What Does CF Mean On Instagram? (All Explained)

Everyone around here uses Instagram, right? 

I know there are a few who use Facebook and find it difficult to use IG! 

But the recent updates have made it quite easier for people to understand IG better! 

Instagram might be considered a social media platform unlike any other.

The platform’s large user base is almost completely focused on the exchange of pictures and videos, watching reels, direct messaging, posting stories and so much more! 

Now what we are going to focus on is the CF feature on Instagram! Want to know more about it? 

Keep reading! 

What Does CF Mean On Instagram? 

The CF, for those who don’t know, means “close friends” features! 

Now many believe that the close friend feature has made their life much easier! They can put on stories only for their friends who they think they are close to! 

Are you scared of judgment in the stories that you put on Instagram?? No worries! CF has your back. 

It is just like any other stories that you put up on Instagram! But it is only restricted to the people you choose to show that story to! 

Now that story could be anything that you find personal and want to reach the people only you choose! 

But you should know, you can add anyone that you follow on IG! 

And there is no limit on adding friends to the list! You can add as many as you want to! 

Additionally, you can remove and add anyone anytime anywhere and there is no need to undergo any kind of strategies and techniques! 

How to Add and Remove CF in IG? 

Now I just mentioned how adding and removing close friends in IG is not rocket science! 

I’ll tell you how it actually works! 

Open your Instagram

Open your Instagram

Click on your display picture in the bottom right corner! 

Click on your display picture in the bottom right corner!

Click on the hamburger icon! 

Click on the hamburger icon!

Select the “Close Friends” option 

Select the “Close Friends” option

The accounts you want to add to your list of Close Friends can be found by scrolling through your followers and clicking “Add.” If necessary in the future, you can also delete accounts here.

Time to share an Instagram Story now. There will be an option in the bottom left corner that you may pick if you only want your “Close Friends” to be able to see it. 

When this option is chosen, anyone on your “Close Friends” list will see a green badge when they browse your stories. 

In the Instagram Stories section, a luminous green ring will also be seen around your profile picture.

3 Benefits of CF on Instagram

Now if we take a look at the benefits of having a close friend list! 

  1. The major advantage I can think of is that you can personalize your stories while uploading them only for the close friends you chose! 
  1. I know I did not mention this, but you add your stories to your highlights, right? The same goes with the CF stories, even the highlights won’t be visible to everyone but only the people you give access to! 
  1. The last benefit that I can think of after loads of brainstorming is that your close friend list will be visible only to you, in short, no one else can view your list but only you! You’re the boss of CF for your account! 

How Do You Know If You Are On Someone’s CF List? 

Now figuring out if you are on someone’s CF is very easy! 

If someone adds you to their CF, a green ring around their display picture will be visible to you! Just like any other story, you see a pink ring, but when it’s a CF story, a bright green ring takes over! 

And not gonna lie, that feeling of encountering that green ring is so sweet! It makes you feel so wanted and important in one’s life! 

And many people worldwide create good bonds because of it! 

In Conclusion

Everyone is aware of how tedious it can be to pick followers out of a hat in order to hide stories from individuals.

You can now select the most exclusive users to watch a private narrative using a feature.

The Instagram Stories you share with your “Close Friends” will automatically expire after 24 hours, just like all other Instagram Stories.

Hopefully, Instagram will make this modification soon so they may continue to exist.

You can choose your closest friends to use Private Instagram Stories now that you know the solution to the question “What does CF mean on Instagram.”

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