11 Best Lifetime Cookies Affiliate Programs (Huge Payouts!)

How amazing it would be if you make someone click your affiliate once and then, whenever they purchase the product in their entire life span, you get paid a commission for that no matter what?

Pretty amazing, right? Everyone would want that.

Well, in this post, I’m going to make that feasible for you. If you are in search of truly amazing passive income sources for your publishing business on the internet, you are at the right place.

In this post, I’m going to mention, describe, and present to you some of the top lifetime cookies affiliate programs so that you can generate more revenue.

I won’t take much of your time here in the intro; let’s move straight to the list!

Lifetime Cookies Affiliate Programs

  1. LiveWebinar Affiliate Program
  2. Nutriprofits Affiliate Program
  3. iLoveCoding Affiliate Program
  4. PayCafe Affiliate Program
  5. Buy Back Pros Affiliate Program
  6. American Debt Enders Affiliate Program
  7. CuraDebt Affiliate Program
  8. Camping Maxx Affiliate Program
  9. FastFunnels Affiliate Program
  10. SEO Reseller Affiliate Program
  11. AdTector Affiliate Program

1. LiveWebinar Affiliate Program

LiveWebinar Affiliate Program

This is a digital age, and the demand for webinar software companies is rapidly increasing. There are still a lot of issues with webinar platforms on the technical side.

But LiveWebinar is a pretty good one compared to other ones. The product has a lot of really cool specialties such as;

  • Hosting or attending webinars without downloading anything
  • Advanced customization
  • Clear HD quality sessions (which is a major problem with a lot of companies)
  • Easy integration options
  • Whiteboard available
  • Marketing automation
  • and many more.

You can access the LiveWebinar affiliate program after creating a free account on the official membership website.

This company will pay a thirty percent recurring commission for life. And the cherry on the cake is that the cookie length is also lifelong.

You just have to recommend the product once, and then whenever someone buys the product in the future, you will get compensation for that.

There’s a dedicated account manager to help affiliates. Marketing resources are provided as well, and last but not least – exclusive bonuses for every top-performing affiliate.

Official Website: https://www.livewebinar.com

Affiliate Signup Page: LiveWebinar Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 30% recurring for life

Cookie Duration: Lifetime cookie duration

2. Nutriprofits Affiliate Program

Nutriprofits Affiliate Program

Nutriprofits is by far the best affiliate network for affiliate marketers working in the beauty and health niche. Sure, there’s Market Health as well, but Nutriprofits is way better than any other platform in my eyes.

Well, why is that? It’s because the platform has been created by expert and experienced affiliates to genuinely help other affiliate marketers just like you and me.

All of the offers that are managed on Nutriprofts offer a lifetime cookie length and pretty amazing commissions.

And wait, by the way, I’ve talked about Nutriprofits in my post about hair loss affiliate programs as well, so be sure to check that out!

From acne products to activewear, there are loads and loads of affiliate offers you can promote by joining Nutriprofits.

I browsed through a lot of products on the Nutriprofits affiliate network and found out that the average commission offered by the vast majority of merchants is anywhere from $30 and $40. To learn more, feel free to visit the links down below.

Official Website: https://nutriprofits.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Nutriprofits Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Variable, but the average will be $30-40 per sale

Cookie Duration: Lifelong cookie length

3. iLoveCoding Affiliate Program

iLoveCoding Affiliate Program

You can’t overlook how many students and people are building their interest in coding and programming nowadays.

iLoveCoding is a great platform for learning advanced coding skills with ease. All of their lessons and training setups have been structured perfectly for beginners to grasp the information as quickly and easily as possible.

The company also provides mentor support and practice sessions where an individual can put what he learned into real life. They’ve already taught hundreds of thousands of students, and some of the students they taught work for huge companies like Twitter, SONY, and Liberty Mutual.

So, the iLoveCoding affiliate program is managed on ThriveCart. All affiliates or partners get paid a thirty percent commission per qualified sale.

The payments are made 30 days after the sale has been made or generated. As a partner, you can expect to make $29.70 (in commission) per sale on average.

So, that turns out to be $2970 a month if you manage to get a hundred sales. The cookie length is for life…it never expires, and it’s pretty obvious that resources and tools are provided to everyone.

Official Website: https://ilovecoding.org

Affiliate Signup Page: iLoveCoding Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 30% per sale

Cookie Duration: Never expires (lifetime)

4. PayCafe Affiliate Program

PayCafe Affiliate Program

PayCafe, as anyone can guess from the name itself, is a payment gateway solution for online businesses.

Accepting credit card payments has always been an issue for online businesses as there’s a lot that needs to be considered for privacy and security.

From fraud protection and shopping cart to dispute management and reporting, PayCafe takes care of a lot of things.

And yes, you can join the PayCafe affiliate program with lifelong cookie duration on the ShareASale affiliate network for free.

All approved affiliates earn a two-hundred-dollar commission per validated sale. Captivating banners and triggering text links are offered, along with a dedicated affiliate marketing manager.

Official Website: https://www.paycafe.com

Affiliate Signup Page: PayCafe Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $200 per merchant

Cookie Duration: Lifetime referral period

5. Buy Back Pros Affiliate Program

Buy Back Pros Affiliate Program

Buy Back Pros is gaining popularity with time. It’s an E-commerce platform where people can buy and sell used products at satisfactory prices.

Whether you are looking for pre-owned electronic goods, laptops, tablets, mobiles, or anything else along the lines, Buy Back Pros is a solid platform for that.

Of course, they have a separate portal for affiliate partners on the official website/store itself. No need to join a network to work with Buy Back Pros.

The commission rate offered is pretty generous. All partners will be paid a seven percent commission for the referred sales, and an unlimited cookie tracking period is granted as well! I love these kinds of companies, honestly.

By the way, you can check out these posts with related affiliate programs if you want to – laptop affiliate programs, tech affiliate programs.

Official Website: https://buybackpros.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Buy Backs Pros Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 7% commission

Cookie Duration: Never expires

6. American Debt Enders Affiliate Program

American Debt Enders Affiliate Program

As it could be easily guessed by the name, American Debt Enders is a company that works with a mission of helping people get out of debt.

This company claims to get people out of debt in under 36 months, which is a great as well as a bold claim at the same time.

Not only do they provide services in this sector, but also offer free credit consultation to assist people with their financial life.

To join the ADE affiliate program, you will have to visit their affiliate signup page and then send an email to the mentioned address. The affiliate account manager is going to walk you through the next steps.

Official Website: https://americandebtenders.com

Affiliate Signup Page: American Debt Enders Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Variable

Cookie Duration: Doesn’t expire

7. CuraDebt Affiliate Program

CuraDebt Affiliate Program

CuraDebt is another financial company that has been helping business owners, and individuals save money or get out of debt since the year 1996.

They have consulted over 200,000 people and helps them with legal stuff related to debt negotiation, debt settlement, and tax debt relief.

If you are interested in partnering up with CuraDebt, feel free to join the affiliate program by clicking the link down below, which will take you to the signup page on CuraDebt’s official website.

You, as an affiliate, can make a whopping $450-600 per referred customer, $30-40 per lead, $50-80 per call, and a ten percent commission for referring sub-affiliates.

That’s some crazy commission rate, isn’t it? Also, what’s even better is that the cookie never expires. This will bump your earnings drastically. Although the program is hosted on the same domain, the software used is Post Affiliate Pro, if you are curious.

Official Website: https://curadebt.com

Affiliate Signup Page: CuraDebt Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $30-40 per lead, $50-80 per call, and $450-600 per sale

Cookie Duration: Lifetime cookie duration

8. Camping Maxx Affiliate Program

Camping Maxx Affiliate Program

Camping Maxx is a popular seller of camping gear and survival gear. I will not need to explain a lot about Camping Maxx because it’s pretty obvious to find out or guess what type of products the company sells.

Still, for those of you who are curious, here’s a small list;

  • Dome tents
  • Hiking packs
  • Tactical jackets
  • Mosquito nets
  • etc.

The affiliate program is managed in-house. A ten percent commission rate is offered. The cookie tracking period, of course, is never-ending once again, and resources are provided for effective promotions. What’s amazing about Camping Maxx is that the payment threshold is $0.00.

Official Website: https://www.campingmaxx.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Camping Maxx Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 10% per sale

Cookie Duration: Lifetime cookie duration

9. FastFunnels Affiliate Program

FastFunnels Affiliate Program

The next option we have got is FastFunnels. It’s a funnel building software I didn’t know about a couple days back, but I’m so glad I found out about this beast!

It’s as good as other sales funnel builders like GrooveFunnels or ClickFunnels, and the pricing of this platform starts only at $29 a month.

That’s really impressive in the first place because the vast majority of funnel builders out there cost around a hundred dollars a month or way more.

This company provides a lifetime cookie duration and a generous twenty-five percent recurring commission for life.

One more great thing about the company is that affiliates won’t have to wait for the payments to coming in for months. The pay cycle is monthly. Click the navigation links down below to learn more about FastFunnels and its affiliate program.

Official Website: https://fastfunnels.com

Affiliate Signup Page: FastFunnels Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 25% recurring

Cookie Duration: Lifetime cookie

10. SEO Reseller Affiliate Program

SEO Reseller Affiliate Program

SEO Reseller is a perfect place that businesses can utilize to outsource SEO-related stuff at affordable rates or manage everything that falls under SEO under a single dashboard.

I did mention SEO Reseller and its partner program in one of my previous posts about two-tier affiliate programs. Make sure you check that out if you want to boost your revenue.

The commission rate is six percent per transaction. There’s a one percent second-tier commission as well. Visit the links to find out extra info.

Official Website: https://seoreseller.com

Affiliate Signup Page: SEO Reseller Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 6% per transaction, 1% for sub-affiliates sales

Cookie Duration: Never expires

11. AdTector Affiliate Program

AdTector Affiliate Program

As the demand for digital advertising is increasing, the issue of fraud clicks has been on the rise. A lot of companies (even the big ones) are extracting money from advertisers’ accounts by providing invalid clicks.

This is where AdTector comes in. AdTector meters fraud clicks and blocks them as well. This way, businesses can save money a lot of money that goes wasted.

AdTector is a subscription-based product that charges users on a monthly basis. This means you get paid recurring commissions as long as the customers stay on the platform.

A fifty percent commission rate is offered to all affiliate marketers with dedicated affiliate support as well as marketing material.

I genuinely believe every affiliate marketer should check this company out because it’s a product that many business owners would love to use.

Official Website: https://www.adtector.com

Affiliate Signup Page: AdTector Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 50% recurring commission for life

Cookie Duration: Lifetime cookie

In Conclusion

So, I’ve included some great companies in various niches that offer lifetime cookie length to affiliate marketers.

My favorite ones are as follows;

  • FastFunnels
  • Nutriprofits
  • AdTector

That’s all for this post. I hope you found the information helpful. If you have got any questions to ask or suggestions to share, feel free to leave them in the comments section down below.

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