21 Best Keto Affiliate Programs In 2024 (Crazy Payouts!)

The keto or ketogenic diet is an extremely popular and profitable niche in the affiliate marketing industry.

People are consuming carbs and straight-up sugar at an unprecedented rate nowadays, which harms them greatly. 

I also love a glass of Coke with my McDonald’s; that’s why I know just how bad it can be for you. 

The ketogenic diet helps people lose weight very effectively in a record time. It’s a little extreme, but not as much as a few other diets out there.

This lifestyle tends to be expensive since it’s high in protein and quality fats. Which means that there is a lot of money to be made for you.

Does your online presence focus on fitness and weight loss? Keto affiliate programs offer a great way to earn while helping people find valuable products, services, and resources.

Check out the fantastic opportunities below!

1. Keto Resource Affiliate Program

Keto Resource is a website that teaches people all the basic principles of the diet. It looks terrific, which is essential regarding food, but it has no videos. 

Your referrals can get a bundle of free recipes from the landing page and read all their blogs made by real people. It’s great for educational purposes and is easy to understand.

Affiliates can sign up through the link below using their ClickBank ID. You must sign up to ClickBank first if you don’t have one. The program promotes two of its digital products. 

The 28-day keto challenge is a meal plan that costs $37, and the other one seems to be free, so I have no clue how they are offering commissions on that…

Focus on selling the challenge as a beginner’s guide to keto, and you might be able to make this work. Keto Resources is aimed at women between 35-65 years.

  • Pros: The website has a few interesting recipes and tips, like keto-friendly desserts. It also provides a ton of free value and a decent affiliate offer.
  • Cons: Unfortunately, there are no trustworthy reviews at all. Most recipes seem a bit bland and bare, and I find it hard to recommend this one.

Official Website:https://www.ketoresource.org/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://secure.ketoresource.org/affiliates/

Commission Rates: 75-90%

Cookie Duration: 60 days

2. Ketogeek Affiliate Program

Ketogeek is based in Nappa, California, and sells premium Keto-Friendly desserts that they call energy pods. 

The ketosis lifestyle can be brutal for people because they give up sugar altogether. But thanks to the power of science, we can make these desserts.

Science is expensive, though, and so are these products. The pods have high-quality fats and ingredients like pure cocoa and strawberries. It also contains sweeteners that don’t break your diet.

The store also has some basic apparel and merch, but I don’t imagine anyone buying them since they look bad. The affiliate program is managed through Refersion and is pretty decent.

  • Pros: Good commissions, considering the average 57gm pods cost sixty bucks. Nice referral window. A nice blog for the interested audience.
  • Cons: The website could use a lot of work. The products are costly and require you to sell them. The merch is for the namesake and only has the company logo on some print-on-demand items.

Official Website: https://ketogeek.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://ketogeek.com/pages/affiliate-program-1

Commission Rates: 10%

Cookie Duration: 60 days

3. Green Chef Affiliate Program

This food subscription box service sends pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes to people’s doors. They have all kinds of options, including, you guessed it, keto meal packs.

Green Chef has some delicious options, and meal planning can be a monumental task. You can even promote their service as a way to learn some lovely Keto recipes for your audience.

The website is good-looking, and the meal plans are mid-priced. It’s not a good sign that they haven’t made an affiliate page for their program, or even an About page, for that matter.

I found their affiliate program on FlexOffers, which can earn you a one-time, twelve-bucks bounty for the first purchase made by your referrals.

  • Pros: A beautiful website with hearty dishes but very little customizability. A decent one-time commission of twelve bucks per conversion.
  • Cons: People have to cook the meals themselves. The packaging materials are wasted each time. Attribution period is too short. 

Official Website: https://www.greenchef.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: Click Here

Commission Rates: $12

Cookie Duration: 7 days

4. Custom Keto Diet Affiliate Program

Best Keto Affiliate Programs

Custom Keto Diet has one of the best and most effective sales funnels I’ve encountered. Unlike the options we’ve seen so far, it provides customized meal plans for people based on all their info. 

The website also has scientific references and compelling strategies that let people stick to their diets long-term. 

It has testimonies, calls to action, and subtle reverse psychology, the holy trinity of closing deals.

Their affiliate program is listed on ClickBank, and while they used to offer up to seventy-five percent commissions with a sixty-day referral window, they’ve since removed that info from the signup page.

  • Pros: Plans that are actually based on the user’s needs. To what extent, we do not know. A brilliant sales page that’ll be great for conversions.
  • Cons: Currently, what they offer to affiliates is unknown. You will have to sign up through ClickBank to find out. The prices are also unknown. No info at all for new affiliates.

Official Website: https://www.customketodiet.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here to join

Commission Rates: Sign up to find out

Cookie Duration: Unknown

5. KetoBars Affiliate Program

Even with all the meal plans and solutions, sometimes you just want a quick and easy snack on a diet. Luckily, KetoBars has us covered.

Their bars come in flavors that include Chocolate peanut butter, Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond, Mint Chocolate, and many other tasty creations.

It’s a small company that makes small batches using high-quality ingredients like strawberries, cocoa, almond butter, peanut butter, and a blend of stevia + erythritol.

The affiliate program offers you custom discount codes, dibs on new products, chances to get featured on their pages, and a bunch of superb promo materials.

  • Pros: An attractive website offering decent commissions. Keto snacks that offer quick and easy sustenance and maintain satiety.
  • Cons: They should inform affiliates about tracking functionalities. Sign-ups are done through a Typeform, so tracking options are ambiguous. 

Official Website: https://www.ketobars.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here to join

Commission Rates: Up to 20%

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

6. Perfect Keto Affiliate Program

Perfect Keto is another platform that sells ketogenic diet-related products such as protein bars, collagen mixes, nut butter, supplements, snacks, cereal, and bundles.

I thought the previous company’s products were great, so I added a similar one. Except, this one is way bigger, developed with the help of medical professionals,  and offers many more options.

The products are also more affordable, and the website offers memberships for discounted rates.

What’s funny is that Perfect Keto’s affiliate program looks identical to the last one. The same, twenty percent commissions with custom discount codes for your followers.

  • Pros: A fully-fledged store for keto folks with international shipping and keto recipes. An engaging website with a calorie calculator, quiz, and guides. Good commissions.
  • Cons: Once again, no info has been added about the cookie duration or mode of tracking sales. Sign up through the link below to find out more.

Official Website: https://perfectketo.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://perfectketo.com/new-affiliate/

Commission Rates: Up to 20%

Cookie Duration: N/A

7. Healthful Pursuit Affiliate Program

Best Keto Affiliate Programs

Leanne Vogel is a certified holistic nutritionist who has done impressive work in health & fitness. She hosts a popular podcast and has written three books and a vast body of online content. 

Her website, Healthful Pursuits, offers meal plan services, digital courses, and other online resources to help people live better. 

Most of her work focuses on Ketosis; in fact, the podcast is called The Keto Diet.

By signing up for this one, you can earn excellent commissions by promoting nine of her products. These include digital products, audiobooks, and a recipe book. Check out the signup page below for more info.

  • Pros: Digital courses and meal plans by a respected health professional specializing in Keto. Prices range from $10 to $367. Good commissions.
  • Cons: No tracking info. The site could be better looking, although the trustworthiness of the content makes up for it.

Official Website: https://healthfulpursuit.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://shop.healthfulpursuit.com/affiliate/

Commission Rates: 35-50%

Cookie Duration: Not shared

8. Keto Breads Affiliate Program

keto diet affiliate program

I love bread. Admittedly, more than I should. So do many other people, I imagine. How can we give up our beloved sandwiches and burgers and still feel like life is worth living?

Luckily, we don’t have to. (Thank God) 

Keto Breads is a guide made by a nutritional biochemistry student who suffered from health issues caused by regular bread. 

She has written over a dozen books, cookbooks, and programs. This book includes 30 bread recipes with less than 5g of net carbs! It costs around seventeen bucks.

Keto Breads’s affiliate program is hosted on ClickBank and offers a lucrative commission typical to the platform.

  • Pros: A handy product essential for people on this diet written by a lady from a nutritional science background. High commissions and a good referral window.
  • Cons: The sales funnel is a bit old-fashioned and could be improved. 

Official Website: https://ketobreads.net/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://ketobreads.net/affiliates/

Commission Rates: 75%

Cookie Duration: 60 days

9. Keto-Mojo Affiliate Program

Keto-Mojo affiliate program

Keto-Mojo’s website has blogs, educational resources, and even a market full of keto-friendly groceries and food items. It is fully stocked with everyone one needs, along with a macro calculator.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Folks need to start by making small changes to their lifestyle that they can sustain. But you might want to get more precise over time.

Keto is ultimately a scientific diet, so using scientific metrics to measure progress only makes sense.

That’s where Keto Mojo’s blood glucose meters and ketone meters come into play. By pairing with Keto Mojo’s app, users can get real-time info on how long their body has actually been in ketosis.

Keto Mojo’s affiliate program allows you to offer a fifteen percent discount to your audience on its keto meters and testing strips while offering you decent commissions.

  • Pros: A massive website with a ton of value for fitness freaks across the board. Decent commissions for an AOV of $80 and a wide referral window. Biotech products for the US and Europe.
  • Cons: It’s unclear whether the affiliate program gives you commissions on all sales, including groceries and food, or just the biotech products. Reach out to them for clarification.

Official Website: https://keto-mojo.com

Affiliate Signup Page: https://keto-mojo.com/affiliate-partners

Commission Rates: 5-10% depending on total sales

Cookie Duration: 90 days

10. Guy Gone Keto Affiliate Program

Guy Gone Keto affiliate program

Guy Gone Keto is, first and foremost, an online shop where people can buy keto-friendly condiments and other pantry items for their home kitchens. 

When I started my fitness journey, I was surprised to see how many sauces had added sugars. So, I’m sure many people can appreciate these products. 

It was started by Thom King, who has a background in nutritional science and has also written a book about his transformational journey.

Your followers can purchase things like keto ketchup, BBQ sauce, chili sauce, MTC oil, keto sweeteners, etc., from this website.

You can earn a ten percent commission on all sales made through the website by your referrals. Just join the program and start promoting. 

  • Pros: Keto-friendly condiments and pantry items like oil and sweeteners. Standard commission rates and a decent website with testimonials.
  • Cons: I guess most affiliate programs take tracking information for granted in this niche.

Official Website: https://guygoneketo.com

Affiliate Signup Page: https://guygoneketo.com/affiliateprogram

Commission Rates: 10%

Cookie Duration: Unable to locate

11. Keto and Company Affiliate Program

Keto and Company affiliate program

Keto and Company is a company in Boston dedicated to replacing everything folks had to throw away from their pantry once they started the diet.

They create tasty premixes for brownies, pizzas, bread, muffins, cookies, bakes, pancakes, etc., and it’s all keto-friendly! The products cost around 10 bucks for 9 ounces.

This is a joint affiliate program that also includes Sated Keto Meal Shakes and KetoOne Shakes. You can check them out through the sign-up link below. Just go to the Refersion signup page.

The program offers you a $25 bonus on the first sale you get that’s over $50. The minimum payout threshold is $100. 

  • Pros: The products certainly sound very attractive. Who doesn’t want to eat convenient brownies and pancakes on Keto?
  • Cons: The commissions are very low for the prices of the products. The attribution window is also very small.

Official Website: https://ketoand.co

Affiliate Signup Page: https://keto.refersion.com

Commission Rates: 10% base commission

Cookie Duration: 15 days

12. Ketosis Advanced Affiliate Program

Market Health is an affiliate network that exclusively focuses on health-related programs. It helps pharma and drug products have a separate platform to have the spotlight.

Ketosis Advanced makes dietary supplements that help promote ketosis in the body and burn fat more easily. The active ingredient is BHB, and red raspberry is the primary flavor.

The most affordable option for getting the product is a month-long supply that costs $47.95. They also have some good reviews and a money-back guarantee. 

Their affiliate program can be found on Market Health’s platform. You can find out more by visiting the links I have put down below.

  • Pros: A dietary supplement that promotes fat burning. People love to biohack, so you’ll get many takers. Good commissions. Authorized in 134 countries.
  • Cons: No mention of any tracking functionalities. The website is a bit generic.

Official Website: https://buyhealth.com/ketosisadvanced/

Affiliate Signup Page: Ketosis Diet Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $70 CPA or 60% Rev-Share

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

13. Kiss My Keto Affiliate Program

Kiss My Keto Affiliate Program

Kiss My Keto believes that living a healthy keto life should be exciting, not confusing. That’s why their colorful and vibrant website offers a wide array of keto-friendly convenience goods. 

They make everything from keto breads, gummy bears, and snacks to soups, cereals, and even supplements, all of it ready to eat! 

All their products look amazing and can also be found on the shelves of stores like Walmart.

The affiliate program that’s hosted on ShareASale and Refersion starts you off with a ten percent commission rate, which goes up with performance.

You will also get a dedicated affiliate account manager, monthly newsletters with updates, regular discount coupons, promotional incentives, and more. 

  • Pros: A fun website with a massive range of convenient products and a good brand reputation. Dedicated affiliate account manager, attractive commission, and cookie duration. 
  • Cons: The only fault I can find is that you can’t promote them internationally. One of the best programs thus far.

Official Website: https://kissmyketo.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Kiss My Keto Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 10-20%

Cookie Duration: 30-90 days

14. Magic Spoon Affiliate Program

Who doesn’t love a quick and easy bowl of yummy cereal in the morning? Unfortunately, almost all of them have an outrageous amount of sugar. Hardly Keto-compatible.

That’s exactly why Magic Spoon has created a full range of tasty and nutritious cereals that are low-carb and high-protein. Just pair them with your best milk alternative, and keto breakfast is served. 

Even Forbes and Business Insider have published about them. 

This one is hosted on Impact Radius and makes tracking your sales easy as pie. All your referrals get a $5 discount through your links and codes. 

  • Pros: Good commission rate and an attractive website. The products also have aesthetic packaging and interesting flavors.
  • Cons: A minimum monthly sales quota of ten sales or $400. Tight attribution period. 

Official Website: https://magicspoon.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Magic Spoon Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 20% commission

Cookie Duration: 7 days

15. The Keto Box Affiliate Program

The Keto Box Affiliate Program

The Keto Box really lives up to its name. It’s a keto snack subscription service that sends surprise boxes to its subscribers every month. 

Not thinking too much about food is a big part of sticking to a diet successfully. That’s why these mystery boxes can benefit people on keto.

They even include a 28-day keto meal plan and great products like chocolates, meat snack sticks, all kinds of nuts, and more. Their basic monthly subscription is $40.

For this affiliate program, you’ll earn a healthy fifteen percent commission on all products sold. Unfortunately, no other info about the affiliate program has been shared.

  • Pros: A monthly food subscription service for the fitness clientele. Affordable rates. 
  • Cons: Zero information about the affiliate program.

Official Website: https://theketobox.com

Affiliate Signup Page: The Keto Box Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 15% commission

Cookie Duration: Unknown

16. Keto Chow Affiliate Program

This is another store that sells a range of packaged keto food products, merch, and supplements. They also offer subscription box services.

Keto Chow’s website is easy on the eyes, and their products go down easily. Their shakes and soups only require a few simple steps to prep before they’re ready to be devoured. 

Unfortunately, the affiliate program offers a very low rate of commissions. 

Keto Chow looks for affiliates that love its products, have already mentioned them to their audience, and have an established audience with at least 5k followers across platforms.

  • Pros: The affiliate program allows you to link your social media accounts in some way, which is rare. A high-converting website.
  • Cons: A horrible commission rate, considering the products are affordable. Hardly worth anyone’s time, in my opinion.

Official Website: https://www.ketochow.xyz/

Affiliate Signup Page: Click Here

Commission Rates: 3%

Cookie Duration: Sign Up to find out

17. Thinlicious Affiliate Program

At its core, Thinlicious is a brand from New Zealand that puts a spotlight on Ruth’s fitness journey, a mother, best-selling author, and the creator of this website.

She aims to provide a path to weight loss and good health without dieting, drugs, or making yourself miserable. 

Her website, formerly called Ditch The Carbs, helps people do this through various courses and memberships that include things like eating-out guides, exercise, mini-challenges, and printable templates.

Affiliates can earn pretty well, considering they get recurring commissions on membership subscriptions and promote the brand worldwide. The program uses Thrivecart as the framework for affiliate management.

  • Pros: Decent commissions and tracking duration. Another attractive website with a ton of offerings.
  • Cons: The website has a lot of affiliate products that might dampen your own profits. Consider it a competitor rather than a partner unless you focus on general fitness. 

Official Website: https://thinlicious.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://thinlicious.com/affiliates/

Commission Rates: 40% on ebooks + 30% recurring on memberships

Cookie Duration: 30 days

18. Konscious Keto Affiliate Program

Konscious Keto Affiliate Program

Konscious Keto is another website that offers delectable keto recipes and meal plans based on the customer’s food preferences, lifestyle, and weight loss goals.

They also sell various shakes and supplements and offer many other things like recipes and blogs. The website looks good, and most of the products cost around $70. 

About the affiliate program: It’s hosted on Post Affiliate Pro and can be found through the link below. Text links and banners are provided as promotional resources.

There’s not much else to say about this one except that the products have a fair share of positive reviews.

  • Pros: Another good-looking website with some interesting products. Consider it as an extra alternative that offers both meal plans and dietary supplements.
  • Cons: It is unusual that the website does not mention the affiliate program. I had to find it elsewhere on the web.

Official Website: https://konsciousketo.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Konscious Keto Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 15% commission

Cookie Duration: 60 days

19. Speed Keto Shop Affiliate Program

Speed Keto Shop Affiliate Program

Speed Keto Shop is a company that retails several keto-friendly products, such as electrolytes and keto bars, and even provides various digital recipe books. 

The company also has an A rating by the Better Business Bureau, which means that your followers can trust what they say. 

It also has a 90-day return policy, which is good for buyers but bad for you as an affiliate. That’s because you will have to wait just as long before you can receive your payments.

Anyone who is interested in promoting their products can sign up for their affiliate program.

Sadly, they aren’t all that transparent about their commission rates, so I can’t tell you how much money you will be making on every product you can sell. 

  • Pros: An A rating by the Better Business Bureau. An affordable recipe book and digital products.
  • Cons: The store doesn’t have most items available. The affiliate program also has shared no information, and the website is not very impressive.

Official Website: https://speedketo.shop

Affiliate Signup Page: Speed Keto Shop Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Not listed

Cookie Duration: Not listed

20. Ketozone.com Affiliate Program

Keto Zone is a company that sells nutritional supplements. It’s a result of Dr. Colbert’s idea.

They believe in providing value to their customers. By joining the 21-day challenge, you can receive free keto recipes, videos, and articles that will help you sustain your lifestyle.

This is a very straightforward affiliate program that we’ve found on ShareASale. You won’t have any trouble signing up or tracking your sales.

Simply linking your website to the Keto Zone Nutritional Products site will earn you a twelve percent commission on every sale you make.

  • Pros: The brand has a doctor’s name on it who has written over 40 books on health and wellness. A $120 AOV and dedicated affiliate account managers.
  • Cons: It’ll be a hard sell to people who are unfamiliar with Dr. Colbert’s body of work. I suggest promoting his books on Keto to build trust.

Official Website: https://ketozone.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Ketozone.com Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 12% per sale

Cookie Duration: 60 days

21. Ketogenic Girl Affiliate Program

The final company on this list was started by Vanessa Spina. She’s a sports nutritionist, a best-selling author, the host of another popular podcast, and an international speaker. Talk about overachieving!

Ketogenic Girl offers various physical and digital products for hardcore ketosis followers who are committed to controlling their nutrition. 

These include physical and digital books and resources containing meal plans and therapies that quote scientific studies and various biotech and medical products that measure the nitty gritty of ketosis factors.

Affiliates earn different commissions based on the types of products, and you should check them out through the link below. The program is hosted on Refersion and has tremendous potential for earnings.

  • Pros: Expensive products that take a scientific approach along with generous commissions and a standard cookie duration. A trustworthy figure behind the brand.
  • Cons: Best suited to athletes, actors, and other people who need to control how their bodies work professionally.

Official Website: https://ketogenicgirl.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://ketogenicgirl.com/pages/affiliate

Commission Rates: 15-25%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

In Conclusion

These were the best keto affiliate programs you definitely want to check out to monetize your audience the right way.

A lot of companies are willing to pay huge commissions to affiliates, and you should take advantage of that.

If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to jump down below in the comments section and let me know what you think.

I hope you found this valuable!

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