ClickMagick Review: Just A Hyped Product Or Really Helpful?

So you just heard about this ‘awesome’ software called ClickMagick that can track everything you do online and can help you run profitable affiliate marketing/or marketing campaigns, in general, to get insanely profitable by knowing what you are doing wrong and what should be done right, correct?

So what is the real story with ClickMagick? Is it just a hyped product or something genuinely valuable/helpful? What does it really do? What is the pricing? Should you go about trying it or is it just a waste of time?

If you are looking for answers to all of these questions, you have come to the right place. In this ClickMagick review, I’m going to share with you everything you will ever need to know about ClickMagick to help you decide whether or not you should give it a go.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into our pool of ClickMagick review real quick and get our feet a little wet.

What Is ClickMagick & How Does It Work?

ClickMagick Review: What is ClickMagick and how does it work?

So, let me break it down for you, ClickMagick is a tracking software that is extremely popular among affiliate marketers and online entrepreneurs that helps individuals/marketers track their moves for optimizing their products and marketing campaigns for sustainable and scalable growth.

Well, that still seems a bit complicated for beginners, right? So let me share something with you and help you understand what exactly do I mean by all this. Let’s say you have started affiliate marketing and you have started brand new PPC campaigns (ad campaigns) on Facebook, Google, Instagram, and YouTube. And after spending a thousand bucks on ads, you have been able to make two thousand bucks back. But now you are at a point where you don’t really know what’s working for you.

You have no idea where are the sales coming from. Is it YouTube that’s bringing you the sales or some other platform? If Facebook is bringing in the majority of your sales, why would you waste your money on the other platforms that aren’t, right?

Here comes the important role of ClickMagick. This tool will help you know what traffic sources are working for you, how users are reacting on your landing pages/sales pages, is there any fake traffic coming in from these big platforms (Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc.), and a whole lot of other important stuff you need to know for running a profitable online business.

ClickMagick Review: Tracking campaigns
[Example from the dashboard]

This is why ClickMagick is extremely important and beneficial. And using ClickMagick isn’t really rocket science, to be honest. It’s rather pretty straightforward. All you have to do is simply click on the ‘Create a New Link’ button once you are inside the tool and something like shown below will appear.

ClickMagick Review: Create a new link

You can simply put your affiliate links or links to the landing pages/funnels and you are good to go. Nothing complicated at all. Other than this, there are several different customizations that you can do according to your requirements.

If you are interested in knowing everything about ClickMagick usability, feel free to watch the video down below.

Now that you know what is ClickMagick, how does it work, how to use it, and how insanely beneficial it can be in your affiliate marketing/online marketing business, let’s talk about some general things.

ClickMagick Review: How Is The Support?

So, I’ve been using ClickMagick for a while now and it has actually helped me save a hell lot of time and money. That’s cool but one of the most important things that shouldn’t be overlooked while choosing a product is customer support.

You can have the best product in the world but if the company doesn’t answer any of your questions or solves your problems…that’s the worst feeling ever. With ClickMagick, users are made available so many helpful resources and tutorials for them to understand how everything works.

ClickMagick knowledge base

So firstly, you should be facing any problems with figuring out the user-interface of the tool. But if you need help with something else which is not already explained, you can always contact their support team and they are going to respond in under 2 minutes.

That’s quite cool. Although sometimes it can take a bit longer…but generally, you will get to see fast responses from the support team to assist you with any problems/questions.

Honestly, the support isn’t extremely fast, but it isn’t slow either. We have to respect the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of customers these companies have to deal with so it can take a bit of time for them to get back to you.

ClickMagick Review: What Is The Pricing?

ClickMagick Pricing Plans

Currently, ClickMagick offers three subscription plans for different business sizes. Whether you are a beginner who’s on a tight budget or a well-established online business, ClickMagick is priced to help everyone get what they need. You can have a look at the table down below to know the pricing of their different plans.

ClickMagick PlanPricing
Starter Plan$37 per month
Standard Plan$77 per month
Pro Plan$197 per month

If you ask me which plan you should go with, I highly recommend you start with the Starter Plan and once your business starts getting profitable, you can always upgrade to the Standard or Pro plan.

ClickMagick Pros

Extremely versatile tracking software
Reliable brand you can trust
Easy to use for beginners
Highly accurate data
Tool works very fast without any glitches
Satisfactory help and support
Pricing suited for everyone
30 day money back guarantee
Offers a 14-day free trial

ClickMagick Cons

Sometimes support can be slow
You need to spend some time learning it
The trial period should have been a bit longer

ClickMagick Review: My Final Verdict

If you have read this ClickMagick review completely, you definitely must have gotten how powerful this software/tool is and how it can really help you run a profitable online business that you can be confident about.

After using ClickMagick myself for a year and a half in my own affiliate marketing business, I personally think that you definitely want to try ClickMagick to kickstart your online marketing journey the right way. You will be able to track everything from sales funnels, devices, online and offline sales, traffic behavior, and do much much more.

And as they have a free 14-day trial and a 30-day ‘no questions asked’ refund policy, you actually have nothing to lose. Therefore, I highly recommend you try ClickMagick and you definitely won’t regret using it.

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