13 Woodworking Affiliate Programs (Crazy Conversions!)

Woodworking is an extremely popular skill as well as a hobby that has a very big market size as well…yet many marketers/content creators aren’t yet aware of it.

As you can from the screenshot below; people have shown a consistent interest in this niche over the years.

woodworking market and interest

A few months ago, I started a marketing campaign to promote a woodworking affiliate offer and it turned out to be really well…I haven’t seen better conversion rates in just the first test campaign.

That really got me writing this post about the best woodworking affiliates program that you can join as a partner and see a whole lot of success.

So, let’s not stretch the first few lines anymore and choose the best one out there.

You ready for this? Let’s go!

Woodworking Affiliate Programs

  1. Highland Woodworking Affiliate Program
  2. Ted’sWoodworking Affiliate Program
  3. Cucamonga Woodworking Affiliate Program
  4. KC Tool Affiliate Program
  5. Northern Tool Affiliate Program
  6. Rockler Affiliate Program
  7. Woodcraft Affiliate Program
  8. Woodworkers Guild Of America Affiliate Program
  9. Woodsnap Affiliate Program
  10. Tool Barn Affiliate Program
  11. Tools Today Affiliate Program
  12. Amazon Associates Program
  13. FurnitureCraftPlans Affiliate Program

1. Highland Woodworking Affiliate Program

Highland Woodworking Affiliate Program

Excellent reputation, excellent products, and promising customer base…Highland Woodworking covers it all for you.

Here’s what customers can get from the official site:

  • Axes
  • Books & Woodworking plans
  • Carving tools
  • Chisels
  • etc.

This company has been there in the space since the year 1980, and you will see a huge physical office of the enterprise if you choose to visit Atlanta.

Well, does Highland Woodworking have an affiliate program?

Of course, it does; I mean what else are we here for?

So, the program is managed by the merchant itself and as of now, there isn’t a third-party network that you can register for to be able to become a partner.

I had a word with the senior affiliate manager of the company and it turns out that they are extremely supportive and offer a ton of banners, logos, instructive guides, and a whole lot of other helpful resources.

The commission rate is five percent on all net sales on front-end sales and for the next 60 days, a five percent commission on repeat customers is available too.

The referral window is again sixty days. It’s easy to join as a partner but the look and feel of the overall site isn’t that impressive (at least I don’t like it).

Official Website: https://www.highlandwoodworking.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Highland Woodworking Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 5% commission on net sales

Cookie Duration: 60 days

2. Ted’s Woodworking Affiliate Program

Ted’sWoodworking Affiliate Program

Ted’s Woodworking is one of the most popular woodworking products in the online world.

This product offers premium training to its targeted audience and offers over sixteen thousand plans for free.

Basically, it’s a huge community of woodworkers of all levels. You can definitely earn some good sums if you partner with this vendor.

Well, you know what…Ted’s Woodworking is actually a product that has earned (and has been earning) the vast majority of its customers via affiliate marketing.

Thousands of affiliates all around the world are promoting this offer and a lot of them are making sales as well.

If you send warm traffic to this offer, no vendor claims that you could see conversion rates of 11% or more! This is crazy, isn’t it?

talking about commissions, you can earn up to $125 per sale and there are recurring commissions available as well.

Since this is an established vendor, you will get every kind of resource you require as a partner…but let me put this straight – there’s going to be a lot of competition too!

I mean this is obvious when you promote an over-rated product – competition is inevitable!

Other important information I want to lay out for this offer, in the end, is – the EPCs are over $2 and the cookie duration is sixty days.

You can learn more by visiting the non-promotional links down below – that’d help.

Official Website: https://www.tedswoodworking.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Ted’s Woodworking Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Up to $125 per sale

Cookie Duration: 60 days

3. Cucamonga Woodworking Affiliate Program

Cucamonga Woodworking Affiliate Program

Cucamonga is a great company with great products.

All that they specialize in selling are:

  • Silicon mats for woodworking
  • Silicon mats
  • And Silicon mats!

Well, yes, that is what you can promote or customers can purchase from this business.

Once again, an in-house affiliate program for you to join – and a completely free one to get started.

An eight percent commission on qualified sales isn’t that bad, considering the products sell at a good rate and have a high LTV.

Affiliates are going to be paid via PayPal and you will need to earn at least twenty-five dollars before the vendor can pay you.

Thirty-day cookie tracking window, a great tracking tool for affiliates, and customized support – yes, these are offered!

Official Website: https://cucamongawoodworking.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Cucamonga Woodworking Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 8% on all qualified sales

Cookie Duration: 30 days

4. KC Tool Affiliate Program

KC Tool Affiliate Program

KC Tool claims itself America’s No. 1 German distributor for tools, from top brands like:

  • Felo
  • Heyco
  • NWS
  • Wera
  • Witte
  • etc.

I really can’t list all the products they sell but you can get an idea about what the company does by looking at the screenshot below:

After a very long time, I have come across a company that runs its program via Refersion. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know how much I love Refersion (funny it is).

If you’re an affiliate who loves great interface, Refersion is the platform you should go after. The team is very professional, the UX feels very amazing, and the technology is way better than the so-called industry leaders.

The base commission you can expect from this company is ten percent on all verified sales.

The cookie duration is thirty days and if you are interested in joining, you will have to await their approval before you could make any moves.

And yeah, a dedicated program management team will be there for you.

Official Website: https://www.kctool.com

Signup Page: KC Tool Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Up to 10% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

5. Northern Tool Affiliate Program

Northern Tool Affiliate Program

Northern Tool has been in business for decades.

Started small and as of now, tens of thousands of products could be bought from their portal – which is really huge!

Before we go further, let’s see the types of articles available in the Northern Tool’s catalog:

  • Power tools
  • Drilling tools
  • Wood glues
  • Wood shredders
  • etc.

So, you can join this company’s partnership campaigns via CJ Affiliate for free and start earning a three percent commission on the sale you make.

Yes, I know what you are thinking!

You must be thinking that the Northern Tool team has a bunch of measures when it comes to offering commission rates…but, let me tell you that the conversion rates (which is what makes up for a low pay rate), are actually really good.

Also, the average order value you will get to see is $234. Now, a three commission on this still might not be very exciting for partners who want to advertise, but, it is good if you already have a traffic source and want to earn some extra money promoting relevant products.

As a partner of this company, you will be able to promote a wide range of products that customers in this industry would love. To be exact, there are over 40,000 items that you can market.

Tools, support, creatives, demographic data, and other necessary details/resources are provided, along with a referral window of thirty days.

Official Website: https://www.northerntool.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Northern Tool Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 3% commission

Cookie Duration: 30 days

6. Rockler Affiliate Program

Rockler Affiliate Program

Whether you’re looking for power tools, finishing products, hand tools, DIY tools, or woodworking items in general, Rockler is the perfect place.

What I like about this company is that they ship worldwide and affiliates from any country, can promote their products as long as they have valid websites.

You might find the program quite difficult to join…which it actually is, to be honest! You’ll have to email their support team to get started.

Rockler will pay $0.75 for free catalog requests made by people you refer and on top of that, there’s a five percent commission rate that could be enjoyed.

Data feed, creatives, and affiliate support are provided, along with a cookie window of fourteen days.

Official Website: https://rockler.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Rockler Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 5% payout on net sales

Cookie Duration: 14 days

7. Woodcraft Affiliate Program

Woodcraft Affiliate Program

Woodcraft is an online/offline supplier of woodworking tools/articles and has thousands of items available on its portal.

This supplier has so many physical locations, is fairly popular both in online and offline worlds, and has gotten loads of promising reviews.

Customers can buy all kinds of products from the online portal. Some of the top brands’ products they sell are:

  • Festool
  • WoodRiver
  • Freud
  • etc.

I have actually come across hundreds of affiliate programs that are managed by CJ Affiliate and one thing is pretty common among them – the commission percentages aren’t exciting…always!

I mean who would like to see a mere three percent rate? That isn’t practical at all!

But considering the reputation of the company and the fact that some affiliates are just looking to earn some extra money because they have to create content about a particular company, I think Woodcraft is still a good fit.

So, yeah, you can join this program via CJ.com, get your links, and see how this particular vendor performs.

As I always keep this at last – a thirty-day referral period is offered.

Official Website: https://www.woodcraft.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Woodcraft Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 3% commission

Cookie Duration: 30 days

8. Woodworkers Guild Of America Affiliate Program

Woodworkers Guild Of America Affiliate Program

If someone wants to learn woodworking from the pros, WWGA is one of the top sources for people to do the same.

There are a ton of classes, videos, guides, blog posts, and coaching program options that people can join to get started.

The experts from the team will teach you everything about the tools and the skill itself. Basically, it’s a value-packed platform for anyone who wants to take his/her expertise to the next level.

I haven’t talked to everyone on the team but I had a little bit of a chat with Paul and just after having a small five-minute conversation, I could say that these guys know what they’re talking about.

Now, that’s something interesting I’ve seen in a while.

An opportunity to earn up to twenty-five percent commission is something that would drive a lot of affiliates for sure.

As a matter of fact, I’ve applied for this one and am excited to promote it because not only there is less competition…but also a high AOV.

You can say hello to this vendor on ShareASale and someone from their team will help you out with anything and everything you need.

Signing up and applying shouldn’t be a problem at all. You can directly get in touch with the affiliate management team for any sort of help/resources, and the referral window is sixty days.

Official Website: https://www.wwgoa.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Woodworkers Guild Of America Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 15-25% commission

Cookie Duration: 60 days

9. Woodsnap Affiliate Program

Woodsnap Affiliate Program

Woodsnap is where you’ll see the real skills and results people in this vertical hold/are capable of bringing.

From wooden wine boxes, prints, frames, boxes, gifts, and exciting products to panels, there are a whole lot of exciting things available.

The company isn’t that old…but has built a great reputation for the better. As of now, they’re based in California.

Woodsnap also runs its program on ShareASale.com, which is actually my favorite network of all time!

And yeah, up to fifty-one percent commission is offered by the vendor with a spectacular Average Order Value of $90 (that’s created considering the pay rates).

By the way, let me tell you something great about this scheme – once you’re enrolled in the program and share your links, you will also get paid if a person clicks the link and buys from one of their sister companies!

That’s crazy, right? There’s going to be a monthly newsletter for you to learn, their tracking systems work like charm, and the referral window is thirty days.

I’ve linked the ShareASale page down below. If you want to learn more, you can check that out.

Official Website: https://www.woodsnap.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Woodsnap Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: Up to 51% commission

Cookie Duration: 30 days

10. Tool Barn Affiliate Program

Tool Barn Affiliate Program

Tool Barn = all things woodworking and construction.

Tool Barn started out in the year 1998 and has turned into a giant in just. matter of a few years.

So, just so you can get an understanding of things, here’s what customers can purchase:

  • Power tools
  • Hand tools
  • Eye protection products
  • Nailers
  • etc.

With an Average Order Value of $75 and a commission rate of three percent, Tool Barn definitely deserves to be in the final items in this listicle.

I know, you’re expecting something positive but I don’t really have anything as of now.

You can join this affiliate program on Impact Radius – which is another brilliant network for publishers as well as brands.

The cookie tracking period is forty-five days and the vendor does claim a ‘great’ conversion rate but I’m not really sure what the real figure is…so I can’t put a vote about that.

Official Website: https://www.toolbarn.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Tool Barn Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 3% commission

Cookie Duration: 45 days

11. Tools Today Affiliate Program

Tools Today Affiliate Program

In the vast majority of cases, Tools Today ships products on the SAME day!

Yes, that’s correct! And it’s not just the shipping duration the company is proud of…here are some great details you should know about them:

  • Tools Today guarantees 100% satisfaction
  • Offers a money-back guarantee
  • Has served tens of thousands of customers
  • Sells only top-quality stuff

Isn’t that all you would want in ‘good’ company?

A five percent plus rate on an AOV of $100+ is something I wouldn’t complain about – what do you think?

The affiliate network is once again – ShareASale and the brand itself is a leader in the industry.

You will get to promote thousands of products as a partner and your application will be approved within a week (sometimes it can take longer).

Email support, banners, unique IDs, creatives, etc., are offered too. Links down below.

Official Website: https://www.toolstoday.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Tools Today Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: 5%+ on validated sales

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

12. Amazon Associates Program

Amazon Associates Program

When it comes to woodworking, even Amazon is breaking records!

Of course, Amazon’s affiliate program is actually a country of its own, and Amazon as a company is a planet in itself (so, I don’t need to talk about it a lot).

You can just join the program, grab your links, start recommending, and start earning. The duration for the cookie is twenty-four hours standard.

Official Website: https://amazon.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Amazon Associates Program

Commission Rates: 8% commission

Cookie Duration: 24 hours

13. FurnitureCraftPlans Affiliate Program

FurnitureCraftPlans Affiliate Program

Last but not least – we’ve got FurnitureCraftPlans.

This product presents over 9000 wood furniture plans at a very affordable price – individuals can purchase the product on CB.

Thousands of positive reviews have been submitted about the products and hundreds of affiliates promote it. I think you can give it a try too!

FurnitureCraftPlans is also a great affiliate program in this space that pays seventy-eight dollars and ninety cents for a single sale!

The offer is live on ClickBank and you can start promoting without having to wait for approval and stuff, which is good.

The cookie tracking period is sixty days (which is CB’s standard), and all kinds of resources/helpful materials are provided. Email support is available but takes very long to get back (which I think is a downside).

Official Website: https://www.furniturecraftplans.com

Affiliate Signup Page: FurnitureCraftPlans Affiliate Program

Commission Rates: $78.90 per sale

Cookie Duration: 60 days

In Conclusion

As you can see, this niche isn’t really talked about a lot among affiliate marketers but is definitely worth it.

I’d recommend you pick a less competitive product with decent commission rates (like WWGA) and start promoting strategically by driving organic traffic.

I’m going to have to ask for your permission now, but all of your questions or suggestions are welcome in the comments section .

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