17 Best Makeup MLM Companies (To Earn Big $$$!)

The makeup industry all around the globe has experienced significant growth and innovation, with Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies emerging as a thriving opportunity for both brands and entrepreneurs. 

These companies offer people like you (marketers) the opportunity to sell and distribute makeup products while building their independent sales teams for more profit. 

The US makeup market, worth over $60 billion, is a significant share of the global cosmetic industry. 

MLM companies have seen the chance of market potential and grab it by offering diverse product lines, competitive pricing, and opportunities for income through direct selling and team-building efforts. 

These companies have consistently been generating billions of dollars and employing hundreds of independent distributors. 

By understanding what these makeup MLM companies are offering to you as their consultants, you can gain valuable insights and make informed decisions. 

As long as makeup wearers are there, you can always make a good career out of it!

Now, shall we see what companies I have listed below for you-

1. Mary Kay

Mary Kay is a renowned direct-selling company that uses a multi-level marketing (MLM) structure to distribute its cosmetic and skincare products. 

The MLM structure involves independent beauty consultants as distribution partners who work on their own schedules and earn commissions from their sales. 

They can also recruit new members and provide training and support. 

The downline sales organization, created when new consultants join or recruit others, is where consultants can earn additional commissions and bonuses based on their downline members’ performance.

Mary Kay consultants earn money primarily through direct sales to customers, receiving a commission based on sales volume. 

A consultant with a small team receives a four percent commission on orders, but as the team grows, they become a team leader and future sales director, resulting in commissions increasing to 13% on team production.

However, I would like you to note that MLM Mary Kay’s MLM structure may have some changes over time, so keep yourself updated. 

From thirty to $130 dollars, they have different starting packages, which you can choose based on your comfort level.

Official website: https://www.marykay.com/ 

2. Avon

The first name in the makeup MLM industry that I have heard of is Avon; I am not even kidding when I say this.

The company had magazines when I was young, and I was so fascinated to see its glamorous product.

This company has over 135 years of experience and offers a low start-up cost for Avon Representatives, with a minimum of $25 spent on products (it resells for around $70).

If you join this company, you will be able to make your own schedules and receive your own branded website, but then again, there are millions available already. 

Commission percentages can reach up to 50% (starting at twenty percent) based on sales volume, making it a generous MLM business. 

Avon relies on traditional promotional methods like home parties, raffles, brochures, and free samples. 

New Representatives are allowed access to a team leader to help build their businesses which also helps their team leaders to get a percentage of what they are selling, as this is the MLM’s commission structure! 

Official website: https://www.avon.com/ 

3. Younique

Younique is another makeup multi-level marketing company that operates on a commission-based structure. The company, founded in 2012 by CEO Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft, is based in Lehi, Utah.

Presenters earn a commission on products sold directly to customers, with the rate varying based on their rank and sales volume. 

Younique also offers downline commissions, where you can earn additional commissions based on sales generated by your downline team. 

The commission rates and structures for downline commissions also depend on your rank and sales volume. 

This brand is good for people who are so much into social media as Younique believes in selling products that match the taste of trends.

You will have to spend around 125 dollars in three months (which I think is fair!), and the commission for the presenters starts at twenty percent and goes up to 30 (when you become the exclusive presenter)

Younique also offers bonuses and incentives to motivate and reward its distributors, including performance-based bonuses, leadership bonuses, and recognition programs. 

But please, to get accurate information, refer to Younique’s policies, or contact their representatives directly.

Official website: https://www.youniqueproducts.com/ 

4. Arbonne

Arbonne International is a multi-level marketing company founded in 1975 by Norwegian entrepreneur Petter Mørck. 

They produce organic, vegan beauty essentials, personal care needs, and health & wellness products. 

Arbonne operates internationally in the UK, Poland, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and Taiwan. 

The company follows a comprehensive Purity and Safety Ingredient Policy, making it one of the most patronized MLM institutions in the world. 

Arbonne’s product line is categorized into five: skincare, nutrition/health and wellness, beauty and makeup, haircare, bath and body care, and the drill.

In 2022, an average US Arbonne Independent Consultant earned $172 in commissions and overrides.

Arbonne offers business opportunities for consultants to earn commissions by marketing their products and recruiting others to join the MLM business. 

Members must reach a monthly quota of 150 PQV or Personal Qualifying Volume to maintain membership. 

Commissions are profits earned from personal sales to clients, while overrides are percentages received from team sales. 

Consultants may also receive awards and recognition and may be eligible for incentives in the form of monthly allowances or paid vacation trips.

Official website: https://www.arbonne.com 

5. Nu Skin

This one is also a makeup multi-level marketing company that operates through a direct-selling business model and has products majorly concerning all skincare. 

Nu Skin is a company that operates through independent distributors who are incentivized to recruit and build a team. These distributors are part of their downline organization, which generates sales and commissions. 

Successful distributors often focus on mentoring and helping their downline members grow their business. 

Commissions are earned on personal sales and those made by their downline organization. 

Nu Skin’s compensation plan consists of four steps for Brand Affiliates. First, new distributors must enroll with Nu Skin and recommend products to friends and family, earning up to twenty-five percent commission for every sale. 

Next, they must teach others to enroll and find customers, earning a 5% commission for each member under them. 

To become a Sales Network Executive, they must earn a certain amount in Group Sales Volume and teach their team how to become Sales Network Executives, earning extra bonuses for recruiting others and moving up in the company.

Official website: https://www.nuskin.com/ 

6. Rodan + Fields

I have one more article on makeup affiliate programs, and if you are interested in becoming an affiliate of these makeup companies, you can check that out as well.

Why am I mentioning it here? Because this company also has an affiliate program!

Now, let’s talk about its MLM structure; Rodan + Fields is a skincare product MLM company founded in 2002 by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields. 

It operates through direct selling, offering individuals the opportunity to become consultants and earn income through product sales and team building. The company provides training and support.

To join the Rodan + Fields MLM program, visit their website, and read thoroughly about the program…

Contact a consultant, discuss the business opportunity and compensation plan, sign up as an Independent Consultant, and pay the required fees (there are four starting bundles, starting from just $45). 

As an Independent Consultant, you will receive training and resources to start and grow your business. 

MLM programs involve building a team and earning commissions (ten percent commission+retail profit) based on product sales and recruiting sales.

Official website: https://www.rodanandfields.com 

7. LimeLife by Alcone

LimeLife by Alcone, a family-owned company founded in 1952, began selling stage makeup to starlets in New York City. 

The company’s passion for quality professional makeup and drive to help others pursue their passions led to the growth of the company. 

Today, LimeLife is an evolution of the theater district store, committed to quality and individuality, and helping others pursue their passions.

LimeLife uses direct “party plan” selling as its primary marketing method, requiring ongoing stock for display and demonstration purposes. 

Independent Beauty Guides (IBGs) (As they call their partners) can sell products for any price and can make sales via online methods. 

New stylists must purchase a starter kit ranging from $99 to $169; downline commission rates range from 3% to a minimum monthly spend of $300. 

IBGs must maintain a status of ‘Active’ by meeting PRV targets (you will know once you are in).

The base commission is twenty percent (which was not on the website, so I did some research) but feel free to look for yourself!

Official website: https://www.limelifebyalcone.com

8. SeneGence

Founded in 1999, SeneGence is a leading direct-selling company that offers innovative products like LipSense, anti-aging skincare, and long-lasting color technology. 

The company’s products are made in the USA, comply with FDA regulations, and are formulated without animal by-products. 

SeneGence provides virtual training, events, and business tools to its distributors, empowering them to succeed in business regardless of age, background, or education. 

SeneGence offers three ways to earn based on performance: retail profits, downline commission bonuses, and group sales volume bonuses.

Retail profits allow individuals to earn between 25-100% profit on retail sales of SeneGence products by selling them at a lower wholesale price. 

Downline commissions are based on the performance of recruits, with commission rates varying per level in the downline. 

Qualifications for downline commissions vary, with requirements for the 4th and 5th levels. 

Group sales volume bonuses are based on the total CV of all product orders by the downline, with rates varying per level.

To start a SeneGence business, individuals must purchase a new distributor kit for $65, which includes a checklist, beauty books, LipSense shades testers, a website, a free Sene site, and business apps. 

Official website: https://web.senegence.com

9. Maskcara Beauty

Founded in 2013, Maskcare Beauty focuses on helping others look beautiful and believe they are beautiful. Their products simplify the beauty routine, inspiring thousands of women to celebrate their beauty and gain confidence.

In 2020, the brand changed its name to Seint, reflecting their belief that beauty is a sacred work, like saints. 

Seint shows their dedication to helping others look beautiful.

This MLM company focuses on promoting artists through an on-site application process (which even you can apply for!). 

To become an artist, one can sign up through the on-site application or enroll under an active artist by typing their Artist ID. 

The company offers two kits: the Basic Artist Kit ($199) and the Pro Artist Kit ($399). 

A recurring monthly back office fee of $9.95 is also required.

To earn money there are two ways to earn money: through retail sales and recruitment. To graduate from the training period, one must reach a total commission sales of $800, with a 20% per product commission rate. 

The more artists you recruit, the higher your rank will be, leading to higher commissions.

Official website: https://kellyjuhl.seintofficial.com 

10. Beautycounter

Beautycounter is a cosmetics company that promotes nontoxic ingredients in beauty products.

In 2016, it launched its first mascara line and acquired Ali Hewson’s natural beauty line. In 2021, The Carlyle Group acquired a majority stake.

Beautycounter requires an Enrolment Kit and Starter Kit for sign-up, with an average cost of $187. 

To remain active and earn a commission, they must hit a sales target of $1200 in 6 months. 

Buying products themselves counts towards this target, providing an incentive for continued commission.

Beautycounter Consultants earn money through retail commissions, personal sales bonuses, override commissions, and frontline business builder commissions. 

Retail commissions range from twenty-five percent to 30-35% for sales over seven hundred and fifty USD in a month. 

Override commissions are generated from the consultant’s team, with commissions ranging from 5-9%. 

Frontline business builder commissions range from 25-100 USD for upline members.

Official website: https://www.beautycounter.com/ 

11. Aloette

Since 1978, Aloette has been focusing on creating skincare and makeup that promotes skin health and environmental sustainability. 

With 40 years of experience, they use proprietary aloe vera, nourishing botanical ingredients, and age-defying science to create products that are gentle, cruelty-free, and free from harmful ingredients.

Aloette offers a multi-level marketing model for business owners that allows them to sell skin care products for higher commissions than standard affiliate programs. 

Once a lifetime sale of $3000 is reached, commissions can increase from 25% to 30%. 

Aloette has no quotas, minimums, website fees, or inventory requirements, making it a fun and tax-friendly business model. 

Building a team allows for faster revenue growth and increased personal commissions. 

Personal commissions increase with rank advances, and personal sales improve as you grow in rank. 

Aloette offers a starter pack called the Influencer Kit, which includes two bestselling products. A monthly fee is required for maintaining the consultant-replicated site, but the first month’s fee is included.

Official website: https://www.aloette.com/

12. Motives Cosmetics

Motives Cosmetics came into existence in 1997 by Loren and JR Ridinger; it is a renowned beauty brand that offers high-quality makeup products. 

The brand focuses on inclusivity, offering a diverse range of shades for different ethnicities. 

Motives Cosmetics uses only the finest ingredients, ensuring exceptional performance in their products, and continuously innovates to meet customer needs.

Motives Cosmetics is ideal for makeup enthusiasts and network marketers. 

Motives Cosmetics is an MLM brand that offers two options for earning money online: the $149 Subscription Kit and the $399 Motives Fast Start Kit. 

The Subscription Kit comes with various cosmetics, catalogs, samples, and order forms, while the Fast Start Kit offers a variety of products for hosting or house parties. 

To qualify for sales commission, members must become members to access their wholesale price, earning a thirty percent commission.

To recruit, network marketers must invite people to join the platform, resulting in more commissions, bonuses, and incentives.

However, Motives Cosmetics does not provide details about its compensation plan, which I think is quite problematic. 

Official website: https://www.motivescosmetics.com/ 

13. Amway

Amway is a type of company that has everything; makeup is one of them, so I thought it could be included in the makeup MLM companies.

This is a family-owned direct-selling business that sells products in nutrition, beauty, personal care, and home. 

Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel founded the company in 1959; now, it operates in over 100 countries and territories. 

The company’s diverse global management team supports independent business owners and their goals, ensuring Amway’s products have touched millions of lives worldwide.

Amway offers two main ways to make money: selling products and recruiting new distributors or IBOs. 

IBOs buy Amway products at a reasonable wholesale price and set their own prices when selling them to consumers. 

However, many distributors face difficulties selling products for profit or breaking even. Amway encourages IBOs to use their inventory in live demonstrations to increase sales and recruit new distributors. 

Recruiting new distributors is marketed as a bonus for growing the business; plus, you have to give way more than what it gives you. 

Official website: https://www.amway.com/ 

14. Verefina

Verefina is a company that creates pure and natural health and beauty products free from harmful ingredients like parabens, petrochemicals, artificial colors, and fragrances. 

Their products contain real olive and calendula oils, essential oils, natural butter, and soothing aloe vera. 

The founder, Jen, discovered that the major leading brand of children’s soap used toxic ingredients. 

After researching various healing methods, she discovered that even health food stores had unsafe products. 

Verefina aims to empower people to make educated choices with their family’s health in mind and promises that their products will add value and improve their quality of life. 

Each product is hand-crafted in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Verefina compensation plan offers it the chance to earn commissions on product sales and referrals. 

The plan includes a thirty percent retail bonus and a 7 percent team builder bonus. This MLM structure is just like any other company I have talked bout previously. So, there’s nothing new about Verefina, even if I try to find uniqueness.

Official website: https://www.verefina.com/ 

15. Oriflame

It’s so fun writing about these companies because these products I used to have in my childhood; who knew I would be writing for you guys about those!

Oriflame, a social-selling beauty company founded in 1967, offers nature-inspired products in over 60 markets. 

With a unique view on beauty and business, Oriflame values personal and corporate beauty, focusing on sustainability and reducing GHG emissions and packaging waste.

Oriflame is an MLM that conceptualizes and manufactures products, where consultants are responsible for marketing and selling (and get compensation in return!). 

Oriflame pays commissions for every product sold and offers wholesale pricing. Even though consultants save a lot on advertising but they are not compensated for other labor by the company. 

Oriflame is free to join but requires monthly product purchases. 

Oriflame Consultants can order discounted products at 20-35%, earning up to 13.5% on sales if recruited. 

Profits can be made through selling products or recruiting members, and recruiting is more profitable than selling its products.

Official website: https://oriflame.com/ 

16. Seacret Direct

The Ben Shabat family, a skincare brand, introduced the Dead Sea to the Seacret in 2001. With the help of social marketing in 2011, they accelerated their success.

They offer health and nutrition solutions and are introduced through their products; even their makeup is infused with natural ingredients.

In 2018, “Life by Seacret” was launched, promoting a lifestyle movement. Seacret is known for high-quality ingredients, high standards of product manufacturing, and service.

Like the previous ones, it also offers two ways to generate income: selling Seacret products and earning commissions from recruits. 

The annual membership fee is $49. 

Distributors must meet a monthly sales goal, typically requesting 35 business volumes per month. The lowest annual expense is $699, which includes postage, packing, promotion, and additional training. 

Compensation packages include commissions on retail sales, preferred clients, commissions on enlistment, residual commissions, group commissions, bonuses, and performance-based pay. 

The compensation plan requires you to do two things at once, which might be a little difficult if I think about it. 

Official website: https://www.seacretdirect.com

17. Jeunesse

This is the last company on the list; it makes makeup, cosmetics, skincare, and other natural health supplements for its customers.

Launched on September 9, 2009, aims to create a legacy company in the direct selling industry. The Jeunesse Family focuses on helping people feel young and empowering each other. 

In 2020, Jeunesse experienced double-digit growth across global regions, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced the company to stream events and relocate 775 employees.

Jeunesse Global is an MLM network that requires a starter pack, product packs, and monthly sales of 60 PV points. 

You have to pay an entry fee of $29.95, and only a registered member can sell products at retail prices and earn income from it. 

To become an official distributor, one must purchase or sell products worth 100 points, equivalent to $250 US dollars. 

Jeunesse offers six compensation plans: Retail Sales, New Customer Acquisition Bonuses, Team Commissions, Leadership Matching Bonuses, Customer Acquisition Incentives, and Leadership Bonus Pool.

I am going to link the official website here; feel free to check it out for more detailed information!

Official website: https://www.jeunesseglobal.com

In A Nutshell

I would like to remind you again MLM companies require investment from you.

So, keep that fact always in mind and go for the companies you really believe in, not because someone told you to.

Read everything carefully and put your hundred percent dedication if you want to go for it.

I have mentioned several makeup MLM companies. If you like any of them, there’s a link attached at the end of every description.

If you click, you will land on the company’s official page, and then you can sign in for their consultant.

If you think I left out any important makeup company, do let me know in the comments!

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