What Is ClickBank Gravity? What Does It Mean On ClickBank

So you just discovered about ClickBank and see all these marketers talking ‘gravity, gravity, and gravity’, right?

Honestly, that sounds some kind of technical algorithm that you would struggle learning…but it’s the simplest thing you will ever see.

With that being said, today, you will learn what is ClickBank gravity and what does it actually mean within 2 minutes.

Let’s dive right into it and figure this out.

What Is ClickBank Gravity: Definition

In more than simple words, the number of people or affiliates that promoted a particular product on ClickBank and generated some sales in the last 90 days or 12 weeks.

Hence, every product has its gravity that tells you how good the ClickBank product is selling and whether or not it is a good fit for an affiliate to promote and generate some revenue.

The product gravity looks something like this:

So, as a new affiliate marketer, you will need to consider products with higher gravity score as they are proven to sell well.

But that doesn’t always mean that products with low gravity scores don’t sell well. The gravity of a product also depends on how aggressively a product has been marketed to affiliates.

Let’s say you have a product and you advertised it to affiliates so that they can promote it. In that case, you might have thousands of people promoting your product and generating sales.

But there are some great products that convert even better but still have a low gravity score.

But still, for beginners, a high-gravity score means the product has more chances of converting, and thus, more chances for you as an affiliate of making sales.

This is what ClickBank gravity means. Easy-peasy! Check your time…it’s only been 2 minutes and we did it.

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