14 Instant Approval Affiliate Programs (With Huge Payouts)

Affiliate marketing is a really big industry to work in. There are a lot of great companies to work with but most of them have certain requirements and follow standards before accepting new affiliates.

I clearly remember how a hosting provider made me wait for over 30 days before I was able to promote the company.

This is simply not good for newbies. I’ve faced this problem myself and I’m sure a lot of new affiliates would be facing it as well.

In this post, I’ve mentioned some of the most popular and high-paying affiliate programs that are going to approve you instantly!

Yes, that’s right! All of the programs here are instant approval affiliate programs. You won’t have to wait for days for your application to be manually reviewed.

Sounds good? Well, then let’s get right into the information like a storm!

Instant Approval Affiliate Programs

  1. Bluehost Affiliate Program
  2. AWeber Affiliate Program
  3. GetResponse Affiliate Program
  4. GeneratePress Affiliate Program
  5. Fiverr Affiliate Program
  6. Amazon Affiliate Program
  7. GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program
  8. Moosend Affiliate Program
  9. Paxful Affiliate Program
  10. Siteground Affiliate Program
  11. ClickFunnels Affiliate Program
  12. ClickBank Affiliate Network
  13. ProveSource Affiliate Program
  14. JVZoo Affiliate Network

1. Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost is one of the most common names that people get to know while getting started with online marketing or internet marketing.

If you don’t yet know what this company is all about, it’s a hosting service provider that helps people host their blogs and websites at affordable plans.

What makes Bluehost so special is that over 2 million blogs use this hosting (even some of my websites are hosted on Bluehost) and it’s the most recommended web hosting company out there in the industry.

The cherry on the cake is that this company takes care of affiliate marketers and bloggers as well. First of all, their service and support is top-notch, and second of all, they pay high commission rates to everyone.

What’s even better is that you get accepted into the company’s affiliate program instantly. The signup process is very fast. All you have to do is fill out a form, provide some details, and that’s pretty much it!

The commission rate is anywhere from sixty-five dollars to one hundred and thirty dollars. The cookie tracking period Bluehost’s affiliate program offers is ninety days.

But you know what’s amazing about the Bluehost partner program other than ‘instant approval’? Well, Bluehost provides a wide range of banners (high-quality banners), widgets, tools, guides, and a very fast and efficient affiliate management team.

By the way, I mentioned the Bluehost affiliate marketing program in this listicle as well. You can check that out if interested.

Official Website: https://www.bluehost.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Bluehost Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $65-130 per sale

Cookie Duration: 90 days

2. AWeber Affiliate Program

AWeber Affiliate Program

The second option on the list of instant approval affiliate programs and networks is AWeber.

AWeber is a fantastic email marketing software for businesses that provides high deliverability rates and an easy-to-use interface for both beginners and advanced marketers/individuals.

Not just email marketing, but you can also use AWeber for creating highly optimized landing pages as well as signup forms.

Affiliates can join the AWeber in-house affiliate program quickly without awaiting the application review. This company offers a thirty percent commission rate to affiliates and the referral period is one year!

That’s right! You get a 365-day cookie duration. Banners, videos, text links, co-branded opportunities, swipes, and support are made available to all active partners.

Official Website: https://www.aweber.com

Affiliate Signup Page: AWeber Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 30% commission (per month)

Cookie Duration: 365 days

3. GetResponse Affiliate Program

GetResponse Affiliate Program

GetResponse is another marketing platform where you can manage a whole lot of stuff such as email marketing, setting up autoresponders, creating landing pages, building sales funnels, managing social media marketing things, and running webinars.

I love GetResponse so much that I wrote a lot about the GetResponse affiliate program in a separate post. You can read that by clicking here.

Yes, you will be accepted as a GetResponse affiliate right then and there instantly. With fast approval, you get to choose two payout models – in the first situation, you get paid $100 upfront for every customer and in the second case, you get paid a thirty-three percent recurring commission as long as the customer uses GetResponse.

The cookie length of GetResponse’s affiliate program is a hundred and twenty days, which is quite good. Of course, there are eBooks, guides, freebies, banners, email swipes, webinars, and free resources that you can use to promote GetResponse effectively.

And if you are engrossed in checking out some great affiliate programs with a lifetime tracking period, read this listicle.

Official Website: https://www.getresponse.com

Affiliate Signup Page: GetResponse Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $100 upfront or 33% recurring commission

Cookie Duration: 120 days

4. GeneratePress Affiliate Program

GeneratePress Affiliate Program

So, I’ve personally used GeneratePress for a lot of my projects. Even the website you are browsing now is also using the GeneratePress theme.

You got that! Yep, GeneratePress is actually a WordPress theme that bloggers can use to design their website without compromising on the user experience.

The theme is fast, it’s efficient, has a lot of widgets and helpful blocks, and the support team is very friendly as well as helpful.

You can join the GeneratePress WordPress theme affiliate program for free and get approved instantly to promote the products and earn commissions.

If you choose to promote GeneratePress to new bloggers and businesses that are interested in creating responsive websites and get paid a thirty percent cut of every sale.

There are no special affiliate resources that you will be provided to promote the theme so, you are going to want to be a little bit creative in terms of the promotional strategies/methods. To learn more about GeneratePress’ affiliate program, visit the navigation links I have put down below.

Official Website: https://generatepress.com

Affiliate Signup Page: GeneratePress Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 30% commission per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

5. Fiverr Affiliate Program

Fiverr affiliate instant approval

Here we go again, I just mentioned Fiverr and its affiliate program in my previous post about tiered affiliate programs.

It’s one of the best and my favorite freelancing website of all time. What’s cool about Fiverr is that you can recommend this platform to both business owners and people who want to generate an income online.

Fiverr is a great company that you can work with and they’re really generous towards their affiliate partners. You will get accepted into their affiliate program the moment you register (fast approval).

When you join the Fiverr affiliate program, you get to promote Fiverr Business, Fiverr Affiliates, AND.CO, Learn From Fiverr, and Fiverr Logomaker.

The commission rates are pretty exciting and I’m sure you will love working with Fiverr as an affiliate partner. All sorts of marketing-related stuff are provided to everyone for easy and efficient promotions.

Official Website: https://fiverr.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Fiverr Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $15-150 CPA, $10 CPA + 10% RevShare, 10-50% commission on other products

Cookie Duration: 30 days

6. Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Associates Alternatives instant approval

Do you know which marketplace has the highest conversion rates when it comes to buying stuff online?

Well, without a single doubt, it’s Amazon. I say this every time I describe Amazon – it’s a beast.

You can join the Amazon affiliate program almost instantly after completing a few steps here and there. Sure, the commission rates might disappoint you but the conversion rates won’t!

Just think about it; even if you get a 3% commission, it’s for the whole cart. What this means is that if a person ends up buying items worth $10000, you get paid $300 for that!

Not too bad, right? Also, you can try promoting high ticket products if you want to generate big commissions from the Amazon Associates program.

And yea, if you are interested in checking out some fantastic Amazon affiliate program alternatives, check out this post right here.

The commission rates aren’t really that bad, to be honest. You get paid anywhere from one percent to a ten percent commission on all qualified sales.

Widgets, small tools, banners, text links, and slow support is made available to all affiliate marketers or partners. The referral period should have been a little bit better. It’s only twenty-four hours!

Official Website: https://amazon.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Amazon Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 1-10% commission for all qualified sales

Cookie Duration: 24 hours (1day)

7. GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program

GrooveFunnels affiliate program instant

Here we go again! It’s out of my count how many times I’ve described GrooveFunnels in my articles.

GrooveFunnels is another growing sales funnel builder that businesses can utilize to build sales funnels, landing pages, sell products, run blogs, create helpdesks, set up an email autoresponder, and a lot of ‘marketing stuff’ that I can just keep on writing about.

Basically, GrooveFunnels is a perfect solution for any business that wants to get online at affordable prices and wants everything to be managed under a single dashboard.

GrooveFunnels offers up to forty percent recurring commission for life and an additional ten percent second-tier commission as well. Oh, didn’t I just tell you that you will get instant approval? Well, you will for sure!

I genuinely believe you will be overwhelmed by what this tool offers if you visit the official GrooveFunnels website! It’s really really impressive.

Official Website: https://groovefunnels.com

Affiliate Signup Page: GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Up to 40% recurring commission

Cookie Duration: Sticky cookie

8. Moosend Affiliate Program

Moosend instant approval

Frankly speaking, Moosend is the fastest email marketing tool I’ve seen in my entire marketing and blogging career.

However, the reason why I mentioned Moosend on the eighth position is that the pricing is a little low and thus, leading to lower commissions.

Though, you will get accepted into Moosend’s affiliate program instantly to start promoting the links and drive conversions.

A thirty percent commission rate is offered to all affiliate partners. The referral period is ninety days. Moosend pays commissions every month on time and the payments are made either via PayPal and Stripe.

Official Website: https://moosend.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Moosend Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 30% recurring commission

Cookie Duration: 90 days

9. Paxful Affiliate Program

Paxful instant affiliate program

Paxful is a well-established website or online platform where people can buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Tether, and Ethereum.

This is a great platform that you can recommend to people who are interested in some money for big profits because we can’t deny that crypto is going to be the next big thing.

The first great thing about Paxful’s affiliate program is that you’ll be approved immediately. The second one is that the commission rate is a whopping fifty percent per sale and a ten percent second-tier compensation is offered as well.

Fabulous, isn’t it? The cookie duration for this affiliate program is lifelong! Oh yeah! That’s right. Click the link to Paxful’s affiliate signup page if you want to learn more.

And one more thing, be sure to check out this post if you are interested in discovering some more affiliate programs with lifelong cookie length.

Official Website: https://paxful.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Paxful Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 10-50% commission

Cookie Duration: Lifetime cookie length

10. Siteground Affiliate Program

SiteGround instant approval

Siteground is a popular web hosting company just like Bluehost. Whether you are looking for WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, shared hosting, or managed hosting, Siteground has plans for everyone.

You will experience Siteground’s quality of service the moment you land on the company’s official website.

This web hosting provider is powered by Google Cloud. World-class support and features are provided by Siteground to its users.

The affiliate program is managed in-house and you are just a few clicks away from partnering up with Siteground. All you have to do is head over to the affiliate signup page to create an account and you are good to go.

This company pays anywhere from fifty dollars to a hundred dollars or even more per customer.

Captivating banners, reliable tracking tools, and affiliate support, and one-month free hosting are provided to all affiliates. The referral period is sixty days.

Official Website: https://www.siteground.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Siteground Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $50-100+ per customer

Cookie Duration: 60 days

11. ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

ClickFunnels instant affiliate

ClickFunnels is a really nice sales funnel builder that you can call the ‘Apple’ in the ‘sales funnels’ category.

Just like Apple took the market with a storm, ClickFunnels became the category king of sales funnels in the same way.

It’s the most powerful sales funnel software on the internet that is designed/created to save business owners’ time.

The plans cost close to a hundred dollars a month so, you can expect to earn a good chunk of money every month. Also, if you bring them 100 active users, they will reward you with your dream car!

The commission rate starts at twenty percent and goes all the way up to forty percent.

ClickFunnels also provides an in-depth training course to teach affiliates how to promote the company by using highly effective strategies. Check out the company’s affiliate signup page to learn more.

Official Website: https://clickfunnels.com

Affiliate Signup Page: ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 20-40% recurring commission

Cookie Duration: 45 days

12. ClickBank Affiliate Network

ClickBank affiliate network for instant approval

ClickBank is a popular affiliate network that accepts affiliates of all levels. You can visit the official ClickBank website the very moment, create an account, and start promoting the products/offers right away to earn commissions.

There are hundreds and hundreds of affiliate offers on ClickBank in various categories. All you have to do is click on the ‘promote’ button, get hoplinks, and start promoting the links for money.

There is a separate analytics system where affiliates can track their campaigns’ performances. Most of the offers have affiliate resources available for the better and the cookie duration is sixty days (standard) but it depends on the vendor.

Official Website: https://clickbank.com

Affiliate Signup Page: ClickBank Affiliate Network

Commission Rates:

Cookie Duration:

13. ProveSource Affiliate Program

ProoveSource affiliate program

Social proof notifications is a very underutilized yet powerful conversion rate optimization strategy.

ProoveSource is a platform that provides this solution to help E-commerce and online stores boost sales/conversions. You can use ProoveSource on both WordPress and Shopify.

You will get approved for the ProoveSource affiliate program at once and for free. A forty percent commission rate is offered to all affiliates marketers.

ProoveSource is a software that hundreds and hundreds of big companies trust. Some of these companies are Hush, My Deal, Cellcom, etc.

I think it’s going to appeal to a lot of marketers, entrepreneurs, and aspirant business owners and on top of that, you earn commissions for life!

Official Website: https://provesrc.com

Affiliate Signup Page: ProveSource Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 40% recurring revenue

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

14. JVZoo Affiliate Program

JVZoo instant

The last option we have got here is JVZoo. It’s also an affiliate network with a lot of physical and digital offers to promote.

There are a lot of benefits you reap by joining JVZoo. Some of them are as follows;

  • You get approved instantly
  • High commission rates are offers
  • The network pays on a daily basis

That’s all I can let you know about JVZoo here. If interested, you can check out some great JVZoo alternatives by clicking here.

Official Website: https://www.jvzoo.com

Affiliate Signup Page: JVZoo Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Variable

Cookie Duration: Variable

In Conclusion

Getting approved for affiliate programs is always a big issue for beginners. I tried to solve that problem by providing a few options here that affiliates can consider.

I hope you found this listicle helpful and informative. If you have to ask something out or want to make a suggestion, feel free to use the comments section down below to share your thoughts.

Leave a comment.

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