15 Profitable Blog Niches With Low Competition (To Earn $$$)

Have you ever desired to create a blog, but you aren’t sure where to begin or what blog niche would be best to pursue?

It’s very simple to create great material and make a handsome amount of money online if your choice of niche is the right choice for your blog.

We all know what a blog is. It is a website that is updated frequently with fresh content, usually articles. These fresh contents are commonly called posts.

Blogging, in recent years, has become a very common way to generate money via the Internet. But just because so many people are doing it doesn’t mean it’s a simple process, to begin with. To be an expert in blogging, you must have a broad knowledge of the most profitable low competition blog niches.

You are fortunate enough as you have a huge collection of blog niches to choose from. You could start by delivering the best quality available articles and selling your articles once you’ve found the right niche that is perfectly suitable for you.

What is one of the best ways to establish the right niche blog?

The following are some steps you should take:

  • Choose a template that is relevant to your blog’s niche and suits your style and tone.
  • Register a domain name that is easy for people to remember. 
  • Learn the correct way of writing blog posts that will definitely grow your search engine rankings.
  • To attract a larger base audience, research how to market your blog.

So, why wait further? But, first, let’s go through 15 low-competition big-gain blogging niches (as well as micro-niches):

1. Green Energy

The world has become very concerned lately about clean energy sources. These clean energy sources are less harmful to the environment.

So if you’re planning on establishing a blog, renewable energy is the greatest topic to write about.

You can also choose subcategories that specialize in renewable energy. Those can be wind energy, solar panels, and so on. This gives you room for a lot of audiences to choose from.

Many topics are gradually becoming popular related to renewable energy. They will be more popular in the future. You are free to pursue this issue. You can also build your go green blog in the following micro-niches:

  • Consumption of solar energy

Discuss why people should consider going solar, the cost they can save switching to solar, how solar energy works, and so on.

  • Home renewable energy systems planning

Help customers choose the best renewable electric system by planning for home renewable energy systems. You can broadly discuss renewable energy system criteria and codes in your area.

  • Commuting in the city

Cycling, walking, and public transportation are examples of urban commuting and making the environment greener.

2. Fashion Content

Fashion is an evergreen niche. You will always find something related to fashion to write about. Because the audience of this group is generally very aware of trends.

Believe me when I say that blogging on fashion has been the most profitable niche on the internet for a very long time.

In Fashion blogs, you can start with any micro-niche, such as makeup tutorials, wedding outfits, seasonal fashion styles, beauty tips, beauty treatment, lifestyle, and whatnot. Some subcategories can be:

  • The current trend in fashion

You can write about current fashion trends, how to dress well, how to repurpose your old clothes, and so on.

  • Makeup

Consider makeup things like waterproof cosmetics, makeup for various skin types, and the best makeup products, among other things.

  • Seasonally appropriate clothing

Concentrate on spring, summer, winter, or autumn fashions.

  • A given age group’s fashion

This could be fashion for college-going students, teenagers, adults, and also senior citizens.

  • Accessories for men

You may write a blog about the best men’s watches. Belts, wallets, rings, and bracelets, are some of the other alternatives.

  • Accessorize wisely

Consider rings, spectacles, smartwatches, and other accessories.

3. Make Money On The Internet

Everyone wants to make money. Therefore it’s only natural that a money-making blog will be profitable. Take a moment to consider why you are reading this.

You’re attempting to monetize your blog.

And fortunately, there is no limit to the amount of content that can be created. In fact, there are a plethora of topics on which you can make money that is all distinct enough to have their own blogs.

A blog about how to earn money blogging, for example, is not the same as one about how to make money in the stock market. The good news is that individuals will always be on the lookout for schemes of getting rich quickly, which you may take advantage of.

Following Covid-19, people are losing work in big numbers, but owing to the internet, they may earn money online through a variety of options.

This is my favorite specialty, in which you publish articles or blogs on different ways to make money online.

You can choose from a variety of micro-niches in this niche—blogging, cryptocurrencies, freelancing, and blockchain technology, to name a few.

4. Review Content

People on the internet can make thousands of dollars each month by just reviewing things on their blogs, especially if a large number of people use the internet to study products before purchasing them.

So, if you start blogging with a product review niche and provide accurate feedback on products, this specialty will assist you in becoming a millionaire.

Reviews of any application, unboxing products, or reviewing any new product in the market are examples of this area.

Product review websites are fantastic because they fulfill a basic need. They allow customers to determine whether or not a product is worthwhile before purchasing it.

Every day, consumers hear about or see a product and conduct research to determine whether it is worthwhile.

They sometimes find what they’re looking for, and sometimes they don’t. Therefore, opportunities can be found in the second category.

To be fair, numerous retailers have their own user evaluations. This may lead you to question whether there is a market for product review blogs. There are, in my opinion, two major reasons:

  • For starters, reviews on merchant websites aren’t always easy to find, extensive, or even reliable.
  • Many businesses do not have any product reviews on their websites.

Here’s an example post that you can have a look at – 12 Minute Review

5. Academics and Education

blog niche - the academics and education

Investing in education is a profitable business. There is always a niche that is perfect for you, whether it is reviewing education technology and gadgets or delivering specific tutorials on a specialized area.

If you choose tutorials, you should only blog about your area of expertise. However, if you are currently pursuing a master’s degree in the field or are a university professor, this is the ideal option.

Some specializations in the education business, such as Curriculum, Edtech, necessitate that you stay up to date on all industry changes in order to keep your content up to date.

Affiliate marketing can be lucrative in particular categories, such as lesson plans, edtech (educational technology), tools and reviews, and laboratory equipment.

Donations, sponsorships, and grants are all options for operating a teaching or research blog. In a single phrase, you are limitless.

6. Life after college

Life after college is a wonderful topic for you to write about. You can write about how life after college is the start of a brand new era for a student.

Many opportunities accessible after college life were not available during college life. After college, life has great implications on an individual’s life; a student turns into an adult, so as a result, they have duties.

People have to figure out important decisions on their own, from financing one’s own expenses to finding a suitable place to live.

You can try to answer all of the questions related to friends and relatives’ queries about the student turned adult’s current activities. Individuals should think and consider what they would like to do with their degree.

They should also focus on finding a suitable job, which will help them in finding a house to live in and set some goals for their upcoming future.

The ability to put things in perspective will definitely help. You can also give them assurance in your writing that they are not alone in their anxiety about after-college situations that they have to handle.

It’s not just you have to write about what they should do after college. You can also write about the transitional phase from the life of a college student to the life of a young professional.

It can be difficult for some to handle. But assure them that it will become easier with an experience they will gather over time. Also, you can tell them to be prepared for the types of duties to face as an adult.

You can also include the fact that everyone cannot attain a college degree. However, they are part of a selected group, and they will be far better prepared to deal with issues than they were as a high school graduate.

Make them consider how far they have come in the last few years and how their college education will help them in the workplace.

It’s a good blog niche to consider for sure, what do you think?

7. Religious Content

That is a great concept, but keep in mind that you should only establish a niche that interests you and where you can write fascinating content.

Second, because this is a potentially divisive topic, it is better to keep a secular perspective and avoid disparaging any specific religions. This could insult individuals and lead to legal complications.

Religious bloggers must recognize that religion is meant to bring people together, not to divide them.

Never say anything derogatory about a particular religion. Instead, respect for all religions while also pointing out bad practices that are harmful to the earth and human beings.

Many individuals are interested in learning more about their own and others’ religions, as well as debating religious legends and myths in a variety of ways.

Many science enthusiasts enjoy reading about religions from a scientific perspective.

As a result, you should write in such a style.

To be successful in anything, you must have a strong desire to succeed as well as a willingness to work hard on a constant basis.

Go ahead and share something valuable if you believe you can. However, please keep your tone courteous while providing information because religion is such a delicate topic.

8. Web Development and Design

Web development and web design have got a lot of open doors as well. If we see technically, every niche has got a lot of potential but this category will help you find and discover a hundred other sub-niches.

  • Web design 

You have no clue how many people have a website that seems a little blah. You can offer them design advice, such as which fonts and colors to use based on your niche, how to include particular features and functionalities into their website, and so on. You might also make money by selling WordPress theme layouts.

  • Web development

Geared for people interested in learning more about the technical side of developing and managing websites and apps.

Many people want to learn at least the fundamentals of coding, so they don’t have to hire a developer every time they need to make changes or run into problems.

It’s easy to decide to concentrate on a particular web design specialization. It’s far more difficult to decide which exact topic to concentrate on.

Working with people in a specific profession is one option for some web designers. For example, you may focus on building websites for lawyers, dentists, or pizza parlors.

While this is a wise decision for all of the reasons stated above, it may also feel restrictive because the work can get monotonous.

Designing a specialized type of website, such as an eCommerce site, is another option. This is expected to be a high-demand and profitable sector in the coming years, given the recent surge in online sales.

9. Student Savings

blog niche student savings

College is definitely one of the most crucial and toughest periods of one’s life. It may also be one of the most expensive periods of one’s life.

But with diligent planning and some tricks, students can save money. This can be a very good niche for your blog.

You can write about discounts that students get and explain to them how discounts can become their best possible partner.

You can give them ideas for making second-hand purchases. Also, give them the advice to start a side business.

This niche gives you the freedom to create a blog solely on money-saving tips. The majority of students working part-time jobs are concerned about saving money.

As a result, your advice will be a great help for them. Because the number of blogs on this topic is exponentially rising, you don’t have to wait anymore to think again.

10. Getting Through a Bankruptcy

Many people want to learn more about their alternatives before filing for bankruptcy.

So you might start a blog dedicated to all of these topics, where you can give them advice on what they can do before and after filing for bankruptcy.

Your advice could be very useful to your readers, and if you have studied law and have specialized expertise in this sector, you could establish a blog in this field.

If you create a blog in this niche, you will face moderate to high competition and a lot of income prospects.

Some people are considering bankruptcy and want to know their alternatives both before and after they file.

People who have filed for bankruptcy then need to improve their financial health, related to the sub-niche credit score.

This entails learning to live off of cash, maintaining a budget, and gradually repairing their credit. Affiliate programs, display ads are all ways for bloggers in this sector to make money.

Bankruptcy is a topic that piques people’s curiosity from all walks of life. Whether they are financially secure and wish to remain so, or if they are fighting to get by.

You can make a lot of material that teaches people how to live after bankruptcy, save money, and shop wisely. Budgeting is something that a lot of lifestyle bloggers talk about on their blogs.

You may monetize your blog by joining one of the many affiliate programs available. In addition, there are affiliate programs for budgeting apps and internet services.

11. Relationships

a blog about dating and relationships

There are many different types of relationships that one will encounter throughout their life, and it never gets simpler. A relatable and sympathetic relationship blog is very likely to resonate with readers:

  • Organizing a wedding
  • Dating
  • Co-housing advice
  • Pregnancy
  • Divorce can be difficult to navigate
  • Parenting

Relationships are a popular blogging topic; however, because it is a large niche, attempt to cut it down and concentrate on a single component.

You’ll always have a readership interested in reading about relationships and learning some tips and methods to assist their relationship to thrive. So, why not, if you have something important to give the readers?

Today’s youth is looking for physical relationships rather than actual relationships. The majority of them do not believe in love, preferring instead to attract and engage in physical activity without regard for love.

However, other people are yearning for true love, such as those who have been deceived by someone or who have been divorced.

Some people are similarly perplexed, believing that there is no longer any love and that people are simply exploiting one another. As a result, they are hesitant to enter into relationships.

As a result, you’ll be able to see the crowd.

This is a niche with a lot of possibilities for narrowing it down even more. For example, you could approach dating for gay couples, straight couples, and so on. The possibilities are endless.

Relationships and dating will always be a significant niche market that sells and has a lot of economic potential, whether it’s for couples, singles, divorced, or married people.

12. Blogs for Senior Citizens

Even though internet blogs are relatively new, they do not only appeal to or target younger groups. Elder blogging is a prominent niche that focuses on providing material for senior citizens.

Elder blogging focuses on healthcare and transitioning to retirement, while others put a unique spin on other topics.

You can establish a blog on senior folks, which can be separated into two categories: blogs about caring for old parents and blogs about senior lifestyles.

Many websites have been built for freshly born babies, but just a handful have been created for the elderly. As a result, there is a lot of potential for starting a micro specialty site focused on senior citizens.

You can even open an internet store for the elderly if you so desire. You can sell items connected to senior citizens’ lives in this store.

13. Blog Niche on Cough and Cold

Have you realized there isn’t a single website or blog dedicated to coughs and colds? Yes, no one has established a website for the most prevalent cough and cold problems.

As a result, if you’re interested in health and fitness, this is the perfect micro specialty for you.

Similarly, you can make a Pimples and Acne micro specialty site. This topic has a small number of websites.

After that, you can establish a blog about a specific herb or kitchen product, such as Tulsi or Turmeric. A micro specialty blog that focuses on a specific herb is the greatest solution.

Coming to cough and cold, you can work on the following points:

Cough and cold are the reasons for fever. You can define fever as it occurs when the body temperature increases above the normal range. While the average normal temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, various people may have varied body temperatures that are considered normal.

There may be several indications and symptoms of fever depending on the source of the fever, including:

  • Headache
  • Sweating
  • Appetite loss
  • Muscle pain
  • Dehydration
  • Irritability
  • Deficiency in general

You can include the definition of fever, cough, and cold symptoms, causes, prevention, diagnosis, home remedies, and so on.

14. Application For Microsoft Office

I’m aware that there are numerous websites dedicated to Microsoft Excel. However, if you look closely, you will notice that there is no site for office applications such as Microsoft Powerpoint, Publisher, or Microsoft Word.

As a result, you can start a blog using these applications and earn a lot of money.

Believe me when I say that the Microsoft Word niche is great. However, because Microsoft Excel is such a well-known product, we often overlook the capabilities of Microsoft Word.

Many of you probably aren’t aware that, like Microsoft Excel, Word has a VBA option built-in. In other words, you can utilize VBA in Microsoft Word.

Have you ever come across a tiny niche site that teaches VBA for WordPress?

Your answer will almost certainly be a resounding No. As a result, this is an excellent moment to create a micro-niche blog site on another office program and make some money.

You can make three components and connect them all together.

  • A website
  • A YouTube channel
  • A Facebook page

Your MS Access page on Facebook will provide you with lots of likes and followers. In addition, you can put your blog posts and youtube videos on that page.

It will generate a lot of traffic for your blog.

Create MSWord related youtube videos and incorporate them into your blog. There are numerous other components that can be used.

You can also make money by generating MSWord related items. Create and sell tiny instructive video courses as well. For example, you could make a video for each blog chapter.

You’ll be able to rank for a large number of keywords in and around Word. In addition, the word is available on both a desktop and an online version. This provides you with a plethora of article blog ideas.

15. Cryptocurrency

Another micro-niche issue that is currently booming is Digital Currency, popularly known as cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. You may also generate money by writing about this micro-niche topic.

This particular keyword has a monthly search volume of 5000. I understand that the monthly search volume is insufficient. However, this keyword’s cost per click rate is roughly $5, which is sufficient to profit from the search volume.

The crypto niche is advantageous to anyone with the drive and capacity to become aware of it and write about it online, as demand for cryptocurrency has increased significantly this year.

It’s now feasible to earn money blogging about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

But keep in mind that making money from blogging in any manner necessitates having a proper audience and understanding of how to identify the most popular blogging categories. 

Be careful not to overextend yourself. Before diving into cryptocurrency writing, conduct your homework on what defines a potentially profitable topic and who your target readers are. It takes time, but perseverance can pay off handsomely.

Because of the price fluctuations, the cryptocurrency blog theme is ideal for blogging.

This allows bloggers to acquire the maximum attention in a matter of minutes, and material about a single currency can occasionally take off so quickly that a blogger can produce a large number of high-quality posts in a short period of time.

This lets bloggers spread the word about an industry without being too costly or dangerous while still providing some profit potential because everyone needs to know about this rapidly growing industry.

Furthermore, suppose people already have enough knowledge of what goes into developing cryptos from scratch from other programs, conferences, and other sources. In that case, it’s important to branch out into other areas such as investing and mining.

Things to Think About When Picking a Blogging Niche

Many new blogs vanish within a few days or weeks. The majority can’t even last for a month.

Make sure you’re actually interested in the topic that you have chosen as your blogging specialty. Then, it would be easier to follow it and stay motivated.

It’s also crucial to think about:

  • Have you got enough knowledge related to the field for writing in confidence?
  • Can your selected niche earn you a good sum of money?
  • Is your chosen niche the right size for your compatibility?

It’s a known concept that if you can discover a blog niche with minimal competition, you will be able to grow spontaneously.

Validating Your Picked Niche

Before you start the hard work of establishing a site, making a content plan, and generating the content, you should still undertake niche validation to understand the competitors in your niche better and possibly find your sub-niches to set yourself up for success.

Understand that if you are originally attached to a specific niche and sub-niche, you may be making a significant tradeoff in terms of prospective revenues and work required.

When it comes to niche selection, being willing to compromise will surely help you succeed. You will have a large base audience, large revenue, etc. faster.

Finally, do what is best for your goal and objectives, but be aware of our tradeoff by avoiding niches with little competition and high payoff.

Tips for Successful Blogging

  • Blogging is an investment that will certainly pay off in the long course of time. As many people think, it’s not a quick process.
  • It takes a very long period to get results.
  • You must maintain consistency on your blogs.
  • When your blog brings in a lot of visitors, you are likely to become successful.
  • Ensure that the contents you write in your blog are appropriate for today’s generation and that you are contributing to adding value to the community.
  • Your fans will ultimately grow if you are able to connect your blog with the right audience.
  • Blogging is similar to nurturing a child and turning him into a good adult.

In Conclusion

The most difficult element of starting a new blog is coming up with blog niche ideas. Nonetheless, take the effort to develop a niche topic in which you specialize.

You will be able to reach a vast audience eager to consume your high-quality information. Use the blog niche ideas in this post as inspiration.

The chances are you’ll be able to come up with your own unique niche. Well, that’s it for this one. I hope you found this post helpful and engaging. Do leave your comments below if you have anything to share or ask.

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