. And as far as I think, no one would want to do PPC campaigns for a company that pays $15 for only new customers.

What Can You Promote As An Affiliate?

As I have already mentioned that you can promote products from over two thousand brands, let’s have a quick look at the type of products you have the ability to promote and earn money.

With Chewy, affiliates can promote the following products:

  • Pet food products
  • Treats
  • Toys
  • Healthcare products
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Cleaning products and beds
  • Grooming products for pets
  • Clothing, gift cards, bowlers, feeders, etc.

These are the products you can promote and whenever you make a sale on a new customer (once again, not existing customers), they will reward you with a $15 commission.

How To Promote The Chewy Affiliate Program?

There are numerous ways to promote Chewy products to earn commissions but as the commission they pay is not quite high, I would recommend you stick with the following four ways;

  1. Promoting products via blogging
  2. Promoting products via a YouTube channel
  3. Social media accounts
  4. Pinterest marketing

1. Promoting Chewy via Blogging

The first way you can promote Chewy products is via blogging. I know blogging is not really a new thing but it for sure, is a great way to promote pet products especially if you are a Chewy affiliate.

Well, that’s because the company only pays a fifteen-dollar commission and that too, on new customers only and not on existing consumers.

Whenever someone clicks your affiliate link and he has already bought once, twice, or more times from Chewy, you won’t receive a commission for that at all and hence, free traffic is the best way to go about promoting the products.

You can start a niche blog about dog food, cat food, horse food, or pet food in general, create valuable content in the form of blog posts, and then mention Chewy affiliate links to earn commissions once your articles start ranking and traffic starts rolling in.

Here is a good example of how you can do it.

Promote Chewy as an affiliate via blogging

You can also do reviews and stuff but I would recommend creating in-depth informational content first and then expand your promotion methods.

2. Promoting Chewy via YouTubing

The second way to promote Chewy as an affiliate is by starting a YouTube channel around the niche and put affiliate links in the description box to earn commissions.

You can either start an informative channel that provides both commercial and non-commercial content to the audience or simply start a review or unboxing channel in the pet products niche.

Here’s a good example of that as well…

Promote Chewy via YouTube

3. Promoting Chewy via Social Media Accounts

Chewy can also be promoted via social media marketing. You can start a social media account – most likely on Instagram or Facebook, create and design social media posts, and promote Chewy in some of the posts.

Here’s a type of account you can start, grow it by posting consistently, and utilize to promote affiliate links:

Promote Chewy products via Social Media Marketing

4. Promoting Chewy via Pinterest

The fourth way to promote Chewy products as an affiliate is via Pinterest marketing. Pinterest is one of the best platforms out there to share things related to pets, home decor, and other interesting stuff women are interested in.

You can create pins related to pet food, pet products, or something along the lines and utilize the platform to get people to click on your Chewy affiliate links and make purchases.

Here’s an example of that as well…

How to promote Chewy as an affiliate on Pinterest

Can You Make $3000 A Month With Chewy?

So, first of all, you can earn three thousand dollars or more with any affiliate program theoretically. If you have a website with hundreds of thousands of unique visitors every single month or a big YouTube channel or a social media account, you can definitely earn $3000 or even more.

But most of the affiliates/publishers/content creators reading this post aren’t established and have a big traffic source. As you only get paid for new customers and that too, only $15, you are going to want to have significant traffic to be able to do $3000 or more a month.

The math comes out to 200 unique sales a month! Considering a conversion rate of 3.33%, you will have to send about 6000 unique clicks a month to to be able to reach $3000 a month.

I personally don’t think most bloggers or affiliate marketers will be able to achieve that with a couple of thousand visitors or even tens of thousands of visitors.

Hence, you definitely can do $3k a month but only with HUGE TRAFFIC! It will be a big challenge if you don’t yet have hundreds of thousands of visitors/followers.

Pros Of Chewy Affiliate Program

  • Chewy is a trusted brand you can go about promoting as it is trusted by millions and millions of people all across the globe.
  • There are thousands and thousands of pet products and accessories available for affiliates to promote and earn commissions.
  • The EPC is quite decent and affiliates will get to see a decent conversion rate as well.
  • They provide a newsletter that affiliates can signup for to receive tips and tricks for promoting Chewy.
  • Chewy has made it extremely easy for affiliates to join by listing its affiliate program on two affiliate networks/platforms.
  • Affiliates earn a $15 commission on all new customer sales. It is quite good because even if a purchase is made for $4, you will still earn a flat $15 commission for that.

Cons Of Chewy Affiliate Program

  • The first drawback of Chewy’s affiliate program is the flat $15 commission. First of all, the company only pays the commission on new customers and not existing customers. Second of all, even if someone clicks your link and purchases $500 worth of products, you still get paid $15! That’s pathetic!
  • The Chewy affiliate program has a cookie duration of only 15 days. It would have been better.
  • The affiliate support team can be slow if you ask repetitive questions and you might get late replies.
  • There is some information and promo material but if you want to double down on promotion, most of the graphics and creatives will have to be designed by the affiliates themselves.
  • There are no frequent discount codes or co-branded opportunities affiliates can utilize to get more conversions.
  • Affiliates can’t run paid advertising campaigns because the commission is too low.

Chewy Affiliate Alternatives

Now, let’s have a look at some deserving alternatives. Although there are a lot of alternatives to Chewy affiliate but two of the best ones that I can think of are:

  • Petco Affiliate Program
  • Amazon Associates Program

1. Petco Affiliate Program

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here to visit

Commission Rates: 8% commission

2. Amazon Associates Program

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here to visit

Commission Rates: 3% commission (but high conversion rates)

Also Read: Amazon Affiliate Marketing Guide For Beginners

In Conclusion

Now that you have read the Chewy affiliate program review, you know the important details. If you are just looking to add Chewy affiliate links on your website to earn a little bit of extra income, you should definitely go for it.

On the other hand, if you are serious about monetizing your website or any other traffic source in the pet products niche, you can still go for Chewy but I would recommend checking out some alternatives if you don’t yet have a huge number of visitors/views coming in every month.

I hope you found this post helpful. If you have got any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask them in the comments section down below.

[FAQs] Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chewy?

Chewy is one of the top-rated pet products retailers in the United States that sells thousands of products related to pets.

What is Chewy’s affiliate program?

The Chewy affiliate program is basically an opportunity for people to partner with the company and promote its products to earn commissions.

How much commission does Chewy pay?

Chewy pays a flat fifteen-dollar compensation for confirmed and qualified purchase actions.

Where can you join the program?

The program can be joined either on Partnerize or CJ Affiliate network. You can visit the two platforms, signup, and then apply as an affiliate.

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