12 Best Printing Affiliate Programs (Great Payouts!)

These days, printing affiliate programs has been a top-notch niche. Because of manual work, printing is now a mass market.

In the commercial world, the printing market has a value of USD 489.63 billion. Can you believe that? How does printing something on paper have this much value in the market today?

Not only this, but people also prefer getting gifts printed! Yes, you heard me right! Getting yourself printed on a cushion cover, bedsheets, cups, and so on is also a trend these days!

The maximum target audience for printing has always been business customers and students. But in the contemporary era, people are more towards personalized printing.

Suppose you have an audience of certified printing specialists or people interested in custom printing services.

You’re in the right place because I have rounded up the top decent printing affiliate programs under this niche.

Printing Affiliate Programs

  1. Printed.com Affiliate Program
  2. PrinterPrinting.com Affiliate Program
  3. Moo.com Affiliate Program
  4. Staples.com Affiliate Program
  5. Printique Affiliate Program
  6. Prints of Love Affiliate Program
  7. Pictorem.com Affiliate Program
  8. Printify Affiliate Program
  9. Vistaprint Affiliate Program
  10. Printful Affiliate Program
  11. RedBubble Affiliate Program
  12. Sellfy Affiliate Program
  1. Printed.com Affiliate Program
Printed.com Affiliate Program

Printed.com is an online personalized printing store where you can send in your customizations and get personalized prints on a leaflet, greeting cards, diaries, postcards, brochures, posters, and so much more!

They even give you the option to get into their creative hub, where you can discover a variety of prints for designers and get your personalized prints into products.

Now as their affiliate, they offer an activated cookie duration of about forty-five days.

Diggin in deep, you can add a banner on your website, post blogs, or share social media content if you get approved as an affiliate.

After a sale is made, Rakuten will send you payments.

Let’s get your hands on this opportunity!

Official Website: https://www.printed.com

Affiliate Sign-up website: https://www.printed.com/services/affiliate-programme

Commission rates: Not publicly disclosed

Cookie Duration: 45 days

2. PrinterPrinting.com Affiliate Program

PrinterPrinting.com Affiliate Program

This company has been offering printing services nationwide and in Canada for ages. This is your catch if you are looking for offset and digital printing specialists!

They print booklets, CD covers, sleeves, inlays, Flyers, letterhead, and much more than an office needs.

Apart from that, they even provide design services for your websites and prints. You can even get your stuff designed as per your needs.

Now if we talk about their affiliate program, they help you earn a fifteen percent commission rate on every purchase through the link you attach to your website!

To begin earning an income once you’ve joined their printing affiliate program, you must earn at least $100.

I think it should have been a bit lower – I often find a whole bunch of people face problems while withdrawing because of a hundred-dollar threshold.

You will start getting checks for your revenues from using our printing affiliate program once you have reached your $100 minimum each month.

Official Website: http://www.printerprinting.com

Affiliate Sign-up website: http://www.printerprinting.com/printing_affiliate_program.html

Commission rates: 15% per purchase

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

3. Moo.com Affiliate Program

Moo.com Affiliate Program

Moo.com is another online printing store to fulfill all your primary office or home needs!

Like other printing stores, they too have an option for you to print business cards, postcards, flyers, branded products as per your customization, and much more.

MOO was established in 2006 to upend the trillion-dollar worldwide print market. They have succeeded since they are the market leader in the quickly expanding premium segment.

MOO continues to disrupt the industry by using higher design and quality standards to offer appealing and sustainable customized items that appeal to brand-conscious corporate customers, even though branded corporate gear has historically been of low quality and disposable.

For their affiliate program, you must know that they have two affiliate programs to offer.

The one with CJ Affiliate they are willing to offer commission rates ranging from eight percent to twelve percent on every sale with a cookie duration of forty-five days.

Awin is another affiliate program where you can get all the information once you sign up! It has a cookie window of 30 days for your links.

Official Website: https://www.moo.com

Affiliate Sign-up website: https://www.moo.com/us/hello/affiliates

Commission rates: 8 to 12% per sale (CJ)

Cookie Duration: 45 days (CJ), 30 days (AWIN)

4. Staples.com Affiliate Program

Staples.com Affiliate Program

Staples.com is here for all your basic printer needs, like high-yield inks and toner cartridges! Not only this, but they also sell bundles of paper as per your needs and relaxing office chairs for you to sit back and let the printer do its work! 

In short, they also cover all the basic office stuff you might need! 

As their affiliate, you will earn up to five percent commissions depending upon the products sold through your links.

If you have any questions regarding their program, hit them up at their official email support for partners.

They handle everything when a customer shops at Staples.com via your website. The order will be processed, shipped, and customer service will be handled by them – no headaches for you.

As their affiliate, you will also have access to all their banners, links, and brochures for your site.

Official Website: https://www.staples.com

Affiliate Sign-up website: https://www.staples.com/sbd/content/about/affiliate

Commission rates: Up to 5% 

Cookie Duration: Unknown

5. Printique Affiliate Program

Printique Affiliate Program

Printique is a photo printing company that gives your images and memories a space to live in forever! They make custom photo books, albums, canvases, and much more!

What intrigued me the most about this company is their variety of custom gifting options for your loved ones!

If you plan on joining them as their affiliate, you should know that they offer three to ten percent of commission on every sale your site makes. A referral window of forty-five days is also offered.

Their affiliate program is free to register. Once you get approved, you will have access to a plethora of banners, advertisements, buttons, and links for your site as per your need. 

Official Website: https://www.printique.com

Affiliate Sign-up website: https://www.printique.com/company/affiliate

Commission rates: 3 to 10% 

Cookie Duration: 45 days

6. Prints Of Love Affiliate Program

Prints of Love Affiliate Program

Their online print shop eliminates the hassle of printing your designs.

They only need a few details, and the file(s) to be uploaded before your prints may be shipped immediately for free.

One of the most exciting parts about them is that they even believe in sustainability, which is why they plant one tree with every order! How thoughtful, honestly!

Now if you get approved as their affiliate, three percent to ten percent of every purchase will go into your pockets. A cookie window of thirty days will be given too.

You will have to sign up through Impact Radius to get into their affiliate program.

Official Website: https://printsoflove.com

Affiliate Sign-up website: https://printsoflove.com/prints-of-love-referral-partner-program

Commission rates: 10% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

7. Pictorem.com Affiliate Program

Pictorem.com Affiliate Program

The Pictorem makes every photo canvas print a work of art since they are passionate about working with art and photographs.

The fact that their pigmented ink is made to resist fading and their printing method keeps the integrity of the black and color for a lifetime is terrific and caught my eye the second I visited their site.

To join them as an affiliate, you must register and get approved. After completing these steps, you will earn a fifteen percent commission on every purchase.

Everything, from customer support to shipping materials, will be taken care of. All that you have to pay attention to is your sites and audience. 

Official Website: https://www.pictorem.com

Affiliate Sign-up website: https://www.pictorem.com/affiliateprogram.html

Commission rates: 15% on every order

Cookie Duration: Unknown

8. Printify Affiliate Program

Printify Affiliate Program

An exporting and print-on-demand startup called Printify works with e-commerce companies.

Clients can easily add their designs to various blank products using its free graphic design tools, enabling them to create complete apparel lines or collections.

Via PartnerStack, the company’s printing affiliate program is controlled. It pays a 5% commission on each sale your referrals make for twelve months!! One year is just more than enough to make a lot of money!

Not only this, but it has a wide ninety-day cookie window.

Their sign-up is totally free of cost and all your transactions will be done to the PayPal account on a monthly basis. 

Official Website: https://printify.com

Affiliate Sign-up website: https://printify.com/affiliate

Commission rates: 5% per sale

Cookie Duration: 90 days

9. Vistaprint Affiliate Program

Vistaprint Affiliate Program

For entrepreneurs, proprietors of small businesses, and self-employed artists, Vistaprint provides online printing services for business cards and other marketing materials.

Its web tools make consistent, high-quality assets simpler and more economical, which lets clients build their ideal products without assistance from a graphic design company.

This company has partnered with two affiliate networks; FlexOffers, and Impact Radius.

Impact offers the best conditions, paying up to ten percent on each transaction with a thirty-day cookie window.

Affiliate marketers can create direct connections to particular product pages and access special promo code monitoring.

Besides offering flat rate reductions and free shipping, Vistaprint frequently conducts other specials. 

Official Website: https://www.vistaprint.com

Affiliate Sign-up website: Click here to join

Commission rates: 3 to 10% on every sale

Cookie Duration: 30-days

10. Printful Affiliate Program

Printful Affiliate Program

The business provides several printing and design tools, including an integrated design maker. Bespoke packaging allows customers to enhance their orders.

A platform for personalized print-on-demand called Printful also provides embroidery services.

Two to five days after submitting the application form to join Printful’s affiliate program, it will be reviewed, and you’ll be notified by email.

Also, The affiliate program at Printful offers a ten percent commission on any order placed by clients you suggest over a nine-month term. 

The Printful Affiliate Program’s commission scheme is based on a revenue split. You get a portion of what your referred clients spend on Printful goods and services.

  • B2B: For a period of 12 months, receive a 10% commission on any order placed through a store that was set up using your affiliate link.
  • B2C: Get a 10% commission for each unique order placed or an anonymous purchase made through your affiliate link.

If any other questions, you can hit them up on the email they have provided.

Official Website: https://www.printful.com

Affiliate Sign-up website: https://www.printful.com/affiliates

Commission rates: 10% on every sale

Cookie Duration: 9 months or 270 days 

11. Redbubble Affiliate Program

RedBubble Affiliate Program

In Melbourne, Australia, in 2006, Redbubble was formed.

Their goal was to provide independent artists with a powerful new method of selling their works. Thus, they became successful.

A shirt with a malicious stare. A phone case with a doughnut or a chocolate bar that looks delectable.

With minimal effort or with a star-surfing astronaut, a tote bag. Whatever you want, you may obtain your favorite artwork on incredibly well-made things. Personalized, unique, and of a high caliber? What a win-win!!

Their affiliate program through Impact offers a commission of ten percent on every sale that takes place, along with a referral window of thirty days. Decent! 

They don’t demand repeated approvals from other companies, in contrast to many affiliate programs. If you get the all-in approval, you’re in.

Official Website: https://www.redbubble.com

Affiliate Sign-up website: https://www.redbubble.com/p/398-affiliate-program

Commission rates: 10% on each order 

Cookie Duration: 30 days

12. Sellfy Affiliate Program

Sellfy Affiliate Program

A platform called Sellfy, which offers e-commerce services, can help you if you are an entrepreneur or influencer wanting to make your merchandise.

Your merchandise can be printed and sent to your customers right away!

Thousands of global creators have used Sellfy to sell and ship clothing and accessories.

The company’s PartnerStack-powered printing affiliate program provides a sizable ninety-day cookie window.

Sellfy offers a lifetime commission rate of twenty-five percent.

Additionally, they provide dynamic commission tiers to sellers who make six or more sales in a month.

Each month, they personally analyze the number of sales you made the previous month to determine your commission tier for the current month.

For instance, if you make 10 sales this month, your commission rate for the following month will be 30%.

Your commission rate will thus be 35% if you make 16 sales the following month. The rate may increase at any time but will never fall below 25%.

Official Website: https://sellfy.com

Affiliate Sign-up website: https://sellfy.com/affiliates

Commission rates: 25% per order

Cookie Duration: 90-days

Final Thoughts

Well, this is what I have for you as of now. I think it’s a fantastic niche to be in from a social media marketing perspective.

Not underestimating blogging and YouTube, by the way.

If you’re an interested individual, I would suggest picking these three:

  1. PrinterPrinting.com
  2. Prints of Love
  3. Redbubble

Yes, these ones!

Any additional questions? Attact in the comments section below!!

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