101 Questions to Ask for Instagram Story (Cool Ones!)

Instagram has become one of the most used apps in the world right now, with more than 2.30 billion and increasing every day.

Today it is not just an app where you upload photos and videos, Instagram now works as a business tool as well where you can get direct customers. Brands also use this app to keep in touch with their target market.

Influencers and bloggers are also earning great money through Instagram, which is why engagement on a daily basis has become crucial.

From all the above lines, you must have understood why Instagram is not merely a social media app but way more than that!

Out of all the social media platforms, Instagram stands out because this platform is a preferred option today as it has an eye-catching design and engaging features, such as Instagram Stories, reels, and IGTV. 

I will help you out with Instagram Stories today; if you struggle to find the right question to put up in your story to get more audience engagement, then you should check these questions out.

I have really brainstormed a lot and came up with these questions that will make you stand out among all the influencers. 

These questions are so interesting that your followers can’t stop themselves from replying, and who knows, your crush might text you as well, thinking that you are funny and creative!

Stick with me till last and use these questions to impress the story putter.

How Do You Even Ask Questions On Instagram Stories?

First thing first, how do you even ask questions on Instagram stories?

Open your Instagram through the application on your phone and go to the stories section.

Select any photo or video and put it in the story to upload (but don’t just upload now!)

Now, swipe from below (swipe up!), and you will see the ‘Questions’ sticker tap on it.

Another way is to select ‘Poll.’ With this, you can ask questions with just a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.

Write whatever question you like to ask by taping on the sticker; you can even change the color as per your aesthetics.

Move your sticker anywhere you like and position it (people generally put it in the middle so that it is clearly visible!)

Lastly, upload the story by hitting ‘done’ on the upper right side and then tapping on the arrow below.

You are set to go! You will now get answers to the question you asked, which you can see below your story after you post.

Note- if you don’t want to put up any pictures, then you can just use ‘Instagram Create’ here.

You will get default colorful backgrounds. Stickers can be used above those!

How Your Instagram Questions Should Be?

It’s crucial to form your Instagram questions in a way that grabs your audience’s attention and motivates them to participate (it will increase your engagement!). 

Here are some tips for appealing Instagram questions:

  • Keep in mind that Instagram Stories only have a small room, so you should ask concise and direct questions. 
  • Because Instagram is more of a visual application, try including eye-catching images with your question stickers. Photos of you or something beautiful, a small video, or any kind of graphics and Gifs also work. Just put anything that is appealing.
  • Another thing is to show interest through your questions. Don’t ask questions just for the sake of asking. Be enthusiastic! 
  • Try to make your queries more targeted and precise rather than general or vague. Like if you just ask questions that are not related to your audience, who would answer, right?
  • Open-ended inquiries are the best, in my opinion. Because this gives the audience a chance to answer what exactly you want to know.  These questions always start with “What,” “When,” “How,” and “Why.”
  • The key to keeping your followers interested in your stories is by giving them variety. Don’t keep asking the same question over and over. 
  • Request personal stories or memories from the audience about the subject. This brings a change, and humans always like to share their good and bad memories.
  • This is my view as an Instagram user that you should add memes and funny one-liners to keep your audience engaged in your Instagram stories.

Who Can Ask Instagram Questions On Stories?

So, both the story putter and the viewer can ask questions. Instagram has these stickers where you can just put the sticker ‘Ask me anything,’ and your follower will ask you.

This also helps in engagement, and if you are a celebrity or football player, or a K-pop star, people are really interested to know what goes on in your life or what you always do in your spare time.

These questions, which I am going to write now, work for both parties to gain more attention!

101 Questions To Ask For An Instagram Story

Let’s start with questions by diving them on a certain basis, such as funny or imaginative questions-

Personal Questions:

  1. What’s your favorite travel destination and why?
  2. Your first piercing story?
  3. If you could have a conversation with your younger self, what advice would you give?
  4. If you could have any career in the world, what would it be and why?
  5. Describe yourself in three words.
  6. Do you miss your last relationship?
  7. What is your idea of a perfect date?
  8. What is your weirdest habit?
  9. On a scale of 1-10, what would you rate me, answer honestly!
  10.  When was the last time you cried, and why?
  11. What would you do if you could do whatever you like, but there’s no money involved?
  12. What stupid thing you did do because you were given a dare?
  13. Your first job?
  14. Do you still live with your parents?
  15. Last web series you watched?
  16. Tell us one amazing and disgusting fact you know.
  17. What red flags you can’t ignore in your partner?
  18. What is your fondest memory of your grandparents?
  19. What is the best gift you have ever received?
  20. What about your life you never want to change?

Funny Questions:

  1. Describe a moment that made you laugh uncontrollably.
  2. Share your recent funniest picture.
  3. Have you ever slipped in your washroom and pretended nothing happen when you came out?
  4. What make you laugh the most?
  5. Tell us the funniest joke you know.
  6. Who would you haunt if you were a ghost?
  7. Is your best friend funny?
  8. What’s the funniest thing you have done in front of your parents?
  9. One of your funniest drunk stories?
  10. Favorite standup comedian?
  11. One thing you would never share because it’s so embarrassing?
  12. What is your favorite cartoon character?
  13. What craziest thing you have done?
  14. One thing you would like to do in class?
  15. What is a funny rumor you have heard about yourself?
  16. Have you ever called your teacher mom?

Childhood Questions:

  1. If you could have any superpower during your childhood, what would it be and why?
  2. Share a picture of your favorite childhood memory.
  3. Who was your first childhood crush?
  4. What weirdest nickname you have been given as a child?
  5. What was your favorite childhood snack?
  6. Is your childhood best friend still your BFF?
  7. Who do you consider your childhood superhero?
  8. What special power did you want to have as a child?
  9. Who is your biggest childhood inspiration?
  10. Would you like to go back to being a child? 
  11. Who was your childhood celebrity crush?

‘Either This Or That’ Questions:

  1. 3 am or 3 pm
  2. Are you a lefty or righty?
  3. Brown or pink?
  4. Snake or lizard?
  5. Looks or intelligence?
  6. Noodles or pasta?
  7. Money or fame?
  8. City life or cottage life?
  9. Skirts or trousers
  10. Messi or Ronaldo?
  11. Hamburger or tacos?
  12. Is Earth flat or round?
  13. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
  14. Wine or vodka?
  15. Sneakers or sliders?
  16. Flowers or cookies?
  17. Eiffel Tower or London Tower Bridge?
  18. Chicken or beef?
  19. Facebook or Instagram?
  20. Hiking or swimming?

Your Niche-Related questions:

  1. What is your favorite designer?
  2. What’s your go-to comfort food?
  3. Share a picture of your favorite piece of jewelry.
  4. Favorite makeup influencer?
  5. Who is your fitness guru?
  6. What are your top three actors?
  7. Tag your two favorite YouTubers here.
  8. Your go-to makeup brand
  9. If you had to give up your one skincare product, what that would be?
  10. Can you give up gymming for your partner?
  11. If you can close down one fast food joint, which one is it?
  12. What is your favorite pic editing tool?
  13. Would you be down to join roller skating classes?
  14. Who is your favorite football player?
  15. Would you choose Android or ios?
  16. What cuisine is your favorite?
  17. What genre of music you listen to?
  18. What is the best dancer in the world according to you?
  19. Do you believe in horoscopes?
  20. What nail color is your favorite?

Never Have I Ever Questions:

  1. Never have I ever been caught peeing in public.
  2. Never have I ever cheated on exams
  3. Never have I ever painted
  4. Never have I ever shoplifted
  5. Never have I ever lied to my parents to sneak out
  6. Never have I ever made out in the car
  7. Never have I ever crushed so hard on celebrities that I snuck backstage to meet them 
  8. Never have I ever broken a heart
  9. Never have I ever bungee jumped
  10. Never have I ever cut my own hair
  11. Never have I ever met my idol
  12. Never have I ever been on a blind date
  13. Never have I ever faked illness so I won’t have to go to school
  14. Never have I ever bought something just to show off among friends

In Conclusion

In a nutshell, all I can say is using Instagram stories to interact with your followers is a great approach in order to establish long-term relationships and create a feeling of community. 

Instagram is now a place where people share their daily lives, you can form meaningful bonds, learn more about your followers’ interests and life experiences and engage with them as a friend instead of an influencer. 

To keep the engagement high, always be sincere, pay attention to your followers’ replies/questions being asked, and give relatable responses.

These questions are simple yet unique; I know only 101 questions won’t be enough, which is why I have segregated them into some categories, which will help you to understand what kind of questions will help you to bring engagement.

Don’t forget to be creative and play with the questions; you will get ideas for new questions from what I have already listed.

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