8 Best Cat Affiliate Programs (With Competitive Commissions)

Well, who doesn’t love cats? I myself am a big cat lover, and everyone I know loves them too (except my mom). There are millions of cat owners throughout the world who want the best food products and health for their cute little cats.

If you have a niche website or an audience that is interested in cats, why not recommend them some great products/services and generate a stream of consistent passive income through affiliate marketing, right?

With that being said, in this post, I’m going to share with you the 8 best cat affiliate programs that pay high commissions for you to monetize your audience handsomely.

So, without any further ado, let’s get jump right into our pool of cat affiliate programs real quick.

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1. Chewy Affiliate Program

Best Cat Affiliate Programs: Chewy

Chewy is a popular retailer of pet supplies that sells food and pharmacy for cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, horses, and the list goes on and on. Chewy is one of the reputed companies that has been in the pet market for about 10 years now (by the time I’m writing this post).

Talking about cats, they sell cat food, toys, treats, litter & accessories, bowls, beds, vitamins and supplements, and a whole bunch of other necessary products that cats require. They stock over one thousand brands with numerous products at affordable prices.

Their affiliate program is absolutely free to join and earn generous commissions on every sale that you bring. Also, affiliates will have access to required promo stuff, the weekly newsletter, and 1:1 affiliate support for any help/assistance.

Official Website: https://www.chewy.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://www.chewy.com/app/content/affiliate

Commission Rates: $15 (per new customer) and 8% commissions on all sales

Cookie Duration: 15 days

2. Modern Cat Affiliate Program

Best Cat Affiliate Programs

Modern Cat is an enormously popular magazine that covers everything a cat owner needs to know for keeping their cat healthy, fluffy, calm, and active. Affiliates can apply for promoting their subscription for free.

Before you can start promoting their products/membership, you will have to wait for getting approved by their team. Their products have a decent conversion rate so you won’t have to worry about conversions/sales as long as you send quality traffic.

Affiliates also get one-on-one support from experts if they have any questions or need any kind of assistance. All other promotional material is made available to make promotion easier.

You can expect competitive commissions from the Modern Cat affiliate program which is managed on the ShareASale affiliate network.

Official Website: https://moderncat.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://moderncat.com/modern-cat-affiliates/

Commission Rates: 50% commission

Cookie Duration: 30 days

3. Petco Affiliate Program

Best Cat Affiliate Programs

Petco is another American pet retailer that sells thousands of pet products like cat food, pharmacy, bowls, beds, so on and so forth. Petco has been around for a long time now. The company was founded back in the year 1965 and they are currently based in San Diego, United States.

Affiliates can join their affiliate program which is managed on Impact Radius to help you provide real-time reports and statistics of your campaigns.

There is an affiliate team to support you with any problems or answer your questions. Other than this, affiliates have access to promo stuff like banners, unique tracking links and IDs, guides, and a weekly newsletter.

Official Website: https://www.petco.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://www.petco.com/affiliate

Commission Rates: 8% commissions on all sales

Cookie Duration: 7 days

4. Relievet Affiliate Program

Best Cat Affiliate Programs

Relievet sells premium cats and dogs products to help pet owners stay happy with their cute cats and dogs. They sell CBD for pets. Customers love Relievet products and they have built a strong trust as well as bond with their buyers over the course of time.

They ship products in 1-3 days within the United States and offer free international shipping for orders above $100. Their affiliate program is one of the best ones you can go after because of the handsome commissions they pay, longer cookie period, and high average order value ($80).

You can learn more about their affiliate program by clicking the navigation link down below.

Official Website: https://www.relievet.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here to join

Commission Rates: 30% commissionsw on all sales

Cookie Duration: 30 days

5. The Cat Paradise Affiliate Program

The Cat Paradise is one of my favorite platforms of all time to buy cat health & hygiene products, bowls, beds, jewelry, mat, and other accessories related to cats. You can join their affiliate program which is, of course free!

Their affiliate program is hosted on their official website. Affiliates get access to blog articles, advertising banners, email addresses for custom audiences while paid advertising, promotional videos, guides, and special affiliate support to help you get more sales (earn more money).

Official Website: https://the-cat-paradise.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here to join

Commission Rates: 10% commissions on all sales

Cookie Duration: 180 days

6. Petmate Affiliate Program

Best Cat Affiliate Programs: Petmate

Petmate is a company that has been selling quality pet products for over 60 years now. As our article is about cat affiliate programs, I will only share what are the products they sell for cats.

So, they sell cat food, collars, beds, plastic shelters, grooming accessories, toys, automatic feeders, automatic waterers, and a whole bunch of other cat-related stuff.

Their affiliate program is managed by the ShareASale affiliate network. Hence, you will have to first join the ShareASale affiliate network to get access to your unique affiliate links, banners, videos, advertising material, and other necessary stuff that is required to have successful affiliate marketing campaigns.

Official Website: https://www.petmate.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://www.petmate.com/Affiliates

Commission Rates: 10% commissions on all sales

Cookie Duration: 30 days

7. Two Crazy Cat Ladies Affiliate Program

Best Cat Affiliate Programs: Two Crazy Cat Ladies

Two Crazy Cat Ladies sell top-notch and healthy nutritional feline products to help cats live healthier and longer. Some of their products include the Stress-Reducing Liquid Formula, CBD for cats, Minnow Munchies for Cats, Kitty Kidney Kit, and Viral-X Anti-Viral Cat Supplement.

Their affiliate program might not be as advanced as other companies but you surely will love promoting their products because of the value they provide. All kinds of necessary promotional material and tracking will be provided to affiliates along with email support to contact for any concerns.

Although there is a requirement you will need to meet before being their affiliate. You will have to use their products yourself before you can promote them. However, if you have an established website already, you might consider contacting them once even if you haven’t purchased their products (they might approve established niche websites/blogs).

Official Website: https://twocrazycatladies.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://twocrazycatladies.com/become-an-affiliate/

Commission Rates: Not disclosed

Cookie Duration: Lifelong cookie length

8. Pet Wellbeing Affiliate Program

Best Cat Affiliate Programs: Pet Wellbeing

Pet Wellbeing sells nutrition supplements for cats and dogs online. They sell a wide range of products from kidney support oils for cats, constipation relievers, other crucial supplements, and various other products.

Their affiliate program is managed by the ShareASale affiliate network. You can join their partner program from anywhere in the world and promote valuable products to earn generous commissions for all the sales you generate.

The average conversion rate for Pet Wellbeing products is 7.2% and they have an average order value of $60-75! Click the navigation link down below to learn more about Pet Wellbeing’s affiliate program.

Official Website: https://petwellbeing.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://petwellbeing.com/pages/affiliate-program

Commission Rates: 10% commissions on all sales

Cookie Duration: 60 days

This was my list of the best cat affiliate programs you definitely want to check out to boost your earnings via successful affiliate marketing campaigns.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to jump into the comments section down below and let me know what you think.

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