8 Best HVAC Affiliate Programs In 2024 (Huge Commissions)

Air conditioning, heating, and ventilation is a need for all the houses in this developing world. It’s really hard to survive without these solutions/products, and they’re growing more and more in demand as time is flying.

Talking worldwide, the HVAC industry is expected to grow by 367.5 billion dollars (USD). This is exceptionally phenomenal growth for a period.

If you have an audience that is interested in this industry or if you just want to promote HVAC products as an individual affiliate to make more money this year, I’m going to share with you the eight best HVAC affiliate programs you don’t want to miss out.

With that being said, let’s get right into our list of HVAC affiliate programs real quick.

1. AC Outlet Affiliate Program

Best HVAC Affiliate Programs

Ac Outlet sells various air conditioning and heating products online, such as heating pump condensers, heat pump systems, gas systems, and many other accessories of various brands out there on the planet.

They have been around for a long time now, and thousands of reviews talk about their authority in the industry. All the products that weigh less than 5 tons are shipped for free within the United States.

Their affiliate program is absolutely free to join, and you can earn nifty commissions promoting in-demand high-ticket products costing up to $10,000 or even more.

You can withdraw money from your affiliate account once you reach the $100 threshold (which is pretty easy to do with such high-ticket products).

Official Website: https://www.theacoutlet.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here to join

Commission Rates: 3% commissions on all sales

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

2. HVAC Jobs Center Affiliate Program

HVAC Affiliate Programs

HVAC Jobs Center is an online job board especially structured for people who work in the HVAC sector. This is a place where big companies and corporations post jobs to have applicants and a place where technicians find job opportunities to work and connect with HVAC brands.

HVAC Jobs center offers a total of six plans for different business/company requirements starting from $79…all the way up to $3,999. And the customers get the right amount of value for what they pay.

If you are a smart affiliate marketer, you definitely want to join the HVAC Jobs Center affiliate program to earn high commissions.

Official Website: https://hvacjobscenter.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://hvacjobscenter.com/affiliate-program/

Commission Rates: 15% commissions on every order

Cookie Duration: 90 days

3. Heat & Cool Affiliate Program

HVAC Affiliate Programs

Heat & Cool has been around for more than 20 years now and is a reputed retailer of HVAC products that are trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers.

Since they directly work with manufacturers, the pricing of HVAC products and accessories they sell is relatively less than what is in the market.

You can join their free HVAC affiliate program, which is managed by the LinkShare affiliate network. They provide a range of helpful information, resources, and support for you to succeed as their affiliate and get more sales.

Official Website: https://www.heatandcool.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://www.heatandcool.com/affiliate-program/

Commission Rates: 6% commissions on all sales

Cookie Duration: 30 days

4. HVAC Direct Affiliate Program

HVAC Affiliate Programs

HVAC Direct also sells HVAC products for discounted prices. They sell a wide variety of products such as heating and cooling systems, mini-split systems, fireplaces, and related accessories, exhaust fans, mobile homes, and so many other products that are always in demand from households.

You can join their affiliate program on their own website. They offer all the necessary stuff you need to know as their affiliate to drive the right traffic and how it needs to be done for successful/profitable affiliate campaigns.

You will be ready for the payment once you have earned $100 as their affiliate.

Official Website: https://hvacdirect.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://hvacdirect.com/affiliates-home

Commission Rates: 5% commissions on all sales

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

5. HVAC Connect Affiliate Program

HVAC Affiliate Programs

HVAC is an online directory where HVAC related businesses and companies can register their listing under a paid subscription to reach more customers/audiences that are interested in HVAC products.

If I talk about the pricing, HVAC Connect offers five different plans to businesses that are looking to get more exposure and attract more customers ranging from $19 (for 2 years) to $799 (for two years).

If you have HVAC related website/blog or you’re an experienced affiliate marketer who’s looking to niche down and find a good HVAC affiliate program, you definitely want to check out the HVAC Connect affiliate program with real-time and advanced tracking to super high commission rates.

Official Website: http://hvac-connect.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: http://hvac-connect.com/affiliate/

Commission Rates: 20% commissions

Cookie Duration: 30 days

6. AirFilters.com Affiliate Program

HVAC Affiliate Programs

Airfilters.com sells water filters, filters of furnaces, air filters, humidifier filters, and other HVAC related products from popular brands such as Honeywell, Carrier, etc.

They have been in the HVAC industry for a while now, and the satisfaction rate of their customers is what attracted me to include their partner program in our list of top HVAC affiliate programs.

They have partnered with AvantLink.com to offers affiliates a wide range of promotional tools and resources for absolutely free. Other than this, they pay out quite competitive commissions to their affiliates.

Official Website: https://www.airfilters.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://www.airfilters.com/affiliate-program/

Commission Rates: 12% commission rates

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

7. NewAir Affiliate Program

HVAC Affiliate Programs

NewAir sells a wide range of products, including refrigerators, air conditioning systems, heating systems, misting fans, ice makers, and many other household and HVAC-related products.

They have a great reputation in the industry and an impressive social following as well. You can feel confident promoting their products to your audience.

As an affiliate, you will have access to all the necessary resources, their average order value is $300 (which is cool), and a dedicated account manager is assigned to you for any of the queries.

Official Website: https://www.newair.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: Click here to join

Commission Rates: 10% commissions of all qualified sales

Cookie Duration: 30 days

8. IcyBreeze Affiliate Program

icyBreeze: an extremely popular and reputed company known for selling portable air conditioning systems. Their pricing starts from $279.99 per product and shipping charges.

They also sell accessories such as the IcyBlock, Airflow splitter, power supply, and more. Their affiliate program is managed by AvanLink. You enjoy all the free resources and promotional stuff you need to have profitable affiliate campaigns along with a dedicated support team to help you out.

Customers get to enjoy a 1-year limited warranty and a 30-day satisfaction return option available if they don’t like the products. Their average order value is over $375 (which is pretty high).

Official Website: https://www.icybreeze.com/

Affiliate Signup Page: https://www.icybreeze.com/affiliate-program/

Commission Rates: 15% commissions on all sales

Cookie Duration: 180 days

In Conclusion

This was my list of the 8 best HVAC affiliate programs you don’t want to miss out on if you have a blog or audience that would be interested in HVAC and related products.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to jump down below in the comments section and let me know what you think.

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