How Much To Charge For Social Media Post Design?

There are thousands and thousands of graphic designers/social media post designers out there who are doing a great job at creating designs.

Though what breaks my heart is that they aren’t getting paid the money for doing so as they should be. Most social post designers are underpaid and they always have to suffer with the finances.

And the most common reason why these designers are underpaid is that they simply don’t know how much they should be for their work.

A lot of graphic designers think that the work they do is too easy and they don’t deserve high sums of money for the projects! Well, that’s totally wrong!

So, what’s the deal here? How much should you actually charge for designing social media posts? How much to charge for social post designs as a freelancer and an agency? What are some tips to charge a fair price?

Looking for answers to these questions, well, stick with me till the end of this post and I’m sure you won’t ever have to work or settle for less.

How Much To Charge For Social Post Design?

Well, it happens a lot of times that I don’t have a proper answer to provide my visitors or blog readers with but that’s not the case this time!

I’ve actually got an considerable answer for you and here’s how it goes:

Beginner social media post designers charge $5-15 per post, intermediate designers charge $15-35 per post, and expert designers charge $35+ for each social post. The rates can vary greatly depending on the complexity of a task.

Generally, if we just look at overall graphic designers’ charges, you can say the on average, individuals get paid between $5 and $50 for every social media post they design.

The reason being is that the maximum number of times, companies or clients are looking for a intermediates becuase they fall under budget…and are enough experienced at the same time.

Just put yourself into clients’ shoes and then think about paying a freelancer or a graphic designers for your social design work.

What would you consider? An affordable as well as a skilled individual/service provider, right?

That’s the same thing other clients are looking for and you need to respect that. It’s not just about you or just the client, it’s about both people engaged in a business.

Pro Tip: Also keep this in mind that the average charges for a social media template range from $50 to over $200 (becuase a template is mostly one-off and can be used multiple times).

Pricing Your Social Post Designing Services

Pricing your social media designer services is actually not an extremely difficult task, to be honest. As a freelancer, these are the factors you need to consider before setting your prices up:

  • Work/effort required
  • Time required
  • Duration of the project

You just need to calculate the time your invest, the work you do, and the duration of the project.

If a contract requires you to put less effort and time, you need to go with reasonable charges/regular charges and if it’s the opposite, it should reflect in the charges too.

A pro tip here would be that you should also try and work at negotiable rates when a client is wanting to build a long-term working relationship with you.

This is becuase the LTV (life time value) of a client matters a lot too! Therefore, always try and go with on-going clients even if the quoted amount is a little low.

So, as a freelancer, once again, this is how much you should charge:

Experience LevelCharges Per Social Post Design
Beginner $5-15 per post
Intermediate$15-35 per post
Experienced$35+ per post

Yes, I know I mentioned them in the beginning but it’s in tabular format so that you don’t get confused between the charges for a freelancer/individual and the charges for an agency.

Here’s how much an agency should charge for the same task:

Agency SizeCharges Per Social Post Design
New agency $15-20 per post
Medium-sized agency$20-40 per post
Enterprise$40-60+ per post

Well, the obvious reason for charging more as an agency is because you, as a owner, will have to meet team expenses, contract expeses, and taxes.

So, if you charge less as an agency, it won’t be worth it at all because it’s not going to be profitable for sure.

Also, one more factor that will play a very crucial role while deciding how much you should be charging per social post design will be your location.

You can’t expect payments in USD when you’re based somewhere outside the States. Your clients will be paying you via the local currency and hence, you will have to ask a considerable price according to the location.

Tips For Charging A Good Amount As A Social Media Graphic Designer

Now that we have dug deeper into the pricing, let me share with you some tips that can easier your process with finances and will help you decide better pricing for the designs.

Learn To Present

If you want to become a better business professional, you need to stand out of the crowd and know how to present yourself.

Presenting yourself is a skill that every graphic designer or freelancer should posses. Learn how to talk to clients, learn how to impress them by showing your expertise, and let them know how your partnership will benefit their business.

Be a professional and create a very friendly environment where you can learn more about the client and vice versa. This will definitely give you an edge over other designers and you will be able to charge reasonable prices.

Build A Strong Portfolio

Another way by which you can charge more or land high-paying clients is by building a very strong portfolio of designs.

They don’t always have to be pieces of work for other brands. You can just share your best work and impress clients to work with you.

Create Scarcity

This is not a very popular strategy but it does work. When you are talking to a client, do you need to make him feel that there aren’t many great and experienced social management service providers for them to work with.

Also, try to make a client sense that you actually don’t walk with just anyone and everyone out there.

This will make you stand out and people will love working with you even when you are charging a little higher than the normal rates. But make sure that all of this is coming honestly from you.

Don’t just fake it for the sake of it…your abnormal behavior can actually put people off (and it does that a lot of times – the reason being is that it’s just not authentic).

Don’t Feel Shy When Negotiating

if you are working with somebody, you need to be very clear about the rates. You are always free to negotiate with clients for your work.

A lot of times, designers or social media managers aren’t able to negotiate the prices simply because they feel it will turn the client off. Well, this is not the case. If you provide go to work/outcomes, clients are always free to negotiate.

How Much Should You Charge To Design An Instagram Post?

Generally speaking, the charges for Instagram posts or videos are anywhere from $5 to $20 per post/video.

As long as it’s just a regular post or video and not an advert, the prices will only range between five and twenty bucks for a post.

How Much Should You Charge To Design A Facebook Post?

For designing a Facebook post, an individual should be charging anywhere from $7 and $30 because there isn’t a lot that an FB post requires in most cases.

By the way, you can check out this article if you want to learn more about how much to charge for a Facebook post design.

Designing Charges According To Social Media Content Types

Content TypeDesign Charges
Regular post$7-30 per creative
Video post$10-50+ per creative
Advert$20-100+ per creative
Reel$20+ per creative
Story$5+ per creative
Carousel post$25-100+ per post design

In Conclusion

Well, these are the typical charges that you should be asking for to clients, individuals, or companies that require social post design work or related work.

If you ask me personally, I would recommend sharing not less then $15 per post…if you really want to be a profitable individual or service provider.

Well, I hope you found this post helpful. In case there’s anything you want to ask, please communicate your thoughts via the comments section right below.

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