Jim Harmer Net Worth: 6 Lessons For Bloggers & Marketers

Jim Harmer is a person whom I really admire when it comes to online marketing/internet marketing and entrepreneurship.

The guy is one of the very few people who document what they do without having to worry about whether the task or project is going to fail or succeed.

He has been an inspiration for all aspirant internet entrepreneurs and his community/followers love the content he puts out on a consistent basis.

With that said, in this post, I’m going to share with you the details related to Jim Harmer’s net worth and along with that, I will also share the top 6 lessons all internet marketers need to learn from him.

Jim Harmer Net Worth

Jim Harmer’s net worth is expected to be anywhere from 5-10 million US dollars. Jim recently gifted himself a 1.6 million dollar house from the revenue he generates from his internet marketing business run by him and his mate Ricky Kesler.

Jim and Ricky shared a video on their official YouTube channel where they shared their income report in the year 2018.

In the video, they revealed how their blogs earned over 1 million dollars in revenue in a single year.

Other than this, Jim also shared how he made over $505,000 in a single year blogging on the Income School official website, which is nuts!

In short, the dude makes a hell of a lot of money with his marketing business (mainly blogs) and has a huge net worth.

Who Is Jim Harmer & How Does He Make Money?

If you are reading this article, you might already know who Jim Harmer is and what he does to earn a living. But, if you don’t know anything about him, don’t worry…that’s what I’m here for.

Jim Harmer is a well-established and experienced author and internet entrepreneur who runs a portfolio of successful blogs, a marketing company called Income School, sells informational products, and creates video content on YouTube as well as various other platforms.

Jim mainly earns his living through the following income sources:

  1. Niche websites (blogs)
  2. Authority websites
  3. Selling Project 24 (a high ticket course)
  4. Selling info products on his favorite website (ImprovePhotography.com)
  5. Dividend Stocks
  6. Affiliate marketing
  7. Selling content services
  8. YouTubing (creating content on YouTube)
  9. Selling books

There might be other stuff he might be doing other than internet marketing but this what he has made public. Jim says he doesn’t like to share any information about his personal finance.

If you ask me, Jim is one of the most practical, genuine, knowledgable, and successful bloggers/internet entrepreneurs out there in the industry. On top of that, he’s my favorite mentor.

Now that you know Jim’s net worth, how he makes money, and why he is so popular, let’s get right into the top 6 key takeaways you should learn from him and his journey as a blogger, marketer, writer, or online entrepreneur.

1. Quality Content Production Beats The ‘Backlink Game’

There’s always a whole lot of buzz around ‘building backlinks’ to rank better on Google and I do get that. Backlinks are quite important to rank your content and taste that small pie of organic search traffic consistently but building backlinks are not the only ranking factor in Google’s algorithm.

Google’s ranking factor is relevance and quality content. Not matter what other marketers/bloggers teach you to earn an affiliate commission or sell you a ‘mastery course’, the content remains the king in any content business whether it is blogging, creating YouTube videos, or social media marketing.

Jim has proved it over and over again by building dozens and dozens of successful websites without building links to them. Some of the successful websites he started are as follows:

  1. CamperReport.com
  2. Fishtanksetps.com
  3. DirtBikePlanet.com

These websites were started without any kind of link building but quality content published on a consistent basis and today, they drive hundreds of thousands of visitors to earn thousands in dollars.

Hence, if you create quality content on a consistent basis by performing the right search analysis and content research, Google will eventually reward you.

2. Updating Content Along With Writing New

The second lesson we all can learn from Jim is that updating content is an extremely crucial factor to see sustainable and substantial growth in the blogging business.

Google is always optimizing to deliver the best and most fresh content to its users and if you help Google do that easily by updating your old content along with creating new content pieces, you can grow your traffic exponentially well.

There have been a lot of projects where I just focused on creating new content instead of updating the old pieces and when I implemented this strategy, the numbers started to grow really really well.

Hence, always update your content to help users as well as Google find and provide the rankings that it deserves.

3. Diversification In Monetization

Monetization is one of the biggest challenges bloggers face when they reach the traffic potential. Majority of the people generally focus on one or two ways of monetization and what happens, is that one or the other platform reduces their pay rates and bloggers often find themselves struggling with generating revenue.

Think about how Amazon reduced its commission rates even in the worst-case scenario which the world had to deal with. The change in commission rates largely impacted bloggers/publishers.

The key lesson Jim teaches us is that you have to diversify the way my days your blog. You can’t just rely on one way of manifestation such as Amazon affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, or any other type of monetization you are currently using.

Hence, you should try a whole lot of different ways to earn an income from your blog such as display advertisements, selling info products, affiliate marketing, lead generation, offering services, etc.

This will help you earn a better living as well as make you independent in terms of making money from any of your content businesses.

4. Adjust Your Strategies With Time

Change is one of the most difficult decisions people face in their lives or businesses. If you don’t change, you won’t be able to thrive in the upcoming future.

Most bloggers, Internet entrepreneurs, and marketers hate changing and optimizing their strategies for the future. There is the reason the worst majority of bloggers fail.

You can’t use the SEO strategies that worked 10 years ago. You will have to optimize your content as well as promotional strategies to reap the benefits or else you will be out of business in a short span of time.

The Internet is changing, the way people consume content is changing, and it is our duty as bloggers to change and provide the users what they’re looking for, in the way they’re looking for.

Therefore, you have to adjust yourself as well as your strategies with time to see constant growth.

5. Patience Is The Key

The fifth lesson Jim teaches us is that patience is a must if you are into any form of content business, especially blogging…it is going to take some time before you start to see any results.

Nothing is going to happen overnight. There’s a process for everything and you will have to go through the process to be able to find success.

You can’t expect thousands and thousands of visitors right after publishing your first blog post. To be able to reach your goals, you will have to constantly publish quality content and have patience for it to rank and finally drive traffic.

Patience is one of the most important and noticeable factors in Jim Harmer’s huge net worth. It took him years and years before he started making a substantial amount of money and started enjoying the net worth of millions.

Hence, we all need to learn how to be patient and wait for our turn to come. There are millions of people competing with you and Google needs some time to decide which content deserves what ranking. If you think you did a great job at producing content, you will get where you deserve, eventually.

6. Blogging Won’t Die, It’ll Evolve

The final lesson Jim teaches us is that blogging or any content business is not going to die anytime soon. There have always been discussions on whether blogging is going to die or it will thrive.

As I already said, the way people consume content is changing, and the complainers who say blogging is going to die are the ones who didn’t optimize for the future.

Blogging is not going to die and it’s only going to get bigger and bigger what time is something Jim confidently shares with practical proofs.

The number of people searching online will grow, the number of content pieces will grow, and this will make the blogging industry grow even more in the upcoming future. You will have to optimize for things like voice search, attention, retention, designs, speed, quality, and other crucial ones…but that by no means, depicts that blogging will die.

Blogging will not die, it will evolve. By the way, you check out my post about whether or not blogging is dead to find out more information.

Final Thoughts On Jim Harmer’s Net Worth

Jim is a really hard-working blogger, content creator, marketer, and mentor who is always finding different and innovative ways to help people find solutions for their problems.

You as an aspirant blogger or in-process blogger should keep this in mind that you won’t be able to reach a big net worth like Jim if you just want to make money. You will get there by providing solutions to people.

Those solutions could be in the form of blog posts, YouTube videos, info products, webinars, coaching sessions, and whatnot.

Also, if you try to be genuine, keep it simple, and show consistency, you will ultimately reach your money goals but it will take some time.

I hope you found this post about Jim Harmer’s net worth and the lessons we all should learn from him informational and motivational.

If you have some suggestions or questions, feel free to jump into the comments section down below and let the community know your precious thoughts.

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