11 Best Keto Affiliate Programs In 2022 (Crazy Commissions!)

Keto or ketogenic diet is an extremely popular as well as a profitable niche in the affiliate marketing industry.

More and more people want to lose their body fat nowadays…and a ketogenic diet helps them do it quite easily in a record time.

If you have an audience that is interested in the keto diet or weight loss in general, why not recommend them some great products and, at the same time, earn commissions doing so?

With that being said, in this listicle, I’m going to share with you the 11 best keto affiliate programs that pay handsome commissions.

So, without any further ado, let’s explore our top keto affiliate programs right away.

Keto Diet Affiliate Programs

  1. Keto Resource Affiliate Program
  2. Ketogeek Affiliate Program
  3. Green Chef Affiliate Program
  4. Custom Keto Diet Affiliate Program
  5. KetoBards Affiliate Program
  6. Perfect Keto Affiliate Program
  7. Healthful Puruit Affiliate Program
  8. Keto Breads Affiliate Program
  9. Keto Mojo Affiliate Program
  10. Guy Gone Keto Affiliate Program
  11. Keto and Company Affiliate Program
  12. Bonus: Ketosis Diet Affiliate Program

1. Keto Resource Affiliate Program

8 Best Keto Affiliate Programs

Keto Resource is an organization that guides people on how to follow the keto diet the right way to get the best results without any side effects.

On their main website, they have got a lot of valuable content and freebies that people really admire. They sell physical and digital guides that include books, training lessons, and a bunch of other bonuses.

You can join their affiliate program for absolutely free via joining ClickBank and promote their two products: (1) 28 Day Keto Challenge, and (2) Simply Tasty Ketogenic + InstaKETO! Cookbook Bundle that sell extremely well.

You can also request the support team to give you resources such as Facebook lookalike audience, high converting ad images, banners, and much more.

Official Website: https://ketoresource.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://secure.ketoresource.org/affiliates/

Commission Rates: 75-90% commission rates

Cookie Duration: 60 days

2. Ketogeek Affiliate Program

8 Best Keto Affiliate Programs

Ketogeek sells high-quality ketogenic products and membership content to the ones who are interested in losing weight with the help of the keto diet.

They sell energy pods, ghee, apparel, and other merchandise items to benefit customers and also make people aware of the ketogenic diet.

You can join their keto affiliate program to promote a wide range of physical and digital products to earn commissions. You will receive commissions on upsells and future purchases made by the customer as well.

Official Website: https://ketogeek.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://ketogeek.com/pages/affiliate-program-1

Commission Rates: 10% commissions on all sales

Cookie Duration: 120 days

3. Green Chef Affiliate Program

8 Best Keto Affiliate Programs

Green Chef offers healthy meal plans to people for living a healthy lifestyle. They offer keto and paleo diet plans, balanced living diet plans, and plant-powered meals that can help people get desired health results.

Their partner program is free to join, and their product converts exceptionally well to ensure you great conversion rates. Affiliates enjoy nifty one-time commissions, and this offer is best to promote to your audience in the first quarter of the year as many people commit to living an organic lifestyle during that time frame.

Affiliates also have access to a wide range of ad creatives, logos, banners, and contact support team for any doubts, questions, or inquiries.

Official Website: https://www.greenchef.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://blog.greenchef.com/affiliate-program/

Commission Rates: $15 (one-off commission)

Cookie Duration: 7 days

4. Custom Keto Diet Affiliate Program

Best Keto Affiliate Programs

The Custom Keto Diet offers person-specific meal plans to both men and women who want to get rid of obesity. Based on the information you provide related to your daily life activities and food habits, they will give you a custom meal plan guide for losing weight strategically.

The reason Custom Keto Diet is different from any other keto products and guide is that the majority of them have a one-for-all diet plan. Many people have to eat food they don’t really like, and that is not really very much tailored for their body type.

With Custom Keto Diet, you get meal plans that are exactly suited for your particular body type and food preferences.

Their affiliate program is listed on ClickBank, and affiliates can access all the necessary resources, from email swipes to ad creatives, landing pages, and audience demographic data for paid advertising campaigns.

Official Website: https://www.customketodiet.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://www.customketodiet.com/affiliates/

Commission Rates: 75% commission rats

Cookie Duration: 60 days

5. KetoBars Affiliate Program

Best Keto Affiliate Programs

KetoBars has always been popular for the delicious keto snacks they offer to snacks lovers who are conscious about staying fit at the same time.

Their products include peanut butter bars, chocolate-covered strawberry keto bars, Vanilla spice drink milk, and a lot of other tasty products.

Affiliates receive high commissions partnering with KetoBars and enjoy all other benefits such as custom discounts for their audience, exclusive access to new KetoBars products, ad copy, images, banners, videos, and other helpful resources to get an impressive conversion rate.

Official Website: https://www.ketobars.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here to join

Commission Rates: 20% commissions on all sales

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

6. Perfect Keto Affiliate Program

Best Keto Affiliate Programs

Perfect Keto is another platform that sells ketogenic diet and related products such as keto bars, oil powder, nut butter, pills, ketone testing strips, snacks, nutrition products, and books.

If you choose to become their affiliate, you can try their products for free before you go about promoting them to your audience. Also, there are affiliate resources always available such as custom discount codes and creatives.

Their top affiliates earn tens of thousands of dollars every single year, and the majority of them have reported high conversion rates and EPCs.

Although you can join their affiliate program for free, you should have at least 5k social followers, email subscribers, or website pageviews in order to get accepted.

Official Website: https://perfectketo.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://perfectketo.com/new-affiliate/

Commission Rates: 20% commissions on all sales

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

7. Healthful Pursuit Affiliate Program

Best Keto Affiliate Programs

Healthful Pursuit sells ketogenic diet meal plans and weight loss programs. They have two programs: Inside The Keto Beginning and Inside Fat Fueled.

These programs are designed to help people understand ketogenic basics and include monthly meal plans, weekly shopping lists, customization guides, cookbooks, recipes, and access to their private Facebook groups with an amazing community.

The reason Healthful Pursuit has a place in our keto affiliate programs list is that they offer a huge variety of affiliate tools and resources to their partners and also payout high commissions for you to make more and more money.

Official Website: https://healthfulpursuit.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://shop.healthfulpursuit.com/affiliate/

Commission Rates: 50% commissions

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

8. Keto Breads Affiliate Program

keto diet affiliate program

Who doesn’t love pizzas and burgers? The problem with these types of processed food products is, of course, obesity. Keto Breads guide you through each step of the way on what kind of diet you should be following to maintain a slim body without giving up on your favorite food items.

You can join their affiliate program on ClickBank, and all of the resources, tools, and support options are available for you to have high converting and successful affiliate marketing campaigns.

Official Website: https://ketobreads.net/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://ketobreads.net/affiliates/

Commission Rates: 75% commissions (or more)

Cookie Duration: 60 days

9. Keto-Mojo Affiliate Program

Keto-Mojo affiliate program

Keto-Mojo is another popular ketogenic diet company that not only offers loads and loads of free information in the form of videos, blog posts, guides, downloadable files, and webinars but also offers healthy meals, snacks, and recipes to help people begin their journey of healthy living.

Keto-Mojo was launched back in the year 2017, and the company has built strong credibility by now. I personally recommend their offer to promote as an affiliate partner because the team is such a pleasure to work with.

They have two affiliate programs. One is for affiliates from the US, and the other one is for affiliates from Europe. The commission rate is ten percent, and the cookie duration is ninety days. They use Refersion to manage the program.

Official Website: https://keto-mojo.com

Affiliate Signup Page: https://keto-mojo.com/affiliate-partners

Commission Rates: 10% per sale

Cookie Duration: 90 days

10. Guy Gone Keto Affiliate Program

Guy Gone Keto affiliate program

Guy Gone Keto is an online platform and shop started by a keto freak named Thom King. Guy Gone Keto has all the resources, tools, and products you need to achieve success/results fast.

They have shared a lot of guides, calculation tools, blog posts, recipes, success stories to get inspired, and a lot of other free resources that people can take advantage of.

They also have a shop where people can purchase products such as keto ketchup, BBQ sauce, chili sauce, apparel, chocolate sprinklers, gift cards, and a whole lot of other products.

The Guy Gone Keto affiliate program is free to join and is managed in-house. Affiliates have the opportunity to earn a ten percent commission per valid sale.

All affiliate partners are provided with real-time stats and insights, tracking tools, marketing material, creative resources, and friendly support.

Official Website: https://guygoneketo.com

Affiliate Signup Page: https://guygoneketo.com/affiliateprogram

Commission Rates: 10% commission per sale

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

11. Keto and Company Affiliate Program

Keto and Company affiliate program

Keto and Company is a well-established low-carb and ketogenic food seller that has been in the business since the year 2007.

Customers can shop a whole lot of stuff on the Keto and Company website, such as cookies, pizza bread, bread, baking kits, waffle kits, cakes, hot breakfasts, etc.

The Keto and Company affiliate program is managed by Refersion, and the company pays a ten percent base commission on every qualified sale. Affiliates are also offered a $25 bonus on the first sale. The cookie length is fifteen days.

Official Website: https://ketoand.co

Affiliate Signup Page: https://keto.refersion.com

Commission Rates: 10% base commission

Cookie Duration: 15 days

Bonus: Ketosis Affiliate Program (Market Health)

Market Health is the biggest affiliate network with health-related affiliate offers for affiliates to promote and earn money.

There’s a program on Market Health that you can promote. It’s called the Ketosis Diet affiliate program!

The Ketosis Diet program offers training as well as natural health supplements for people to get healthy and burn body fat easily.

All affiliates are paid a sixty percent commission on all qualified sales or a seventy-dollar CPA. You can find out more by visiting the links I have put down below.

Official Website: https://www.markethealth.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Ketosis Diet Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $70 CPA or 60% commission

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

In Conclusion

These were the best keto affiliate programs you definitely want to check out to monetize your audience the right way. A lot of companies are willing to pay huge commissions to affiliates, and you should take advantage of that.

If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to jump down below in the comments section and let me know what you think.

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