ZoomBucks Review: Is It Just A Waste Of Time? (Truth Exposed)

So you just got to know about ZoomBucks: a website where you can get paid for completing surveys, watching TV, and doing small tasks.

Well, is that really the case? Is ZoomBucks legit? How much can you make taking surveys and doing tasks? Is it worth putting in the time? What is the best alternative to ZoomBucks?

If you want to know answers to all of these questions, you’ve come to the right place.

In this ZoomBucks review, I’m going to share with you everything you need to know about ZoomBucks to decide whether it is worth your time or not.

Without any further ado, let’s get right into the review.

ZoomBucks Review: What Exactly It Is?

ZoomBucks Review: Can you make money taking surveys and doing tasks

ZoomBucks is a website where you can answer surveys, watch videos, and complete small tasks/offers online, and get paid for doing so.

ZoomBucks works with some big brands that want to collect accurate data from people to understand what people prefer and all other details to launch profitable products. ZoomBucks charge these big brands to conduct surveys and make them available to people who can invest their free time.

Every person who successfully completes the survey or any other task, gets paid a tiny part of the money ZoomBucks charges per person from a brand. That’s the simple business model of this website/company.

ZoomBucks Review: Is It A Scam?

Based on my own experience and all the research I did on the internet, ZoomBucks is definitely not a scam and a legitimate website or platform.

You might read a lot of negative reviews about ZoomBucks as well…which is true. I’ll explain everything about that further in this review.

The Signup Process & User Interface

You can join/signup for ZoomBucks from anywhere in the world and the registration process is as straightforward as it is with any of the membership websites on the internet.

Once you fill in your personal information and complete the baby steps, you are going to see a dashboard with a bunch of different tasks to complete as shown below.

ZoomBucks Review: Can you make money taking surveys and doing tasks

There will be surveys to complete, videos to watch, and other offers like registering on an affiliated website or signing up for a free trial of a product.

As ZoomBucks is mainly famous for completing surveys, we’ll talk about that here. For every survey you complete, you are going to get paid anywhere from 100-to 2000 points.

Now the real problem that comes here is that you might not be able to qualify for each and every survey you see available in your account.

There are going to be circumstances where you will invest 20-30 minutes taking a qualification survey and on the 30th minute, you will realize that you haven’t been qualified to take the paid survey.

A number of people/ZoomBucks users have reported this issue over and over again. It honestly isn’t as easy as it seems. You might only be able to take 1-2 surveys per day which will be nothing more than a few cents or a dollar at maximum.

You can also watch quite a few videos available to accumulate some extra points here and there but that isn’t going to be much.

This is how ZoomBucks works. However, if you qualify for a survey, you get what is promised in the first place.

ZoomBucks Review: How Much Can You Make?

As the story goes with most of these ‘Get Paid To Do Tasks’ websites, you aren’t going to make any significant amounts of money using ZoomBucks.

If you work all day long (10 hours a day) completing surveys and doing small simple tasks on the website, you can earn anywhere from $5-6 per day.

That’s extremely low. It’s like you are going to earn $0.50-$0.60 per hour. Even if you get a job at Mcdonald’s, you are going to earn about $10 per hour…adding up to $100 per day for 10 hours.

Therefore, you aren’t really going to make much with ZoomBucks.

ZoomBucks Review: How Do You Get Paid?

ZoomBucks Review: Can you make money taking surveys and doing tasks

Once you have 5,0000-10,000 points accumulated in your account, you can redeem your points either in cash or any gift card like Amazon gift card, XBOX, iTunes, PayPal, Google Play, etc.

You can get paid anywhere in the world because of the availability of various payment methods.

Pros Of ZoomBucks

Extremely easy to use website.
Wide variety of payment methods available.
Anyone can join.
Okay to start if you nothing at all.

Cons Of ZoomBucks

Requires a lot of time and efforts.
Be ready to earn about $0.5 per hour.
No regular work.
No growth, no new skills learned.
Not a sustainable way to earn online.
Slow payments in some countries.
Bit slow customer support.

ZoomBucks Review: My Final Verdict

Firstly, after trying the website myself and taking a lot of time to research details about ZoomBucks, my conclusion is that although you actually can get paid to do tasks, you are investing a lot of time for pennies.

Spending 5 hours a day to earn $2 or even less is honestly not worth it at all. And secondly, that’s what you can expect from these survey websites. They are not going to make you thousands of dollars.

There are other skills online that you can leverage to earn substantial amounts of money by investing very little time. But for now, I recommend you stay away from ZoomBucks and any other survey website/application in general.

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  1. Zoombucks now requires you to take pictures and verify yourself through webcam. I stayed in front of the camera for 15 minutes and it did nothing. I wanted to cash out my earnings but I couldn’t. Seems like I wasted my time. GCloot did the same to me as well but I did see payments from them. If you don’t have time to sit in front of the camera than these sites will just waste your time.


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