Neevo Review: A Waste Of Time Or The Real Deal?

So you just got to know about the Neevo website/platform that says “contribute to the AI world and get paid for it”.

Well, really? In this Neevo review, I’m going to tell you my experience with Neevo, the procedure, the earning potential, how much time you will need to invest doing tasks, and whether or not it is the right website for some extra income on the side.

So, without any further ado, let’s get right into the review.

Neevo Review: What Exactly It Is?

Neevo DefineCrowd review: Is it real?

Neevo is a website/online platform that pays you for doing simple tasks that help AI (artificial intelligence) get better in the world of technologies.

So basically, you can do certain things like tagging images, turning text into audio, and annotate some text for AI to understand human behavior or get stronger algorithms that can be beneficial in creating things like video games, virtual assistants, robots, etc.

The procedure mentioned on the website is quite simple, you signup, do certain tasks, and get paid straight into your PayPal account. But is that really so? Let’s find out.

Neevo Review: The Signup Process

So to get started, you will need to head over to and complete the initial registration. The registration process is as basic as of any other website or application out there on the web.

You can either signup with your name and email, or using Facebook and Apple. Once you do that, you will be taken to another step (the dashboard) where you would see available jobs.

Neevo Review

But that’s not just it is…if you want to start getting some tasks, you will need to pass some tests that include writing tests, listening tests, English language tests, and various other kinds of tests depending upon what country you are based in.

And honestly, besides the writing and English language test, you are going to have a really bad experience with other listening and speaking tests. The quality of the sound and how your input is processed is fairly low.

If you are a native person, you might be able to understand that easily but it could be a bit hard for non-native people. But overall, those are easy ones.

Once you pass the tests, you will slowly start seeing some tasks that are quite genuinely quite easy to perform.

That’s impressive but it’s always not about ‘easy’. It’s about how much time will you have to invest and how much are they willing to pay you.

So now, let’s talk about that.

Neevo Review: How Much Can You Get Paid?

So, first of all, you won’t be seeing tasks right from the day you pass the tests in your account’s dashboard. It can take anywhere from a couple of days to even a couple of weeks before there are any tasks to be done.

You will get notified via email whenever there are going to be some tasks to complete. And talking about the pay, you can expect to earn anywhere from 1 cent ($0.01) per task to around 3-4 cents ($0.03-$0.04) on the high end.

Therefore, let’s say you will get 200 tasks a day (which you probably won’t) and the payout rate is $0.03…If one task takes you 3-5 mins, you are going to spend anywhere from 10-16 hours completing the work just to earn about $6.

This is pathetic! Let’s just say you are quite lucky and the payout rate is $0.1…still, you will spend your whole day just to earn $20. I actually don’t recommend this because even wage laborers earn way more than that.

Here’s an income report from Neevo you should look at.

However, if you are from a developed country like the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Canada, the payout rate could be a bit high (not extremely high but a bit more than what it is in developing counties).

Is Neevo A Scam?

Neevo might not have enough earning potential for everyone but it is not a scam for sure. Neevo DefineCrowd is one hundred percent legit and reliable website/platform for you to try as a way of making money online in the spare time.

How Do You Withdraw Money From Neevo?

To withdraw your money, you are going to want to have a PayPal account. That’s the only available payment method they have at the moment. Whenever your account has a positive balance, you can easily withdraw it through PayPal.

Pros Of Neevo DefineCrowd

Easy to get started for native people.
Easy tasks with clear instrucitons.
A trusted and reliable website.
No payment issues when you have a positive balance.
Okay for people with no work.
Good contact support.
Pays via PayPal.
Pays via PayPal.

Cons Of Neevo DefineCrowd

Not easy to pass tests as non-natives.
Extremely low payouts.
Requires so much time and energy.
You don’t learn any real skill.
Irregular work.
No guarantees of getting tasks even after passing the tests.
Won’t make you any serious income online.
Not a sustainable way to make money on the internet.

Neevo Review: My Final Verdict

If you thought Neevo is going to make you thousands or even hundreds of dollars just by doing simple tasks online, that is not how it works. You are not going to make any significant money with Neevo but you still can.

Neevo is a legitimate website or platform where you can do some tasks here and there and make a quick buck. Sometimes it will even take you months to earn a couple hundred dollars or even your first hundred dollars with this website.

Considering the number of hours you will put in the work and the return you will get, I don’t think Neevo is something you should be checking out.

And no, I don’t want to demotivate you about making money online. There are several other legit websites and several other working methods that can help you generate passive income online. Just the Neevo might not be one of those if you want to make some serious cash.

Though, if you are curious about giving it a shot, you can visit the website by clicking here.

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  1. Thank you so much! I saw Neevo after Atexto site make an announce on facebook. So I search on both and found your article, that really show me how the human exploitation do desserve future AI is big and scandalous. I will not enter in none of them thanks to all I read and your article is a big part of it! Thank you


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