YouGov Review: Here’s What They Don’t Tell You?

If you are reading this review, you must have heard about YouGov: A website/application where you can get paid to complete surveys…and you might be doing a little bit of research on this website to find out whether or not you should consider registering on it.

So, what is the deal with YouGov? Is it even real? Is it a scam? If not, how much can you make using this platform? Is it even worth investing the time? If not, what could be the best alternative to YouGov to make money online?

If you’re looking for answers to all of these questions, you’ve come to the right place.

In this YouGov review, I’m going to share with you everything you need to know about this survey website and help you decide whether to consider it or avoid it.

And if you read this review till the end, I’ll show you how I’ve been able to go from $0 to $10,000 per month in a short period of time online…

Now without any further ado, let’s get right into the review real quick.

YouGov Review: What Exactly It Is?

YouGov Review: Can you make money completing surveys?

YouGov is a website/application where users can complete various surveys to earn some points and then redeem those points either in the form of money or gift cards.

YouGov has been around on the internet for years now and is one of the most trusted survey websites that doesn’t overpromise anything and delivers what is promised.

Talking about their business model, they charge companies that want to conducts surveys at cheaper rates, make those surveys available to its users, and when someone completes the survey, a tiny cut of the money is paid to him/her.

Is YouGov A Scam?

YouGov is a legitimate and a trusted internet company that has been around since 2000. Unlike other survey websites, they don’t overpromise anything and try to deliver you what is promised in the first place as I said before.

Signup Process & User Interface

YouGov Review: Can you make money completing surveys?

The signup process with YouGov is as simple and easy as it is with any other membership website on the internet. All you have to do for getting started is fill out your personal information and click the signup button.

Once you do that, you will be presented with a dashboard where you will be able to see the available surveys to complete and the number of points you earned.

YouGov Review: Can you make money completing surveys?

Though you will be notified via email whenever any surveys are going to be available for you to compete to earn points.

Also, the user experience while taking surveys is fairly good if compared to other survey websites out there on the web.

YouGov Review: Can you make money completing surveys?

That’s just the simple user-interface you get to see inside of YouGov.

YouGov Review: How Much Can You Make?

As the story goes with most of the survey websites, you won’t really be able to make thousands of dollars with YouGov as well. Talking practically, 1400 points is equivalent to $1. And you will be accumulated around 2500-3000 points in your accounts every single week if you take all the surveys.

If you get lucky, that can go up to 5000 points but that is nothing more than 3 bucks. So, on a monthly basis, even if you work regularly, a maximum of $10-15 could be earned with YouGov.

And you shouldn’t be surprised by this at all.

How Do You Get Paid?

YouGov is not available in many countries, and for each country that they are available in, you can get paid cash via PayPal or any local UPI…or you can always redeem those points in the form of gift cards such as Amazon gift cards, Google Play gift cards, iTunes, etc.

Pros Of YouGov

Free to get started
Legit platform to take surveys
Pays Cash and via gift cards
Good website/app interface

Cons Of YouGov

Be ready to earn $2-3 per week
Not the best way to make money online
Slow customer support
Slow payments sometimes
Not the best use of your free time
No skills and no growth

YouGov Review: My Final Verdict

YouGov is definitely a legitimate website and you can earn a few pennies working on it, but just think about it…how would an extra $10 per month change your life? It really isn’t going to change anything.

If you are serious about making money online, completing surveys is just not worth it no matter what website you register at. Just think about it…why would someone pay you for answering simple questions? It doesn’t make any real sense.

So, if you really want to earn some impacting extra income on the side, YouGov isn’t the right option for you (or just any other survey website/app in general).

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