Landingi Review: Is It Reall Easy To Use & Affordable Tool?

So, you’re looking for an affordable, versatile, and easy to use landing page tool because the popular tools out there are quite expensive, right?

And you just got to know about Landingi: a landing page builder that claims to fulfill all of your requirements. Is that really so?

Well, in this Landingi review, we are going to find that out. I’ve used the tool personally and I’ll share everything I feel about Landingi.

Without any further ado, let’s get going with the review…

What Landingi Actually is and Who is it For?

Just a quick explanation for those of you who don’t know what Landingi is: Landingi is a new landing page builder software that has a fully drag and drop interface to create beautiful looking and well-optimized landing pages.

Compared to other landing page builders out there on the web, Landingi is way more affordable and versatile at the same time.

Talking about ‘who is it for’, Landingi can be used by almost every person who needs landing pages but has a tight budget. Whether you are a beginner with no coding skills, or an expert who knows everything, Landingi is suitable for every person seeking an online presence.

Whether you are an individual marketer or an established business, you need landing pages. Hence, Landingi is for everyone.

Landingi Review: Exploring the Tool in Detail

So, once you get started with Landingi by completing the initial sign-up, they take you step-by-step on setting up your account, creating your first landing page, and publishing it.

While getting started, you are first going to customize your account by selecting whether you’re a complete beginner, an intermediate, or an expert when it comes to building and designing landing pages online.

Landingi review: is it the best landing page builder?

Once you select that, there are going to be some training videos from the team explaining everything about landing pages and using the tool to create stunning landing pages that function properly and have a high conversion rate at the same time.

Landingi review: is it the best landing page builder?

I highly recommend you watch those videos if you are planning to get started with Landingi without any problems. Although it is easy to use and you can figure it out all by yourself but having a clear understanding of how everything works is always better and saves time.

Now that you know how to use the software, you’re going to want to pick a template according to your industry. There are hundreds of templates you can choose from to get started easily.

Landingi design templates

You can also choose the blank template if you already have a design idea in mind. I would recommending looking at the other designs first to take an inspiration but that’s completely up to you.

Once you choose a template, you’re going to simply name the landing page and then the Landingi editor will load in a couple of moments for you to be able to edit the landing page desirably.

I’ll mention what I don’t like about the editor in the pros section down below, but overall, there are all the features that you need in a landing page builder to get your work done.

You have headings, different text options, image widget, forms, countdown timer, symbols/icons, sections, button, payment button, video widget, box, and addition HTML widget to add custom code.

For sure the editor is extremely easy to use but not even as good as tools like ClickFunnels offer. But considering the price point (which I will talk about later on), it’s pretty good overall.

There are quite a few stock images to work with but still, not many of them.

The team says they are constantly adding more features and images to the tool, which is a good news.

If you get confused about how the editor should be used, you can schedule a free onboarding session and someone from the team is going to teach you and walk you through every step of the way and help you understand and use the editor properly.

This I think is a really powerful and impacting decision they took for making the lives of the customers easier.

Moving further, here’s a simple landing page I’ve created using a template in under 10 minutes using Landingi. So, basically the speed is quite good. It’s not laggy like other tools such as GetResponse Autofunnel and AWeber Landing Pages.

 Landingi review

Once you publish your landing page, you can either access the landing page on Landingi itself, or you can publish it on your WordPress website (if you have one already), Shopify store, and even embed it on a server.

Landingi review

As you have options to optimize your landing pages for both desktop and mobile, there’s no problem with the responsiveness.

If you want, you can also add a custom domain by navigating to the Domains section which will cost you some extra bucks (but I highly recommend that as it builds trust).

Other than this, they also have a banner maker which is currently in BETA version. But it really works quite well. Just like you customize landing pages with the editor, similar process applies for the banner maker.

Landingi Banner Maker

And finally, there is a section (the dashboard) where you can watch out all your statistics to find out how your landing pages are performing, what’s the conversion rate, how much traffic are you driving, the number of sales you made, and other cool stuff.

That’s the overall usability of Landingi as a landing page builder software and banner maker. Honestly, it is quite versatile and fast than what you get to see in other tools in this price range.

Landing Review: What’s the Pricing?

Landingi Pricing

So I’m assuming that you will go with the business plan considering you a business owner or marketer looking for an affordable solution.

For Businesses, there are three main plans with the names and pricing as follows…

Business PlansPricing
Core Plan$29 Per Month
Create Plan$55 Per Month
Automate Plan$79 Per Month

If you’re just getting started, then I think the Core plan would be a great choice.

Landingi Pros

Very easy to use for beginners (only if you invest some time in learning how it works).
Affordable pricing for businesses and individuals.
Drag and drop editor.
Impressive speed and usability.
Has a 14 day free trial.
Multiple landing page templates.
A section for statistics.
Includes banner maker.

Landingi Cons

Very limited visits on the free trial.
Not as easy to use as ClickFunnels.
You will need to invest some time learning it.
The drag and drop editor is easy but confusing as well.
Limited free stock images.
Customer support is a bit slow.

Landingi Review: My Final Verdict

After using this tool for about 2 complete days and continuously testing its features, responsiveness, overall user interface, the support team, and integrating the tool with my WordPress website through the Landingi plugin, I would say Landingi is actually an extremely versatile and affordable landing page builder for beginners and people who are on a tight budget.

However, tools like ClickFunnels are way better than Landingi. But again, comparing the $97/month ClickFunnels plan and $29/month Landingi plan, it’s actually worth trying. And as there is a 14-day free trial offered…you got nothing to lose. You can get started with Landingi by clicking the banner below or visiting

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