How Do Casino Affiliate Programs Work? (Explained!)

There is a lot of discussion going on about casino affiliate programs because not many people are familiar with the internet marketing industry in this niche.

A lot of aspirant marketers in this industry as well as customers looking for the right products want to know the story behind casinos and their affiliate programs.

Well, no worries now! I have been in the marketing space for a long time and I’m here to help you out with everything.

In this post, you will learn what exactly casino affiliate programs are, how do they work, the types of programs, and a lot more.

With that said, let’s cut the fluff and get into the details real quick…

What Are Casino Affiliate Programs?

So, let’s start with the very basic question and answer it in simple words…

Casino affiliate programs are partner programs or arrangements where casinos pay people (generally known as affiliates or partners) for every new customer or potential customer they send to the businesses.

At the end of the day, casinos are business as well. They also want to make money and they want to increase their reach and customer base just like any other business out there on the planet.

What they do is they launch partnership campaigns where interested people can become a company’s partner to promote their services and whenever they generate sales (in other words get sales or leads) for the company or casino in this case, the casino will pay a small (or big) amount of money for that.

Well, that’s what a casino affiliate program is all about. Now, let’s learn how do these programs work!

How Do Casino Affiliate Programs Work?

Okay…so we are down to the main question now. Without wasting any time further I want to explain the nuts and bolts to you cause I’m really very exciting!

Casino affiliate programs work just like other how affiliate programs work. Here are the components associated with the functioning of casino affiliate programs:

  • A casino
  • An affiliate software or network
  • Affiliates
  • Traffic
  • Customers
  • Payments

This is how it works:

  1. A casino company starts or launches an affiliate program
  2. The affiliate program is managed on an affiliate software or a network
  3. The company advertises its program to affiliates
  4. New affiliates start joining the program
  5. Affiliates start driving traffic to the Casino websites or platforms
  6. A percentage of the traffic sent turn into paying customers
  7. If the traffic converts, affiliates get paid commissions for that

I’m using the word ‘affiliate’ over and over again but if you aren’t yet confused about who can be an affiliate, the answer is – everyone can be an affiliate. Even you can become an affiliate of a casino and start making money!

Another important thing that you need to know is that you don’t necessarily have to send paying customers every time. Some programs pay a decent amount for leads (potential customers) as well!

If that sounds interesting to you, check out some of the most amazing pay per lead affiliate programs by reading this article.

Let’s move back to the topic! So, I’m sure some of you didn’t yet understand how casino marketing programs function. Here’s a good example for you;

You must have heard of Bet365, right? Well, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t. It’s a casino company.

Casino company with affiliate program

What this company has done is started its own affiliate program as you can see below;

Affiliate program of a casino

Now this company has advertised its affiliate program to a lot of people with the help of content marketing, paid ads, organic marketing, and influencer marketing.

What happens after this is the people like you and me join the affiliate program in order to promote the company and whenever a sale is generated or a customer is brought, Bet365 pays a thirty percent commission.

That is all there is to it. Casinos open partnership opportunities, affiliates join the companies as partners, promote the products with unique affiliate links, drives traffic, the traffic converts, and both affiliates, as well as Casinos, make money.

I hope I was able to explain to you how casino affiliate programs work. Now, let’s address the types of programs…

What Are The Types Of Casino Affiliate Programs?

So, there are four major types of programs you get to see in the online casino industry and they are as follows;

  • Pay Per Sale Affiliate Offers
  • Pay Per Lead Affiliate Offers
  • Pay Per Click Affiliate Offers
  • Pay Per Call Affiliate Offers

As you can already guess by the names, Pay Per Sale programs pay affiliates when a sale is generated. Pay Per Lead programs pay when an affiliate brings leads to the business.

Pay Per Click offers pay affiliates for sending traffic and at last, Pay Per Call offers pay whenever a casino reaches out to a person via cell phone marketing.

How To Become A Casino Affiliate?

It’s actually way easier to become a casino affiliate than you might think it is.

To be able to become a casino affiliate, all you have to do is find the affiliate program of the casino that you are interested in partnering with and then signup as an affiliate.

When I say ‘signup,’ I mean signing up to a program just like anyone would signup for a membership website or social media site. That’s it!

How To Make Money As A Casino Affiliate?

To make money as a casino affiliate, here are the steps that you are going to want to take;

  • Find a good casino affiliate program
  • Join the program
  • Get your unique affiliate link
  • Drive traffic to the link
  • Earn commissions when people spend money or complete an action

So, first of all, you will have to find a good company to partner with. There are a lot of reasons for doing so like – if you choose a good company, the conversion rates will be higher and you can be sure that you will get paid for the work and efforts you put in.

Once you have decided to work with a certain casino, join its program and get your unique referral links for promoting the link.

Now when it comes to doing promotions or driving traffic, there are multiple strategies that you can go after but so far the best ones are:

  • Blogging
  • Social media marketing

Promotions Via Blogging

Do you know what is the first thing that people do when they are looking to join an online casino?

No? I will tell you – they search for it on Google using keywords/phrases like ‘best online casino companies in XYZ country.’


Well, the search results you see then are blogs. When you read the articles on different websites and purchase products or complete an action, the bloggers get paid.

Just, for example, I did the same search on Google, and here are the results that popped up:

casino affiliate search results

As you can see, people have written a lot of articles on this topic. When I visit one of the websites, I can clearly see that this blogger is an affiliate for various casino sites and whenever people click their affiliate links and join the casinos, they get compensation for the same.

blog promotions

Promotions Via Social Media Marketing

Another cool way you can promote your casino referral links to get leads and sales is through social media marketing.

Now, I don’t have to give you a lot of details regarding this because you already know it. You can start a social media account (either on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter), provide valuable content to people regarding casinos, and at last, promote companies for money.

That is how you make money as a casino affiliate. But be informed that this is not limited to social media marketing and blogging. You can also utilize video marketing, paid advertising, phone marketing, and influencer marketing to get new customers.

How Much Do Casino Affiliates Make?

So, this is another common question that people ask as beginner casino affiliates. Although there is no clear answer to the questions, I did a poll on Twitter to get some estimations.

According to a Twitter poll conducted by SB Digital, casino affiliates make anywhere from $300 to $10,000+ per month in the United States.

Now, this doesn’t mean you are only limited to a few thousand dollars per month. The opportunities are endless. The harder and smarter you work, the more income you are going to generate.

In Conclusion

There is a lot of cash that can be brought to the table being a casino affiliate. I hope I was able to explain the functioning of casino partner programs to you.

Just be sure that you focus on providing value to people instead of using spammy methods of promotions.

I hope you found this content piece helpful. All questions and suggestions are welcome in the comments section down below.

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