GetResponse Affiliate Program Review: Is $1K/Month Doable?

If you know anything about online marketing, you probably know that email marketing is one of the best strategies to grow your business.

GetResponse is an all-in-one online marketing platform worth the trust of every business or online marketer. Having been in the industry for over two decades, it is arguably one of the best and easiest online marketing solutions.

As one of the most well-known email marketing service providers, GetResponse offers impressive email marketing software alongside welcoming affiliate programs.

By joining the GetResponse affiliate programs, you can make money by referring new customers to the software. The program pays the highest commission rates that you could get from any major email marketing platform.

If you’re into affiliate marketing and are considering joining the GetResponse affiliate program, this article is for you. It will discuss everything you need to know about GetResponse affiliate programs to help you make an informed decision before you make the decision to become one of their affiliates. Keep reading!

What Is GetResponse – A Quick Intro

GetResponse review

At its core, GetResponse is a comprehensive email marketing service provider offering a suite of simple-to-use online marketing solutions. Essentially, the platform offers most of the must-have marketing tools, including email marketing, landing pages, webinars, conversion funnels, opt-in forms, paid ads, web-push notifications, and marketing automation tools.

These integrated tools help marketers automate essential tasks and launch more effective marketing campaigns to attract more traffic to their websites.

Since its inception in 1998, GetResponse has continued to add more features, and now it is definitely one of the go-to email marketing solutions. Of course, its key elements make it stand out from rivals like ConvertKit and Aweber.

Alongside its incredible online marketing solutions, GetResponse offers an affiliate program.

The GetResponse affiliate program is an excellent opportunity for all affiliate marketers who wish to grow their earnings.

You can also signup and start recommending GetResponse services to potential buyers. Let’s dive deeper and see why anyone should consider becoming a GetResponse affiliate.

GetResponse Affiliate Program: Details

GetResponse affiliate programs

As affiliate marketing continues to sky-rocket with lucrative payouts, GetResponse has two affiliate programs. You can join GetResponse affiliate programs either using GetResponse in-house or at Commission Junction (CJ).

Whether to join the affiliate programs at CJ or its self-hosted program immensely depends on personal preference, among other factors. Here is an overview of the main details.

Official Website:

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here to join

Cost Per Action(CPA): Cost per sale

Commission Rates: 33% recurring or $100 one-time commissions

Cookie Duration: 120 days

Payouts Threshold: $50

Payment Options: PayPal and Bank account

How To Join The GetResponse Affiliate Program

Many affiliate programs make the joining process relatively easy and convenient. GetResponse affiliate program is no exception.

Before joining the program, you must decide whether you are going for the bounty program paying a $100 one-time commission or the 33% recurring commission plan. After you have made a decision, joining becomes easy.

To join GetResponse, navigate their Home Page and click “Affiliate Programs” on the footer.

Affiliate program tab in GetResponse

This will open the page where you can select your preferred option (the Bounty program or the recurring plan).

Two GetResponse affiliate programs

Click the signup icon and proceed to provide the required information. You will need to input:

Signing up for the GetResponse affiliate program
  • Your name
  • Valid email address
  • Password
  • Country of residence
  • Phone number
  • Your website URL
  • How you want to promote GetResponse

Double-check to ensure every detail is correct, then click on “CREATE ACCOUNT” to proceed. A window will pop with a note welcoming you to your chosen program.

You will also get an email notification prompting you to activate your account; click on the prompt to activate your account.

You are now ready to go! GetResponse affiliate dashboard is a comprehensive and fully functional affiliate marketing website dashboard. It is user-friendly and offers a complete track of all the click on your links, sales, and related conventions.

Dadhboard for affiliate links

From your dashboard, you will also see what links convert better and which are not.

How To Promote GetResponse Strategically

Like with any other affiliate marketing program, you will need to promote your affiliate links if you want to generate some kind of revenue.

Thankfully, GetResponse offers some of the most innovative marketing tools. Email marketing is one of the best starting points and will work best if you are a GetResponse customer.

Here are some of the strategies you can employ to get prospects into the sales funnel.

Promoting GetResponse via Email Marketing

GetResponse specializes in email marketing solutions. If you’re an enthusiastic affiliate marketer, you know that email marketing is certainly one of the most effective ways to promote your affiliate products.

It goes without saying that it is a strategy you must use to attract potential buyers to your affiliate link. If you are a GetResponse consumer, you will benefit from automated email campaigns and keep prospects hooked on your product.

Promoting GetResponse via Blog Posts

Publishing high-quality articles on your website is another excellent strategy that works for many affiliate marketers. For blogging to work for you and help drive traffic to your links, you will need a niche website.

With a niche blog, you can generate free and targeted traffic with little effort. All you need is high-quality content. When writing, think of compelling topics like:

  1. Why you chose GetResponse over (other email provider)
  2. The best email marketing platforms for bloggers
  3. GetResponse – the best email marketing platform
  4. How to choose an email marketing platform

Promotion Through Display Banners

GetResponse also offers an assortment of constantly updated promotional materials like banner ads that you can display in sidebars or within the content you publish. You can display these banners to lure prospects to click.

Promoting GetResponse via Video Marketing

If you have a YouTube channel, you have all you need to get traffic to your affiliate links. Interestingly, YouTube videos can rank in conventional search engines.

You can create detailed videos illustrating the importance of email marketing and how using GetResponse services could benefit any business. Just make sure to share your affiliate links too.

Promoting GetResponse Through Consulting Clients

If you had identified prospects before joining GetResponse affiliate programs, you can meet with those potential buyers and recommend the service to them.

If you are a GetResponse customer, you may benefit from the Webinars, demonstrate your offer, and record to use in promoting GetResponse.

Promotion Through Social Media Marketing

With its millions of users, social media is one of the most valuable assets for affiliate marketing. Facebook is a go-to destination for many markets, but there are other platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

As social media platforms are made for socializing, remember the 60:20 rule. The appeal of using social media platforms is that you don’t need to post long texts. Short posts rich in content work best. You can also share compelling videos to win a broad audience.

Advertising GetResponse services and reaching potential buyers should not be one of the hardest things. Besides using the apparent strategies to promote your affiliate links, you may want to use other approaches, like influencer marketing and participating in relevant online discussions.

Most importantly, remember to keep an eye on your statistics.

How Much Can You Make With GetResponse’s Affiliate Program?

GetResponse offers two of the best affiliate programs in the email marketing industry. Indeed, they deserve credit for their creative affiliate programs that attract some of the top affiliate marketers.

With the platform’s generous commission structure, you can make a significant amount surpassing $1,000 a month.

There’s no cap on earnings, so the much you make will depend on the number of new customers you refer to this all-in-one marketing software product.

If you’re not sure to continue referring a lot of customers to a point where enough of them stick around and continue using the service for the long term, you can opt for the bounty programs. With this program, you will get a one-time commission of either $100 if you joined with GetResponse in-house or $135 if you joined at Commission Junction (CJ).

On the other hand, affiliate marketers with a more established client base who are confident to bring in new referrals constantly will be better with the 33% recurring commission plan.

How much you earn per month will depend on the number of your new referrals and lifelong referrals. With the recurring plan, your earnings are likely to be affected by the pricing.

GetResponse has competitively priced plans that you can present to potential buyers. The pricing plans are:

  1. Basic: Starting at $15 per month for an unlimited number of emails to up to 1,000 subscribers.
  2. Plus: Starting at $49/month for lists up to 1,000.
  3. Professional: Starting at $99/month for lists of 1,000
  4. Enterprise: This is the high-end plan where pricing is personalized and flexible to meet user needs.

You can check GetResponse pricing here to measure your commission opportunity.

Why Should You Join The GetResponse Affiliate Program?

If you are an affiliate marketer who needs to boost your business, then it’s high time you find a mail program to help you achieve your desire.

There are several services offered by GetResponse that will impress you. Ranging from email marketing, webinar, conversion funnels, landing pages, and more fascinating marketing automation tools.

All this will give you enough satisfaction and reasons to join Getresponse. Here is where you will get the most clever marketing and sales software.

Additionally, there is a wide range of learning resources that will help you understand how GetResponse operates. The resources include guides, blogs, videos, and courses that are offered freely to the user.

Some of the informative topics you will get in these resources include; Content creation, mobile marketing, email design, e-commerce, and conversion rate optimization.

There is a special program known as the digital marketing certification program where you will learn some skills and be awarded a certificate that will improve your ranks on the market.

With the multiple tools and acquired skills, you will find it easy to build successful marketing strategy campaigns. All this will lead you to the success of your business and desire to achieve more in affiliate marketing.

Pros Of GetResponse Affiliate Program

  • It is easy to join: There are no strict rules for joining GetResponse. Unlike other marketing programs that require you to give more details about your website and the traffic you attract, GetResponse expects you just to fill a form asking for basic details. You are only expected to give. your website URL and tap on the
    confirmation email they will send to you.
  • User-friendly dashboard: Navigating through the GetResponse dashboard is quite easy and simple. You will automatically get a snapshot containing your stats. These statistics include; pending payments, free referrals, paid referrals, and link visits. You can visit the statistics sections just in case you want to get in-depth information concerning your account.
  • An amazing 120 days cookie expiration time: Cookies are small pieces of data that a website will use to track its visitors. With GetResponse, the cookies last for 120 days, which is far better than other websites whose cookies last for only 24 hours or 30 days or 60 days. For example, when your affiliate cookie lasts for 120 days, GetResponse will credit a sale to your account even if the buyer will buy it three months later.
  • They have nice commissions: GetResponse has a fairly generous commission of 33% for the recurring plan and a $100 commission bounty program. It’s up to you to choose which one you like. If you’re confident that you can attract more referrals, you better go for the 33% adding commission.
  • It has several helpful tools: GetResponse gives you access to free tools and marketing resources to help you advertise — GetResponse to your prospective audience. It is advisable that you use these tools to create your advertising content. This is because GetResponse has nice advertising content but created with few conversions in mind. Some of these tools include; banners ( that come in various languages; Spanish, English, Germany, Polish, etc.), videos, text ads, logos, email ads, infographics, and signatures. All these tools will help familiarize GetResponse to your prospective customers.

Cons of GetResponse Affiliate Program

  1. Delayed payouts for the bounty program
  2. Limited payout options
  3. Extremely competitive to promote

In Conclusion

It is clear that GetResponse has heavenly invested in their affiliates, which makes it a great affiliate program that anyone can join. Getting over $100 for entry-level products is really amazing.

However, it is good to note that affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme where things will happen overnight. But yes, you can definitely make a thousand dollars a month ($1000 a month) using the program quite easily if you follow the right strategies.

I hope you enjoyed this GetResponse affiliate review. If you have got any questions or suggestions to share, let me and the community know by leaving a comment.

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