6 AdRoll Alternatives They Don’t Want You To Know (2023)

When it comes to running advertising campaigns for growing your online business to the next level effectively, retargeting plays an extremely vital role to get better results. This is when AdRoll comes into play. AdRoll is a powerful platform that lets you run retargeting campaigns strategically to boost your conversions up.

But you know what? AdRoll isn’t the only platform out there on the planet that helps you with retargeting. There are several other alternatives that you always want to look at before choosing one.

With that said, in this listicle, I’m going to share with you 6 AdRoll alternatives you should know about for the better.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive right into our ocean of AdRoll alternatives real quick and get into the details.

1. Criteo

AdRoll Alternatives: Criteo

The first option we have on our list of AdRoll alternatives is Criteo. Criteo is a personalized retargeting company that helps businesses, marketers, and brands run effective campaigns to boost their traffic, revenue, and brand awareness.

Other than retargeting, Criteo offers a wide variety of solutions including mobile app advertising, audience match, web traffic generation, customer acquisition, direct bidder for publishers, and connected TV.

Criteo has been around in the advertising industry for a while now. They have been on the web since 2005 and currently, the company is based in France. You can learn more about the company and its solutions by visiting the navigation link down below.

Official Website: https://www.criteo.com/

2. Perfect Audience

AdRoll Alternatives: Perfect Audience

Perfect Audience is an incredibly powerful retargeting platform and an alternative to AdRoll that offers various solutions to online businesses such as display ads, integrate Shopify for retargeting, Twitter advertising and retargeting, detailed analytics, transparent billing, conversion and revenue tracking, and HubSpot integration to make your business even more effective as well as profitable.

They currently have thousands of happy customers across the world including some big brands such as AppSumo, 99designs, Eventbrite, Teespring, etc. Interested readers can visit their official website to learn more.

Official Website: https://www.perfectaudience.com/

3. ReTargeter

ReTargeter : Alternative to AdRoll

There are a lot of overwhelming things and scenarios that marketers/brands/advertisers need to keep in mind while executing their retargeting campaigns the right way. That’s when ReTargeter comes as an effective advertising solution as well as a strong AdRoll alternative.

ReTargeter offers site retargeting solutions, CRM retargeting, Look-Alike modeling, audience targeting, contextual targeting, and search targeting. Interested advertisers and marketers can click the link to their official website below and learn more about their products.

Official Website: https://retargeter.com/

4. Finteza


Finteza is another alternative to AdRoll that provides advanced analytics solutions for advertisers and marketers to optimize their advertising/marketing campaigns for reaching the maximum potential. Analytics are super important for a business to perform retargeting the right way.

They currently have thousands of customers all across the globe and their pricing starts at $25 per 100,000 unique users a month. The good thing about the platform is that they offer a free 1-month trial that advertisers just like you and me can take advantage of and decide whether or not the platform/tool is worth it.

Official Website: https://www.finteza.com/

5. AudiencePrime


AudiencePrime helps businesses overcome their advertising complexities by providing the right advertising solutions for the better. With AudiencePrime, businesses can identify and reach their offline customers online, explore data-based possibilities, recognize and define customer traits, and much much more.

AudiencePrime might not be as popular as AdRoll but it definitely is a powerful platform that every marketer should try. You can get started by visiting their official website mentioned below.

Official Website: https://audienceprime.com/

6. Mailchimp

AdRoll Alternatives: Mailchimp

Well, who doesn’t know about Mailchimp? It’s one of the few platforms out there on the web that the majority of bloggers, marketers, and businesses stumble upon. Mailchimp provides a whole lot of marketing and analytics solutions to businesses/advertisers to run successful advertising and retargeting campaigns for reaching the right audience for more conversions.

Mailchimp has been around in the market since 2001 and they have always been trusted by their customers for the affordable and versatile solutions they provide. You can get started with Mailchimp for absolutely free and I personally think they are definitely worth giving a shot.

Visit their official website to find out more information about the company and services.

Official Website: https://mailchimp.com/

These were the best AdRoll alternatives that every business, marketer, and an individual should be knowing for better retargeting.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to jump into the comments section down below and let me know what you think.

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