Top 9 Unbounce Alternatives To Create Stunning Landing Pages

Unbounce is a very popular and versatile landing page builder that helps people create beautiful and high-converting landing pages for their businesses to convert visitors into leads or generate sales easily and quickly without having to have any coding skills.

And honestly, it’s been one of the most trusted landing page builders of all times, used by some of the big brands and industry leaders.

But there are other alternatives to Unbounce you can check out if you don’t like how it works or you simply want to do some more research on landing page builder tools in general.

With that being said, in this post, I’m going to share with you the top 9 Unbounce alternatives you might want to check out before getting started with your online journey.

So, without any further ado, let’s get right into our listicle real quick.

1. Landingi

Landingi: Unbounce alternative

Landingi is a rising landing page builder tool and Unbounce alternative that is not only affordable for both small and big businesses but also provides various extra features that an online business/individual needs to succeed with their marketing campaigns.

This tool allows users to create landing pages with a drag and drop user interface. You don’t have to know any type of coding skills or ever prior experience with landing page creation.

Just like any other tool out there, you can integrate your favorite applications, perform A/B testing, know your numbers and find out how exactly is your business doing with the help of real-time stats and insights.

Official Website:

Pricing: Starts at $29/month

Free trial: 14-day free trial

2. Leadpages

Best Unbounce Alternatvies For Landing Pages

The second alternative to Unbounce we have is Leadpages. Leadpages is an easy to use landing page builder designed for both beginners and well-off businesses/marketers.

You won’t have to touch a single piece of code using Leadpage and it’s all drag and drop. You will have access to all the statistics and insights on how your business is performing, hundreds of pre-made templates, quality support, and the ability to integrate your favorite applications for the better.

Unlike other landing page builder tools, Leadpages won’t charge you extra for more traffic and you can create unlimited landing pages with one single plan.

Official Website:

Pricing: Starts at $27/month

Free Trial: 14-day free trial

3. GetResponse Landing Pages

Best Unbounce Alternatvies For Landing Pages

If you constantly read my blog posts, you know what I talk about GetResponse a lot. It’s one of the oldest marketing tools/software out there on the web with a ton of features at affordable prices.

You can easily create the landing pages you need with the help of their drag and drop editor, and all of those landing pages could be optimized for both desktop and mobile screens.

There are hundreds of pre-made high-converting landing page templates for various industries and thousands of stock images that you can use to make your pages look even better.

They offer 24/7 live chat support in about eight languages so you will be able to seek instant help whenever you face any problem doing your work with the tool.

Official Website:

Pricing: Starts at $10.50/month

Free trial: 30-day free trial

4. Hubspot

Best Unbounce Alternatvies For Landing Pages

Hubspot is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) company that offers various products and solutions to grow their online businesses to the next level.

They also have a landing page builder where you can create awesome and stunning landing pages with just a few clicks here and there via their drag and drop page builder.

With Hubspot, you can personalize your landing pages according to your visitors which leads to better conversions.

Whether you are a blogger, a beginner who’s just starting out with your online journey, or an established business, Hubspot is designed for all.

Official Website:

Pricing: Starts at $45/month

Free trial: Forever free plan

5. Instapage

Best Unbounce Alternatvies For Landing Pages

Instapage is an extremely popular and powerful marketing tool/software out there with a bunch of products and solutions for online businesses.

Talking about landing pages with Instapage, their editor is quite intuitive and drag and drop just like any other landing page builder tools out there.

By the time I’m writing this post, over 4 million landing pages have been built on Instapage. You will have access to more than 500+ layouts, hundreds of stock images, templates to use and take inspiration from, and all the support you need to kickstart your journey.

The landing pages you build using Instapage are responsive on mobile and tablet screens as well. And best of all, you can enhance the experience of your pages even more on mobile by using a perfectly suitable AMP solution.

Official Website:

Pricing: Starts at $149/month

Free trial: 14-day free trial

6. ClickFunnels

Best Unbounce Alternatvies For Landing Pages

ClickFunnels is the category kind of the sales funnel category on the globe with over a hundred thousand users, millions of funnels built, and billions of dollars processed on their platform.

ClickFunnels has one of the most intuitive landing page builders which you can use to create incredibly stunning and proven to convert landing pages in just a matter of a few clicks.

The company is owned by Russell Brunson who himself is a beast when it comes to online marketing. You have all the training videos and different courses inside of ClickFunnels that you can access to hone your craft even more and understand how you should launch your online business to get the best out of it.

Official Website:

Pricing: Starts at $97/month

Free trial: 14-day free trial

7. GrooveFunnels

Top Unbounce Alternatives

GrooveFunnels is a rising marketing funnel and landing page builder that has surpassed over a hundred thousand users in just a short period of time.

GrooveFunnels offers a new, better, and efficient technology that actually beats every single landing page builder out there on the web.

And you don’t just get access to the landing page builder but a ton of other features like sending broadcasts, run an affiliate program of your own, run a blog to attract SEO traffic, schedule on-demand webinars, and much much more!

Other than this, you can join their private Facebook group of marketers all around the world as well as get access to the training videos for no upfront cost.

Official Website:

Pricing: $1397/year

Free trial: Forever free plan

8. AWeber Landing Pages

Top alternatives to Unbounce

The second-last Unbounce alternatives we have on our list is AWeber. AWeber is a popular email marketing service provider that has recently launched it’s landing page builder.

Although it isn’t as easy to use as other tools…but they’re constantly making it better and better as time is flying. There are various different pre-made landing page templates you can utilize for the better with AWeber and everything is drag and drop.

Sometimes it can be a bit slow but it is going to cost you way less money than what you will pay to any other tool I mentioned in the list.

Official Website:

Pricing: $16.15/month

Free trial: Forever free plan

9. Wix

Landing page builder alternative to Unbounce

Wix: a leading website and page builder software out there that millions of people all around the world use to build websites is one of the best Unbounce alternatives we can consider.

Not only you can create landing pages on Wix, but run an online business as a whole. They have live chat support so you can get all of your doubts cleared, and a lot of helpful resources for you to get started.

Official Website:

Pricing: Starts at $23/month

Free trial: Forever free plan

In Conclusion

This was my list of the 9 best Unbounce alternatives you might want to check out and decide which one you should be using for your online business.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to jump into the comments section down below and let me know what you think.

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