How Much To Charge For Facebook Ad Design? (Read This)

Designing Facebook ads is one of the most in-demand tasks or skills in the growing era of PPC ads as well as digital marketing.

Yet oftentimes, individuals, freelancers, and agency owners don’t charge clients what they should be while providing these ad designing services.

So, what’s the deal here? How much to charge for designing Facebook ads? How much should you charge for designing Facebook posts? What should you do while charging clients?

Well, if you are looking for answers to these questions, you’ve come to the right place. I have designed Facebook ads and posts for tens of people and I know how exactly it feels when the topic of ‘charges’ comes in.

So, let’s not waste any extra time and get straight into the details!

How Much To Charge For Facebook Ad Design?

Of course, there is no magic number that I can provide you with but I can definitely let you know the rough numbers that people working as advert designers charge in the industry.

For designing a Facebook advert, the average charges lie anywhere from $35 per ad creative to $200+ per ad creative depending on the complexity of the advert and the requirements of a client(s).

If we look at it from a businessperson’s or service provider’s perspective, it becomes pretty clear that you are going to want to charge the fee according to the amount of work you are putting in.

If a Facebook ad creative takes not more than a couple of minutes to design, the pricing is going to be a little low and on the contrary, if the design work is going to require a higher number of hours, so will be the charges.

From my own experience, individuals providing Facebook ad designing services get paid somewhere between $25 and 40 per hour.

However, this number is going to vary greatly according to your experience, location, portfolio, and time management.

Still, here’s how much you should be charging according to your experience level:

Experience LevelCharges
Beginner$20-35 per advert
Intermediate$35-100 per advert
Expert$100-200+ per advert

How Much To Charge For Facebook Post Design?

Compared to Facebook ads, Facebook posts are a bit easier and straightforward to design because you don’t always have to worry about grabbing attention, conversion rates, and selling enough.

Sure, sometimes Facebook posts can also be used as promotional posts (or ads), but in most cases, that’s not what happens.

So, without stretching the answer like a rubber band, here’s what you should charge for posts:

For designing a Facebook post (or promotional post on FB), an individual should charge anywhere from $10-30 per post. If the post design process is simple, the charges will be low and vice versa.

Here’s how much you should be charging according to the experience level:

Experience LevelCharges
Beginner$7-10 per post
Intermediate$10-20 per post
Expert$20-30 per post

How Much To Charge For FB Ad Design As An Agency?

When you are a working individual, the charges you’ll ask for are going to be different and when you are working as an agency, you will also look into the cost covering because you have a team to manage.

So, for agencies, the typical charges per ad are around $100-300 or more. Also, because agencies are considered ‘companies with experts,’ the charges asked are usually high and if you own one, you shouldn’t feel shy about asking more.

Tips For Charging Clients For Facebook Ads Designs

As I said in the introduction, so many times it happens that individuals or new agency owners don’t actually charge clients what they should and end up screwing their creativity as well as progressions.

That should not be the case at all. I won’t just write it here because I want this to be your tip number one…so, here it goes:

Don’t Hesitate About The Charges

See, when a person or an entity wants to run Facebook ads, all they are looking for is an expert or a great service providing agency that can help them bring more customers by creating a great advertisement.

If you are someone who offers that, why hesitate or feel shy about the money? You should actually charge fair prices for what you are bringing to the table.

Never ever think about getting underpaid just because you are scared that a client or a prospect will pass on.

You are going to want to be clear about how much you will be charging and assure about the quality in advance.

Create A Sales Funnel

Even if you are a designer who designs ads, you can actually set up a sales funnel where you can first explain the importance of FB ads, how you can help people achieve great results, and then convert leads into high-paying clients.

It’s one of the most efficient ways to get paid safely and reasonably. You can have an ‘order’ page as you funnel step and make clients pay the fee without doing any negotiations.

Be Professional

Don’t think about becoming a client’s friend in the first meeting or conversation itself. Be professional and make them feel that they need you instead of making them feel that you are looking for new clients.

This will affect the client psychologically and you will be able to charge a reasonable fee for the amazing designs you create.

In Conclusion

I know, this might be the smallest blog post you might have read about charges for Facebook ads but honestly, that is what you need to take care of.

Once again letting you know, the average charges lie between $35-200+ per ad and anywhere from $10 to $30 per post. It will vary from client to client and freelancer to freelancer (or agency to agency).

With that said, I hope you found this post helpful. If you did, make sure you share this with someone who needs it and also, subscribe to my blog.

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