How Much To Charge For Email Newsletter Design? (Read This!)

It is quite difficult for marketing service providers and freelancers to quote a price for email designs/newsletter template designs.

To be frank, it has always been this way because digital products and services have always been pretty hard to price. The reason being is that it’s not a physical product that can be priced according to the manufactured price and profit margins.

You could charge a couple of dollars for a service like an email design or you can go all the way up to thousands of dollars because there is no way to find out what’s the right price for the same, right?

Well, if you are someone who designs email templates for clients and you have no idea what needs to be charged, it’s the right place that you have come to.

In this post, I’m going to share with you how much you exactly need to charge your clients for email marketing template designs, I’m going to share how much to charge for specific kinds of designs, and also, will help you have a better understanding of how you should price your services.

So, let’s not waste any time further and get right into the juicy stuff straight away:

How Much To Charge For Email Newsletter Design?

Huh, that’s one of the most common questions I have found out across the web, and here goes your answer:

Although the pricing varies from one email design to another, most freelancers and service providers who work in the email marketing as well as UX designing vertical charge anywhere from $100 to $300 per design work.

Whether you are a freelancer or a digital agency, the pricing will always depend on what your clients require, how much work you will need to do, what kind of resources will be required to accomplish the project, and what kind of testing process is required for the same.

There isn’t really a magic number that can work for every project and every client but at the same time, you should not charge anything less than a hundred dollars for a template because then it’s not worth it at all!

If you don’t take one-off projects and work for clients on a monthly basis, it becomes even more difficult to quote pricing because there isn’t going to be anything definite.

You could work more or less but you will have to cope-up with the fixed monthly expenses like subscription costs or tools, software programs, license companies, etc.

So, if that’s the case, you should be charging anywhere from $500 per month to $2500 per month from your email design clients.

Also, according to the data I have found on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and online communities, individuals are earning anywhere between $20/hour and $40/hour for email designs.

How Much To Charge For Email Blast Design?

Of course, there needs to be different pricing for different kinds of email designs. Experts or workers should charge a different price for a newsletter template design and a different one for an email blast design.

If you aren’t aware of what an email blast is, it’s actually an email broadcast that is sent out to multiple people at once.

So, when companies or entrepreneurs are sending email blasts, the design needs to be more simple yet attractive. Also, the layout for broadcast emails is different every time they are sent.

For email blast designs, individuals should charge anywhere from $50 to $100 per design. This number can be further adjusted according to the input and clients’ requirements.

The pricing will be completely different if you choose to design a whole email campaign for companies or clients. Stick with me till the end of this post and I’ll talk about that more in the upcoming paragraphs.

How Much To Charge For HTML Email Designs?

I won’t waste your time here writing the same things over and over again. Here’s the answer that you can take home with you:

In most cases, freelancers and agencies charge under $100 per HTML email template design as they are pretty basic. However, the prices can hike up to $1000 per template or more depending on the visual features clients are looking for.

Always keep in mind that clients can ask you to make different adjustments when they demand an HTML template (for example, sizing some elements differently, resizing images, etc.), so, price your services accordingly.

How To Price Your Email Design/Newsletter Design Services

how to price your email design services

No matter how affordable you make it for clients, it’s always going to be ‘a lot’ for them because they are looking to get their work done at the cheapest costs.

So, instead of offering discounts on current market rates, find a way that you can win clients’ confidence and make things work for you.

That’s what I’ll teach you here. Now, we are going to learn how you should be pricing your newsletter design services!

Here are the things you will need to consider in the process of setting prices for your services:

  • Research Your Competitors
  • Don’t Underestimate Or Overestimate
  • Offer Packages For More Sales
  • Understand What The Client Is Looking For

1. Research Your Competitors

The very first thing you are going to want to do is to research your competitors. If you have no idea about what needs to be charged for templates, get out there on the web and search for other companies or individuals that are offering the same service as you.

Visit social media sites and try to find out what is ‘affordable’ for clients and ‘convenient’ for service providers. This way, you will be able to quote well and grow your business tremendously.

2. Don’t Underestimate Or Overestimate

A lot of times, freelancers or agencies come across as cheaper options for clients in the email designing space but that’s a completely disastrous way to get into the market.

Never underestimate the value and service you are offering to the clients and at the same time, never overestimate it as well!

You have to make it in the middle somewhere where both you and your prospects are mutually satisfied.

3. Offer Packages For Smoother Processes

We are living in a world where the creative is the one who sells. Don’t just offer a simple ‘amazing template design service,’ to clients. Try to go above and beyond and create exciting packages that include other essential services/benefits.

Whether you work in the B2B world or the B2C world, packages are everywhere and that’s for a reason!

The reason here is that human brains love it when they get ‘a lot’ for a seemingly affordable or the same price. Trust me, when you will apply this strategy, it will do wonders for you.

4. Understand Your Client’s Needs

Before you go out there and bluntly give a number to your clients, try to connect with them, build rapport with them, understand what they are looking for when it comes to UI/UX, appearance, and functionality in the templates, and then give them a satisfactory number.

This is the most common mistake that new agency owners or freelancers make. You have to understand what the prospect is going to require to meet their goals and then quote a price.

Yes, that’s a hundred percent true and practical! That’s when your customers are going to love you and that’s when things will start taking off for you.

In Conclusion

This wasn’t the longest blog post you have ever read but I hope you got answers to all of your questions quite concisely and clearly.

There isn’t rocket science that takes place in pricing your service in the email industry. You should be charging the highest price ever right after you get your feet wet.

Give yourself some room and time to gain experience and then slowly go about increasing your charges. But do remember that you shouldn’t also underestimate your work/services and accept lower quotes.

I hope this post was helpful to you. In case you have got any other questions popping up in your mind, use the comments section below. Until then!

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