Bluehost India Review 2022: Don’t Buy Before Reading This

Bluehost India Review:

So you are a new blogger, individual, or simply a business trying to get into the online world. You probably have googled a thing or two or watched some of the YouTube videos about starting a website or a blog.

Well, that’s a great idea. So you got to know about Bluehost India. Yes, that one famous platform right now to purchase hosting for your blog or online business.

You’re quite impressed by the home page, right?

Bluehost India Review - the homepage of or Bluehost India.

Honestly it’s quite attractive and everything feels like you’re about to get the best deal ever.

But let’s find out whether you should go for Bluehost India or not.

Bluehost India Review: Pricing

Well, for majority of the buyers, pricing is the first concern. Everyone’s looking for the cheapest hosting platform out there and that’s completely okay to do when you’re just at the beginning stage.

But as an experienced blogger, it’s my responsibility to tell you that the cheapest option is never the best ocean.

Starting a new blog or starting a new website is just like building a physical store for your business or constructing a hotel, complex, shop, or just say office.

You have to keep a lot of things in mind before you go about making the decision for the cheap one.

So, Bluehost India might be just a bit costlier than the alternatives but trust me it’s worth the money if you see from a newcomer’s perspective.

Well, okay. But how?

You’ll be figuring that out in the rest of the article but for now, let’s talk about the plans Bluehost India is offering and what are the features that are provided.

For now, we’ll just talk about Shared WordPress Hosting because that’s all you need as a beginner.

Bluehost India Review: Plans

There are three plans currently offered by the company.

The Basic Plan, The Plus Plan, and The Choice Plus Plan.

Let’s learn about each of them.

Bluehost India: Shared Hosting ‘Basic Plan’

The Basic Plan starts at Rupees 199/ month on a 36 months purchase. This means, you pay 199 a month only when you choose to go with three years duration.

And honestly, that’s the best option. You won’t have to worry about renewals every now and then. Also, you’ll get enough time to just focus on productivity and results instead of costs.

In this plan, if you want to go with the 1 year package, the pricing is 299 a month, and if you want the two-year package…then it’s 259 a month.

Cool, but what are the features you get to meet in the basic plan?

Well, it includes:

  1. Single website
  2. Free SSL Certificate (which is very important)
  3. 50 GB SSD Storage
  4. 5 Parked Domains
  5. 25 Subdomains
  6. Free Domain For 1 Year
  7. Automatic Daily Malware Scan
  8. And Once Click WordPress Install

Basically, all the solid features that you need are there in the basic plan as long as you’re planning for a single website.

If you want to start small but strong, The Basic Plan would be perfect to go with.

Bluehost India: Shared Hosting ‘Plus Plan’

The Plus plan is a higher value plan than the basic one. It starts with 299/month for the 3-year purchase, 359/month for the 2-year purchase, and 459/month for the 1-year purchase.

This plan is suitable for an established blogger or a website that drives decent number of visitors every month.

The plan includes:

  1. Unlimited websites
  2. Free SSL Certificate
  3. Unmetered SSD Storage
  4. Unlimited Parked Domains
  5. Unlimited Subdomains
  6. Free Domain For 1 Year
  7. Automatic Daily Malware Scan
  8. Microsoft Office Email – Free for 30 days
  9. And Once Click WordPress Install

So you get all the advanced features that should be there for a medium-sized online business.

If you have the capacity to go for it, it’s a quite good plan (not the best though) from my perspective. But don’t go for it if you’ll just start.

Well okay, but why exactly?

It’s because as a beginner, you might need a whole bunch of other things to consider buying rather than just an expensive hosting for your blog or website to get better and better.

Simple as that.

Bluehost India: Shared Hosting ‘Choice Plus Plan’

This is the most expensive plan in the WordPress shared hosting category.

It’s 349/month for 36 months, 399/month for 24 months, and 499/month for 1 year.

Includes all the features of the ‘Plus Plan’ and Domain Privacy and CodeGuard Basic Backup as additional features.

So…if you are about to choose the second (which is the Plus Plan), consider going for this one because there’s really not a big difference in pricing.

And you get additional features too. So, this can be the best option for a well established business.

But read this again, for newcomers, the Basic Plan is all you should think about.

Bluehost India Review: Performance

Bluehost has been in the game of hosting for a relatively long time now. And you know what? Marketers, bloggers, and businesses still love using it.

Bluehost is ranked #1 in general among all web hosting companies. And best of all, it’s recommended by WordPress too (the beast powering over 35% of the websites on the planet).

Sever speed is amazingly fast (446ms) and Uptime is 99.99%. So simply say your website or blog will never go offline with this hosting.

So, no complaints with the performance.

Bluehost India Review: Customer Support

I’m really happy about this right now. Earlier, I used to have a lot of problems with the customer support. It’s really slow and frustrating for me.

But things have changed now. You have 24/7 live chat support (which is cool), and on top of that, there’s phone support available too.

I tried talking with the phone support and am quite impressed. It’s better than other hosting providers like Hostinger, Hostgator, and more.

So, even if you have the tiniest doubt, you can just ring a call and have all your questions answered right then and there.

If I were to give a score, I’d definitely give 9/10 to the customer support.

Bluehost India Review: What I Don’t Like

I’ve talked how great Bluehost India is and the features and all. But let’s turn the table around and see what I don’t like about the company.

Firstly, I don’t like their plan durations. It’s not always like you need a 1 year purchase or a 3-year purchase. Sometimes, you just need it for a month, 3 months, or 6 months.

Bluehost doesn’t have that option available like some other providers and that’s definitely a drawback.

Another thing that I’m not impressed with is the look of the dashboard. Though it’s a problem with all hosting providers in India.

So I guess it is what it is right now.

Other than that, there are no complaints with Bluehost India. It’s been one of the top companies on my list of web hosting companies. You won’t regret it.

Bluehost India Review: Final Verdict

As we’ve come through all the aspects till now, I won’t waste much of your precious time. As a final statement, I’ll confidently say “Bluehost India is the best hosting out of all hosting providers currently out there. One should use it for their business for sure.”

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Bluehost India Review

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