How Do Meme Pages Make Money? (Everything To Know!)

You’ve probably seen a meme if you’ve spent any time on the internet. Meme pages are becoming increasingly popular these days.

You might wonder how meme pages can make money? Is it feasible to make money from a meme page if you own one?

A meme page is a type of online forum or community. Typically, these pages may be found either on Instagram or Facebook.

The majority of the posts in this group are “memes” or amusing images/videos. Typically, these photographs communicate an “inside joke” for that community or parody current events.

You only need an account with one of these sites to start your own meme page. Then, you select a meme niche or category to publish. It will be easier to do if it is a topic about which you are reasonably educated; a doctor, for example, could create a medical meme page.

Sponsored posts, online sales, and affiliate marketing are all options for making money with Instagram meme profiles. But, of course, you’ll need a popular account with a large following to succeed in these endeavors.

I know this is being a little too much for you just in the beginning, so, let’s get right into the expanded part and understand how meme pages or accounts actually earn money on social media.

Do Meme Pages Really Make Money?

Instagram, the world’s most popular video and photo sharing social platform, has been completely taken over by meme pages. Even though most Instagram users’ preference is to share videos and photographs from their own lives, accounts that aggregate meme content is among the most popular Instagram pages.

With so much rising demand for meme content, you might wonder if the people who manage these pages can make a living off it.

So, here’s the deal:

Sponsored posts, online sales, and affiliate marketing are all options for making huge money with an Instagram meme profile. You’ll need a popular account with a large following to succeed at any of these endeavors.

You can create your very own meme page from scratch, convert an existing Instagram account into a meme page, and buy a meme page from another artist to gain the following necessary to investigate such money streams.

While it is tempting to skip straight to the many ways to make a good amount of money on Instagram, doing without an active follower base is extremely tough.

So if you’re serious about using online platforms like Instagram as a source of continuous income, you should first focus on building your account. To put it another way, gaining fans.

How Do Meme Pages Make Money?

Meme sites generate most of their income by selling various posts on their account to promote somebody else’s businesses.

For example, these meme pages may sell sponsored posts, shout-outs to other people’s accounts, meme products, affiliate marketing, or traffic to somebody else’s revenue-generating sources.

Many meme page owners can employ a service of print-on-demand to get started selling merchandise for their page.

A print-on-demand service is exactly what it sounds like: a hoodie, t-shirt, or another type of accessory or apparel is printed as soon as the order is placed.

Meme sites with a million or more followers might earn $2,000 to $3,000 for every sponsored post.

If these pages direct their traffic to other money-generating platforms, they can usually generate additional revenue. For example, they may have their own webpage.

1. Sponsored Posts And Stories

To begin, the most obvious way to profit from a famous Instagram meme page is to approach advertisers for sponsored stories and posts.

Advertisers are constantly on the lookout for new methods to promote their products online; also, employing prominent Instagram accounts has been a successful strategy.

If the product-market fit is correct, sponsored posts may be a winning situation for Instagram account owners and advertisers. If you handle a meme page specializing in clothes memes, promoting a clothing brand or designer clothes websites will get you great results.

  • A relevant example of an Instagram meme page for sponsored posts would be @sarcasm_ only. It is an Instagram meme account with a female-leaning following. Its anonymous developer addresses various issues, including difficulty finding a date, maintaining personal cleanliness, feeling overwhelmed by busy schedules, and more. The page maintains a clean aesthetic for every two photo or video posts by producing a text-only post.
  • Another relevant example of an Instagram meme page is @meme.ig which grew in popularity by publishing amusing memes about TV shows, movies, celebrities, and comic books. The meme giant may tap into some of the biggest fan bases by emphasizing recognized superheroes and pop culture characters.

2. Affiliate Marketing/Affiliate Link Promotions

If you want to make money in the same way as sponsored posts do but don’t want to disrupt your regular material, you may become an affiliate promoter or marketer. All you have to do is connect a website or product in your account’s bio, and you’ll earn a percentage on any sales.

The best part about affiliate marketing is you don’t need to worry about anything, including shipping, refunds, and payments. Instead, you simply make the sale, continue to post amusing memes, and collect your payment.

Because it’s simply dependent on volume and business figures, this is a reasonably simple way to make money from meme pages on Instagram. If you’re just getting started, a little promotion can help you gain traction.

  • An example of affiliate marketing through an Instagram meme page is travel influencer Anna Karsten (@anna.everywhere), which has Anna and her son wearing the clothing she is advertising. But the garments aren’t even mentioned in the caption. On the other hand, Anna discusses her son Dylan and how he interacts with their dogs. Only by clicking the link will you discover that she is promoting Ralph Lauren, Saks, Maisonette, and Amazon children’s apparel. That’s a lot of affiliate traffic from a single post.

3. Brand Collaborations

In the context of influencer marketing, meme accounts are a low-cost partner for the brands. For example, your brand might pay £10,000 for a social marketing post with a persona-focused influencer with one million followers.

Working with a meme account with the same number of followers, on the other hand, may cost as little as £200-£500. 

The content is mostly to blame for the significant disparity in costs. Even though it must be completely accurate to the meme account’s feed-in terms of being humorous, relatable, and so on, production costs are inexpensive because there is usually no professional shot, hair, or make-up involved.

Viewer oversaturation isn’t strictly a concern here. Still, as a company, you want to stand out – and if associating with meme accounts is low-cost, they’ll probably collaborate with numerous brands or businesses in a single day.

One example of an Instagram meme page brand collaborator is Curology. Curology is an excellent example of a social media content blend.

They use community tweets as testimonials, display before-and-after photos of clients, and use marketing graphics and staged shots. They also employ memes from time to time.

curology post selling products on IG
curology earning money page on social media

4. Dropshipping & Ecommerce

You can start a meme page Instagram account for your dropshipping business. The same can be opened for eCommerce businesses as well.

The first reason to start a meme page Instagram account is that if your target demographic is already there, it’s a terrific method to generate free traffic. 

According to Instagram, people can visit a shop through a business’s Instagram profile and Feed and Stories.

People may browse products, discover collections, and purchase products without having to leave the app once they’ve arrived at the store.

Another reason you should open a meme page Instagram account is if you plan to use influencer marketing to promote your product (or store).

You don’t need a large following or a picture-filled feed, but if you post a shoutout on an Instagram influencer’s account, people who notice the post may go up your Instagram account to see whether you’re authentic.

Also, Instagram influencers can mention you in their shoutouts. If you desire that, posting on your Instagram account would be smart. So, maybe, a number of their fans will also follow you.

  • One example of Instagram meme page dropshipping and e-commerce would be Meowingtons. Let’s keep on with this list, but with a different niche this time. Meowingtons, a meme page cat boutique, has an Instagram account. They’re also Instagram verified.
meowingtons meme page earning money on IG

The thing that stands out among others is their bio:

meme page biography to make money
  • Another example is Mooshe Socks. Have you ever seen an Instagram account dedicated to socks, just in case you thought you’d seen everything there is to see on Instagram? If not, then Mooshe Socks is here for you. They’re a sock shop that just sells socks. They also had a contest. They received roughly 800 comments as a result of this. They also occasionally make memes on their product.

5. Selling Digital Products

Meme-oriented entertainment items are an excellent way of selling digital products. They are an engaging form of content that holds the attention of your target audience. These items might be lighthearted or serious; the important thing is to keep your audience entertained, if not inspired.

Nils and Kaspars, for example, created a short inline skating meme film in just 30 days. They take their audience on a voyage through stunning locales in Thailand while showing their daily life as sportsmen in the film.

Their skating feats, unsurprisingly, piqued the interest of their viewers. In their Sellfy shop, their film is now available for purchase.

There are other more meme oriented entertainment things to sell, which include:

  • Videos of hilarity and pranks
  • Videos of reactions
  • Films of a shorter length
  • Comparisons of products
  • Computer and video games
  • Apps that keep you entertained on your phone
  • vlogs only available to subscribers
  • Footage from behind-the-scenes

If you’re an artist, graphic designer, or illustrator, your abilities are always in demand, and people will take whatever you’ve got.

Furthermore, design has evolved into a highly computerized and successful sector, as evidenced by many Instagram artists.

Selling meme-based sheet music, song files, or even complete albums is another wonderful idea, especially if you have good musical skills. 

You can incorporate memes with this digital art and audio things to sell:

  • Posters and digital paintings
  • Images from the public domain
  • Wallpapers in digital format

6. Merchandise

For many, selling branded items has proven to be a lucrative business. Hundreds of specialist internet retail stores make their living selling branded merchandise.

You can sell products to make money, whether you’re a blogger, a coffee shop owner, an artist, or a game production firm. You have to produce motivational artworks that you can print on items and sell for a profit.

Opening a meme-themed online store to sell branded items is rarely enough to make money on its own. Your target audience won’t be able to purchase your goods if they can’t discover your online store.

As a result, you’ll need to use social media to publicize your newly opened store. To market your store, use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Visual merchandising is extremely similar to its brick-and-mortar counterpart, used in stores for centuries.

When a high-intent shopper enters your business, you want to create an environment that encourages them to browse and investigate your merchandise. You should also establish some form of hierarchy, paying specific attention to:

  • Products that are considered flagships.
  • Specially priced items.
  • Merchandise from a previous season you’d like to get rid of.

An example of merchandise on Instagram is @tasteofhome.

tasteofhome instagram meme page

7. Via Promoting Blogs or YouTube Channels

Many meme pages have their own websites and YouTube channels. In addition, they routinely promote them on their social media accounts. In addition, they generate money indirectly through advertisements on their blogs and YouTube channels.

When it comes to making money on YouTube, this is a peculiar niche. Several accounts create meme compilations comparable to vine compilations or random amusing video reels. Some of the view counts are astounding.

If you have a skill for video editing and want to experiment with YouTube, this could be an interesting area to explore.

Learning how to shoot and edit videos is a lot of fun and fulfilling. If you’re hoping to gain a worthwhile skillset, it is strongly advised you try YouTube at some point.

Remember that to monetize your YouTube channel; you’ll need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of view time, so making money with your compilations will take some time.

Are Meme Pages Profitable?

Yes, since you can build a page on Instagram or Facebook and post memes regularly to draw a large audience to your page.

You can earn money if you can influence the audience or if you can advertise for others, such as other meme pages, other people’s YouTube channels, and so on.

You can earn money indirectly using memes. However, good memes are required to draw in an audience. Your target audience should be between the ages of 18 and 25, and you should try to attract more.

You can charge anything from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of dollars for a single sharing or shout-out. Of course, the quantity will be determined by the number of followers.

You can easily charge a good sum for each post if you have over 100,000 genuine followers that engage with your material.

How Much Does A Meme Page Admin Earn?

We live in a time when generating memes may practically be a full-time job. After all, why not? By its very design, the meme is deliciously moronic.

The formula is simple: combine the perfect culturally relevant image with a clever statement, and this strangely irresistible visual cliche will swiftly become a viral juggernaut. Memes are social media engagement gold mines because they rely on a single human feeling that we all share: humor.

So, how much do top-tier meme creators make when they lend their meme-based services to businesses? According to AdWeek, a famous meme page owner F**kJerry earns a whopping $30,000 for every sponsored meme post.

f...jerry meme page make money

However, another famous meme page, admin Sebastian, acknowledges that creating corporate memes may be a successful business.

He gets paid $2,000 for a starting pack for a bigger corporation. But if he is helping a buddy or an indie artist, he’ll adjust the pricing to match their budget because he can manufacture them so rapidly.

In Conclusion

Thousands of popular meme pages already exist on Instagram, but with over a user of billions, there is enough to choose from for more.

By now, you should have a good idea of attracting followers to your Instagram meme page (or even a Facebook meme page) and how to monetize it. Finding a dedicated audience who will return for quality material is the most critical thing you should keep in mind.

Meme pages on Instagram as well as on Facebook are highly profitable and I think it’s a great idea to start one now. Well, I hope you found this article helpful. In case you’ve got a question, please use the comments section below to communicate.

Also, you should also check out the next post that shares how to make money on Instagram without showing your face. It’s great and helpful too!

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