Sales Funnels: How To Build High Converting Funnels Easily!

The first thing I came to know in the field of online marketing was a sales funnel.

The reason I got to face this term was that I was interested in making a passive income online.

From then on, sales funnels have been my true friends in building a 24/7 up and running profitable online business.

Sometimes you may feel like no sales are coming in and nothing’s working, right? That happens a lot of times. But not with a business with optimized sales funnels.

So, what exactly are they?

Are they some kind of magic formula? Or some nanotechnology? Or something even more advanced than what you can think of?

Well, don’t overthink…it’s nothing like that. They’re simpler and easy to understand than what you ponder.

Yes! I’m serious about what I’m saying. Understanding sales funnel deeply is a game of an hour or two. Not more than that.

With that being said, let me tell you what a sales funnel is…

What’s A Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is the full journey of a customer seeing business and then making a purchase from them. Or in other words, the full buying process of a customer from the start to the end.

It’s also known as a sales process or a revenue funnel.

Just watch out the little animation below to understand what a sales funnel is and how it works by the time I drink some water (terrible joke).

What is a sales funnel and how does it work.

I hope you understood what a sales funnel is…

You know that there are three stages involved in the working of a funnel.

1. Awareness & Interest

2. Desire

3. Action

There are mostly three stages involved in sales funnels. Awareness, interest, desire, and action.

Let me explain each step pretty clearly now…

Awareness & Interest To Your Product/Service

When it comes to awareness, it’s self-understood. It’s just the moment when you catch people’s attention.

It could be done using a social media post, a blog post, a YouTube video, or a Facebook/Google advertisement.

People get to know you at this stage.

Either you have an amazing graphic, video, or a simple post.

So, in this stage, you get consumers to know you better by interacting with them over and over.

You can show them an ad again and again or maybe send them emails to bring them back to your site.

This is how people get aware of your brand/you.

Once people are familiar with you, this is when the interest falls in.

Consumers start being interested in you but they also do the research about you and your competitors alternatively. They’re likely to find different options over this course of the time frame because ultimately, they need a solution to their problems.

If you’re a smart business/businessperson, you provide an amazing solution to the problems for free to win during this process.

But why do you want to provide that for free when everyone else is pushing people to buy products?

This answer is simple, providing free information/content builds trust.

The best marketing strategy ever is to provide free content.

A good business always provides free content for sure.

If you’re a bit confused about it, let me explain with the help of an instance.

Let’s say you’re looking for a solution to your SEO problem and you find a tool that can solve your problem.

At this moment, there can be two circumstances:

  1. The tool can have a 15-day free trial to help you out.
  2. It can simply ask you to pay and use it to solve your problem.

Which one will you go for?

For the free one for sure, right?

And if the free one is great, you make your mind to have a better relationship with it.

That’s how this stage works.

The Decision

In the second stage of sales funnels, consumers decide what to buy and what not to.

In this stage of a sales process, the consumers are ready to make a purchase.

You must be happy about it that they’re going to buy.

But there can be a grievance. In most cases, it is…

The consumers might have some other options in their heads for the purchase and not just you.

No problem, this is the best time to make an amazing offer or discount.

Before I extend it further…I want to clear up the difference between an offer and a discount.

Offer means when you’re adding something extra with your targeted product. An example of this could be a free step-by-step course with a digital tool.

Discount means when you lower the price of a product.

It’s seen that people convert better when you make an offer and not a discount because offer tends to add value to the purchase.

The metal is hot and you just have to hit it once to get the customers to roll in.

The offer should be astonishingly irresistible that people should not even dare to think about your competitors.

That’s how you play the game.

The Required Action For Your Business

Serving your customers till the end is the only way to stand out and create a long-term business.

This is the last part of the sales funnel where customers take action. In other words, customers make the purchase(s).

Customers are now a part of your business and you have to give your best in both services and products.

If a customer buys from you, that doesn’t mean it’s over. You have to keep on serving them to make a bold/deep relationship.

And whenever you have some upsells, you can ask them to try and many of them will take it because they’re your business family now.

This is the simple working of a marketing sales funnel.

Now, let’s move on to our next thing…which is:

Why Do You Need Sales Funnels?

So, why exactly do you need sales funnels? How can they help you in your business?

Sales funnels are very important for you to have a successful online business.

Long-term and automated growth in revenue can only be achieved by sales funnels.

Once you have high converting proven funnels running on, you can just relax on the couch and sales will enter your room every day, 24/7 and 365.

They provide consistent results to businesses and value to customers which is the core fundamental principle to succeed with an online model.

Here’s a video from John Crestani explaining why exactly you need funnels…

How To Build High Converting Sales Funnels?

So, back in the day…it was so freaking hard to build sales funnels to acquire customers as it took a lot of time and effort. Some even bigger challenges were to measure the ROI, manage email marketing and Facebook Ads.

But this is the world of ease.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you something similar to other people recommend.

I’ll not recommend ClickFunnels at all this moment because I’ve found a better tool wherein you can have an all-in-one solution at the minimum price possible.

Also, it’s not only something affected and grown my business but also of amazing marketers like Neil Patel.

Right from this one, it’s going to be more video than text for you to understand the tool better.

Just to sustain your curiosity, I’ll for sure take the name…

It’s GetResponse Autofunnel.

Bonus: By the way, It’s an all in one tool and not just a funnel builder. You can do email marketing, create landing pages, build funnels, manage Facebook ads, create sales pages, power webinars, and whatnot…Just from one subscription.

Before anything else, see what Neil says about GetResponse Autofunnel.

Here’s an introduction video for you to know GetResponse.

Another tutorial to start your journey with Autofunnel and build amazing high-converting funnels.

That’s all you need to do for building astounding converting sales funnels.

I hope this post has been a bit different and helped you with an actionable process.

You’ll get everything you need to start, build your first funnel, launch it, advertise your products, and finally get to meet a skyrocketing Return On Investment with GetResponse.

I just love using them and you should try it too. And best of all, it’s free.

If This Post Helped You Find What You’re Looking For, Please Let Me Know In The Comments. Also, Just Curious About What Tools You Have Been Using For Your Sales Funnel Problems.

[FAQs] Frequently Asked Questions

What’s A Sales Funnel?

It’s a full journey of a customer that starts with an introduction (awareness) and ends at a conversion (purchase).

Why Are Sales Funnel Important?

Sales funnels are super important for a business model because they help to get more conversions by keeping people hooked and engrossed in the offer by making them walk through various interesting steps.

What Tools Or Software You Should Be Using?

Well, you might use whatever you wish but the best tool around the poles right now is GetResponse Autofunnel without a doubt. I’ve already included videos in the guide to understanding the working of Autofunnel.

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