26 Best Tech Affiliate Programs (Crazy Commissions!)

Hey, tech blogger! Well, how do I know you are a tech blogger?

It’s because I have put together this blog post only for tech bloggers. That’s very smart of me, right?

Jokes apart, the technology industry is already worth trillions of dollars in the United States alone, and I could only imagine what the worldwide market size would be.

Also, there are a lot of existing and new tech bloggers out there who aren’t earning the money that they deserve, and that actually makes me feel bad.

So, I have shared in this post some of the best tech affiliate programs you should consider checking out to boost your blog’s or YouTube channel’s income. Let’s dive right in!

Best Tech Affiliate Programs

  1. Gadget Flow Affiliate Program
  2. Microsoft Affiliate Program
  3. Evanto Market Affiliate Program
  4. Coursera Affiliate Program
  5. Kinsta Affiliate Program
  6. Razer Affiliate Program
  7. GoPro Affiliate Program
  8. Elementor Affiliate Program
  9. DJI Drones Affiliate Program
  10. Namecheap Affiliate Program
  11. Siteground Affiliate Program
  12. Elegant Themes Affiliate Program
  13. WordPress.com Affiliate Program
  14. Garmin Affiliate Program
  15. Rocketbook Affiliate Program
  16. Epson Affiliate Program
  17. Dell Affiliate Program
  18. Lenovo Affiliate Program
  19. Semrush Affiliate Program
  20. Flick Affiliate Program
  21. GetResponse Affiliate Program
  22. Fitbit Affiliate Program
  23. Hobbytron Affiliate Program
  24. Pluralsight Affiliate Program
  25. Elfsight Affiliate Program
  26. Eco Flow Affiliate Program

1. Gadget Flow Affiliate Program

Gadget Flow Affiliate Program

The first option here in this list of tech affiliate programs – Gadget Flow!

Before I tell you more about Gadget Flow, you will have to congratulate me because Gadget Flow follows me on Twitter.

And by the way, if you aren’t following me on Twitter yet, you can do that by clicking here.

Okay, sorry, let’s talk about Gadget Flow now. Gadget Flow is a huge Ecommerce marketplace for tech-related stuff with millions of products and tons of informational content.

From advanced AI gadgets, AirPods accessories, drones, and high-tech car accessories to concept products, customers have a wide range of products to purchase.

The Gadget Flow affiliate program isn’t managed by an affiliate network! You can join the program on their official website itself.

The commission rate is fifteen percent. Yes, that’ right! Every time you send them a new customer, you earn fifteen percent of the sale as a partner.

Since Gadget Flow is a huge company that is trusted by millions of people, the conversion rates are going to be high! Support and promotional resources are made available as well.

Official Website: https://thegadgetflow.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Gadget Flow affiliate program

Commission Rates: 15% on all qualified sales

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

2. Microsoft Affiliate Program

Microsoft Affiliate Program

Well, we all know what Microsoft is, right?

It’s a tech company. Everybody knows this. But what everybody doesn’t know is that they also have an affiliate program that bloggers and content creators can participate in and promote products to earn affiliate commissions.

Exciting, isn’t it?

So, what type of products can you promote as a Microsoft affiliate partner?

Well, from applications, Office 365 annual subscription, TV shows, movies, and e-books to Xbox live and other new/old products…all of them can be promoted for commissions.

Now that’s pretty cool, but how much can you expect to earn?

Of course, the answer is it varies, but affiliates are get paid anywhere from 1% to 7% commission on every qualified sale made with a valid payment method.

Microsoft is a huge company, as we all know, but you also know that they take care of their customer really well. And wait, not only the customers, but they also know how to take care of the affiliate partners as well.

There are ‘top-notch’ banners, promotional resources, and marketing material that you can utilize to take your campaigns to the next level.

The 14-day cookie length even makes the whole process much easier and more exciting as this will drastically increase the revenue that you generate from your technology website or blog.

You can visit the links down below to join the Microsoft affiliate program, managed by Rakuten Linkshare (affiliate network).

Official Website: https://microsoft.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Microsoft affiliate program

Commission Rates: 1-7% commission on all sales, $10 for every lead

Cookie Duration: 14 days

3. Evanto Market Affiliate Program

Evanto Market Affiliate Program

Evanto Market is a marketplace where tech bloggers can buy a lot of different products like themes for their blogs/websites, plugins, PHP scripts, tools, hosting, HTML codes, UI templates, etc.

Evanto Market is my go-to place for WordPress themes, plugins, and code scripts.

You can buy high-quality products at affordable prices on there. I was surprised to see some of the best ‘tools’ and ‘plugins’ only for a few dollars.

The Evanto Market affiliate program is a great way for tech bloggers to earn money. Affiliates can recommend Themeforest products, CodeCanyon, and other products to earn commissions.

The commission rate is thirty percent. What I like about this program is that even if you only refer 10 WordPress customers a day, you can earn over $4500 per month in passive income.

The cookie duration is ninety days, and affiliates can earn a substantial amount of money with this program if they target web developers, videographers, and designers.

Official Website: https://envato.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Evanto Market affiliate program

Commission Rates: 30% commission

Cookie Duration: 90 days

4. Coursera Affiliate Program

Coursera Affiliate Program

Coursera is the fourth company we have here! Oh, that’s something really new I’ve told you all, a round of applause for me!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Coursera, it’s actually a company or online platform where expert educators can create courses and teach students and vice versa.

But how come this is a good fit for our technology affiliate programs list?

Well, people can learn all kinds of things/skills with Coursera. Whether you want to learn data analytics, Python, PHP, programming, marketing, business skills, or anything else, Coursera can make it possible for you!

Now that you know the reason let’s learn about the Coursera affiliate program now.

The Coursera affiliate program allows affiliates to recommend over 4000 courses in different sectors. Affiliates are get paid anywhere from ten and forty-five percent commission on all the sales they refer.

There are resources and weekly affiliate newsletters, updated product feed data, and a super-responsive affiliate support team to help affiliates earn more money and run campaigns the right way.

Official Website: https://coursera.org

Affiliate Signup Page: Coursera affiliate program

Commission Rates: 10-45% commission on qualified sales

Cookie Duration: 30 days

5. Kinsta Affiliate Program

Kinsta Affiliate Program

Kinsta is counted among the ‘premium hosting providers on the internet. Yes, you can reread the sentence if you want to, but that’s just the truth!

Kinsta is the best solution for businesses that get loads and loads of traffic to their websites/blogs. Ah, but they do have plans for small websites too.

They provide premium features and solutions to bloggers. Most of their plans cost way more than what normal hosting plans cost.

So, what about the affiliate program? Can Kinsta make you rich?

Well, the answer is always going to be – it depends, but if I consider various factors…yes, Kinsta’s affiliate program can definitely make you rich.

The commission rate is $50 to $500 per sale! That’s right! Up to $500 per sale. Isn’t that quite amazing?

Other than the frontend commission, affiliates also earn ten percent recurring commissions for life. Banners and support are provided as well.

Official Website: https://kinsta.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Kinsta affiliate program

Commission Rates: $50-$500 per sale + 10% recurring

Cookie Duration: 60 days

6. Razer Affiliate Program

top tech affiliate programs: Razer

Razer is an extremely popular gaming brand that sells high-quality tech stuff, such as fast & functional laptops, controllers, smart glasses, chargers, accessories, etc.

I’ve mentioned the Razer affiliate program in my article about laptop affiliate programs as well. If you wish to, you can check out the post here.

The Razer affiliate program is a perfect opportunity for tech bloggers to earn some big commissions passively.

This company pays a whopping ten percent commission on all qualified sales. Well, how come a ten percent commission rate is ‘whopping’?

This is because most of their products are priced over a thousand dollars. If you make a sale for $5000 and you earn ten percent of that, it’s $500!

Text links, banners, creative assets, and an affiliate support team are made available to each and every partner.

Official Website: https://www.razer.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Razer affiliate program

Commission Rates: 10% commission per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

7. GoPro Affiliate Program

GoPro: tech affiliate programs

GoPro is a fantastic technology company that manufactures some of the most versatile and cool cameras to excite people even more.

Ah, that seems a nice ‘salesy’ line!

What I and people who buy them love about GoPro cameras is the usability options. You can use these cameras no matter what you are up to, from surfing to jumping on buildings.

GoPro pays a five percent commission on all confirmed purchases. Other resources, support, and promo stuff are made available as well. You are a hundred and two percent free to visit their official website and get into more details.

Official Website: https://gopro.com

Affiliate Signup Page: GoPro affiliate program

Commission Rates: 5% per qualified sale

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

8. Elementor Affiliate Program

Elementor affiliate program : tech affiliate

Before I let you know anything about Elementor, I just want to say that I LOVE ELEMENTOR!

I’m so sorry that I’m getting excited over and over again for no reason, but that’s how things work on my side (lol).

Elementor is one of the best page builders out there in the world of ‘WordPress websites that is used by millions of bloggers and website owners, including me.

Elementor makes it so easy for bloggers and individuals to build web pages that people don’t have to hire a WordPress developer or learn any of the coding skills.

Users can just drag and drop elements to create stunning landing pages in minutes.

The Elementor affiliate program pays a fifty percent commission per sale. If you know the target audience, the conversion rates will be crazy, trust me!

All affiliates are provided an affiliate kit to promote the product effectively, and a dedicated management team is assigned as well.

You can promote Elementor using blog posts, YouTube videos, and social media. The cookie duration is thirty days. Click the links below to join the program.

Official Website: https://elementor.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Elementor affiliate program

Commission Rates: 50% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

9. DJI Drones Affiliate Program

DJI Drones affiliate program: Technology affiliate

We all know how popular drones have become with time. They have replaced videographers and photographers in a lot of areas.

DJI is a tech company that sells drones for people to record beautiful scenes or get other kinds of tasks done with ease.

Most of the products they sell are priced over $999. You can join the program for free and earn generous commissions by recommending products to others.

Although the commission rate is only five percent, the high average order value and conversion rates make up for that.

If you make a sale of $2000, you will earn $100 for that, and that’s a lot better than what other affiliate programs like Amazon Associates pays.

By the way, if you are looking to find some great Amazon Associates alternatives, you should definitely check out this post.

The cookie length of DJI Drones’ affiliate program is thirty days, and affiliates reap other benefits of joining the program, such as bonuses and exclusive discounts.

Official Website: https://dji.com

Affiliate Signup Page: DJI Drones affiliate program

Commission Rates: 5% per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

10. Namecheap Affiliate Program

Namecheap affiliate program: tech affiliate programs

Namecheap is a domain name registrar that helps people (new bloggers) register domain names for cheap prices.

I have been able to save hundreds of dollars using Namecheap, and you can help people do the same as well. There have been cases where I saved over $200 on a domain name with Namecheap, and that’s really amazing.

Also, you can rely on Namecheap without any worries because the company is trusted by millions and millions of customers all across the world.

The Namecheap affiliate program is managed by these three networks:

  1. Impact Radius
  2. ShareASale
  3. CJ Affiliate

You can join the program on any of the above affiliate networks. All affiliates are paid anywhere twenty and thirty-five percent commission per sale.

To learn more about Namecheap and the program, feel free to visit their affiliate signup page (link below).

Official Website: https://www.namecheap.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Namecheap affiliate program

Commission Rates: 20% on domains, 35% on hosting, 35% on SSL certificate orders

Cookie Duration: 30 days

11. Siteground Affiliate Program

Siteground: tech affiliate

Siteground is one of my favorite companies when it comes to buying ‘reliable’ and ‘fast’ hosting for my websites/blogs.

I love this company so much that I’ve talked about them in my post about affiliate marketing programs that pay on a daily basis.

Siteground is a perfect company for people who want cloud hosting, managed hosting, WooCommerce hosting, and reliable hosting.

Their plans start over $4 a month and go all the way up to hundreds of dollars (or, in some cases, thousands of dollars) per month.

Interested affiliates can join the Siteground affiliate program for absolutely free, and the company pays anywhere from $50 to $100+ per sale depending upon how many sales you bring to their business every month.

The program is managed in-house, and affiliates are provided with attractive visuals, custom landing pages, campaign tools, and a highly responsive affiliate support team.

Official Website: https://www.siteground.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Siteground affiliate program

Commission Rates: $50-$100+ per sale

Cookie Duration: 60 days

12. Elegant Themes Affiliate Program

Elegant Themes affiliate program

As you might have guessed by the name, Elegant Themes specializes in creating and selling amazing WordPress themes that bloggers, website owners, and businesses can use to make their websites/blogs look the way they want them to.

One of their most popular products is the Divi Theme! You must have heard of Divi a lot of times yourself.

Other than this, there are other products they have to offer, such as Bloom (for lead generation), Monarch (social sharing plugin), and Extra (theme).

Elegant Themes pays a fifty percent commission on every qualified sale, and that’s no small thing to do for a tech company.

Elegant Theme affiliate partners also get paid on the subscription renewal of the product as well. They currently serve close to a million website owners, and hence, you can feel confident promoting products that people love.

Official Website: https://www.elegantthemes.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Elegant Themes affiliate program

Commission Rates: 50% per sale

Cookie Duration: 60 days

13. WordPress.com Affiiate Program

WordPress.com Affiliate Program

WordPress.com is the platform I currently use for most of my websites. I can’t think of a bad feature that WordPress.com currently has.

From the premium support to the speed and training, there’s nothing that WordPress.com doesn’t offer to its users.

You can join the WordPress.com affiliate program to recommend it to people who want to start a blog or a website but don’t know where to begin.

WordPress.com pays a twenty percent commission on all sales, and affiliates are get paid via PayPal. To learn more about the WordPress.com affiliate program, visit the links I have put down below.

Official Website: https://wordpress.com

Affiliate Signup Page: WordPress.com affiliate program

Commission Rates: 20% commission

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

14. Garmin Affiliate Program

Garmin affiliate

Well, Garmin is a multinational technology company that specializes in manufacturing and selling high-quality wearable products, GPS navigation, automotive OEM solutions, etc.

And yeah, Garmin is not your ordinary brand. They have close to million followers on their official Instagram account!

The Garmin affiliate program is managed on FlexOffers, which is an affiliate network if you don’t know. The commission rate Garmin offers to its affiliate partners is eight percent per sale.

You have a wide range of ‘tech products’ to promote when you partner with Garmin. To do so, you can visit the signup page on FlexOffers by clicking below.

Official Website: https://www.garmin.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Garmin affiliate program

Commission Rates: 8% per sale

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

15. Rocketbook Affiliate Program

Rocketbook Affiliate Program

Rocketbook is a leading tech brand that creates amazing notebooks students and business owners can use to make sharing process much easier.

The notebooks require special pens, and once you write something on them, the pages could be easily scanned via smartphones and could be uploaded wherever you want them to.

It’s a really creative company you can work with for the better. The Rocketbook affiliate program is managed by an affiliate marketing software called Refersion.

Affiliates are paid a ten percent commission on every confirmed and valid sale. The cookie duration of Rocketbook’s affiliate program is 365 days!

Woah! What this means is that you can share a link today, and even if the person buys on the 365th day, you will still be paid compensation for that.

The average order value is $60, so you can expect to earn at least $6 per sale on average. Numbers may vary, though.

Official Website: https://getrocketbook.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Rocketbook affiliate program

Commission Rates: 10% per qualified sale

Cookie Duration: 365 days

16. Epson Affiliate Program

Epson Affiliate Program

Epson is a Japanese tech company that manufactures products like printers, projectors, scanners, smart glasses, robots, and an extensive variety of other articles that an audience interested/engaged in technology would like to purchase.

Millions of people trust Epson, and they have been in the business since the year 1942. The Epson affiliate program was active on CJ Affiliate, but now you are going to want to join FlexOffers to be an Epson affiliate.

All other details such as the commission rates, cookie duration, and policies will be disclosed once you join.

Official Website: https://epson.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Epson affiliate program

Commission Rates: Not disclosed

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

17. Dell Affiliate Program

tech affiliate programs: Dell

There are only a few people who aren’t familiar with Dell, right?

But you know what’s crazy? People still don’t know that Dell also offers an affiliate program that they can use for profits!

What a shame! (Okay, enough overacting, let’s get into the real details).

Dell manufactures some of the best laptops and PCs (and other products) that people can purchase at affordable prices.

Affiliates can join the Dell affiliate program for free and earn commissions by recommending the products. Click the navigation links down below to learn more.

Official Website: https://dell.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Dell affiliate program

Commission Rates: Not mentioned

Cookie Duration: Not mentioned

18. Lenovo Affiliate Program

 Lenovo Affiliate Program

Lenovo is also a tech company that manufacturers and sells laptops, computers, tablets, phones, headphones, and other in-demand products.

I won’t describe what the company is all about because most of the users already know what Lenovo is, right?

Coming to the topic, Lenovo uses Impact Radius to manage its affiliate program. The commission rate is five percent, and the cookie duration is forty-five days. Click below to join.

Official Website: https://www.lenovo.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Lenovo affiliate program

Commission Rates: 5% per qualified sale

Cookie Duration: 45 days cookie length

19. Semrush Affiliate Program

Semrush affiliate program

The next option we have got on the list is Semrush.

The tool that increases your heartbeat whenever Google announces a new algorithm update!

Semrush is an SEO tool that helps bloggers increase their website traffic organically. It also helps marketing agencies run PPC campaigns that perform well.

Semrush can be used to perform keyword research, site audits, backlink analysis, find link building opportunities, and other SEO stuff that I can just keep. on writing about.

The Semrush affiliate program is managed by Impact Radius. Affiliates are paid $200 per sale, $10 per trial signup, and $0.01 for every new signup (which is free).

And yeah, I forgot to mention the percentage here – the commission rate is thirty percent. Okay, and what about the cookie duration?

Well, that’s thirty days. If you share your affiliate link with someone and the person makes a purchase even on the 30th day, you will earn a commission for that. Cool, isn’t it?

Official Website: https://semrush.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Semrush affiliate program

Commission Rates: 30% commission (recurring), $200 per sale, $10 per trial, $0.01 per free signup

Cookie Duration: 30 days

20. Flick Affiliate Program

Flick: tech affiliate

Flick! Sounds like a hair drier, isn’t it?

Well, that’s not what it is. It’s a hashtag generator for Instagram (IG).

I just Flick to grow my page on IG and failed miserably (lol), but that doesn’t define your or anyone else’s path.

If you take the time to learn how to tool works, it can surely work for you and your audience. The tool finds low-competitive (small and medium-sized) hashtags for you to rank and gain followers.

You can recommend Flick to anyone and everyone who wants to make money using Instagram or social media marketing.

Flick’s partner program pays a twenty percent commission on every confirmed sale, and better than that, the commission structure is recurring!

The cookie life is sixty days (which is pretty good compared to other companies), and necessary support, as well as resources, are made available to all affiliate partners.

Official Website: https://www.flick.tech

Affiliate Signup Page: Flick affiliate program

Commission Rates: 20% commission (recurring)

Cookie Duration: 60 days

21. GetResponse Affiliate Program

GetResponse: technology affiliate

GetResponse is an all-in-one digital marketing tool that you can use for all sorts of marketing purposes such as sending emails, email automation, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and so on.

I’ve actually talked about the GetResponse affiliate program specifically in this post, so I won’t fill in this post with useless words.

The commission rate is either thirty-three percent per month or a hundred dollars per sale on the front end. The cookie life is a hundred and twenty days.

Official Website: https://getresponse.com

Affiliate Signup Page: GetResponse affiliate program

Commission Rates: 33% recurring or $100 per sale

Cookie Duration: 120 days

22. Fitbit Affiliate Program

Fitbit affiliate program tech

Fitbit is a popular tech brand that creates fitness products like smart bands, digital watches, and other types of related accessories.

I’ve mentioned Fitbit’s affiliate program in this post about high ticket affiliate programs, so make sure you check the post out to learn more about the company and its affiliate program.

Fitbit is a perfect company to partner with if you have a geeky audience. The commission rate offered to affiliates is three percent, and the cookie life is seven days.

Official Website: https://www.fitbit.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Fitbit affiliate program

Commission Rates: 3% per sale

Cookie Duration: 7 days

23. Hobbytron Affiliate Program

Hobbytron tech affiliate program

Hobbytron is a company that creates exciting products such as RC helicopters & drones, robots, RC cars, and other kinds of tech toys for kids as well as adults.

The Hobbytron affiliate program is managed by ShareASale. Affiliates are paid an eight percent commission on each and every qualified sale. The tracking period is of ninety days. To learn more about Hobbytron, visit its official website.

Official Website: https://hobbytron.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Hobbytron affiliate program

Commission Rates: 8% commission

Cookie Duration: 90 days

24. PluralSight Affiliate Program

PluralSight affiliate program technology affiliate program

PluralSight is another online course platform specially put together for people interested in tech-related things such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, matching learning, data analysis, software development, and other skills can take courses and learn from the experts.

To affiliates, PluralSight pays anywhere from $5 per lead to a 50% commission per sale. You can visit their signup page to learn more about their tech affiliate program.

Official Website: https://www.pluralsight.com

Affiliate Signup Page: PluralSight affiliate program

Commission Rates: $5 per trial, 50% for monthly subscription, 15% for annual subscription, 10% for premium subscription

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

25. Elfsight Affiliate Program

Elfsight affiliate program for tech bloggers

Elfsight is a software company that provides design solutions to website owners and bloggers who don’t know how to code. Elfsight currently has over 80 website widgets that bloggers can use to increase the conversion rate of their websites and make the websites look professional.

You can join the Elfsight affiliate program for free, and they pay a thirty percent commission every single month. The cookie duration is lifelong! Now, this is really cool, isn’t it?

A personal account manager is assigned to help a partner promote the brand effectively for mutual growth. Join the program today by visiting the signup page.

Official Website: https://elfsight.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Elfsight affiliate program

Commission Rates: 30% recurring

Cookie Duration: Lifetime

26. Eco Flow Affiliate Program

Eco Flow Tech Affiliate Program

The last company we have on this list of tech affiliate programs is Eco Flow. Eco Flow manufactures some of the most advanced portable home batteries with huge expandable capacity.

The Eco Flow affiliate program is managed by Affiliately. This company offers a ten percent commission rate to its partners, and the cookie duration is anywhere from 30 and 60 days.

Creative material, resources, and dedicated affiliate support are provided to all affiliates who join the Eco Flow tech affiliate program.

Official Website: https://ecoflow.com

Affiliate Signup Page: Eco Flow affiliate program

Commission Rates: 10% commission

Cookie Duration: 30-60 days

Summing It Up

So, yes! There’s a lot of money to be made in the tech niche through affiliate marketing as well. So many companies are willing to pay big money to marketers for better growth.

The industry is indeed very competitive, but if you do the research properly and utilize video marketing as well as Pinterest marketing, you can still succeed.

I hope you found this post about tech affiliate programs valuable. You can share your thoughts below if you have something on your mind. And yea, do check out the posts I have mentioned below.

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