MegaTypers Review: A Waste of Time? (Untold Truth Revealed)

If you are reading this, you probably just have come across this interesting platform/website known as MegaTypers where you can make money doing simple captcha and earn a little extra income on the side online.

Is that really the case? Is MegaTypers a legitimate platform to go after? Do they actually pay? If they do, is it worth putting in the effort and time? How do they pay? And what could be a better option than MegaTypers?

Looking for answers to all these questions in detail? You have come to the right place. In this MegaTypers review, I am going to share every little detail you need to know and help you decide whether or not MegaTypers is the right use for your extra time.

MegaTypers Review: What Exactly it Is?

MegaTypers is an online platform/organization/website where you can type simple captchas and you will get paid for doing so. If you are a single mother staying at home, a student who’s looking to generate some extra income, or an employee looking for a second job, you can join MegaTypers.

Is MegaTypers A Scam?

In terms of providing data entry work and paying the users, MegaTypers delivers what is promised. The company has been around on the internet for a while now and is consistently signing up new users every single day.

But the catch is that they don’t really disclose from whom the captchas are solved. You have no idea what is going on in the backend. It’s not always about making money (and actually they don’t pay you a hell lot of money as well), it’s our responsibility to ensure that the company/platform we are working for contributes positively to the online world.

So, MegaTypers seems to be a bit legitimate platform but since there’s a lack of information, it can turn out to be a huge scam. And just to let you know again, that is just my opinion.

MegaTypers Review: The Signup Process

Signing up for MegaTypers is pretty easy and straightforward. You can signup for the platform no matter what country you are in. As long as you can type 10-15 words per minute (which anybody can), you are accepted by them.

MegaTypers Review: Make Money Doing Captcha

All you have to do is fill out the required information, confirm you are not a robot, and then simply signup for the website.

Once you signup, there is going to be a dashboard with a lot of navigation buttons and a menu. To start working, all you have to do is click on the ‘Start working’ button on the top left corner and you will be provided with captchas to solve just as shown below.

MegaTypers Review: Make Money Doing Captcha

The work is pretty easy to be done. You have to fill in the captcha within 15-20 seconds. And if you can’t recognize something or the captcha is a bit difficult, you can click the ‘Don’t Know’ button to skip it.

It can happen that a lot of difficult captchas might come over and over again. If you keep skipping them, your account might get permanently suspended (so keep that in mind).

Talking about the user interface, the dashboard and member’s area is quite easy to handle for beginners. There won’t be any difficulties managing the work.

MegaTypers Review: What are the Payout Rates?

As most of these online ‘money-making’ sites pay, MegaTypers also has an extremely low payout rate. You can expect to earn anywhere from $0.50-$0.90 per 1,000 images/captchas you solve depending upon what server time you are working on.

Thus, if you work for 10 hours a day, you might earn about $5-9 per day. Which is not so great. If you personally ask me, that’s pathetic!

MegaTypers Review: Make Money Doing Captcha

You can see the above screenshot to see how much you actually get paid for doing the ‘simple’ work. Also, you will have to keep a higher precision rate of your account. If you continuously keep solving/typing the captchas wrong, your precision rate will decrease and this can lead to your account suspension.

MegaTypers also have an affiliate program where you can refer other people to work on the platform and earn 10% of what they earn (which could be quite useful).

MegaTypers Review: Make Money Doing Captcha

You will see the Affiliates section within your account as shown above. For earning commissions, you are going to want to invite people through your unique affiliate link for them to be tracked by the system.

So, if you are seeing a lot of these big YouTubers talking so many good things about MegaTypers, they probably are affiliates to MegaTypers and when you work hard to earn quite a few dollars every single month, they earn 10% of each person.

So, let’s just say 200 people started working at MegaTypers after clicking their affiliate links and each person earns $100 per month…the YouTuber is going to make $2,000 (10% of $20,000) without doing any real work out there. Don’t be fooled by these people.

MegaTypers Review: How Do You Get Paid?

MegaTypers pays via PayPal, bank transfer, Debit cards, Webmoney, Perfect Money, Payza and Western Union. You can withdraw money anytime you want.

MegaTypers Review: What are the Pros?

Easy way to make money online if you have no skills.
You can withdraw money whenever you want.
PayPal, bank transfer, debit cards, and other payment options available.
Higher payout rates than most of the survey websites.

MegaTypers Review: What are the Cons?

On the frontend the platform is legit, it could be fraud on the backend.
Not the best use of your free time.
You don’t don anything skillful. There are other online opportunities that are way better.
Extremely low payouts.
You get paid for the time and don’t bring any value to the table.
The website is not secure.
Accounts get suspended too often without any reasons.

What is My Final Verdict?

As I have already described MegaTypers’ lack of information they provide on why exactly you are doing captchas for them and considers the low payout rates as well as the problem with account suspension, I don’t think MegaTypers is going to be the best use of your time.

By no means, I’m demotivating you about making money online but this time, MegaTypers is something you might want to stay away from. There are a lot of sustainable business models out there and skills you can learn to create consistent passive income online rather than going after these non-valuable websites and wasting your valuable time.

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