23 Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs (Only Active Ones!)

You won’t find any other niche paying thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions for helping people with their financial life other than credit cards!

Yes, that’s right. If you are an affiliate marketer and haven’t got your feet wet in this section, you might have missed the most passive form of affiliate income ever!

In the United States alone, the Credit Card industry is worth over $156.7 billion in 2021 and the numbers are way bigger if you talk about the whole world.

If you have a traffic source interested in financial things, you should definitely consider joining some great programs on the list and build an extraordinary income stream that never expires.

Now that you know what I’m going to talk about in this post, let’s jump right in and have a look at some great credit card affiliate programs.

Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs

  1. Upgrade Credit Card Affiliate Program
  2. Brex Affiliate Program
  3. Bankrate Credit Cards Affiliate Program
  4. Equifax Affiliate Program
  5. American Express Affiliate Program
  6. Credit Strong Affiliate Program
  7. BankAffiliates.com Affiliate Network
  8. Viabuy Affiliate Program
  9. Credit Karma Affiliate Program
  10. Capital Bank OpenSky Affiliate Program
  11. Credit.com Affiliate Program
  12. Credit Card Broker Affiliate Program
  13. Commission Soup Affiliate Network
  14. Experian Affiliate Program
  15. TransUnion Affiliate Program
  16. Scootiabank Credit Cards Affiliate Program
  17. USAA Credit Card Affiliate Program
  18. Indigo Platinum Mastercard Affiliate Program
  19. Petal Affiliate Program
  20. Milestone Gold Affiliate Program
  21. CardRatings Affiliate Program
  22. CreditRepair.com Affiliate Program
  23. ShareASale Affiliate Network

1. Upgrade Credit Card Affiliate Program

Upgrade Credit Card Affiliate Program

The first option we have here on this list is Upgrade Card. It’s a new type of card that has come into the market for a change.

It’s actually a combination of a personal loan as well as a credit card! If you don’t already know, Upgrade is a company that has been offering loans to people since 2016.

You can’t take the Upgrade card exactly like a credit card in a way you think of other credit cards. It’s sort of a hybrid card with a lot of advantages. This card offers a credit line of up to $25,000.

The Upgrade credit card affiliate program is listed on FlexOffers. If you don’t know what FlexOffers is, it’s an affiliate network that you can join to promote various products or services.

Upgrade pays a sixty-dollar commission per lead to its affiliate partners. The referral period or cookie tracking period is thirty days and the program is absolutely free to join.

Official Website: https://www.upgrade.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Upgrade Credit Card Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $60 per lead

Cookie Duration: 30 days

2. Brex Affiliate Program

Brex Affiliate Program

Brex is an extremely popular financial service company that helps new companies grow by offering business credit cards, instant revenue, expense tracking, and other management services.

Brex was founded back in the year 2017 and soon after that, it became one of the biggest names in the financial industry because of its intuitive services.

This company has been featured on Forbes, Business Insider, TechCrunch, The New York Times, and many major publications.

The Brex affiliate program is managed in-house. Interested affiliates can visit the signup page and contact their team to learn more about the program and join the same for earning commissions.

Official Website: https://www.brex.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Brex Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Not disclosed

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

3. Bankrate Credit Cards Affiliate Program

Bankrate Credit Cards Affiliate Program

Bankrate Credit Cards is an affiliate network that has been around in the affiliate marketing space for years!

Well, why did I say “in the affiliate marketing space”?

This is because Bankrate Credit Cards is actually an affiliate network where interested affiliate marketers can join various credit card affiliate marketing programs as sub-affiliates.

But the word ‘Bankrate’ seems quite familiar, right? Well, that’s absolutely correct! Bankrate is actually a company that shares a lot of information, guidance, and valuable content in the financial sector.

And what’s amazing is that it’s the same company that operates and manages the Bankrate Credit Cards affiliate network. I mean, of course!

So, there is a wide range of companies to be promoted if you decide to become companies’ partner indirectly through this network.

The commission rates are pretty decent. Just, for example, you can earn up to 40% commission on qualified sales and there are a lot of attractive PPL (Pay Per Lead) offers as well.

Yes, there is a dedicated sales and affiliate team to help individuals, which every good affiliate network or company has. Click the links right below to learn more about this network.

Official Website: https://bankratecreditcards.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Bankrate Credit Cards Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Variable

Cookie Duration: Variable

4. Equifax Affiliate Program

Equifax Affiliate Program

The next one here on the list is Equifax. It’s a huge company that has been active in the financial world since the year 1899.

Well, but why is the name ‘Equifax’ then?

It’s because the company is in the financial world but it’s an analytics, and technology company. People use this company to check their credit reports and calculate credit scores.

It’s pretty interesting and exciting to know that this company aggregates data from over 800 million consumers! Yes, that’s right…800 freaking million consumers!

You are going to want to promote Equifax to small businesses, which means that the audience type is B2B.

I’m a hundred percent sure that if you use the right promotion methods, you will get to see big conversions because B2B audience is always highly targeted and on-point/relevant.

For every qualified sale, this company will pay its affiliates anywhere from ten dollars to forty dollars. The referral period is of twenty-four hours. If you want to learn more, visit the official Equifax website.

Official Website: https://www.equifax.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Equifax Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $10-40 per qualified sale

Cookie Duration: 24 hours (1 day)

5. American Express Affiliate Program

American Express Affiliate Program

Well, who doesn’t know this giant credit cards, banking, and financial services multinational company?

I call American Express the king of the credit cards market…and it really is!

This business, company, or MNC has been serving the financial market by providing an extensive range of products and solutions since 1850.

And by the way, if someone says AMEX to you over and over, don’t get confused on that. They still mean American Express.

Fortunately or unfortunately, American Express doesn’t have an active affiliate program in the United States but for sure, it does run an affiliate program in Canada.

So, if you are from Canada, it’s your lucky day! American Express knows how to make the affiliate happy. They pay affiliates up to two hundred Canadian dollars per sale.

The referral period is of seven days and interested affiliates can join this credit card program on CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction).

Official Website: https://www.americanexpress.com

Affiliate Signup Page: American Express Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Up to CAD 200

Cookie Duration: 7 days

6. Credit Strong Affiliate Program

Credit Strong Affiliate Program

A strong credit score can carry a lot of financial or economic problems away in a matter of few moments.

Well, Credit Strong helps you do that. They help people build credit and their credit scores without actually using credit cards.

That’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

But before we go ahead and learn more about Credit Strong I would like to tell you that Credit Strong is a part of Austin Capital Bank, which means, no issues with the trust.

Coming back to the company, customers can quickly apply for loans using Credit Strong at low monthly payments and unlock savings as well.

For an affiliate who wants to add value to the community, Credit Strong is a perfect company to become a partner of and earn commissions by promoting the service.

Affiliates can signup for the Credit Strong partner program on the official website itself. The commission rates are variable but high (no worries regarding money).

There is a three-month cookie duration to help affiliates generate as much revenue as possible. Support and promo stuff is made available too!

Official Website: https://www.creditstrong.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Credit Strong Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Variable commissions

Cookie Duration: 90 days (3 months)

7. BankAffiliates.com Affiliate Network

BankAffiliates.com Affiliate Network

As you can already guess, BankAffiliates is an affiliate marketing network that has a lot of credit card affiliate offers to promote.

If you visit the official bankAffiliates.com website, you may feel like you are viewing a PDF file but it’s the actual website!

What a shame, the world is buying land on the moon and these guys didn’t even bother to change the design and interface of their website…?!

Anyways, let’s come back to where we were. There are a lot of offers on BankAffiliates.com that offer competitive commissions.

Some of the offers pay per lead and pay per call while other ones pay for sales generated. I thought the support team would be just like the website but that’s not the case.

You will have access to a very friendly affiliate support team and you may ask them anytime for promotional material or guidance.

Official Website: http://www.bankaffiliates.com

Affiliate Signup Page: BankAffiliate.com Network

Commission Rates: Variable

Cookie Duration: Variable

8. Viabuy Affiliate Program

Viabuy Affiliate Program

Viabuy is a company that offers prepaid credit cards without considering a credit score or requiring any kind of proof of income.

If customers use Viabuy’s prepaid Mastercard, they don’t have to pay any kind of fees and interests. Other than this, there are a ton of other benefits like no credit checks, no loss of spending control, etc.

There are a lot of people with a bad credit score looking for solutions like Viabuy. If you promote the prepaid Viabuy card to those people, the conversions can go through the roof.

To be able to join the Viabuy partner program, affiliates will need to visit their signup page, find their affiliate email, and then write a short email with the necessary details mentioned on the signup page itself.

One of the team members will then get in touch and proceed with the process further. Click the second link down below to visit the Viabuy affiliate page.

Official Website: https://www.viabuy.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Viabuy Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Not disclosed

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

9. Credit Karma Affiliate Program

Credit Karma Affiliate Program

Before I say anything else about this company, just double-read the name! It’s pretty fantastic, isn’t it? (So sorry about that, I’m a little too excited person)

A lot of people think Credit Karma is only used for checking credit scores and credit cards but it’s a lot more than that.

This company offers a lot of solutions in the financial market from credit, personal loans, loans in general, cards, tax, accounts, and auto to houses.

As of now, Credit Karma serves over 100 million customers and we all know that the numbers will always climb up as more and more people will discover the company just like you did.

Now, let’s talk about the Credit Karma affiliate program! It’s managed on FlexOffers (which is an affiliate network).

Affiliates are paid a tiny twenty-five cents commission per signup. It’s not an affiliate program that you should aggressively go after but if you have an extra traffic source that isn’t monetized yet, a little bit of extra income could be generated as a Credit Karma affiliate.

The tracking period of that Credit Karma affiliate program is thirty days. There are affiliate managers assigned to every affiliate for better marketing campaigns.

Official Website: https://www.creditkarma.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Credit Karma Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 25 cents per signup (lead)

Cookie Duration: 30 days

10. Capital Bank OpenSky Affiliate Program

Capital Bank OpenSky Affiliate Program

Another cool credit card provider we have got here is OpenSky (from Capital Bank). You might not be aware of OpenSky but I’m sure you know a little bit or enough about Capital Bank.

OpenSky offers secured Visa cards to customers without checking their credits. Customers can set their own limit while using the OpenSky credit cards, use the cards for making everyday purchases, and do a lot of other important stuff.

The card offered by OpenSky has very low annual fees and is accepted worldwide. Of course, there are other benefits like fraud protection, email alerts, etc.

This affiliate program is managed by CJ Affiliate. A twenty-five-dollar commission is paid for every funded account to affiliate partners. The tracking period is seven days.

There’s no limit on occurrences. What this means is that you can refer as many customers as you want and earn as much money as possible with the Capital Bank affiliate program.

Official Website: https://www.openskycc.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Capital Bank OpenSky Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $25 per confirmed customer

Cookie Duration: 7 days

11. Credit.com Affiliaate Program

Credit.com Affiliate Program

Credit.com is a financial service company that helps people know and have a better understanding of their credit score, find the best credit cards, compare stuff, apply for personal loans, and much more.

Ooh… that sounds like a strong commercial punch line!

Anyways, what you need to be aware of is that Credit.com is just an informational website. It provides you information and recommends stuff.

Yeah…you could say it’s an extremely big blog about finances. People come to Credit.com, read stuff, click their affiliate links, and make purchases.

So, one thing is clear! You aren’t promoting any kind of product when people will click your unique referral links and head over to Credit.com.

They will read articles on Credit.com and then click their affiliate links to make purchases.

The advantage is that you will be sending people to informational landing pages, which will boost the conversion rates…but the downside is that the big piece of the cake will be eaten by Credit.com.

The commission rates and referral periods are variable. Make sure to click the affiliate links down below to learn more about Credit.com and its affiliate program.

Official Website: https://www.credit.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Credit.com Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Variable

Cookie Duration: Variable

12. Credit Card Broker Affiliate Network

Credit Card Broker Affiliate Program

When I first got to know about Credit Card Broker, I really thought it was some brokerage company for credit cards but it turns out that it’s actually an affiliate network!

What? An affiliate network?

Well, yes…and that too exclusively for credit cards. If anyone’s looking for some fantastic credit cards companies with affiliate programs in one place, Credit Card Broker is a website you should definitely check out.

Since there are multiple companies listed on the network, the commission rates and tracking periods are going to be variable as well. You can visit their homepage to learn more.

Official Website: https://creditcardbroker.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Credit Card Broker Affiliate Network

Commission Rates: Variable

Cookie Duration: Variable

13. Commission Soup Affiliate Network

Commission Soup Affiliate Network

Commission Soup is very popular when it comes to credit cards and affiliate programs. As a matter of fact, it’s the biggest affiliate network with top-notch credit card affiliate offers.

This network was started back in the year 2000 and it’s been adding value to affiliates’ and merchants’ lives right from the beginning.

Not only does this affiliate network is a hundred percent transparent but it also ensures safety and relevancy to all users.

There are a lot of CPA (Cost Per Action) as well as revenue share offers listed on Commission Soup, which you would love promoting for big commissions.

They are recognized and trusted by some of the biggest companies in the financial world as well as in the news world.

To become a Commission Soup affiliate, you will have to visit their inquiry page and then send your request to join the network as a responsible partner. I recommend you do that right now!

Official Website: https://www.commissionsoup.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Commission Soup Affiliate Network

Commission Rates: Varies according to the offer

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

14. Experian Affiliate Program

Experian Affiliate Program

The next option we have got here is Experian. Just like the name gives you a feeling that this company has a lot of experience in the credit cards market, it is indeed the reality.

This analytics and reporting company helping people with credit repair and credit scores has been in the game since 1996.

Experian provides solutions to individual consumers, small businesses, and established businesses as well.

Interested individuals can get their credit reports within a matter of a few clicks here and there using Experian. For anyone who is looking to improve or correct their credit scores, Experian is a fantastic company to look up to.

Also, I do like the fact that they talk about their affiliate program on the website itself. It happens a lot of times that companies don’t even have their affiliate program pages on the official website!

I mean what’s the point of having an affiliate program if you don’t want to market it, right? (Well, that was funny)

Coming back to the Experian partner program, you can join the same using a signup form on the affiliate page of the website.

Affiliates are paid up to twenty dollars per sale and the cookie duration of the program is ten days.

This is an affiliate management team to help partners out and Experian provides a lot of marketing content for better performance of campaigns.

Official Website: https://www.experian.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Experian Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Up to $20 per confirmed sale

Cookie Duration: 10 days

15. TransUnion Affiliate Program

TransUnion Affiliate Program

TransUnion is another popular digital service company that helps people with credit scores, credit checks, credit monitoring, credit protection, credit reporting, mortgages, personal loans, insurance, etc.

Other than products and solutions related to credit cards, TransUnion also offers solutions related to global fraud, digital marketing, debt recovery, digital lending, and many other services.

This company is a trusted name in the finance industry that has been serving the market since 1968. As of now, they are based in Chicago.

The TransUnion credit cards and other services affiliate program is managed by a well-known network called CJ Affiliate.

This company pays a sixty-dollar commission on all qualified sales. The cookie length is forty-five days. Make sure to visit the official website if you are engrossed to learn more.

Official Website: https://www.transunion.com

Affiliate Signup Page: TransUnion Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $60 on all qualified sales

Cookie Duration: 45 days

16. Scotiabank Credit Cards Affiliate Program

Scootiabank Credit Cards Affiliate Program

Scotiabank is a very popular banking as well as financial services company in Canada. This company was started back in 1832 and as of now, it is based in Toronto.

This financial institution is really big and it serves tens of millions of customers in over 55 countries across the world.

Scotiabank offers different credit cards such as travel and lifestyle credit cards, cashback cards, no annual fee credit cards, and low-interest credit cards.

Talking about the Scotiabank affiliate program, it’s managed by Fintel Connect. If you aren’t familiar with Fintel Connect, it’s a performance marketing network that generates profits for publishers and advertisers.

So, the commission rate is up to ninety-nine Canadian dollars per credit card and the tracking period is thirty days.

You can definitely do good with this affiliate program because the company is trusted and at the same time, people have 14 credit cards to choose from.

Official Website: https://www.scotiabank.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Scotiabank Credit Cards Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Up to CAD 99

Cookie Duration: 30 days

17. USAA Credit Card Affiliate Program

USAA Credit Card Affiliate Program

USAA is a big financial institution that is listed under the Fortune 500 companies in the financial sector. It is currently based in Texas and has ruled the market since 1922.

Some of you might have thought till now that they only provide services related to investing, banking, insurance, and retirement but that’s not true.

USAA also offers a wide variety of credit cards (supplied by Visa and American Express), such as:

  • Rewards Credit Cards
  • Cashback Credit Cards
  • Low Rate Credit Cards

There’s no question about reliability because everyone already knows USAA is one of the very few names that people blindly trust!

Now, let’s talk about USAA’s affiliate program. It’s run by FlexOffers. All affiliates who want to join the program should be informed that the commission offered is twenty dollars per qualified lead.

Since the offer is listed on FlexOffers, there will be no problems regarding affiliate support and promo resources.

Official Website: https://www.usaa.com

Affiliate Signup Page: USAA Credit Card Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $20 per qualified lead

Cookie Duration: 30 days

18. Indigo Platinum Mastercard Affiliate Program

Indigo Platinum Mastercard Affiliate Program

I was so frustrated because I wasn’t finding a good and ‘active’ affiliate program in the credit cards market after number seventeen.

It took me over half an hour to finally discover Indigo Card. Oh, why the hell am I wasting your time telling my story? (sorry about that)

Indigo Card will qualify you for credit cards without checking your credit score. Once again, it’s a really good product if you can target people with bad credit scores.

And let me tell you a secret…there are many to target!

With Indigo Mastercard, you will be able to build credit while managing all the expenses that come into everyone’s life.

This affiliate program is managed by Commission Soup. Remember? We already talked about Commission Soup before?

Well, if you are wondering why haven’t I mentioned the commissions yet, here you go: Indigo is going to pay its affiliates a decent thirty-five-dollar commission per qualified lead.

I think that’s quite nice. If you refer a hundred people, that’s three and a half grand.

The referral period isn’t disclosed but that’s not really a problem with the finance industry (…if you know what I mean). Jokes apart, you can join the program on Commission Soup by clicking the link down below.

Official Website: https://www.indigocard.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Indigo Platinum Mastercard Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $35 per confirmed lead

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

19. Petal Card Affiliate Program

Petal Affiliate Program

Petal is a really innovative company that offers unique credit cards designed for the modern world. The cards are bananas in terms of looks as well as advantages.

Some of the advantages Petal Cards offer are as follows;

  • Super fast payments (speed)
  • Cash back
  • No annual fee applied/charged
  • No late or returned payment fees
  • A very helpful app that can help you do all the planning

So, the Petal Card affiliate marketing program is managed by PartnerCentric. PartnerCentric is a performance market agency and affiliate software.

The commission offered by Petal Card is fifteen dollars per qualified sale and the referral period is thirty days, which is the most common duration in the affiliate marketing space.

Anyone interested in learning more about the Petal Card marketing program can visit the PartnerCentric affiliate page. It’s free to join.

Official Website: https://www.petalcard.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Petal Card Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $15 per qualified sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

20. Milestone Gold Affiliate Program

Milestone Gold Affiliate Program

Milestone Gold offers credit cards for everyone without considering or impacting the credit score.

This company was started with the idea (or you can say motive) of helping people manage credit well and live the life they’ve always wanted.

People can pre-qualify for the credit cards the day they apply, which is going to be quite helpful for you as an affiliate while doing promotions.

Okay…but what about the Milestone Gold credit card affiliate program?

Well, it’s currently managed on Commission Soup. The commission rate goes up to thirty dollars per qualified sale.

The cookie duration (or referral period) is thirty days. Commission Soup is a network that only works with trusted companies and hence, no worries about reliability. The promises will be kept.

Official Website: https://www.milestonegoldcard.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Milestone Gold Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Up to $30 per qualified sales

Cookie Duration: 30 days

21. CardRatings.com Affiliate Program

CardRatings Affiliate Program

CardRatings.com is an education website that educates people about credit cards, investing, and finances.

This website provides all the necessary information that people should know about a certain company or product to help them make better decisions.

People can read articles, compare credit cards with the form for comparison tables, or contact the CardRatings.com team to get genuine information.

You can join the CradRatings.com in-house affiliate program by visiting their homepage and then clicking the ‘Become An Affiliate’ link in the footer menu.

The commission rates, cookie durations, and availability of promotional resources will be disclosed only after the affiliate manager contact you.

Official Website: https://www.cardratings.com

Affiliate Signup Page: CardRatings.com Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Not disclosed

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

22. CreditRepair.com Affiliate Program

CreditRepair.com Affiliate Program

The next active affiliate program we have got on our list is CreditRepair.com. CreditRepair.com offers a digital service to help people know why their credit score is low and how to fix the same.

Not only that, but this company also educates people about credit so that they can develop a better understanding of credit scores and reports.

This company will pay a good amount of money to its affiliate partners. What I loved about CreditRepair.com is that they have provided loads and loads of resources to help affiliates with their marketing campaigns.

The cookie tracking period is one year! Oh yes! One freaking year! It’s free to partner with this company.

Official Website: https://www.creditrepair.com

Affiliate Signup Page: CreditRepair.com Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Not disclosed

Cookie Duration: 365 days

23. ShareASale Affiliate Network

ShareASale affiliate network credit cards

At last, we have a very special network: ShareASale. ShareASale is one of the most popular affiliate networks with thousands of affiliate programs.

You will find a lot of amazing credit card affiliate programs on this affiliate network if you join today. Visit the ShareASale signup page to join the network and find fantastic offers to promote.

Official Website: https://shareasale.com

Commission Rates: Variable

Cookie Duration: Generally 45 days, variable

In Conclusion

As you can see, the credit cards market does pay a lot of money to affiliate marketers and publishers for referring new customers or bringing in new leads.

It’s one of the highest paying markets to generate some serious revenue as a publisher. I hope you found this listicle helpful. I only listed ‘active’ programs in this article and didn’t fill it with ‘non-active ones like others.

If you have anything to ask or suggest, please share your valuable thoughts using the comments section down below. Happy promotions!

Leave a comment.