How Often Should You Post Instagram Reels? (Read This)

Instagram is a picture and video-sharing social networking website started by Mike Kreiger and Kevin Systrom in 2010 and later bought by Facebook.

Users may post photos and videos that can be modified with filters and categorized using tags and geotagging.

Posts can indeed be posted publicly or with people on the friends’ list. Users may examine popular material, such as photographs, and follow other individuals to add their routines or experiences via photos or videos to a personalized newsfeed.

Recently, Instagram added a new feature that allows users to post and create reels.

Reels are Instagram clips that are brief and engaging and allow you to exhibit your imagination while also bringing your business to life. 

Instagram users can make and add reels on their accounts to be a part of cultural developments, interact with the community, and learn new things.

Reels are short videos ranging from fifteen seconds to a minute that can be uploaded publicly by users for entertainment or to promote the growth of their Instagram accounts. 

Millions of people all around the globe post these reels every day. Reels have become popular day by day on the Instagram application and are still going strong.

How Often Should You Post Instagram Reels?

Now the question arises as to how frequently one must post Instagram reels. Whenever an Instagram user has anything noteworthy and refreshing for the audience, it has become a solid general rule to share a reel.

Since reels are a form of video with pictures or anime and have background music or a voiceover, they have become a significant way of connecting with an audience. 

For most companies, reels are now a part of their marketing and promoting strategies. It is advisable to post 4–7 reels every week to keep up with the trends and maintain an impact.

Posting Reels to Feed

Instagram algorithms work in a certain way. It is suggested to have an active account to increase followers. The engagement of the clips posted on the account’s newsfeed ensures that they reach a larger audience.

There are privacy settings for every Instagram account. Only the account’s followers can see the newsfeed, clips, photos, and other posts. Non-followers cannot view your account or account activity if your account is private.

Reels Getting More Views Than Posts

You’re not alone in this. Since the console’s introduction of the short-video format last year, businesses and artists have discovered that these postings generate more than just views. 

Therefore, it is simple to say that posting a reel will help you more to make a good reach of your account among others than just posting a feed post. 

The reel will attract more people to your account and will give you a better result in the growth area of your profile.

The Reels feature is ideal for bringing out your creativity in front of a new audience. If you’re handling a business profile, high-performing reel material might help you gain new followers and even clients.

How Many Reels Do You Post to Go Viral?

Even if the clips are brief, they must be interesting. Otherwise, your target audience will continue to browse other feeds. However, if you want to cultivate an engaged and motivated following, you need to post at least once a day.

Don’t feel obligated to post it every day; however, try to do so as frequently as possible. Reels that do not take off or make a difference should not be deleted. 

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t receive a lot of views during the first 24 hours; it might take weeks or months for them to blow off.

By continuously uploading Reels, Instagram’s algorithm will highlight your material, resulting in increased profile exposure and interaction. 

Don’t worry, we know what you’re saying: “Four Reels a week?” We understand that many Reels every week is a good amount for anyone as well. 

It won’t be simple to arrive with 4 to 7 Reels to publish each week, but we’re not here to leave you hanging. Apart from the frequency of posting, these things must also be kept in mind while creating content through reels.

Reels are ideal for sharing instructional information with your audience. Reels provide you ample time to convey anything from beginning to end. 

Using Reel for a lesson or a fast how-to video increases your weekly post count while also providing your fans with additional material diversity. 

If you’re having problems coming up with instructional concepts, go to your Instagram and ask your followers for suggestions.

Relationships with Instagram influencers are equally as vital and beneficial on Reels because they’re on Layout posts and Stories. Find the most suitable influencer or creative for your company and form a new collaboration with them. 

Collaborating with such an influencer to develop Reels content marketing strategy can not only boost your number of supporters but will also help you build deeper connections with future content providers.

The benefit of short-form video material is that it could be both sloppy and well-planned. Reels, unlike Instagram Stories, should be organized in the same way as Grid posts are. 

Reels let you change up your material without having to rehash your Layout posts, Story, or Instagram TV programming.

Storyboarding allows you to layout your concepts for the optimal implementation because reels may be their own thing.

Important Factors Before You Post Too Often

Now, let’s take note of the factors that you need to consider before you get excited and start posting reels too often on IG.

1. The Niche of Your Account

The most important consideration that you should take before uploading reels too often on Instagram is the niche of your account or the industry that your account is dedicated to.

Entertainment niches can post reels several times as it helps them to promote the growth of their channel in a better way. However, the business niches don’t need to post this often as their account growth is rather based on the quality of the content rather than the frequency.

Entertainment niches should post their content regularly to make their account more popular on Instagram. 

They have to come up with content ideas regularly to grow steadily while on the other hand, business niches need to be more specific about the content rather than posting reels daily. 

The common thing in both the niches is the engagement of the viewers or the audience which is the primary requirement.

2. Engagement Timing

Reels have therefore become a crucial barrier to organic traffic on the app. The more individuals your Reels reach, the greater your possibilities of increasing your following count and interaction rates.

The optimum time to publish Reels on Instagram is determined by your target market, their location, and their internet activity. The greatest times to post Reels on Instagram can only be checked within your IG account’s/page’s insights.

There, you will be able to see when is your audience the most active and you should plan your IG reels strategy accordingly. Here’s how it’ll look in your IG account:

Should You Post Reels Every Day?

An Instagram reel should be posted every day, but the concept should not be the same. The theme can be anything, but the audience may find the reels monotonous or boring if the same type of content is put out every now and then.

Instagram users or account holders can follow a few rules to have increasing numbers of followers. One can post videos or photos regularly or every other day. The key is to be consistent in posting and active on the social media platform.

Is Posting Two Reels a Day, Okay?

Let us consider an actual example of an IG influencer named Jessica. After five days of releasing two reels every day, these two reels had surpassed 141k and 271k views respectively.

posting two reels a day on IG

This resulted in a massive increase in follower growth that lasted considerably longer than film or picture material and helped other posts reach hundreds of thousands of users.

account growth by posting reels regularly

Sure, that’s not crazy results but that’s impressive for a new account. One can expect to have followers for at least two weeks after a clip becomes popular! Therefore, posting reels twice a day is also good.

Should You Post Too Many Reels Every Day?

Posting 4 to 7 reels per week is just about enough to get Instagram’s attention. Posting too many reels in a single day won’t help you if the content quality is not up to the mark. 

Therefore, rather than quantity, you should go for the quality aspect of the reels to get recognized on Instagram.

In Conclusion

The overall conclusion that can be drawn from the above study is that reels could be posted from time to time and also daily for the account to take off but the content quality should always be the priority here. 

The creator must also know the correct time to upload the reels for better engagement of content with the audience.

Therefore, by following the tips that the article has given above, you can easily grow your Instagram account in a better manner and make it recognized among others. 

I expect that this article will provide you with the information that you were looking for in the Instagram reels.

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