7 Best Cryptocurrency MLM Companies (To Make $$$!)

Cryptocurrency is a massively popular digital asset that has made countless people a ton of money. While some currencies like Bitcoin have grown incredibly valuable, others have failed quite miserably.

Network marketing is a controversial but powerful business model that has had its own mixed bag of successes and failures. 

Regardless of the viability of this marketing philosophy for every industry, Multi-level marketing provides a resourceful alternative to new businesses by utilizing the power of direct selling, cutting out the middlemen, and incentivizing performance. 

I figured that since both of these things have so much in common, why not try to see if other people have already tried to make this technology work with this mode of marketing?

It is a bit complicated since Crypto serves mostly as an investment vehicle at the moment, but I figured that the audience interested in both these things would be very similar. Turns out I was right! Here is what I found.

Best Crypto MLM Companies

  1. Nominex
  2. BitClub Network
  3. Rocket Pool
  4. Safemoon
  5. Ultron
  6. Royal Q
  7. Latium

1. Nominex

Our first company is a platform to trade and buy crypto with utilitarian farming and zero fees. This means that anyone can trade on the Nominex exchange without having to pay commissions.

The company was born out of the vision of taking the boring out of trading and paving the way for a new culture of entertrading! They have their own crypto as well and offer customers a ton of ways to make money.

Nominex is meant to be a trading platform for people who want to start trading and build their own businesses in a thrilling and educational way.

Their website is clearly run by real people who’ve put their names and faces on it.

Not only can users earn by farming NMX tokens using USDT tethers that utilize blockchain technology to create more NMX. That’s why they call it farming. 

Beyond that, you can also utilize MLM features by referring other people and bringing them on to the game. After this, you can earn commissions based on their activity as well.

Pretty cool if you ask me.

Official Website: https://nominex.io/

2. BitClub Network

Since BitClub started in 2014, they’ve mined over 70,000 coins. This puts them in the top 10 crypto mining companies in the world. The platform can be used to min and trade crypto safely and instantly.

Not a lot of platforms out there that can guarantee the security of your trades with instant transactions, as far as I know. 

BitClub is based in Iceland and offers you a set percentage of daily profits depending on your initial investment. I am unable to find any real people associated with this one, though.

At first, I thought it was nice that they had flexible payment plans with realistic returns from 5 to 12 percent, but then I realized they promise those returns every single day. 

A twelve percent daily return on an investment ranging from $10,000 to $100,000? I’d take this one with a grain of salt.

Official Website: https://www.bitclubnetwork.co.uk/

3. Rocket Pool

This time, the company is specifically focused on Ethereum as a way to earn money. Vitalik Buterin made Ethereum in 2013.

It provides a better opportunity than Bitcoin since it is more affordable, yet still one of the originals.

Rocket Pool is a decentralized node operator network and protocol that anyone can use to stake Ethereum and run nodes. Running nodes lets you earn fees for routing transactions on the Rocket Pool network.

This is a standard protocol for all cryptocurrencies, and this website lets you do it for yourself and keep the resulting rETH for yourself, which you can trade in for cash, or any other cryptocurrency.

rETH is the company’s innovative liquid staking solution that piles up while using an increasing exchange rate.

The company’s smart nodes, infrastructure, and custom software allow anyone to stake their own ETH and generate higher returns.

Official Website: https://rocketpool.net/

4. Antier Solutions

Antier offers white-label cryptocurrency software development solutions to its clients. The company believes in the potential of network marketing as a way to incentivize individuals to grow the network and earn a passive income while doing it.

With offices all across the world in the US, UK, Canada, India, and UAE, these guys have a truly global presence. 

The founders also believe that the MLM model is compatible with Crypto as they are both peer-to-peer decentralized systems.

They believe that the advantages of crypto can make up for some of the hazards of network marketing.

By automating the business protocol, increasing transparency using public crypto trade records, and sticking with popular currencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and TRON, they can provide trustworthy solutions for businesspeople worldwide.

Make sure you understand the technology very well before starting such a project and run tests using control groups before investing heavily into it. Just because everyone believes in something doesn’t make it true.

Official Website: https://www.antiersolutions.com/

5. Ultron

This one is purported to be a revolutionary new crypto platform with blockchain technology that allows lightning-fast transfers of digital assets and a company that’s shaping the future of DeFi.

DeFi is short for decentralized finance, by the way.

Ultron is a company that solves economic and technical problems by bridging the gap between decentralized and centralized finance.

Centralized finance are traditional banks and places where we store our centralized currencies.

The platform allows you to stake, farm, and even manage your own NFTs in one place using UTX coins as a digital asset. Collectively, it makes a safe and global network for passive gain generation in an accessible way.

Staking through your own validator nodes will allow you to create your own networks, and with enough amount of users, the value of UTX coins will gradually increase. 

Getting in on the ground level right now allows you to potentially make a fortune if the currency blows up one day.

Official Website: https://ultron.foundation/

6. Pegasus

I really love the branding on this one, although the website doesn’t have any info on the creators or anything of the sort to establish any authority or legitimacy of the company. 

So get this, according to their own blog on Medium, “Pegasus is a retail-focused interest rate perpetual (like an investment vehicle) whose novel design uses an oracle to turn an interest rate into a price (3% = 0.03 ETH, 4% = 0.04 ETH, etc.), allowing users to long and short a rate directly.”

If you understand how this stuff works, you will get what that means because I’m not sure if it means anything at all. Then again, I don’t know the first thing about tokenomics.

Pegasus clearly knows a lot about it since they have their own model called Peganomics, “…that lets users stake NFTs (PegaPals) and level them up to earn a greater share of protocol revenue. 

The goal of Peganomics is to improve protocol stickiness by rewarding users based on their level of conviction.” or so they say. 

Clearly, this company has something to say, and I implore you to check out their website to wrap your head around it yourself.

Official Website: https://www.pegasusfinance.xyz/home

7. Tradevest

Our final company is from England, was established in 2013, and once again, doesn’t have anyone’s face or name on its website.

The website claims to be building the future of investment through sustainable energy investments.

Tradevest is essentially set up as an investment fund where one can choose one out of three plans based on the amount of investment you would like to make.

You give them your money, and they will make it grow for you.

Additionally, the website also has an affiliate program that allows you to earn five percent commissions from any business you bring to it.

The people who made it claim that they will invest the money in solar and wind projects.

Out of all the companies we have seen, this one is by far the most shady.

Official Website: https://tradevest.pro/

Why Are So Many Companies Called Out As Scams?

This is a very difficult business model to execute successfully.

At this stage in the market, new crypto tokens seem a bit unlikely to break through to general acceptance or popularity, especially due to the negative public perception.

I would suggest you focus on companies that are dealing with established tokens like Bitcoins or Ethereum (that have value) and explore this industry out of pure curiosity and joy rather than desperation, vulnerability, or need.

How To Break Into The Crypto MLM Business

With all that said, after seeing first-hand just how many people are genuinely trying to make this model work, I think it’s safe to say that crypto is far away from becoming totally irrelevant.

The important thing when dealing with something like this is to leave your gut at home and take a hard, long look at the facts of the matter. 

Intuitions and feelings are wrong 99% of the time when expertise and repeatable environments are absent. And in an emerging and evolving field like this one, there are hardly any experts or repeatable environments. 

So here are my tips for you if you are looking to get into this:

  • Look for verifiable and authentic companies that have real people associated with them who aren’t afraid to put their names on it.
  • Always keep an eye out for data rather than buzzwords, beliefs, and opinions. It’s numbers that determine a business’s success, not the amount of hype it creates in people.
  • Find a good course, book, and or teacher that is reputable and really understands the technology properly before getting into anything. You should also study MLMs and make a call yourself before joining one.

In Conclusion

There you have it. A whole bunch of companies are trying to make these two models work together to create a profitable business opportunity that makes money through investment in digital assets.

The function of crypto itself is tied deeply to decentralized finance, and as such, any currency’s value is based on how many people are willing to stick with it and use it. 

In this way, most of these DeFi companies are inherently similar to MLMs since they require a certain level of recruitment to get off the ground.

If you make an earnest effort to follow my suggestions, you will have a better capability to judge the actual potential of a company in this hyper-competitive and risky market that’s full of potential predators.

Anirudh Gitai.- SB Digital Writer/Affiliate Marketing Coordinator

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